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Author Topic: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]  (Read 5571 times)


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Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« Reply #60 on: January 16, 2020, 01:14:36 PM »

Reibi's chakra would fluctuate as his attention was divided between what Jay was saying, what he was doing, and the overall battle. Sure, Jay had a point in that the information had to be protected, but Draco's forces were still relegated to the air while his forces had all the ground control. It was at this point that he would also take into account an apparent breach near where Pyro was being kept, having lost communication with some of the dragons left to guard him.

All of this summed up to the decision that Reibi would make next as the scrolls slipped from the current plane and into the shadows. His chakra flow very briefly stopped before resuming normal flow again; the forces outside had their orders and their chain of command. Right now, for Reibi, the greatest threat in the area was Jay.

Reibi shouted as an order,
"Drain him of his chakra and seize him! We cannot allow him to escape!"

While leaving the Limited Zone would be a task, Jay would have no trouble sensing his marker on the ever brightening corpse of the deceased dragon. His window for taking advantage of it without risk was dwindling though, as the ever convoluted signs of a jutsu began to take place, funneling all of the earlier chakra and technique formulae into the massive spire-like horns. The previous earthen cover around the horns would begin to crumble away, revealing a near blinding light that would temporairly blind and startle Draco's forces.

 No doubt still having his Mind's Eye active, Jay's familiarity with space-time ninjutsu (having employed two different but conceptually related ones) would suggest to him that Spyral Gate was the horns, and that whatever jutsu was required to trigger it had been, well, triggered.

In the meantime, the 7 other dragons in the Strategic Room had their orders; while by this point it would be too late to stop the shadow jutsu using their chakra consumption abilities [Reference reply #28 for the last time this ability was utilized], they would be able to deal with Jay's explosive release chakra. Just as the scorch release fireballs had been quickly extinguished by this move, so too would the webbing out tendrils of explosive release chakra; assuming Jay did not do anything, he would find his own strength begin to rapidly drain, though with Jay's likely sizeable chakra pool at this stage of his life it would take far more than a few moments (IE, more than 2 turns) for his chakra to be drained to the levels that Pyro had been drained to earlier. Not to mention there weren't as many dragons engaged in the technique this time.

However, the chakra consumption would limit his options for counterattack, as standard ninjutsu attacks would just have their chakra rapidly consumed.

Meanwhile, despite being in great pain, Eric noticed the other dragon going for Pyro. Eric once again utilized the walking on shadow tehcnique, but rather than on his own shadow, he instead used it on the conjoined shadow of Pyro and his dragon attackers, particularly areas of contact. After all, the shadow curse allowed Eric to manipulate the cursed shadows (a level of the curse was noted to have been on Pyro back in reply 22), and though there was a dragon on fire in the room, the close proximity of Pyro to his attackers mean it was highly likely that their shadows were connected at some point. While this wouldn't have much of an effect on the dying dragon's grip, it would keep the attacking dragon from piercing Pyro's skin with his teeth as the shadow would remain solid despite the great pressure.

It was a stopgat measure at best though; Eric restored the walking on shadow technique on his now bleeding feet as well. Still holding onto his sword, Eric had to take a moment to gather himself and focus on his next plan of action. After all, he had intended the walking on shadow technique to only be used on himself in a fashion akin to walking on water; the forceful and rather determined attempt by the other dragon to pierce Pyro added odd variables to the jutsu's maintenance. 

Anything you can think of I can't think of, let me know; that's how the sharing circle works.


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Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« Reply #61 on: January 21, 2020, 08:24:08 AM »

The young Nara was more than grateful for the abilities of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, because he was able to use it's precognition ability to read the dragon's lips mere moments before he was finished. He wouldn't use that to his advantage by mimicking Reibi's words, but he would use it to prepare for the fight, setting his shadow to devour as many of the scrolls in one go before the lightshow.

Still with his hand on the wall, he would use his immense strength, Strongest Shield and sharp speed to set his attack into motion. As soon as Reibi was finished speaking, he was digging his fingers into the wall, ripped his hand from the stone wall in a wide swipe that would cover the entire area. As he did so, the rock burst from the wall and followed his hand in a screen of debris. In the midst of his arc, he would ignite the room in the boom, the swipe of his hand would angle the resulting explosion inwards, the majority of the attention being focused on Reibi. He was aware that it wasn't going to outright kill the dragons, but with their intentions being to drain his chakra, it would soften the blow to their senses.

Fortunately for him, he was closest to the threshold of the doorway, so he would us his speed to swiftly Body Flicker out of the room. He would eventually reappear in the midst of his previous location, the residue of his chakra tree still strong to his senses. [Find Eric and Pyro or eat Reibi to gain more knowledge of dragons and their lore? Choose?] Matatabi would bellow in his mind as he made his reappearance, already coursing her chakra through his being for the choice she knew he was aching to take.

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