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All That Is Bijuu / Re: It'sa me, again! Stripping the One Tail :3
« on: March 17, 2021, 06:22:00 AM »
First off, Eric. What's the point of issuing a challenge and not giving the challenger a chance to respond within the given time frame? I should be allowed at least a week to respond, before anything is even done due to the rules stating that we need a week to start the fight or otherwise, the said beast goes to the challenger. I would ask for a council meeting to add this specific clause to the rules, but we don't even a full council to even call a vote. So why bother at this point in time lol?

Also, why issue a challenge and not even have that said character exist on the server? Rules state that the both the host and challenger must have an active account on forums and the server where we RP on. No character was specified and I assume that it was his character, Hazama, whom happens to not even exist on Shinobi Legends. Believe me, I checked and found no trace of any activity from the challenger. You can even check for yourself and you'll see why I am bit...confused about why you're stripping my character without even checking to see if the challenger was even existed on Shinobi Legends.

As far as I am concern, the challenge is void until further notice and the stripped beast is given to the council. Rules state that the council votes on a new host and it goes from there, but we have a dilemma with the council's activity. So it wouldn't be fair to have one-sided vote, since we need more than two council members to make it bipartisan.

So where do we go from here? Me and Hazama can work something out and go through with our match on the forums in a respective manner, after he restore his account and what not. Or we can go the stripping route where it'll have to come to a public vote, due to no council and we'll see who becomes the new host afterwards.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: It'sa me, again! Stripping the One Tail :3
« on: March 17, 2021, 03:05:57 AM »
I already responded back to your post and accepted your challenge, but if you want to go to route of trying to strip my character of the said beast. As Koji stated, I still had time left until the time limit for the challenge issued is up and a stripping process can only proceed after a week is up.  :)

I challenge thee!

Challenge accepted. We'll work something out, after I get a response back in your other thread.


Kamui was nearly caught off-guard upon his eyes transitioning into the next stage, but thankfully he was able to react defensively against such tactics. He used a elemental technique that was similar to what he used earlier against the explosive technique used by Jay. However, Fire Release chakra nature was used instead of using Sound Release. In an instant, Kamui would wrap his entire body in multiple layers of that specific chakra nature, allowing him to withstand the tremendous heat given off by that chakra bomb. This would allow him to negate all of the damage that would've normally resulted in a rather serious injury. Kamui was cunning in the executions of certain techniques in his arsenal and this one was unique to the clan that he belonged to. Which meant that this was a technique that could not be easily copied and could only be learnt from those from within the Uchiha Clan. 

With all of that out of the way, there was the issue of expending so much chakra within the short duration of tine that has passed since this fight started. There was an abundance of chakra that the bomb expelled around the area and most importantly is that didn't belong to him. Which meant that it would be easy for him to absorb this fire nature chakra by using his chakra mode as a medium to make this transition much easier for him. Kamui took a couple of steps back and steadily reversed his chakra flow with each step, clearing the area of most of the flames that surrounded him. Jay would be able to see his figure emerge from the wall of flames as a majority of that chakra was quickly absorbed into his own chakra pool.

"Pretty ingenious of making use of those markers like that. I regret to inform you that I won't fall for the same trick twice."

Kamui said and saw in the distance that Jay had came out of his close encounter mostly unscathed. It would come as surprise to his opponent that everything came out fine on his end as well, since at the moment, the merged tomoes in his eyes were spinning clock-wise upon focusing on the location where his opponent was. There was a proverbial storm brewing in the midst of this battle and the calm before the storm was evident by the stare down that was taking place between the two of them. Kamui wasn't someone that could accurately predict someone's fate or future, despite a man of his stature. There were limits to his abilities and they were in charge of their own fate. What would happen from here on would be anyone guess, but through the midst of all this. He didn't forget that there was a marker nearby, in fact it was the reason why he took a couple of steps back while absorbing all of that chakra. It was better to widen the distance, just in case that marker would be used again and he had a containment plan in the event of another surprise like that chakra bomb that was used earlier.

