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Title: Applicant
Post by: Rinn on September 25, 2014, 04:15:04 PM
Hey Neji I've been a player for quite sometime. I've schooled at Niagara College, Ontario in the program Computer programming (Analyst) and I've complete three semesters covering basic C+, Javascript and html. I have designed functional websites from scratch( basic html 4) etc etc but I have been out of practice for a year or so now. I also have experience in Ajax.

But what I'd like to offer is my services design wise, I'm not asking for direct access to any source material or anything like that. But I'm an avid photoshop user, a course in which I've been trained well and I would like the oppurtunity to design a few custom themes. (Visual) e.g the Konoha, Anbu and Itachi themes. Just stuff like that. I'd love the oppurtunity to design a theme, or a few if you're open to it.