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Author Topic: Eric Nara (Land of Birds Event Version)  (Read 288 times)


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Eric Nara (Land of Birds Event Version)
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:34:44 pm »

Eric Drago Nara

A 6ft tall Nara with spiky black hair usually tied up in a spiky tail of sorts, Eric has taken to allowing his hair down. This is because of the dark blue robes that he wear, which seem to be able to expand and contract at will. The back of his outfit has several seals, one set of which allows him to access the Earth Spear and the Lightweight-Heavyweight earth style techniques. Another set allows Eric to use his shadow to manipulate the tightness or looseness of his outfit, the biggest change coming whenever he activates his Inner Beast Spirit Transformation.

The seal allows his growth, particularly his wings and tail, to occur without completely destroying his outfit. He has weapon pouches stiched to the back of the outfit, and when desired, he can use his shadows to manipulate this. Underneath the robe he has a mesh shirt and light body armor for his chest, and just light body armor for the arms. His hood and the openness of the bottom of the cloak allow for Eric to generate a much larger area of shadow around his vicinity than he could in his normal outfit.

When in his Transformed state, not much changes about the general appearance of his cloak, except the Nara Order symbol embroided in the front becomes more prominently gray, and his tail and wings allow even more shadow projection. His face becomes like that of a dragon's, with a full set of brille, a snout, and even a forked tongue. He can access Katon and Futon very easily in this form, but the robe's hood noticeably still conceals much of his eyes, making looking directly into them very difficult even for a sharingan user.

Allegiances and Motivations: A Chaotic Evil sort of individual, the idea of getting involved in the Land of Birds crisis was nothing short but expected among those few who knew him. While it might would seem surprising that he would choose the Bird Daimyou over Tommi's Miku faction, Eric has far more to gain by supporting a Minor Country in this time of need. The Nara Order, based in Jisiegakure for the time being, needs resources and more importantly, employers. To boost the reputation of the Order Eric has seen to it himself that he makes sure that they succeed in stopping the Miku Restoration from occurring.

Of course, he is not above treachery either, for the Nara are no longer the obscure faction that they were during the time of Yumei's reign. If it appears unlikely that he will gain what he wants, Eric is not above using his resources to attempt to start a full blown Civil War in the country in order to keep the conflict going, and is fully aware that he may need to face off with his old enemy, Tommi Uematsu, yet again to prove the superior of his Nindo:

Shadow Imitation will be my fame, all else is simply part of the game.

The Land of Birds is filled with large mushroom forests, and so Eric is fairly confident that he can use his shadow imitation to its utmost.

Elements: Yin, Fire, Wind

Enhancements: Shadow imitation sensory (passive), Yang release: Inner Beast Spirit Transformation (active)

Strength: 10               [+15 with active]
Dexterity: 10 + 20      [+5 with active]
Intelligence: 10 + 20
Wisdom: 10 +  20
Constitution: 10 + 20 

External Biographies: (Shinobilegend Version with full history and personality) (jutsu and technique list, though any banned techniques for the Event will not be used)
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