Kamui had yet to use his full power and these maneuvers that he did only allowed him to display only a fraction of what he was truly capable of. He had a feeling that Jay was holding back as well and from the look of it. This battle has shown that both of them had improved over a certain period of time from their last meeting. He smiled throughout this whole stare down with his opponent and awaited his next move.         

[Fire Release Chakra Armor]
[Chakra Absorption Technique]
[Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan]

Kamui could discern the nature of his opponent's chakra and was well verse in defending against such tactics. Even though he didn't have enough time to complete his punch into the earth below him, the tomoes in his eyes would rapidly spin as a layer of chakra coated his body at the moment of this initial flash explosion caused by his opponent snapping his fingers as an ignition source. Kamui chuckled in response and would be seem to be unharmed by the technique that was used by his opponent, the layer of chakra produced was notably famous in the Sound Village. This technique formed a chakra armor made of the same elemental type, Sound.

Although it was strong enough to nullify any damage coming his way in this situation, it was also dispelled once it was hit with enough force from any chakra-based attack. Which meant that it was only good to use it defensively against that explosive technique that was used just a moment ago. Kamui could still hear pretty well in this environment, his field of vision and sense of smell was slightly obstructed by the explosive technique from earlier, but there were other senses that he could still use afterwards. Kamui raised his right hand with his palm facing forward towards the sound of the debris being kicked off the ground by Jay, a slight humming sound could be heard as he channeled magnetic chakras throughout his body.

"Hey! That's my line...Tenma Kōfuku!"

Kamui would apply shape transformation to it and formed a layered barrier around him that would repel not only the multitude of earthen debris around him outward away from him, but would also effect his opponent as well. Kamui was running somewhat blind at the moment due to the explosive technique from before, so he deducted that his opponent would try a more close-range approach right afterwards. It wasn't such a wise choice on his opponent's part to rush in so recklessly, at least not without assessing the situation first.

Whatever Jay had planned would be cut short in an instant, since his body would get violently flung backwards upon contact with the layered barrier around them. Sending him straight towards a rocky outcrop in the distance and into a large rock pillar, shattering it upon impact. Kamui had all sorts of tricks up his sleeves, his defensive techniques were just as dangerous as his offensive ones and his vast knowledge of battle strategies made him a force to be reckon with. So it was better to be safe than sorry in this spar that was starting to become more serious and judging from the attempted actions of his opponent. There was no pulling any punches in this match and any wrong move could prove to have dire consequences as proven by his opponent, whom had attempted to kill him. Kamui laughed it off, brushing aside such thoughts and decided to clear his mind, since muddled thoughts could affect the actions of person whom harbored such thoughts. 

"I've dealt with a lot of Sennika users in my lifetime, so your tricks would fool me." Kamui said as the tomoes in his eyes would rapidly spin clock-wise and would merge together to form the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. With the area cleared of any more obstructions, Kamui scanned the field with his eyes and more importantly scanned the area that he sent Jay towards to. Jay would notice a slight change in his demeanor and his chakra as things started to heat up in their spar. He wasn't lying about his brush with Sennika users, since once upon a time, he was a leader to the Sound Village. It was one of the many perks of being the Rokudaime Otokage at those times, learning about the various techniques and clans in that area was mind-blowing, but after all was said and done. He came out more informed than ever and who knew such knowledge would come in handy in the future. Kamui was also eager to find out if Jay would satisfy his curiosity to learn more and there were an arsenal of techniques that he hasn't even brought out yet. Considering that he hasn't even entered into his respective Sage Mode, Kamui was still able to keep up with Jay in his base form. It was an impressive feat to say the least and it was all thanks to his past bout with Naruto that allowed him to break his limiters to the point that his base form was even more stronger than ever.     

