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Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: July 25, 2018, 11:07:59 PM »
Some of the gold dust that formed a large platform underneath Kamui would continue to hold afloat in the air. Rather than make use of the abilities of right eye, the tomoes in his left eye would rapidly spin and glow as his line of vision fell upon Naruto. Kamui emitted a pulse of chakra from his left eye upon noticing the spike of chakra emanating from the use of the chakra engraving seal and quickly activated the abilities of left eye, hoping that his opponent would inadvertently activate a very powerful ocular genjutsu.

"How rude, leaving your guest hanging around by himself." Kamui was hoping that his opponent would be careless enough to look in his direction, which he did by the way he relayed his parting remarks directly to the Shodaime. Unbeknownst to Naruto, the genjutsu had already started taking effect on his perception of time, causing him to unknowingly perceive the flow of time as if it was normal. This ocular genjutsu gave him a false sense of security that everything would go according to plan and by the time that Naruto or his toads were able to detect it. It would be too late as there wouldn't be enough time to dispel the genjutsu at that moment, allowing Kamui some respite in escaping. He thought that if his opponent was going to retreat away from this area in such a hurry without much of a fuss, that would mean that Naruto was planning on isolating him within the confines of this toad. Kamui could only assume that if he was isolated within this toad, then his opponent would probably try to seal away this toad in order to further isolated him from the outside world; this was something that was not going to happen on his watch.

Kamui quickly formed the seal of confrontation and made use of the final marker that was with one of his drones. He didn't have that much time before the clone sealed away the toad, which is why he decided to only take a portion of the supply of gold dust that formed the platform underneath him; this was done in order to conserve his chakra. Kamui narrowly escaped a cruel fate through the usage of his Space-Time technique, which allowed him to escape through a dimensional void that teleported him directly on top of the floating drone. Upon landing on the drone with the marker, the other drone would quickly move away from him as the drone underneath his feet would fizzle into disrepair from the severe damage done from his unorthodox escape method.

"Damn it, not again!" Kamui said in disdain upon causing the destruction of one of his drones, causing the marker to be drawn into the magnetically charged gold dust. As this occurred, his body would only be terminal velocity for a split-second, before plummeting back down towards the platform. Before his descent back towards the surface, the platform of gold dust would keep him safely afloat in the air for the moment. Once the man collected himself, he immediately made use of the platform of gold dust to safely float back down towards the surface. When Kamui placed his feet on the ground, the gold dust would spread outwards about twenty yards. The settlement of the gold dust had created a relatively size sand dune and the marker could be seen protruding from the surface of the gold dust.

A cloud of dust emerged from behind the man as he leap from what from where he was at and onto the badly damaged foundation of a large building complex that was nearby. Kamui couldn't sense his opponent in the immediate area and could only assume that he was still at that undisclosed location that he escaped to. Nonetheless, there wasn't much time left before his opponent figured out his elaborate ruse and realized that Kamui wasn't sealed as planned.

"Warning. Systems indicate that the central core is in danger of overheating, cool-down must be initiated within the next hour in order to avoid a system shutdown." A exasperated sigh left his lips as he heard a prompt from the system A.I. that was built into his cybernetic technology. Kamui knew that with the amount of chakra that he was flexing in his version-two state, that it was only a matter of time before the system couldn't handle the regulation of both the natural energy and chakras coming from his tailed beast.

"Within time you will have to make use of that form or otherwise you'll be a sitting duck with that hunk of metal you have on." Kamui was formulating his next moves when he heard the voice of the Shukaku in his mind, a lingering reminder that eventually he would have to show his full power in this game of death. Hopefully his opponent didn't lose interest in this fight and decided to escape with his life, while he still had it. If so that would mean that this battle would simply end in a tie and their lives could continue, allowing them to recover from this grueling experience. However, if his opponent decided to return to this area, the battle would continue as planned.

[Flying Thunder God]
[Gold Dust Marking]

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: July 18, 2018, 08:01:04 AM »
It seem that his opponent wasn't that much of a great surveyor, due to his assumption that these drones were within the confines of the barrier space, when in reality that these drones were much more than far away from area of effect of this barrier; it was clarified that these drones were more than a mile up in the sky. It was a rather simple mistake on his opponent's part and nothing could be done since the clone didn't even attempt to avoid the path of the corrosive projectile. Now before the punch could connect, the corrosive blob would hit the clone like he planned and it would do enough damage for it to dispel into a puff of smoke; transferring the experience and information back towards the caster.

