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Author Topic: Sabumaru  (Read 294 times)


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« on: September 26, 2017, 07:49:49 pm »

  Hozuki-Uzumaki Sabumaru


  Sabu's personality is one of his most volatile traits, ranging from a goofy, fun-loving prankster to a cannibalistic sociopath. His most consistent traits are his love of chaos. Sabu's motives behind his behavior usually lie in his love of unpredictable things, and his desire to reach the next state of evolution by becoming a water deity.   
  Otherwise, Sabu chooses to not care about anything. People, places, and things are all seen as temporary to him, as he believes he will live much longer than anything. Therefore people, like things, are simply here for him to use as he sees fit, mostly as food. He has been known to go into rages if he doesn't eat people often enough. He does not see himself as human, choosing instead to only acknowledge himself as "something better".
  Despite his unpredictable exterior, occasional silliness, and nasty habits, Sabu is incredibly intelligent and dangerous. While having no mind for strategy, his natural combat instincts are finely tuned allowing him to improvise actions and techniques on the fly to suit his needs. He also is well read, having studied all types of ninjutsu, medicine, many branches of physics, cooking, improv, literature, arts, and music. He apparently thought the last three were "Things humans do to fill the void of their lives."
  Sabu hates sugar and anything sweet. If he eats sugar, he will almost always stop everything or remove it from his system. The single exception is liquor, as Sabu will drink anything alcoholic no matter how sweet. However as he can simply add water to his blood to make himself feel drunk, Sabu doesn't drink much.

Hozuki / Water Release:
  Sabu is the most powerful Hozuki alive, and has not only mastered the Hydrification Technique but completely redesigned usage of it. His control over the water that makes up his body is down to the molecule, as long as it contains his personal chakra. This means that while Sabu can manipulate himself perfectly, other water he his using with extensions of his chakra are not under the same level of influence. Nonetheless, he is still able to move massive amounts of water without using seals. He has stored a massive volume of water (exactly 660,430 gallons of water/1 Olympic Swimming Pool) at his hideout, and connected himself to it via a summoning seal. Water can also be converted into chakra by Sabu, and vice versa, almost seamlessly. This allows him to have unbelievable chakra reserves. If Sabu is touching someone, he can manipulate the water in their body at will. Sabu also is always using a "technique" called Passive Hydrogen Bonding, meaning he absorbs water he touches just by the nature of water. "It's science."

Sekai Saikyō no Kenshi / Blade Release:
  Sabu is the Greatest Swordsman in the World. Even besides his creation of Kenton, Sabu has studied all known types of swordsmanship and developed several of his own styles. With a simple katana, Sabu slaughtered an entire town of 3,000 villagers in under an hour, calling it "the best meal prep ever" despite the numerous warriors who called the place home trying to stop him. The blade has long since become a part of him, and he can use any edge as an extension of his arm, be it a steak knife or a big giant completely impractical sword.
  He created a Kekkai Tota, Blade Release, that allows him to create the sharpest possible edge out of chakra. So far, nothing has been able to withstand these techniques without being sliced. These techniques cannot be used unless the chakra is directly connected to Sabu's body, meaning it is only applicable to swords. It cannot be applied to thrown kunai, nor can the chakra be launched like a wind release technique. There seems to be some limit as to how far the blades can extend off Sabu's body, meaning he couldn't make up a 1-km sword of stone and swing it around to cut down entire forests in a single swing. While the exact limits have not been tested, it is likely that it is about 6ft, Sabu's own height, as Goyakan is about Sabu's height and his largest sword.

  Sabu has seven swords, custom built, though one is in possession of Otogakure. Each of these weapons can do some pretty hilarious things, if you think death and destruction are hilarious. Sabu has developed a style of fighting where he uses all seven, called Sebunsōdo.

(Not in Sabu's possession)

Along with these swords is a set of armor Sabu wears. Supposedly it has abilities of it's own, but these are mostly rumors or misinformation. For example, it was believed Akutoku fused with Sabu when he entered Sage Mode to draw natural energy for him, but this was actually done by flies inside the armor.