[Sound Release Armor]
[Tenma Kōfuku]
[Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan]

Kamui smirked as he began channeling chakra through the entirety of his right arm, the maroonish chakra would become visible as he concentrated that chakra into his hand that was balled up into a fist. Kamui cocked his right arm back and pivoted his body slightly with his movement, after which he brought his fist down towards the ground in grand display of destruction. Kamui let out a grunt as the ground below him erupted into multiple fissures that spread outward, the ground below Jay would experience earthshattering tremors that would threaten to send this rocky debris from the ground towards his person in a shotgun-like effect.

Simultaneously as this volley of debris headed Jay's way, Kamui formed a single handseals and molded his chakra accordingly. A small puff of smoke emerged right next to him and once the smoke had settled, a single doppelgänger of the Shodaime could seen in the same state as the original was. This clone had about half of the original's chakra reserves, so he had to be careful on how he used his chakra from here forth and not waste it in such a reckless manner. For now, both of them would observe the damage, if any was done to his training partner. Kamui had a feeling that Jay would be able to handle his own in this situation, but he was eager to see how far Jay had come to hone his abilities as of lately since their last meeting.   

[Chakra Enhanced Strength]
[Cherry Blossom Impact]
[Shadow Clone Technique]

Village Square / Re: Dawn of a New Era [Kamui vs Jay OOC Spar/Training]
« on: February 28, 2020, 05:45:43 AM »
Kamui rubbed the back of his neck and let out a small chuckle in response to Jay's inquiry into this location that was chosen. Normally he would have chosen an area closer to civilization, but there was the issue of collateral damage occurring due to their level of power at this moment. Something about Jay was different from before their last meeting, the man in front of him would also notice that this also applied to the Shodai as well. There wasn't any feeling of malice in his presence nor was there any trace of evil intentions in his posture. Kamui had a calm aura around his person and his mind was uncluttered, a sign of a hardened warrior that had broken through the walls of his limits many times over.

"Sorry about bringing you all the way out here, but I figured that this location would suit us best. That way we don't hurt anyone or damage anybody's property, when we decide to go all-out in this session of ours." Kamui said as he brushed aside his bangs and pulled out a small black cord, the man could be seen using it to tie his hair into the style of a ponytail. Once that was done, he would pull out his village's headband and tied it across his forehead accordingly. Kamui decided not to inquire on any newfound abilities that was gained by Jay and instead, figured that it would be better to show him what was gained in his epic battle with the Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails later on in their session. Not to be rude, but Kamui wanted this revelation of any new gained abilities to be a surprise between the two of them. In fact, it was more interesting to keep his training partner in dark and it seem that Jay was a doing a good job at only showing subtle hints of these newfound abilities.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Jay. I am ready whenever you are." Kamui said as he flared his chakra towards Jay and formed the seal of confrontation with his right hand, signaling that he was more than ready for his training partner to make the first move in their session. Kamui's eyes would take on a crimson hue as his Three-Tomoe Sharingan was activated in response to his readiness for this training session. Jay would feel a slight heaviness in the air as his chakra created a change in the environment with all the air pressure being directed at him; it was almost similar to being inside of man-made wind tunnel. At the moment, it was time to test the differences in power between the two and hopefully these two warriors could learn a thing or two about each other. Shukaku could be heard snoring in the mental realm of the area where Jinchūriki met with their respective hosts. It seems that Shukaku was uninterested at the moment, but that could all change whenever his host decide to call upon him to loan him some of his chakra.

[Chakra Flare]
[Seal of Confrontation]
[Three-Tomoe Sharingan]

Village Square / Dawn of a New Era [Kamui vs Jay OOC Spar/Training]
« on: February 25, 2020, 06:35:33 AM »

Kamui would walk across the sandy dunes of Sunagakure until the sight of rock formations came into his view, the man would find himself in a small clearing devoid of any sand and it seem that he was on the outskirts of the Land of Stone. The area was devoid of any life as well, which made him more comfortable to train in such an area that would not suffer any collateral damage to any living beings in the area. Upon closer inspection, the man wasn't dressed for war as per usual and was seen draped in the typical Uchiha wardrobe. It was common for him to have this type of attire when he is training or sparring with another person.