"Oho? This is a reverse summon much similar to the one that my old friend uses." Kamui was collected in his thoughts as the gold dust collected underneath his feet, quickly forming a floating platform that was just above the surface of the pool of corrosive stomach acid. Contrary to the belief that these stomach acids would corrode his gold dust, it seem that his opponent didn't know that stomach acid is basically hydrochloric acid, and hydrochloric acid is unable to react with any of the less reactive metals: including gold, silver, copper, and platinum on its own. Half of the gold dust that he had conjured would get submerged in the lake of acid and from his opponent's point of view, it would seem that these gold dust was a lost cause. However this was not the case, the large portion of gold dust that was submerged would quickly levitate out of the acidic pool and would collect underneath the medium-sized platform that he was currently standing on; the lingering acid on the gold dust would safely drip downwards back into pool below.

"You refuse to give in to the power within you, yet you think you can beat me with just senjutsu? Allow me to spread some doom and gloom on your parade, young man. For you see, this isn't the extent of what I can do with my power and you have yet to see me use my full power... " Kamui had a plan for casting a technique on the internal stomach walls of the summon and figured that it would be in his best interest to get rid of this summon in a more efficient manner that would be most beneficial. Throughout his statement, the tomoes in his eyes would rapidly spin then merged together to form the advanced form of his doujutsu, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Kamui acted as if he was going to stare at his opponent, but instead he closed his left eye and focused in on the background(stomach walls) behind his opponent.

"Amaterasu!" Kamui mentally intoned as he casted the unquenchable black flames of Amaterasu behind the Nine-Tailed Fox's jinchūriki, the black flames would slowly eat away at the stomach lining of this summon and within due time the summon would be no more; allowing him to quickly escape this area without any negative repercussions whatsoever. Naruto on the other hand wasn't exactly safe, since the intense heat generated from the black flames would be felt from the distance that he was located at and over time, the black flames would increase the temperature of the environment around them; literally turning the area into a sauna within the matter of minutes.   

Meanwhile back at the battlefield, the drones would idly hover in the skies and kept scouting the area for any sudden re-appearance of both Naruto and Kamui. If it was necessary or a dire emergency, one of the drones still had access to one last marked kunai knife and the other drone still had two more sealed techniques that it could still use at any given moment.

[Desert Suspension]
[Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan]

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:55:46 PM »
Kamui wouldn't relent in his full-on assault of sound-natured infused punches, striking each clone with such precision and accuracy. With the speed of these punches, there was little room for error for his opponent and it would seem that almost all of the clones were disposed of. But this wasn't the case, there was one clone who was smart enough to get outside of the confines of the barrier before the shockwave impacted the area; all while miraculously keeping the barrier up in the process. 

Now this clone was far from being safe from his reach, well his punches couldn't reach the clone due to it being outside the range of the attack. However, since this clone was outside the confines of the barrier space, it was free game for his drones whom were still  lurking in the skies above them. Both of these drones had two district features that were complexly unique to them, one of the drones could produce a limited amount of marked weapons from within and the other had three techniques sealed into a small scroll that could fired off from the selected drone in the form of a corrosive orb-like projectile. This drone would immediately locked-on the clone and would make use of one of the sealed techniques that was sealed into one of the three scrolls that it carried on-board, a whizzing sound was heard as this projectile would head towards the unprotected clone at phenomenal speeds.

This clone would fail in reestablishing both the barrier and the Lion's Closing Roar due to the corrosive blob having the capability of eating away at any chakra that didn't belong to Kamui. Naturally this clone could've saved itself by absorbing this technique, but it couldn't do so in this case since this clone still hasn't released the technique that it absorbed earlier. With the way that the situation was heading, there was no possible way for the clone to save himself within time and there would be one less nuisance for Kamui to deal with.     

The barrage of punches that were aimed directly at the original would subsequently absorbed by the original without fail due to his ability to produce some sort of chakra-absorption vapor. The ability displayed by his opponent was another minor inconvenience, but from observing the use of this unique technique. There was some limitations to what could be absorbed by those vapors and from what he concluded, only one technique at a time could be absorbed.

Without any further obstruction from the fresnal lens, the tomoes in his eyes could be seen a bit more clearly and his piercing stare could be seen from the distance. Kamui was clearly successful in landing the spiraling sphere of magnetic chakra on the torso of the clone, but there something else that he would have to deal with, namely the chain reaction of explosions that were about to occur the moment that this explosive sphere of magnetic chakra exploded. The tomoes in his eyes rapidly spun upon the usage of the Flying Thunder God Seal being used to supplement the summoning of these explosive tags. Combined with the intake of natural energy that was still pouring into his body and was being rapidly converted into senjutsu chakra, there was a small window in this situation where he could evade the said explosion that was about to occur and also use it to his advantage.

