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Please petition corrupted/Badnavs in game, nothing can be done from the forums.

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Author Topic: Scripted Fights aka Fixing Bijuu Matches  (Read 1668 times)


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Re: Scripted Fights aka Fixing Bijuu Matches
« Reply #45 on: February 17, 2017, 01:51:38 am »

I will always make time. So long as I choose to remain in this position. =)

Backhanded insults aren't going to work, that pertains to multiple people here. Including some people who I'm going to have a very pleasant chat with.

Next, send me specifics about any person you think is an issue-- yes, give me QUOTES and evidence. Do not test me there, thanks! I cannot read minds, and some topics I will miss. :D

With regards to Kamui, he is and continues to be one of the longest serving moderators for a reason. If you have an issue with that, take it up with Oliver. And if Oliver doesn't reply, send me a message.
Now, I've removed staff from their position before. Anyone can remove me as well, if I do not act in the best interest of the members, or do not follow the rules. That applies to anyone. Yes, any one of the staff can and might make mistakes in the future, and please do let me know! But, I'd appreciate civility now. Otherwise, I'll be sending private messages out, and they won't be friendly. ;)

So, I won't entertain conversations that are fueled on the foundation of personal bias. Of course, we can have a discussion, but everyone knows I will point the out the flaws of both sides of the issue.

Final note, send me personal messages for now since all of this seems to be getting confusing. I will adress each person; I will address each point. And if I do not, then pester me. You might not like my answer, but I will answer you.
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Re: Scripted Fights aka Fixing Bijuu Matches
« Reply #46 on: February 23, 2017, 03:50:55 pm »

If you want a Disciplinary Mod who unbiasedly cracks the whip whenever the perverbial mud is thrown, I am quite capable of detecting & punishing such actions mercilessly due to my personal hatred of unnecessary conflict. However, I don't think most of us would want to see Tomi in some BDSM outfit going Indiana Jones on everyone.

Kinda funny I'm getting involved with Bijuu matters as Eric's example was true. However, I do think one has to separate their own personal feelings from these things and expect to see tomfoolery in order to enjoy the stories of characters putting their reputations and lives on the line for glory and power.

We must adapt and make the best of current events.
Every life has meaning, never lose sight of that.

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