"I hope that guy got my message...I really don't want to do this alone and it'll be much better to have a partner to practice my moves with." Kamui said as he awaited for Jay to arrive at this location. Shukaku was quiet as usual and was comfortably residing inside of large metal teapot within his mental realm.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: Claim for Shukaku
« on: February 04, 2020, 06:30:44 AM »
I just noticed Kamui hasn't been online in 15 days, so I'm gonna hold on to the sandy boi for him.

Err...I posted in the mission headquarters a day ago, I believe. But if you wish to spar/fight for it, I will have no issues with that, but from what I read in your post. You're just holding it for me lol?

However, I apologize in advance for not notifying anyone about the current situation I am in and I'll let you know right now. I have recently underwent minor surgery in my spine a month ago to fix some nerve damage and had some injections done on my spinal disk two weeks ago to combat some inflammation that was causing all sorts of problems with my life, which explains my prolonged absence on SL. To go into further detail, I had real bad inflammation in my spinal disk that was causing me immense pain and there was slight nerve damage that was a proverbial double-whammy of pain. Now since I am not working until my rehabilitation is done, I'll be more active from here on forth and I am willing to work with you on any compromise to this situation, which I regretfully didn't inform anyone of.

It's up to you, though what you want to do from here. We don't have an active council at this moment and usually they handle problems like this. No council for redistribution means that claims are on a first come basis from here on now. So I don't want to step on anyone toes on this claim and I am sure you don't want to cause problems by pulling the rug from underneath my feet. I just want a polite discussion and hopefully a compromise can come out of this debacle that I created.   

That's unfortunate to know, and I'm sorry you have to go through that, the pain I mean. I'm glad that you had the surgery to fix it and I'm glad that it was successful.  And yeah, no worries. I was just holding it for you because you had been gone, not wanting someone else to grab hold of it. But, the prospect of a spary spar butters my biscuit, so we can have one of those. To pass the time and wet my washcloth.

The whole experience was a pain in the ass and even though I have no more back pain. I have this persisting pain in my left leg that is result of the inflammation pressing against one the nerves that is in that region. Which is why I have to go to rehabilitation therapy until that tension and pain is completely under control.

Alright, cool. I wasn't sure if it was a direct claim, hold or what, so I had to ask to be sure. I'll mail you on the server and we can talk more about that spar and what not.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: Claim for Shukaku
« on: February 02, 2020, 03:43:07 AM »
I just noticed Kamui hasn't been online in 15 days, so I'm gonna hold on to the sandy boi for him.

Err...I posted in the mission headquarters a day ago, I believe. But if you wish to spar/fight for it, I will have no issues with that, but from what I read in your post. You're just holding it for me lol?

However, I apologize in advance for not notifying anyone about the current situation I am in and I'll let you know right now. I have recently underwent minor surgery in my spine a month ago to fix some nerve damage and had some injections done on my spinal disk two weeks ago to combat some inflammation that was causing all sorts of problems with my life, which explains my prolonged absence on SL. To go into further detail, I had real bad inflammation in my spinal disk that was causing me immense pain and there was slight nerve damage that was a proverbial double-whammy of pain. Now since I am not working until my rehabilitation is done, I'll be more active from here on forth and I am willing to work with you on any compromise to this situation, which I regretfully didn't inform anyone of.

It's up to you, though what you want to do from here. We don't have an active council at this moment and usually they handle problems like this. No council for redistribution means that claims are on a first come basis from here on now. So I don't want to step on anyone toes on this claim and I am sure you don't want to cause problems by pulling the rug from underneath my feet. I just want a polite discussion and hopefully a compromise can come out of this debacle that I created.   

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Tanuki and Fox Struggle Once Again!
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:02:59 PM »
Kamui took a moment to observe the devastation that they had caused, it was easily fixed through a certain technique that could alter the terrain around them to his specifications. Before he decided to fix everything, he would turn back towards Naruto and extended his arm forward in attempt to fist-bump him with his own balled-up fist. "Allow me to fix some of the damage here and we'll head on our way home using a marker that I had placed in the village." Kamui said.