"Mokuton..." Kamui muttered as quickly retracted his arm back in the nick of time and simultaneously formed a one-handed seal with his hand that he used previously to deliver the palm thrust at his opponent's elbow. He would create a hardy and very sturdy wooden dome-like structure that surrounded his entire body in the form of a dragon's face. This sturdy structure made out of his Wood Release was enhanced with not only tailed beast chakra, but also natural energy and was more than strong enough to withstand the destructive force behind these chain reaction of explosions. 

One thing that his opponent didn't count on was that this chain reaction of explosions also had a different effect when it clashed with the spiraling sphere of magnetic chakra. Everything within the initial radius of the consecutive explosions would be heavily magnetized, due to chain reaction of explosions spreading this magnetic chakra outward in a more efficient manner, thus increasing the distance of what could be affected by this magnetic chakra. After the chain of consecutive explosions ended, there was still the wooden dome still standing amongst the rubble and was relatively untouched from the explosions. Kamui placed both of his palms onto the untouched ground below him as the wooden dragon-like face would part open from middle and revealed that this man wasn't harmed like his opponent had originally planned.

"You say that now, but how long will you last before you have to resort to that power? How about I give you a reason to give in?" Kamui made use of the heavily magnetized field to cause a considerable quantity of gold dust to erupt from the ground in front of him, which was then immediately manipulated into a tidal wave of gold dust that was of epic proportions. This massive tidal wave of gold dust spread out for as far as the eye could see and if one were to measure the size of this attack, it was nearly big as the entire empty town that they presided in. As quickly as this tidal wave of gold dust was conjured, the attack would converge upon the location of Naruto and if he didn't react quickly enough. If this young man was unfortunate enough, this gargantuan technique would quickly threaten to engulf him in mountainous layer of gold dust and subsequently bury him in the process. Kamui thought about riding this tidal wave of gold dust, but that would be way too reckless in his opinion and a bit of an oversight to show off in this type of situation.

[Acid Release: Rasengan]
[Wood Release: Hōbi Technique]
[Magnet Release: Gold Dust Imperial Funeral]

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:58:16 AM »
Kamui took another sharp inhale of breath upon noticing that his earlier technique wasn't as effective as he initially planned it out to be, although there was another way to dispose of these clones in manner that wouldn't waste much of his chakra reserves. The drones in the air were fixated at the battle for the moment and upon noticing the sudden spike in chakra emanating from Kamui, the drones rapidly ascended upwards away from the epicenter of what was to come.

"ORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Kamui made use of his Tailed Beast's massive chakra reserves to turn a roar into a powerful force of air pressure and destruction. He would make this roar even more effective by making use of his senjutsu to infuse natural energy into the roar, thus increasing the destructiveness by three-fold. The amount of force behind the pressure given out by the roar was enough to repel even ninjutsu, the summoned items that were brought out by clones would first fell the effect of this roar and would subsequently thrown asunder by the air pressure.

The clones would be interrupted in their attempt to reestablish the barrier and if they were not careful in their maneuvering skills, they too would be thrown asunder by the air pressure that was given off by this tailed beast shockwave. However if that alone wasn't enough to deter these clones, the original or destroy that lingering fresnal lens, perhaps the next course of actions would obliterate any glimmer of hope that his opponent was clinging to. Kamui closed his eyes at the moment that the light from the fresnal lens were refracted in his direction and decided to make use of another technique to dispose of the obstacles in his path. The muscles in his arms and hands convulsed, the muscle mass would slightly pulsate from the application of Sound Release chakras being channeled throughout his arms.

"Useless!" Kamui cocked one of his arms back and swung it forward towards where the lens were located, the end result was that the punch was infused with not only Sound Release chakras, but also natural energy; a loud popping sound followed by a sharp whistling sound was heard as soon as the punch was thrown. The sheer speed and power of this punch alone was enough to shatter lens in pieces, rendering the technique obsolete.

Kamui wouldn't just stop punching at the lens, in fact the next targets in line would be the various clones, along with their conjurer that was still out in the battlefield. He opened his left eye, keeping his right eye closed as he shifted his attention towards their direction, cocking both of his arms as he swung both of them forward and unleashed a barrage of repeated punches in the direction of each clone, including the original. At the speed that he was delivering these punches, the movements from his actions would appear as a blur from the perspective of his opponent and Naruto would find it extremely difficult to even attempt to merge his shadow with the attack heading his way.

"Senpo..." Kamui sensed the arrival of the clone and noticed that senjutsu chakra emanated from the clone, which meant that the clone was moving so quickly because of Sage Mode. He quickly would stop his barrage of punches and immediately shifted his body in way so that he would be facing face-first towards the punch of the clone that was heading his way. One thing that he noticed that sealing chains were wrapped only around his fist and nowhere else, which made it easier for him to attempt to deflect this punch by initiating a forward palm thrust towards his elbow in an upward motion; the act of doing so would change the trajectory of the punch upwards away from Kamui at the last moment.

