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Author Topic: Naruto vs Kamui: The Tanuki and Fox Struggle Once Again!  (Read 5740 times)

Uchiha Madara

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Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Tanuki and Fox Struggle Once Again!
« Reply #30 on: February 10, 2019, 03:39:57 AM »

Kurama merely smiles in response to Shukaku. While the feeling is almost mutual, part of Kurama's nature would hold back from opening up to much. He simply hopes his Tailed Beast brother understands his approving silence. In the physical world, Naruto  sits up as Kamuiapproaches, taking notice of the Strength of a Hundred, recognizing its appearance from a book he read in the Uzushiogakure Grand Library. He nods in response to Kamui, "I'm sure it won't feel that ba-OW! Watch it!"

The Jinchuriki winces in at the discomfort, overreacting a smidgen as he looks like hes trying to hold back tears. But t doesn't take long for any trace of pain to suddenly subside, causing Naruto  to look in surprise at the effectiveness of the healing jutsu,  any scrape, mark or bruise disappears in the wake of the Strength of a 100. His eyes light up at the presence of mechanical limb, truly fascinated by technology. He couldn't even begin to imagine how the thing worked, hes lucky enough to get the remote working at home. Naruto  starts to laugh a bit, reminiscing on today's events, testing out the new limb by flexing each individual digit, "Heh...I guess I can't call you Robo-pops anymore huh?" His grin widens as he extends out his organic arm towards Kamui, inviting him for a fist bump, hoping this will be the start of a great friendship.

Not long after he initiates the gesture, his belly would begin to growl loudly, "Haha..mind if he get something to eat before we go back?" He says, rubbing his empty stomach and looking rather hungry. If agreed, Kurama would spend the extra time accumulating himself back to full strength while the two shinobi take their time getting back.

Forged in the heat of battle a new bond forms, built from the clashing of wills. Instead of tearing down, this encounter had made the two men stronger. Their desires to Never Give Up not only broke through the limits of their physical strength, but through the hate and malice that plague the human heart.



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Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Tanuki and Fox Struggle Once Again!
« Reply #31 on: February 12, 2019, 09:02:59 PM »

Kamui took a moment to observe the devastation that they had caused, it was easily fixed through a certain technique that could alter the terrain around them to his specifications. Before he decided to fix everything, he would turn back towards Naruto and extended his arm forward in attempt to fist-bump him with his own balled-up fist. "Allow me to fix some of the damage here and we'll head on our way home using a marker that I had placed in the village." Kamui said.

"It's a fairly simple technique that can alter the terrain using this scroll as a medium." Kamui said as formed the seal of confrontation and conjured up a single shadow clone. This clone would immediately regurgitate a medium-sized scroll in front of him that was tied up in a black silk ribbon. Once the scroll was unraveled, the contents were revealed to be graphing paper that could be used for graphing the area around them onto the paper itself.

"Although the concept is fairly simple, the activation requires an artist's touch. You cannot make any mistakes in the process or the technique won't work as planned." Kamui sat down near the scroll and pulled out a special ink pen from the contents of the scroll. He closed his eyes for a moment, after overseeing the area around them for a quick moment. Once he had a good visual layout of the area of them, he would open his eyes and begin graphing the terrain onto the scroll in a relatively fast pace. Once half of the affected area was graphed onto the paper, Kamui placed the pen down in front of him and closed his eyes once more. It would only take him a few seconds to draw in natural energy from around them into his body, which was mixed with his own chakra, creating senjutsu chakra in the process. Several markings would appear on his face as the transition into his Slug Sage Mode took place.

"Excuse me, I have to use this to better gauge the damage around us and more accurately graph the terrain onto this scroll." Kamui picked up the pen and began finishing graphing the terrain accordingly, thanks to the perks that was granted by his use of senjutsu. He wouldn't been able to remedy the damage in his base state alone, but with the capacity of his chakra pool increased through his transformation. Kamui could easily re-draw the area to how it looked like before all the damage occurred. Five minutes later, the graph was complete and all that was needed was to adjust their position to a correct area or otherwise it would be a pain to be in the way where a tree should be.

"Take two steps towards me please and get right behind me." Kamui formed the seal of confrontation as his clone formed a one-handed seal simultaneously in the process. While the original was activating the technique to alter the terrain, the clone was expending all of the chakra that was used to make it, in order to cover certain portions of the land with more evergreen trees that were similar to the ones that were destroyed. Once that was done, the clone disappeared in a plume of smoke and Kamui extended his hand towards the right shoulder of Naruto.

"I suppose we could get something to eat back home, but as token of my friendship. I'm buying!" Kamui smiled as he made use of the marker in the center of the village to transport the both of them into the main office of the Hokage. Once they had reached their destination, the use of senjutsu would wear off and would leave the Shodaime both exhausted and hungry.

[The End]

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