"It's a fairly simple technique that can alter the terrain using this scroll as a medium." Kamui said as formed the seal of confrontation and conjured up a single shadow clone. This clone would immediately regurgitate a medium-sized scroll in front of him that was tied up in a black silk ribbon. Once the scroll was unraveled, the contents were revealed to be graphing paper that could be used for graphing the area around them onto the paper itself.

"Although the concept is fairly simple, the activation requires an artist's touch. You cannot make any mistakes in the process or the technique won't work as planned." Kamui sat down near the scroll and pulled out a special ink pen from the contents of the scroll. He closed his eyes for a moment, after overseeing the area around them for a quick moment. Once he had a good visual layout of the area of them, he would open his eyes and begin graphing the terrain onto the scroll in a relatively fast pace. Once half of the affected area was graphed onto the paper, Kamui placed the pen down in front of him and closed his eyes once more. It would only take him a few seconds to draw in natural energy from around them into his body, which was mixed with his own chakra, creating senjutsu chakra in the process. Several markings would appear on his face as the transition into his Slug Sage Mode took place.

"Excuse me, I have to use this to better gauge the damage around us and more accurately graph the terrain onto this scroll." Kamui picked up the pen and began finishing graphing the terrain accordingly, thanks to the perks that was granted by his use of senjutsu. He wouldn't been able to remedy the damage in his base state alone, but with the capacity of his chakra pool increased through his transformation. Kamui could easily re-draw the area to how it looked like before all the damage occurred. Five minutes later, the graph was complete and all that was needed was to adjust their position to a correct area or otherwise it would be a pain to be in the way where a tree should be.

"Take two steps towards me please and get right behind me." Kamui formed the seal of confrontation as his clone formed a one-handed seal simultaneously in the process. While the original was activating the technique to alter the terrain, the clone was expending all of the chakra that was used to make it, in order to cover certain portions of the land with more evergreen trees that were similar to the ones that were destroyed. Once that was done, the clone disappeared in a plume of smoke and Kamui extended his hand towards the right shoulder of Naruto.

"I suppose we could get something to eat back home, but as token of my friendship. I'm buying!" Kamui smiled as he made use of the marker in the center of the village to transport the both of them into the main office of the Hokage. Once they had reached their destination, the use of senjutsu would wear off and would leave the Shodaime both exhausted and hungry.

[The End]

[Thread Locked and Archived

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Tanuki and Fox Struggle Once Again!
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:10:30 AM »

Kamui was met with another technique that he was quite familiar with, this spiraling sphere of chakra would collide with his own technique that was his in right hand. The clash of both techniques had catastrophic effects on the environment surrounding them, demolishing most of the surface and what was left of the mountains around them. Debris would be scattered for miles in the aftermath of this explosion, peppering the nearby forest that on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. After the dust had settled, Kamui would find himself laying on the ground right next to Naruto, covered in same type of wounds as his younger compatriot and was devoid of the limb that his technique was used from.

"Well, shit not this again. Last time I lost a limb, it was leg and now this time it's my favorite arm." Kamui groaned in pain after expressing his dismay for the lost limb. Blood would trickle down from the stump and flowed away from him, forming an interesting shape as his blood mingled with the young Uzumaki that was laying next to him. Kamui also realized that the bracer on his right wrist was also subsequently destroyed in the aftermath, although it wasn't an important piece of technology. These bracers that he wore in the beginning of their fight were none other than special training weights that were able to withstand a majority of their fight.

"This damn thing is starting to feel heavy now...let met slip this off real quick and there we go. All better." Kamui could still somewhat move as he laid on the ground, but standing up was different matter entirely. He was devoid of a limb, so the only way that he was able to slip the bracer off was by using his dexterity to remove it from his wrist with only his feet. Once the bracer was off, the item hit the ground with such a tremendous force, that it left a small crater on the ground next to him. He would let out a sigh of relief upon removing such tremendous weight off his shoulders, figuratively speaking of course. After all of this was done, there was the matter of his low chakra levels that prevented him from standing up on his own accord.

