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Author Topic: 牛鬼, Gyūki The 8-Tailed Giant Ox (八尾, Hachibi) Challenge/Preferences Thread  (Read 883 times)


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In accordance with the following rule:

A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.

The purpose of this thread is for the current host of the beast listed on the title to maintain a post of preferences for battle, grace period ending, challenger list, and a post regarding leaves of absence.

Challengers are also required to post here in order to formally challenge the host. Any challenges made outside of this thread for this beast are, from this point forward, are not considered official and should not hold up in a Council verdict as legitimate.

Each new preference listing starts as the beginning of a new preferences cycle; if, for whatever reason, a challenge is made before the preference goes up, then that challenge is still valid and must be included in the challenger's listing. Each beast thread will have this same notice as a reminder of how these challenge threads should operate.
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Tailed Beast: Gyūki (牛鬼) Eight Tails

Current Host: Uematsu Tomi

Host Profile:

Grace Period: [06/05/2017] - [06/19/2017]

Mastery Date: [6/26/2017] (Former Host/Full Mastery)

Current Challengers:

Desired Challenger Setting:
[Shinobi Legends Public Zones IC/OCC]

Preferred Judge:
Raifudo Oppa

Void List:
Swift Release
Body Revival Technique (If used to survive opening the 8th Gate)
Hijutsu: Kirisame
Truth-Seeking Balls
Naruto Movie Techniques (Before 2014)

Further Considerations (if deemed necessary by Challenger/Host) will be covered in a case by case scenario.
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