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 on: February 22, 2019, 02:29:59 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Thanks for reading folks! We just kinda ended up having a lot of fun with this.


 on: February 22, 2019, 02:16:05 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray simply laughed catching the pamphlet. He gave the crazy man a nod. ”Help me rid myself of the seal on my heart and I’ll be your solider. I saw your ability with seals and I feel you could help rid me of my curse.”Ray mentioned before he too vanished heading for the location Sabu gave him and to give the big red Uzumaki a punch to the gut for leaving him hanging for. Last time. END

 on: February 22, 2019, 02:01:06 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
About to be engulfed by blinding light, Sabu didn’t have much in the way of options. He had hope, though! That matters a lot, haven’t you ever seen an anime? I think hope should have been the fifth element.

Thankfully Sabu had more than hope, he had a cloak of chakra form around him and a huge crazy vortex he was using. The Three Jewels and Mōi absorbed enough of the explosion that Sabu could tank the rest with his armor and his version 1 cloak. Sabu was impressed with the mass of this blast, forcing him to defend with the cloak. He wasn’t even used to using it yet, but found it’s power enticing already.

As the light and smoke and fire and dirt cleared from the air, Sabu landed not far off Ray’s position with a great thud, chakra forming two tails behind his back. ”That was quite the blast, kiddo! I’m ready for round two, but you’re looking a little parched.” It seemed his extra arms had disappeared, and the only weapon he held was Mōi now though Sakata was clearly floating around inside his body somewhere. Sabu reached into a pouch at his waist and pulled out a pamphlet of some kind, and threw it to Ray. ”You seem capable, stop wasting my time starting fights you can’t win and come work for me instead. I’m sure I could help you with something you need.”

It was an odd offer from someone who’d just been attacked, but Sabu couldn’t help himself. He needed more strong people to work with, and this kid clearly couldn’t beat Sabu in his eyes, so why waste the resource of talent on a likely burnt-tasting meal? Even if the guy said no, it was still a fun fight even though Sabu only had a flash of a moment to look back on it. ”That’ll tell you where you can go and meet someone waiting for you, or at least he’d better be. Find him, red-haired fellow, and he’ll bring you to my... Home. Now, unless you’d like to refuse and die right now, I am now extremely late. Until next time, blasto!”

Surprisingly enough, an arm landed just beside Sabu as the last remains of the explosion debris finally fell out of the sky. Overjoyed with his fortune, he grabbed it and just vanished.

 on: February 21, 2019, 06:43:38 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray felt his body begin to lift from the ground due to the pressure from the suction. With little time o react Ray did the one thing he could do, and that is to increase his weight via the Doton Kajūgan no Jutsu. With the increase in weight Ray's body dropped allowing him to activate another earth based jutsu allowing him to slip underground as if it were water.

Focusing more chakra to his palms, Ray moved himself, so he was underneath the previous underground kitchen and the moment he was where he needed to be, Ray thrust his palms up releasing all the chakra forward and up. The chakra, being Bakuton in nature, created a massive outward explosion. The explosion, which dwarfed the previous one, meant to completely decimate the area above, vaporizing the mist into the nothingness it was formed with. Sabu, who is hiding in the mist, is also in danger of being completely vaporized by the incoming explosion. This was also meant to combat the suction that had began to plague the battlefield. It seemed that Ray may have been a bit rash in attacking Sabu. Jumping out the newly made crater that could fit a village in it, Ray kept his eyes abound. He was sure Sabu might have survived, but now he was gonna leave. He best unlock this seal his brother placed on him before taking on Sabu again.

 on: February 20, 2019, 05:24:07 pm 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Sabu was annoyed that Ray for no reason at all moved through his prison freely, but it wasn’t really worth caring about. For some reason instead he advised Sabu of his weakness, and then tried to warp him away.

Sabu actually did just let Ray send him to his Kamui dimension only to immediately use Hiraishin to escape. Luckily the nearest mark he still had left was in the area, a single tile floating in hole had survived, allowing Sabu to appear from it unharmed. Ray would have absolutely no idea where he went, until Sabu activated his next move.

Now in Sage Mode, he felt the sword on his back finally cool down. The Exile seal Sabu had made and absorbed earlier was ready. Sabu leapt high in the air, unsummoning his swords so he could make three hand seals and open his palms outward. His fourth hand withdrew Mōi from his back as Sakata slithered back into Sabu’s body. He was hidden in the mist, completely having lost Ray after sneaking out of his Kamui dimension just a moment after being placed there.