"Hey kid, let me help you as a token of my apology. Just a forewarning, you will feel a slight pinch in the process of me mending that wound." Kamui revealed a seal hidden underneath his damaged forehead protector, this seal was the culmination of him storing chakra for a few years. Kamui couldn't recall the specifics that he even made use of the Strength Of A Hundred Seal back then, but to him it was quite some time that he used this seal to elevate his chakra to an acceptable level. He would feel invigorated in the process, allowing him to stand up as the seal itself would spread from his temple downwards to his feet, surrounding his entire body in the markings. Steam would emerge from his body as the burns, cuts and bruises would begin healing itself, even the stump on his right arm would begin healing as well. Kamui sauntered over to his fallen compatriot and placed his left arm on his shoulder, allowing the seal to transfer over to him and wrapping his entire body with the same seal that he just used; the effects that were used on him would transfer over to Naruto as well.

"As for that lost limb, well I can replace my own like so. I don't know about you though, if you had a contract with my species of animal. You could probably mend your limb like this. Well, this is the best I can do for now until we get back to the village. That little beauty is capable of simple movement and if you press this button right here, you can summon any kind of utensil whatsoever. Also this display tells you the current battery life, the weather, the time and it even has a built-in alarm for heavy sleepers. Amazing, right?" Kamui regurgitated a mass of slime that turned out to be a multitude of small slugs, once this slugs exited his body, they would converge on his stump and would reform themselves into a replica of the arm that was lost. Although temporary, this nifty ability had some benefits that were amazing in his opinion. For as long as he didn't lost his two vital organs in his body, this ability could invoked at any time that he saw fit. Kamui formed the seal of confrontation and placed his hand on the ground in front of him, summoning a small box that contained a robotic-looking limb. He would proceed to open the box and attached the arm to Naruto's stump. The device would immediately turn on and would begin attaching each nerves in that stump to special neural synapses that controlled the robotic limb. Once that was complete, the system on the limb would make some beeping noises, signaling that it was ready to be used. A poof of smoke erupted from the location that the box was summoned and the package was sent back to his warehouse in the village. Kamui was eager to return back home with the marker that he had placed in the office of the current Hokage, but he wanted to make sure that everything was in order before they decided to head back.

"Oi Fox! I hoped you learned that tails don't make up power, it's the will that we all share with our hosts that decides the value of our strength. Other than that, I have respect for you and your host." From within the mental realm from both jinchūriki, both of their tailed beasts were having a deep conversation based on mutual respect for one another. Such a rare sight to see between two hosts made it all the worthwhile to see from within his mind.

Kamui floated freely within the temple of the enormous chakra construct, there was not enough time for maneuvering after both initial techniques had clashed with each other. They valiantly fought until the end as the explosion from both techniques engulfed them in damaging maelstrom of chakra, leaving both of them without their protective chakra cloaks and destroying both of their own chakra constructs in the process. Kamui was left battered, bruised and riddled with cuts on the hardened surface of the ground that was still somewhat hot, but not as hot as it was earlier when the lava was still slowly freely. A slight chuckle left his lips as the man struggled to get up, staggering with each attempt to gain his composure.

"Is your resolve stronger than my own? Is your will greater than mine? Do you have the same views on humanity as I do? Do you have enough courage to fulfill your destiny? Is this the extent of the bonds that transcend time? If I am to figure the answers to these questions, there is only way to do it. Uzumaki Naruto! Let us conclude this battle with one final clash of wills!" The multitude of cuts and bruises would begin healing in the wake of his statement to Naruto. From his opponent's perspective, steam could be seen coming out from the pores of his skin as regenerative abilities begun to take effect. Although the dried blood remained on his skin and on part of what was left of his clothes, there was an absence of any damage on his body whatsoever from their previous skirmish. Once his regenerative abilities finally ran its course through his body, there was no more struggle to stand up and Kamui was able to resume his fighting stance once more.