"Jiton Rasengan!" Kamui utilized his free hand to form a dense spiraling sphere of chakra that was infused with natural energy and the magnetic chakras granted from his tailed beast. Before his opponent could quickly react, the spiraling sphere of chakra was delivered the torso of the clone and would rapidly expand upon making contact with him. If the clone had a hardy enough constitution, it would survive the grueling process of the sphere exploding and magnetizing everything in a radius of seventy-five feet around them.

However this didn't mean that the clone would be out of the woods just yet, the clone if hit by the technique would soon find out that it would be extremely difficult to stand let alone move in the current environment. What was happening was the body of the clone was producing such a strong magnetic field that a multitude of metallic particles were starting to get attracted to the feet of the clone and to make matters worse. There was a lot of metallic material and ore underneath their feet, which meant it was game over for this clone if it was unfortunate enough to get hit by this technique.

Kamui could be heard chuckling throughout the whole ordeal, since the whole supremacy of more tails equaling more power was laughable to him. Despite the over-inflated ego of the Nine-Tailed Fox, in the transformative state that he was in, the number of tails didn't correspond to the amount of power that the jinchūriki had. Maybe if he was still in his version-one state, there would be some truth in this meager thought, but that wasn't the case. One thing was for certain though, Kamui had the advantage by being more in tune with his tailed beast than his opponent was, which was a recipe for disaster in the future. He hoped that with enough pushing in this fight, his opponent would lose control and transform into the state that he was currently in.

[Tailed Beast Shockwave]
[Beat Punch]
[Magnet Release Rasengan]

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 30, 2018, 08:37:08 PM »
Thankfully, Kamui had a back-up plan for barriers that were more than troublesome, it was noted that nothing was more formidable than an opponent who knew their way around sealing techniques. He took a sharp inhale of air, closing eyes for a moment as he located the source of the barrier; the clones belonging to his opponent. Once these clones were properly located, a smirk would come across his visage as he made note of how many clones were in the immediate vicinity.

"Oho? A chakra-negation sealing barrier? I think not!" Kamui opened his eyes and made use of a technique that was made specifically for destroying a barrier by targeting the source creating it from within. These clones were the main source of this sealing barrier and at moment there would be nothing to stop this act occurring due to these clones absorbing magnetic chakras from earlier. Which meant that they wouldn't be able to absorb this technique and since this technique isn't a sealing technique, these clones wouldn't be able to make proper use of the magnetic chakras from earlier

Each of those clones would find out that the barrier completed itself for a split-second, only for it to shatter like glass. The destruction of the chakra chains would occur in a abrupt chain reaction, this meant that it would all happen too quickly with each of these clones being bombarded with an intense pressure of chakra that would pummel them from head to toe; this would dispel each clones that were currently out in battlefield. 

Now with all of that out of the way, the rasenshuriken would continue on it's path towards Naruto and would've hit the intended target had it not been for the quick responsiveness from his opponent. A smirk came upon the visage of Kamui, the man was amused by his cleverness and cunning skills to employ such a tool in such a manner. Kamui closed his eyes in response to the array of lights being reflected in his direction and formed the seal of confrontation in response to his technique being set off a bit early.

"E-71." Kamui muttered into his mic on his headset, relaying a simple command task for one of the drones. One of the drones would produce a marked kunai from one of the access panels on the bottom, the kunai was held by a small mechanical prehensile tentacle that held a firm grip on the hilt; the drone would let go of the blade after producing it.

Before the premature explosion could negatively effect him, Kamui would make use of the Flying Thunder God to transport himself to the falling marked blade, catching it mid-air as the explosion overtook the area that he was formerly located at. Kamui crossed his arms in front of face and was thrown asunder from his place in mid-air, the chakra shroud around him allowed him to avoid damage from a majority of the burning air pressure. He corrected his body in mid-flight, narrowly avoiding landing on his head and seriously injuring himself; a trail of dust emerged from beneath his feet as he came skidding to a halt. Kamui eventually found himself a couple of yards (50yds) from the epicenter of the blast and could still see his opponent in his line of sight.

"Oho? You can use that transformation as well, but I wonder if you can do this?" Kamui tightly held the marked blade in his hand as the hilt would began to crack and the tool itself would eventually shatter into a tiny bits of metal. The enormous wind pressure generated from his opponent transformation into his version-one state would be overshadowed by Kamui entering into his version-two state. A dark red layer of chakra would overlap his entire body in the form of a endoskeleton resembling his tailed beast, a single tail could be seen behind him and the identifiable traits of his cybernetic suit could still be seen in his transformed state; the glowing apparatus in the middle of his chest could still be seen from afar.