However, there was a surprise waiting there for Ray. The jutsu Sabu had done while floating in the mist for that split second was known as Three Jewels Suction Crushing and when empowered by Sage Mode it would be such a force of wind that trees would even feel their roots being loosened. The smoke Ray was made of would be a paltry joke to this gale force vacuum. The winds were pulling into Mōi, happily sealing away all it absorbed into “Exile”. Sabu knew there was no way Ray could escape from this, save for Kamui.

That’s why Sabu left a clone in the Kamui dimension that would attack Ray’s body if any part of it appeared with a katana coated in Sabu’s Kekkai Tota, Blade Release. If smoke appeared instead, the clone would activate a charm version of the Three Jewels Technique by using a little wooden charm on a string with the seals imbedded into it. Not even close to as powerful, it would be enough at close range to work quite well on any smoke that might slip into Kamuiland. Upon being sucked in by the charm the smoke would be harmlessly dispersed into the air, splitting apart the very core of what made it smoke at all. Or perhaps that was a man, being dusted away into nothingness.

 on: February 20, 2019, 07:14:46 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray simply laughed at the man. It would be Sabu's not knowing of the Iburi bloodline that let Ray escape. Reverting his whole body to smoke, Ray jumped back out of the water prison seemingly unaffected. Of course he'd revert himself back to flesh and blood, costing him another turn, but he didn't mind. "The smoke you played with earlier is entirely different you know~ I made the Kekkei Tota to combat the weakness I have with my smoke body with happens to be wind." Ray was sure this would piss off Sabu, but as he spoke, Ray began to use the one ability he has with the EMS.

A Kamui forms quickly after Ray finishes speaking threatening to entrap Sabu and the water prison in his dimensional other world. Considering how quick Kamui forms, the moment the users eye focuses, it would mean that Sabu would have to leave quickly or face being trapped for good.

 on: February 20, 2019, 07:01:41 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Sabu saw Ray pull the chain in, but didn't feel the effect. In fact, the sword "Burst" was forged to be used in conjunction with the chakra chains of the Uzumaki clan, and could stretch much longer than the paltry distance between Ray and Sabu as long as the wielder has the bloodline and chakra to use the blade properly. Sabu, still a ways off from his limit, had enough to spare that his chain could be pulled in for the next ten minutes by Ray and Sabu could stay in the mist without issue.

Instead, Sabu gripped the chain and willingly flew toward's Ray, finally catching on to his smoke body now. Takes a protean man to know a protean man. As the scythe came down, Sabu brought up his three free swords to block the heavy scythe and keep it from cutting through him. Now locked in a clash with Ray, Sabu could easily reply.

I'm gonna cut you and all you do~!

Obviously not much for conversation at this point, Sabu was suddenly different in appearance as black markings surrounded his eyes and he entered Fly Sage Mode. Out of his back, Chūmaka-infected water, manipulated by Sakata and Sabu's chakra, surrounded the pair once the distance has closed between them. It was almost like a water prison, but Sakata didn't have nearly the volume to fill up the sphere and drown the duo. Instead, it was a solid cage of water, made by Sabu and his sword to prevent any further escapes or sneakiness. Sabu was entirely focused on cutting Ray up now, even if he was all smoke. He'd surmised the smoke was weak to the water, and had made this prison to prevent Ray from leaving as smoke, or man.

Your turn smokey, can you cut me?

 on: February 20, 2019, 06:37:27 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray felt when Sabu returned to the surface, or rather he has been tracking him for so long it was second nature by now. With that Ray activated a seal on his left palm, allowing his new toy the Triple Bladed Scythe to make an appearance. Ray would only see the spike incoming when it broke through the mist however due to the sound that was released, Ray became slightly nauseated ignoring the incoming spike or so it seemed.

From Sabu's view he sees the spike go though Ray which if that was expected, he might become excited and neglect the small detail that, he, Sabu would feel zero pressure when the spike seemed to make contact with Ray's body. The truth is when the spike went to penetrate Ray's body, he turned it into smoke, thanks to being of the Iburi bloodline, allowing the spike to phase through the man. It would be in this instant Ray would act, now used to the sound, Ray hooked the Scythe into the hole of the chain and with his strength, pulls Sabu forward. With the pulling motion, Ray sidesteps so as to remove the spikes chain from his body before he reverts it. With the pulling motion Ray simply wanted to bring the man closer and down hard as when he pulled he pulled up to bring Sabu forward, before swinging the Scythe down to slam Sabu back into the earth and bring Sabu into earshot. "You know, I actually planned to use this on my brother and his family for putting that stupid seal on me, but I guess it is a good idea to try new toys first." Ray cackled as he kept his wits about him in case the crazed man decided to attempt something sneaky.