Kamui quickly generated some of the black flames of Amaterasu in his right palm and added some lightning nature chakra into the black flames by applying shape manipulation in the process, allowing both natures to mingle with each other. Once everything was done, he would eagerly stare at his opponent and gave him one last smile before dashing off in his direction with his right arm extended forward. With each step that he made, the whizzing, chirping sound from his technique got louder and louder as he came close to his target. At last the moment was at hand, their final confrontation would once for all settle their fight and perhaps Kamui would able to find the answers to the questions that plagued him since their last confrontation. Who knows? Maybe instead of burning bridges this time, this confrontation could lead up to them both building bridges instead.

[Regeneration Ability]
[Shape Manipulation]
[Kagutsuchi: Chidori]

Kamui was momentarily given a vision of his predecessor, Ōtsutsuki Indra standing besides a tall and pale man that was floating in mid-air in a sitting position. The image of Indra would fade away as the elderly man turned around to face him, a voice could heard booming through his mind.

"The power that you called upon is the will of my son, Indra. This willpower transcends the boundaries of the living and even in death, you will still have the fortitude to call upon a portion of my power. Before I take my leave, I have one question for you. What is a true ninja to you?" The elderly old man floated in front of him, eagerly awaiting a response to his question. Kamui turned his head down, tapped his chin and looked back towards the old man. He was pondering hard at what being a ninja meant to him, more likely what did he define as a real ninja. Kamui looked back at his life and even though the man had made some mistakes in his life, this will of his allowed to come to terms that there must a balance in our lives. Do more good, treat others kindly and most importantly. Kamui wanted to amend for the sins of the organizations that were created in his wake, after the man pondered on all of this for a moment until there was he figured it all out.

"Ninjas protect those that they care about, even if their lives are in danger. Strength protects through love. I believe that selfless sacrifice is the essence of a ninja and I wouldn't hesitate to do what I need to do in order to protect those I love. That's my ninja way." Kamui said as the image of elderly man started to fade away, but as the image started to waver in his vision. The elderly man displayed his deep wrinkles in the form of a smile and his satisfaction with his answer could be clearly seen. As this vision faded away, he returned back to the dimension that they were currently in.

Kamui sensed that the young man was drawing chakra in preparation for a empowered tailed beast ball and was quick to notice that the beam of light was manipulated to fire from multiple angles. The colossal chakra construct raised the remaining three bipedal arms into the air and generated three more blades of chakra that were emblazed like the one he used to initially protect himself from the beam. He stabbed the chakra blade into the ground and applied some shape manipulation had the first chakra blade form into a multi-layered shield in front of him, while the other chakra blades formed into three identical seven-branched versions of themselves. Kamui had the colossal chakra construct act accordingly and performed a series of acrobatics to fend off each beam of light heading towards him, while the shield in front of him was strong enough to withstand the full frontal assault of the wave of chakra heading his way. From above came the clones of the original Naruto heading towards him in downward slam, their tails were outstretched in unison and were aiming to crush his colossal chakra construct.

Kamui smiled and outstretched his arms outward, while his Susano'o did the same as well. He channeled an enormous amount of lighting nature chakra into the chakra construct and expelled it from the body of chakra construct in the form of very strong electrical discharge. The colossal chakra construct would simultaneously would perform multiple slashes with the emblazed chakra blades that were left, effectively destroying the clones that went foolishly head-on without any disregard for the range of his techniques. Once that was done, the chakra construct grabbed the emblazed chakra blade that it had stabbed into the lava field and leap back about fifty yards from where it was original standing. The colossal chakra construct would kick up some magma in its wake upon skidding to a halt, leaving a relatively large trench in the fields that were quickly engulfed in lava. Kamui had the colossal chakra construct combine each individual chakra blades into steady and strong longbow, the bow would be combined with some lighting nature chakra in the process of it's formation. 