" me what you can do, jinchūriki of Kurama." Kamui found himself in a decent sized crater due to the amount of energy that this transformation created and glared in the direction of Naruto. At this moment, the situation was looking sort of bleak for Naruto and with the difference in power between them. It would seem that Kamui would have the upper-hand at this moment and despite the exchange of subtle words between them, this man changed the tide of the battle in his favor; this meant that he wasn't going to go easy on Naruto this time around. For now he would keep his distance from his opponent as he stared at him with his piercing red gaze, the air pressure of chakra emanating from him highlighted his killing intent and the tomoes in his eyes could barely be seen; this gave the ruse that he lost the use of his doujutsu the moment that he went into this state.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 24, 2018, 11:25:40 PM »
Kamui had a plan to pull a fast one over the young Uzumaki lad by acting as if the lenses had blinded him. Kamui kept his left eye closed in anticipation due to his enhanced senses granted through his Sage Mode and could sense the movement in the airspace around him, allowing him to stay a step ahead in this game of death. "Tch!" Kamui muttered as he pulled off this feint by wincing in pain, closing his eyes in response as the flash bang went off; the latter was that this was all an elaborate ruse to catch his opponent with his guard down.

Kamui sensed the instantaneous movement from his opponent and decided to react to the projectile held by Naruto by making use of his speedy reflexes to react to this attack. He placed his right arm behind his back and the technique that was used by his opponent would be intercepted by his right palm that immersed in his cybernetic battle suit. Kamui decided that it was time to make use of another function of his cybernetic battle armor, the special nodes built into the palm of the right hand had the ability to intercept almost all chakra-based attacks and subsequently absorb it into his own chakra supply; breaking them down into the chakra natures that they're made of.

"Such a nostalgic feeling to see this technique...although I must give you my thanks for the extra chakra." Kamui opened his left eye as the technique used by Naruto momentarily expanded then immediately contracted inwards towards the special nodes in the palm of his cybernetic battle suit. These nodes would form a chakra-absorption barrier that would absorb the technique in it's entirety before it could explode and would also allow him to replenish his own chakra supply in the process.

"Close-quarters combat? I think this kid is up to something and knowing that damned fox, this could end up bad if you don't play it smart. Do you want to go ahead and make used of my chakra?" The voice of Shukaku briefly came into mind and within his inner mental realm, the Shodaime walked up towards the beast as the he water underneath his feet created ripples with each step that he took. Once he was within arm's reach of the colossal sandy beast, the man extended his arm upwards towards the Shukaku and formed a fist.

"This kid is a little wet behind the ears when it comes to this, now that I think about it. So let's show him what we can really do and give him a taste of our power, partner." Shukaku merely laughed in response and extended his arm outwards towards Kamui, forming a fist as it bumped into the Shodaime's; allowing him to transfer some of his chakra to the man. "You're really trying to butter me up, aren't you?" The voice of the Shukaku could faintly be heard in the back of his mind as he idly stood there with one of his eyes still closed and one open and glared in the general direction of Naruto.

"Young man, I am not trapped in here with're trapped in here with me." Kamui said as he clenched both of his fist, starting his initial ascendance into entering his version-one state as the debris around him would start to violently levitate around his body in a gravitational orbit. The ground underneath his feet trembled from the formation of the bubbling chakra shroud and the solidified dome made out of gold dust particles would revert back into it's natural state; these particles would fall onto the ground around him. Although the gold dust particles were no longer active at this moment, the particles themselves were still magnetically charged and at a moment's notice if he wanted to, he could easily manipulate the gold dust to instantly catch his opponent off-guard.

A slight grin appeared on his visage as a single tail made out of the chakra shroud manifested behind him, the glowing apparatus in the middle of his chest would change colors due to the combination of his chakra shroud and Slug Sage Mode; which made him a force to be reckoned with. Kamui raised his right arm into the air with his palm flat, the chakra shroud around him bubbled as a spiraling sphere of chakra manifested in his right hand. Kamui would form the same technique that was used against him with the help of his chakra shroud granted through his version-one state, but the subtle difference between Naruto's and his own was that he could throw this said projectile due the technique being coated in Senjutsu chakra.

"Let me show you the way to use this technique properly! Senpo! Rasenshuriken!" Kamui exclaimed as he pinpointed out the location of Naruto and threw the completed shuriken-like projectile straight at him. If nothing was done in time to stop this technique, it would detonate into a vortex of wind blades that would affect the area around his opponent, which meant more than half of the restricted space (120 yards) would be effected by the detonation. Now due to the absorption of the magnetic chakra that made up his former technique, the chakra chains barrier would be completed as his opponent planned. However, this would lead up to another issue for the young man, since there was no where to run from this technique and the way that this barrier was set-up, there was very little room for error within the confines of this restricted space. Kamui was hoping to see more of this young man's abilities and was curious to see how he would react to seeing a more completed version of the technique that he tried to use on him.


