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Author Topic: When Succ meets another Succ  (Read 202 times)


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When Succ meets another Succ
« on: April 03, 2018, 12:46:08 am »

This is a topic that probably should have happened a long time ago, but we lacked any cannon evidence to formulate a proper response anyway, So perhaps it’s only natural that this discussion were to happen now, only weeks after the Manga gave us the best possible example of this happening, and the results of such.

The particular event that I am referring to is when two chakra absorption techniques come into contact with one another.

In my opinion, this is something the community has tiptoed around for a long time, with how unsure people are of what exactly would happen when an event like this occured. In the past, I have generally requested that the two cancel one another out, that way we don’t have to go into very detailed longistics of technique mechanics. Obviously there was a degree of common sense when observing this; Like if a single droplet of Kirisame touched a preta path barrier, it wouldn’t result in cancellation, because Preta path was obviously far stronger than that one droplet.

Much to my surprise, in the most recent chapter of Boruto (chapter 21; page 39/40), my general assumption was confirmed when two techniques produced by the newly introduced ninja tool technology clashed, resulting in complete cancellation of both. This was a great leap in our understanding of technique mechanics, because the only previous example we could draw from was when Hashirama used Wood Dragon to bind Madara, and stop him from using preta path. The glaring issue with this was within the technique’s ability as a whole. The Wood Dragon jutsu has the preexisting feature of negating other chakra absorption techniques. This, in my opinion, is the only reason it was able to stop the preta path. Mind you, this is a feature that the Dragon already had, pre Rinnegan introduction, because Hashirama was using this technique well before Madara attained the Rinnegan, considering he didn’t unlock it until he was already dying of old age. I only mention that to crush the possible idea that Hashirama specifically made the wood dragon to counter that barrier, which may come up in later discussion. 

When taking this into consideration, I believe chapter 21 has provided the only viable example we have for this situation, which brings us to the question I’m about to propose:

Does the community agree with my thesis? That when two absorption techniques of similar power clash, they result in complete nullification of one another.

When discussing this with Kamui, he believes the chapter was not a solid enough example to assume this is what happens when all chakra absorption techniques come into contact, but I disagree. He made mention that it was likely an isolated incident, only occurring because the two techniques used were identical.

As a community, we have accepted more with less evidence. Such as the summation that Rinnegan was obtained because of the merging of Senju and Uchiha cells, which was debunked later, yet still applied within the mechanics of our game for ease of access. With the increased number of chakra eating abilities within SL, it only makes sense that we should use this prominent example as impromptu law to avoid conflict in the future. I assert that this is a fine outcome, and can be applied in multiple situations without any greif, only leaving the question of technique quality to be determined on a case by case basis.

I welcome someone to challenge this assertion.     
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Re: When Succ meets another Succ
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2018, 05:27:55 am »

That and the next page are the moment I assume you are talking about.

The Wood Dragon jutsu has the preexisting feature of negating other chakra absorption techniques. This, in my opinion, is the only reason it was able to stop the preta path.

My opinion is different in this regard: (the trivia section)

If you scroll down to Hashirama's English dialogue, read from right to left order, he says:

That wood dragon will absorb chakra from you! Now your chakra-absorbing ninnjutsu are nullified and meaningless!

The wood dragon nullifies Madara's chakra absorption techniques because it absorbs chakra, not because it is some innate ability of the dragon's, at least according to Hashirama. This sticking point the wikia only added as trivia for the wood dragon and is not mentioned in the preta path article, despite that being one of the few times in the manga in which the preta path would have been bested.

Of course, it is entirely likely that this was used on Madara before he could activate Preta Path, but this is still a precedent of a chakra absorption jutsu being used to overpower and nullify the effects of the other.

Finally, my opinion regarding your Thesis:

That when two absorption techniques of similar power clash, they result in complete nullification of one another.

1) The Boruto manga had two of the exact same techniques with the same power against each other. Two chakra absorption techniques of equal power, just like two regular ninjutsus of the same strength as each other, cancel each other out. Therefore, unless "similar" is changed to "equal", as I see it, the thesis has no more supporting evidence now than it did when the dragon rolled up on Madara.

2) How are chakra absorption techniques ranked in terms of strength? Is it the power-ups behind them like most things? If that's the case might as well lump them in with every other jutsu scale.

3) Accepting this thesis would mean that barrier-wide and large area of effect chakra absorption techniques (Kirisame comes to mind here) theoretically can then be bypassed by using something akin to preta path or another chakra absorption barrier. It would reduce the utility of large scale chakra absorption barriers.
Anything you can think of I can't think of, let me know; that's how the sharing circle works.

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Re: When Succ meets another Succ
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2018, 04:50:30 pm »

I think its reasonable to believe that chakra absorbing jutsu of equal caliber would nullify each other. Its like what was said either, it should be no different than when regular jutsu of equal power clash. However, with that being said I don't think this topic solves the real problem. Specifically, when clashed, which should win out Preta Path's Blocking Technique Absorption Seal or Wood Release? Can they be "powered up" like regular jutsu, or do we just go by generalizations?

For example, say Madara does have Blocking Technique Absorption Seal at the ready as Hashirama's Wood Release Dragon comes at him:

1. Who has the "stronger" absorption, or is it a stalemate?
2. If Naruto jumped in and gave Hashirama some Kurama chakra (non-senjutsu enhanced), would it boost the power of the absorption for the Dragon and would it matter against Blocking Technique Absorption Seal?
3. Do reserves matter at all in the equation?

IMO its difficult to give an absolute on because even with the most recent Boruto chapter, it doesn't solve these variables, just confirming that equal jutsu cancels out equal jutsu. I don't believe we've ever seen chakra absorption from different techniques duke it out. But I believe the series gives evidence in favor of Preta Path coming from a general standpoint.

It has been shown to completely nullify and absorb whatever it has come in contact with, while on the other hand, Wood Dragon has shown limits in its abilities. Namely, it has been countered or destroyed via chakra based weapons or jutsu, that would otherwise be absorbed by Blocking Technique Absorption Seal.


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