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Author Topic: Re: Bijuu Challenge Preferences and Challenge listings [Shadow]  (Read 265 times)


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Re: Bijuu Challenge Preferences and Challenge listings [Shadow]
« on: October 11, 2016, 11:08:15 pm »

[|] Jinchūriki [|]
Shadow (Shade-dough) (Shad-dew) (Sharknado)

[|] Affiliation [|]
Iwagakure/Otogakure (Kind of obvious, no?)

[|] Battle Method [|]
1 v 1 IC Death-match

[|] Preferred Outlet [|]
SL Forums

[|] Preferred judge(s) [|]
Trev, Keito, Based God

Terms and Conditions
(Please read then scroll down and click 'I accept')


The match is 1 v 1 IC death-match. That means no, you cannot invite your grandma to the party nor anyone else.

With it being IC you are allowed to rp while we fight. As am I. This is what the cool kids nowadays call 'Staggered Rp'. That meaning we can rp whilst the match happens, but the end result of the match will still occur IC. Once a victor is decided the Jinchuriki and Challenger then finish whatever rp they are in and immediately post going to begin the fight, so that is when it happens chronologically. If you manage to get yourself killed before the fight happens it will be voided, but I'm not forcing you to rp elsewhere during the fight.

Judge(s) Info

Once a judge is agreed upon, either before the fight starts or the first time a decision is needed, they are the judge for the rest of the fight.

The Challenger and Jinchuriki each have a one time ability to boot a judge. If the agreed upon judge makes a decision just so despicable that you need to get a new one you can say that after this decision you are requesting a new judge. Each participant can do this ONCE, and NOT while a decision is being made. Once a new judge is picked they are the set judge for the rest of the fight, or until the remaining boot is used on them.

Resets and claimed things

You cannot borrow techniques from your friends like Dust Release or Hirashin. You can only use what abilities and tools you have In-Character during the fight.

I do not enforce you to have in-game kg in order to claim kg in rp. However if for some reason you are not able to verify that you did indeed rp for said KG you will be denied.


If you take 14 days to post, the fight will be called off and you will be declared the loser. Note that the timer does not reset if you posted once and then have to repost. I.e. You waited a week to post, but your post was all godmodding and autohitting, and then waited 8 days to repost, then you still lose.

Everyone gets ONE repost only.

Even if you use clones or summons, you still only get 3 actions.

How to challenge and prerequisites

If the challenger has a bijuu(s) they will be putting said beast(s) on the line as well.

In order to challenge me you will have to learn of me as a host, find me and then challenge me. If you are unable to give proof of said rp or how you learned of me IC. You will be denied.

Before the fight starts both of us are to send links to each others character page and technique pages, etc. Anything you want to use in the fight you must have on the Wikia or some other website. If you do not have a Wikia page I suggest making one before challenging me or you'll be denied.

Any seals, weapons, summons, dank memes that you try to use during the fight that were not linked will be voided. This is to prevent you from pulling it out of your ass.

If you link to a weapon that says you can seal chakra into it that's fine. However if in the fight you try to say it can unseal chakra from it I will void that. It is not my fault you didn't write that into your weapons ability when you sent the link.


Swift Release
Any of the recent Rikudou powered abilities 
Body Revival Technique (If used to survive opening the 8th Gate. That was made before we knew what the 8th Gate does, regeneration does not let you tank disintegrating into ash.)
Uchiha Return
Hijutsu: Kirisame
Using batman as a summon
Anything that we talked about in Pms that I or you are not allowed to use in the fight.
Claiming to be better at Kaguya anything than me. You're not

------------------------------------------------------- MISC -------------------------------------------------------

[|] Rinnegan Animal Path [|]

If you have Rinnegan and use the animal path and claim that your dog can split, or any other animal, I will void that for I have that jutsu. Amplification Summoning Technique. Not you. It is not a rinnegan default jutsu.

[|] For those who like to be cheeky [|]

No you cannot run away from the fight. Doing so will result in you being voided.
No you cannot have your chakra touch me and then FTG to me. You MUST emote placing a seal.
Attempts to escape Kamui will be voided. Opinions on the matter are varied and based solely on assumption. We can only go on what is known and that is it has never shown you can so you can't. ^-^ <3

Basically keep an archive of everything you claim to have/use and rp in a normal manner. Do not try to bend the rules. The above extras are perfect examples of what not to try.

Subject to change anytime I feel like it

(I like aesthetics what can I say?)
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I'm going to agree with you on some things and disagree with you on some things.

Something that can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.


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