Meanwhile up in the skies, the drones would continue to watch these events unfold in its entirety, waiting for any commands that may come their way as they hovered about a mile in the sky. Both of these drones would not be easy to spot due to their reflective paneling, but that doesn't mean that were entirely invisible. Both of these drones emitted small particles of chakra and could be sensed through other sensory abilities that have a wide-range in their remote viewing.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 19, 2018, 08:51:39 AM »
For the duration that this intense sound wave was playing, the hard metallic surface of the dome would reflect the lingering reverberation outward and safely away from the inner chamber of the dome where Kamui was currently located. One thing that Naruto forgot about while he was busy evading his attacks was that the Fresnel lens was still very much active and upon sensing the clone's chakra signature disappear for a slight second due to the usage of the same space-time technique that was used earlier to teleport from one marked location to another. Kamui quickly reposition the gold reflective disc at their new location and sent an horizontal beam of high-temperature focused sunlight towards them in attempt to dispel the clones that were currently forming the Adamantine Sealing Chains.

Now if that didn't work in stopping the clones from forming that chakra chain barrier, this next move would serve to hinder the completion of that technique. "Adamantine Sealing Chains? I have something for that..." Kamui smirked as he activated his Sharingan and clapped his hands, molding his magnetic chakras around his body as the ground underneath him started to crack from the intense gravitational pressure emanating from his chakras. Naruto would at this point probably notice the red gleam in his eyes from afar and the enormous pressure generated from conjuring up this counter-technique wouldn't be too hard to miss as well.

"Fūingaeshi!" Kamui raised his hands in the general direction of this sealing technique, invoking one of his unique counter-measures that he specifically created for combating sealing techniques and since this particular Uzumaki-related technique happened to be classified as a sealing technique. A greenish whirlpool of chakra would stop these Adamantine Sealing Chains mid-way in the air the moment that these chains exited the ground and would try to prevent these clones from even attempting to erect this barrier, thus halting the technique mid-way before it could be completed. If everything went according to plan, each of these chakra chains would be caught in a stasis field due to his magnetic chakras distorting the space around the incoming Fūinjutsu and would remain afloat in this gravitational field for a brief moment.

"You can't surprised me with a jutsu that I am quite familiar with, young man." Kamui wasn't lying about his familiarity with this technique, back in the distant past this retired kage was once married to a hot-headed red-headed woman from Uzushiogakure no Sato. After his brief exchange, he decided to reflect the technique back each of these clones, sending the chains back at them with astonishing speeds. If nothing was done in time, these chakra chains would wrap tightly around each clones from the shoulder down and would quickly constrict these clones up to the point that they wouldn't be able to move.

A noticeable aspect of C.A.I.N was the flexibility of having to not waste so much chakra performing the time consuming task of gathering natural energy for his Slug Sage Mode. This meant for as long as the Natural Energy Assimilation system is operational on C.A.I.N, there were no set time-limit for maintaining his transformation and the possibilities would be endless due the augmentation granted from the transformation; a glowing apparatus in the middle of his chest could be seen from afar.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 13, 2018, 07:36:55 AM »
Kamui would act accordingly when he saw that his elemental technique was absorbed and subsequently sent back him with slight delay. "Oho? You can use that technique as well or is that something else entirely?" Kamui was speaking of the usage of the formula seal used to instantly teleport any marked object to that designated location and was astonished to see that there were others out there that had intricate knowledge of it. Naruto might've thought he caught Kamui off-guard with his sudden redirection of former's technique, however the former Kage was able to see through the attack with ease and could see that each of the kunai knives had an explosive payload that were tied to each of them; this was all thanks to his enhanced sense of perception granted by his Slug Sage Mode.

Kamui clapped his hands and added some of his magnetic chakra into the ground, using the former gold weights as a conduit for his next technique. Once his magnetic chakra touched those gold weights, the weights would break down into the material that were made out of; gold dust. This diamagnetic gold dust would start attracting every minuscule speck of gold flakes that happened to be buried deep in the ground below them and would add onto his own repertoire of gold dust that he currently had with him. Kamui extended his left palm outward and clenched his hand into a fist, triggering the manifestation of a thick wall of gold dust that would immediately form a thick protective dome around his body; shielding him from the initial flash bang and downburst that was directed at him.

