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Author Topic: Can you list a character that could beat Madara Uchiha?  (Read 988 times)

Suishou Koji

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Re: Can you list a character that could beat Madara Uchiha?
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2017, 07:54:20 am »

If Madara fought people from SL, he'd probably lose because he'd be tired of judges being called every time he does anything and just quit..

Yeah, that get your eye back for ascending to Rinnegan thing? Woulda totally called that out.

To have the skills and the power to beat Madara? If you consider SL nerfs that actually might be a little tricky, since none of the Naruto series characters except Zetzu were able to beat him. For any SL character to be able to best him would thus suggest that that SL character is more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke by the end of the series.

Which is not impossible knowing the way we do things around here. I'd say maybe Zenaku on a good day could beat him, but no one else that I can think of.

Zenaku is basically just a Sage Mode user since he doesn't have the Nine Tails anymore. That's like suggesting Jiraiya could have beaten Juubi Madara. That's pretty unrealistic.

Is that all Zenaku has at this point? I would have assumed he wouldn't have let the power creep get him that badly.

Zenaku didn't even use the Nine-Tails to the power its at now and by all accounts, he didn't need it. If anyone has seen Zenaku take a fight seriously in SL, someone who has actually gave him a reason to go all out, Eric might be right. Zenaku's character was pretty strong by SL standards.

Mr. Nosehairs can beat anyone. Nuf said.
I'm the Raikage. Yep, kind of a big deal.

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