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Suishou Koji:

It's kind of nice to see them using the Leaf Daiymo. Though I'm curious on Boruto's little mark on his hand.

Question: Do Daiymo have combat skills or are they mainly just people of power?

They are the masters of a Jutsu that no other can master...

"Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Style Jutsu!" (ありえねーってばよ! セレブ忍法・金遁の術, Arienēttebayo! Serebu Ninpō Kinton no Jutsu)

They are the vain political leaders of their respective country. Much like the president, they have no part in combat or combat training.

You guys think Kabuto is the master at that card game? >_>

Poor Shino :( And he's one of my favorite Leaf Ninja too.


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