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Author Topic: Rita Drago (Land of Birds Event Version)  (Read 327 times)


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Rita Drago (Land of Birds Event Version)
« on: February 26, 2017, 10:12:10 pm »

Rita Drago

Appearance: She is a large dark green dragon with a large wingspan of 24 feet, her body length being from nose to tailtip an impressive but manageable 20 feet. This makes her just over 3 times the size of her summoner and a very good shadow caster. She can change her length to a minimum of 16 feet if desired with propotionate wingspan, but generally stays full size.

The remaining thousand or so words to describe her appearance can be see in the avatar picture of player Eric.

Allegiances and Motivations: Having been Eric's traveling companion since the middle aged man was a young teenager, Rita is fiercely loyal to Eric, almost to a fault even. Though in the main RP her allegience is more complicated than this, for the sake of the Birds Event it is simplified. Her primary motivation for involvement is to keep Eric in check whenever he strays dangerously far from his ideals, and to protect him during his latest "glory to the Nara" scheme.

Elements: Yin, Fire, Wind

Enhancements: Chakra Sensory (passive), Scale Hardening (active)

Strength: 10  + 20           
Dexterity: 10 + 10     
Intelligence: 10 + 10
Wisdom: 10 +  20          [+10 with passive]
Constitution: 10 + 20     [+10 with active ]

External Biographies: (History and Personality as related to Eric Nara),2144.msg27076.html#msg27076 (Brief description of main character, with jutsu and technique list, though any banned techniques for the Event will not be used)
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