"This is getting slightly annoying." Kamui muttered as the focused beam of light started baring down on his location, hitting the outer layer of gold dust without much repercussions to his surroundings inside the dome. Gold has a melting point of about 1,948F and with the increasing temperature of the beam of sunlight, it would be wise for him to act accordingly to prevent the heat from building up and destroying his protective dome. Gold is also highly reflective of both light and heat, which meant that he could turn this attack against Naruto with some more gold sand manipulation.

"Enough playing around." Kamui said as the outer layer of gold dust that formed the thick protective barrier around him would start to take shape into a large reflective disc that resembled a large circular mirror. Once the beam of light started hitting the reflective surface area of the gold dust that made up the large disc, the reflective surface would allow him to redirect the concentrated beam of sunlight back at the clones. If he was lucky enough with his endeavors, this redirection of this concentrated beam of light would happen so suddenly that there would be no time to avoid this sudden counter-attack.

"I can't take no chances against someone like you." Kamui decided to manipulate some of the remaining gold dust that he wasn't using in the golden reflective disc above him into a multitude of gold spikes that levitated in front of him. Kamui extended his palm outwards and sent the barrage of gold spikes towards the clones with astonishing pace, hopefully catching them off guard with the impeccable timing of this simultaneous assault. Meanwhile up in the skies, the drones were idly hovering in the air and were watching the events unfold in front of them. These drones were gathering battle data for now and were analyzing the data in an encrypted network that was directly connected to C.A.I.N.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 06, 2018, 09:27:55 PM »
"Battle has engaged, activate protocol 1451." Kamui said as he witness the young man change his demeanor and started to go on the offensive. A glowing teal light could be seen on the abdomen of the cybernetic suit as the command process for gathering natural energy from around him had begun. As this process started, some markings would start appearing on his face, the irises in both his eye turned into a different pigment and both of his pupils became dilated. This unique ability that was built into the cybernetic suit allowed him to passively gather natural energy while he was on the move, making it far much easier to enter his transformation and extend the duration of his Slug Slug Mode for as long as the device was active.

"Laughable." Kamui muttered as his senses were greatly augmented through his Slug Sage Mode, allowing him to sweep his surroundings with far greater accuracy than he could previously gauge. Thankfully through his sensory prowess as a Sage, the gathering of chakra was easily sensed within a moment's notice and the location of that condensed chakra lens was deeply ingrained into the back his mind. Now this man wasn't foolish enough to look upwards towards that lens, so instead of looking at the source of chakra emanating from that technique, he kept his wits about him and turned his attention towards the clones that were performing the technique themselves. What immediately caught his attention was the brandishing of the kunai knives by each respective clones and each knives that were thrown were tracked down by their current path of trajectory. Now he was not willing to take any chances from here on out upon seeing their intent on impaling him with those blades and decided to retaliate with a Sage Art technique.
"Ha! You'll have to do better than that! Senpo! Reppūshō!" Kamui formed a series of three one-handed handseals in rapid succession, after which he started gathering his wind-natured chakras around his body in the form of an aura and made a sweeping motion with his left arm that was similar to a back-hand slap. The chakra aura would immediately form into an extension of his own body and the knives that were thrown at him would suddenly have their original trajectory thrown off-course in mid-air by a surprise downburst; effectively sending the weapons flying backwards in multiple directions. However this sudden powerful gust of wind wouldn't just stop at the kunai knives, in fact each clone would feel the downburst winds created from the technique itself. This meant that if these clones of Naruto were not careful enough, this technique would throw them into turmoil and possibly dispatch some of the clones with the debris gathered from the initial downburst gust that was sent in their direction.

"You're not even taking this seriously, ya know? If you really wanted to take care of that damned fox's vessel, you would break out that technique and give him a taste of what you can really do!" Kamui heard the Shukaku speak to him for a split-moment from within the bowels of his mind with such fervor and acknowledge that in the near future that he would have to break out that technique. "It will have to wait until the moment is right for me, for now I would like to conserve my energy for as long as I possibly can and focus on making this guy waste his chakra with these damn shadow clones. Besides, I still have some other tools that I haven't even broke out yet and those drones are still in the air on stand-by mode until I activate their battle protocol." The voice of the Shodaime responded back to the Shukaku, since he was too busy with his current fight to make his normal appearance within the mental realm that beast resided in and decided to resort to using his mental link with the Shukaku in order to have this inner mental conversation.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 02, 2018, 08:41:08 PM »
Another figure could be seen flying in then distance, a crimson streak of chakra could be seen trailing from the feet of this unknown individual. It wasn't until this figure landed upon the rooftop of a nearby abandoned building, would his identity come into view. The First Hokage, Uchiha Kamui had arrived in what appeared to be a futuristic-looking suit. He would take a few steps forward as one of the panels of his protective mask slid apart to reveal that it was truly the real deal. Kamui had underwent some upgrades in terms of his combat gear and style, and from what it appeared, this man was truly focused on making up for the weaknesses of the flesh. (300 ft away from where Naruto is located.)
"Another high chakra level has detected in the vicinity, the anomaly is located about three-hundred feet away from your location." The artificial intelligence system had scanned the area prior to his landing and was alerting the Shodaime that the target has been acquired. Kamui turn his head in the direction where the anomaly was located, the man raised his hand behind his neck and extended a finger outwards to what appeared to be a small panel that acted as a switch. 'Click' Kamui pressed the button once and let out an exasperated sigh, the first thing that Naruto would notice was that two disc-shaped objects appeared from behind him. These drones were built specifically for combat purposes and both of these combat drones quickly ascended into the air until it was out of view.