Sound Release:
  Sabu's usage of Ototon is intense, as he is able to liquefy his insides and prevent himself from being hurt by his own techniques. This allows him to release cacophonic waves of obliterating vibrations, especially when using his signature sword Toba, a tuning fork weapon. Sabu can shape the soundwaves into blades, cause auditory hallucinations, find resonant frequencies to disrupt the usage of tools or techniques, and hurt anything alive, especially if it's hearing is superior to the 20Hz-20kHz that humans hear, with explosive noise. Sabu has a master's understanding of the physics and acoustics behind these techniques.

Fly Sage Mode Master:
  Sabu is usually followed by several flies, making him seem like he stinks. These flies live with Sabu, constantly reproducing. Capable of drawing natural energy, they are critical in Sabu's usage of Sage Mode. When using it, Sabu is granted incredible reflexes, the ability to fly for brief periods of time (1 turn flying, 1 turn cooldown), and the main ability is Kaze Ni Noru or "Wind Riding", allowing users to dodge attacks by moving on the wind they displace.

Knowledge of Meat:
  As a former medic and a current cannibal, Sabu knows pretty much everything about the average human body.

Flying Thunder God:
  Sabu has mastered the usage of this technique and can teleport himself to any marked location. He likes to mark several spots and appear at all of them simultaneously by using clones in order to confuse and overwhelm opponents. It also greatly improved his swordsmanship, allowing him to make a new style called "I'm over here, nah I'm over here". All of Sabu's swords are marked, as is the inside of his lair.

Ushinawareta Jūnen:
  Also known as "I'm over here, nah I'm over here", this swordsmanship technique is based off the usage of the Flying Thunder God technique. Sabu creates a set of fifteen earthen tiles, three by three inches, by means of earth release and marks each one. Then they sink the tiles into the ground and spread them to their liking around the battlefield before allowing them to surface. Alternatively, by maintaining the last kata, Sabu can continuously control the tiles. These first steps are usually slightly more difficult mid-combat, but not impossible. They can also be spread by other means, such as being thrown.
  Instead of simply teleporting to each seal to gain an upper hand, Sabu uses the ability to warp anything in contact with the seals to jarringly move his opponent around instead of himself. This becomes especially dangerous when the tiles are kept under Sabu's control, as he basically can warp people around at will if they accidentally step on his tiles.

  Sabu is a highly capable fuinjutsu user, knowing many Uzumaki techniques and unlocking his father's Chakra Chains at a young age. He mostly uses them to force his opponents to fight him in close quarters, where Sabu thrives. He has invented several seals including a mix of the explosive seal and the Flying Thunder God seal, a seal that constantly makes people hungry and lose control of their bowels, an admittedly weak mind-control seal, and a very potent memory loss seal, one of his absolute favorites.

Single Handed Kata:
  "If you're a swordsman and you don't know how to do this, you're a bad swordsman."

  A long (long) time ago Sabu stole a Byakugan. He uses it to see things real well. Can you tell I'm getting bored of writing this? Sabu things the Hyuuga are dumb and doesn't use their dumb techniques, nor does he care about the Tenketsu very much because "They are dumb". He can see a max of 5km away, though it takes focus for him to extend his view beyond a few hundred meters. The byakugan is hidden in Sabu's forehead as a third eye.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Cannibal:
  Sabu can increase his strength by adding water to his muscles, and is currently strong enough to bend steel and punch through concrete with ease. This superhuman form also increases his speed because legs have muscles too.

Ain't Dead Yet:
  Sabu is really, really, reaaaaally hard to kill. His protean body can become an unstoppable blade at will, and most physical attacks mean nothing to him. He has even found a way to nullify his major weakness (lightning) with one of his blades.

Hero Water:
  Sabu has the Hero Water. He's never used it, but can only imagine it would be really cool if he did.

More Fun Stuff:
  Click Me!

Some of the stuff on my webpage is a bit out of date, and therefore open to discussion. Can you find the secret links in this post?
Edit: Added some forgotten stuff, sorry most of this is just stored in the old ticker.
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