This was all that he had left with the newfound power that he gained, it was all or nothing from here forth. Kamui had a limited amount of time left in this state and this meant that climax was about to reach a peak point. The colossal chakra construct would generate an arrow composed of the came combined natures of the bow and drew it accordingly, pointing it straight at the original and his remaining clones. Once the target was in sight, the colossal chakra construct fired off a very powerful arrow that had enough penetrating power to even go through the protective cloak of chakra granted by a tailed beast. Dangerous as it was, this technique was the last thing that he could muster before the duration of his power would quickly start to fade away within the next minute or so. But for now his willpower would stand out and he was eager to see what Naruto was capable of. Kamui was wondering if this young man would muster enough courage and strength to counter this technique.

[Shape Manipulation]
[Indra's Complete Body — Susanoo: Chidori Current]
[Indra's Arrow]

Naruto failed to react or even respond to this fūinjutsu in question and as a result, the shield wouldn't even be in front of him to conceal him as he had planned. Seal Reflection had effected the chakra absorbing seal and due to this seal being on the ninja tool itself, it would also be effected momentarily until the Yin Release Chakra from that fūinjutsu is absorbed accordingly, allowing his previous actions to follow through yet again. Naruto never stated that this shield was a bubble that surrounded him, so it's safe to say that it left his back severely exposed. It could only block chakra from the front, but by doing so it also diverted some of the pulse of chakra to the exposed back of his opponent, effecting him in the end. Nonetheless, there was leeway for him to respond to the formation of these fresnal lenses and thankfully due to this sudden exposure. There was nothing prohibiting him from the detecting the usage of his opponent's chakra arms that were applying shape manipulation to form those fresnal lenses again.

No matter the outcome there was still the issue to deal with the incoming technique that managed to push through his Susano'o: Tailed Beast Shockwave that he used just a minute ago. Rather than jump to avoid the incoming technique, Kamui made the colossal chakra construct brace itself for impact by raising two arms of the chakra construct with its palms facing forward. At the moment that the attack touched the palms of his enormous chakra construct, the incoming technique would subsequently be absorbed into his Complete Body — Susano'o due to him reversing his chakra flow and using the chakra absorption technique through his chakra construct as a medium. Veins popped up around the temple of the Shodaime as he somewhat struggled to stabilize the chakra that was absorbed, a wave of pressurized air erupted from the chakra construct as it began transforming suddenly. Naruto would find himself slightly pushed back away from his position, the air itself would feel dense with chakra and the pressurized air would suddenly begin cooling down the lava fields below; turning them in barren wastelands that were still hot to the touch.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" Kamui shouted as the Complete Body — Susanoo underwent a dramatic transformation, the colossal chakra construct began drawing on the power of the chakra that it absorbed, along with chakra of the Shukaku. The armor of the Complete Body form is reduced somewhat, exposing the humanoid within that was composed out of the black flames of Amaterasu. The chakra construct turned in the direction of the floating jinchūriki of the Nine Tails, facing him as the black flames flickered wildly from the back of the enormous chakra construct. Kamui could be seen panting heavily as he heard a voice in the back of mind and momentarily found himself in the realm of his tailed beast, the Shukaku had both of its palms together in the form of a clap.

"Oh boy, Kamui. I can only help you maintain this transformation for about three minutes at the most and then you'll be reverted back to base form. End it as quickly as you can!" Shukaku said. Kamui simply smiled and nodded back in response, the visage of the man would soon fade away and eventually return back to the current dimension they're in. He would quickly generate a giant chakra sword composed of the black flames of Amaterasu to intercept the beam of sunlight that was heading his way. Effectively blocking it and simultaneously setting it ablaze in the process, his opponent would quickly notice that some of the black flames were suddenly traveling up the beam towards Naruto himself in the form of a long thin blade. Naruto would find himself in harm's way once again, but this time it was due to his carelessness of being within the range of the shape manipulated black flames. However, it would take a second or two for the blacks flames to reach their target, giving his opponent a chance to break the connection before the black flames effected him entirely.

[Chakra Absorption Technique]
[Indra's Complete Body — Susanoo]
[Carnage Purgatory]

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