One this was done, Kamui leap off the rooftop of the building and decided to close the gap between them. He would position himself upon a nearby water tower and could be seen more plainly from this distance than his previous location. Kamui took a final leap off the tower and landed onto the ground below, creating a small impact crater as he briskly landed on his feet unscathed from such a high distance.

"C.A.I.N. engage combat mode, remove all chakra limiters and start the nature energy assimilation system on my mark." Kamui issued the command to the A.I. system that was built into his futuristic cybernetic suit, which was immediately complied with upon issued, various 'whirring' sounds were heard throughout the whole process. This should be not only an interesting sight for Naruto, but also a rather difficult fight due to the advance technology that was at his disposal. As the man would transition into his 'combat mode', four small weights ejected themselves from multiple area of his body. Upon landing on the ground, these weights would make miniscule impact craters, indicating that these weights were no ordinary training weights.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Shodaime Hokage. I can tell by looking at you that you're quite strong, but how will you fare against someone like me? I will show you how helpless you truly are by giving you a glimpse of my 'true' power..." Kamui said as he assumed his fighting stance, the loose dirt around him started to get thrown into the air from his chakras that were flaring wildly around his body. The air pressure generated from this remarkable display could be felt from the distance that Naruto was situated at and could only be described as a frightening display of power that could only be achieved by a Kage-level shinobi.

I hereby challenge you for that Nine-Tailed Fox! *cue suspenseful music*

PM has been sent to the account that is currently the host of Kurama and we can discuss everything from there.


This message is pretty much self-explanatory. (I want a shot at obtaining that Gedou Mazou!)

Bijuu Arena / Re: Current In-game Jinchūriki and Summoners
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:16:46 AM »
I have formally given up my possession of the 5-tails.

Thanks for letting everyone know, but I have a question...two questions actually. Are you letting someone else take reigns of the Five-Tails or just letting us know that it's up for grabs for now?

Bijuu Arena / Re: Grim Tidings
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:44:41 AM »
I was called upon to review a complaint made by Madara, the most recent post made by Rusaku was under scrutiny for the actions that were made in the beginning of his post.

Honestly, I don't recall that chapter saying that *all* absorption techniques would negate and cancel each other out if they both clashed. The absorption spheres produced by the Jutsu Absorption Arm are unique to that specific scientific ninja tool and were modeled after the Rinnegan's Preta Path abilities, but it doesn't mean that this weakness would also tie to the actual technique that inspired the creation of the tool to begin with. From my understanding, certain conditions have to be fulfilled in order to negate the usage of chakra absorption techniques, for example. Wood Release: Wood Dragon, requires that you bind the target in place before you can apply this ability.

My ruling is this, Madara can absorb a majority of the onslaught that Rusaku has sent his way and will have time to make use of the teleportation ability of Kamui in attempt to follow with his next set of actions. However, the wind force(not chakra) created from the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall cannot be absorbed and will interrupt the attempted sealing that was made by Madara.

So the first part of Rusaku's post is incorrect with the assumption that the weakness from the scientific tool would effect the ability that it's based from can be retracted, but everything else in his post still stands. The hourglass of posting is turned upside-down and Madara may continue with his post, if no one has any more issues to bring up and discuss with me.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: 5-tails IC hunt Setup (Eric v Sabumaru)
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:42:28 PM »
Huh, thought I missed out on some of the guidelines that I will following for this bijuu match. I figured that I was only acting as a gamemaster and wouldn't be involved in anything that is related to the job of the judge. However, despite the complexity of this hunt, I am still willing to volunteer my time until this is over and done with.

From reading the other thread, I will make the second post and describe the environment, from there it will continue down the line until I am up again for a BGM post. Which shouldn't be much of hassle for me, unless something occurs later on in the month that will eat away any free time that I have and if that happens, I'll be bummed out like I usually am when I have to be an adult.

Which leads me to this final question: if the BGM misses the four-day deadline for a post, who will do that BGM post or will the post from the BGM be skipped?

PS: I am ready to start whenever you guys are.

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