 on: February 19, 2019, 08:06:33 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Sabu saw the spear coming in but misjudged the chakra that coated it and was caught off guard by the explosion. Much of the water was turned to steam which rose out of the new hole in the earth leading into the cavern. Sabu was able to move himself away through the water, but he ended up in an ankle deep pool at the bottom of the cave, looking at the light coming in from the sky. The swords that made up Sabu’s last attack would melt back into the ground once Sabu was disconnected from them, saturating the battle-scorched earth even more. Between the mist in the air, the steam, and the water at his feet, Sabu still had options, but he was amazed someone had done so much “damage” to him so easily. His rage was battling his natural curiosity, while his hunger waited to beat up the winner. He wondered in that moment if this guy would taste like charcoal.

It was a weird mix of emotions that brought him to a conclusion: this was starting to get fun. He could feel his grip squeezing the two swords in his hands. One thought started rolling around in his brain.

”I’m gonna cut him~”

Sakata was horrifyingly shoved down Sabu’s throat and Mōi was placed on a sheathe in his back that seemed to grow around it. The sword’s yellow glow still rang bright, indicating it was not yet ready for use in fūinjutsu. New weapons appeared on our hero, four separate swords held in four separate hands, two limbs having sprouted from beneath the more typical set to hold these conjured conductors of chaos.

Toba, a classic we all know and love, was in the top right hand.
Akkan, a lesser known sword but one of Sabu’s favorites, was paired with Toba and placed in the bottom right hand.
The least sword-like, even compared to Toba, was the top left hand’s sword Bāsuto, a chain coiled around the arm was ended with a spike held in the hand.
Bottom left was Chūmaka, which was usually more for special occasions, but brought out here to infect all this water.
Lastly Sabu had also summoned some flies, which chilled out in his armor to gather up some natural energy like homies. Sabu was a little off from activating sage mode yet, but decided to take action.

Sabumaru stomped his foot, causing the water to rush to the walls all at once before rushing back at him. The resulting spike would be used by baldy to propel himself out of the cave and into the mist where he was able to see Ray outside fog once he landed by the hole Ray’d made. It was wide, most of the mist was only covering the hole now, but some still lingered where Sabu stood at the edge, concealing him from the Sharingan with all the chakra in the mist. His top left hand reared behind his head before Sabu threw it forward, releasing the spike and sending it flying towards Ray with the chain rapidly trailing behind. It seemed to unravel and unravel from Sabu’s arm but never end as it flew towards Ray’s right eye. Chūmaka he stuck in the ground to release it’s horrid bacteria into the water below their feet, Toba he knocked against a loose stone to let out it’s signature nauseating ring, and Akkan just kinda waited. These minor actions would prove to have useful effects, with the nose being the more immediate of the two. It wasn’t so dramatically powerful as to seriously hurt someone, but Sabu was using his blades in flawless conjunction by timing the sound to happen right as he activated Bāsuto’s ability, creating a small burst on it’s right side to drastically change it’s trajectory to be aimed at Ray’s left lung. It was done during the attempted nausea induction so that Ray would be completely caught off guard by both swords at once, while Chūmaka’s effects went unnoticed until too late. There was no chakra in the bacteria, so Sabu didn’t have to worry about that getting seen at least.

This style of “swordplay” if it could be called that was just a taste of what Sabu was up to.

 on: February 15, 2019, 06:30:32 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray scowled seeing the man disappear out of the smoke hands. Ray, grabbing a nearby rock is nearly impaled by a water sword had it not been for his EMS. Swiftly dodging the swords that began to sprout like they would never end, Ray escapes the radius by using the Body Flicker Technique to reappear high in the air give or take about 50 meters. The smoke hands, which are caught by the water swords are erased by their one weak point. Deciding to force the urchin from his underground sea, Ray finally makes use of the rock he has in hand. Pouring two different chakra natures into the stone, a spear is formed coated in a protective film of bakuton chakra.

Using his height advantage, Ray smirks and decides to uproot the hidden fish that is Sabu. Twisting his body in such away he spins, Ray spins around 360 degrees before releasing the spear in his hand down at the epicenter of the now slowly misted field. Using his own strength, comparable to a person in the 3rd gate, and the speed at which he spun, the spear is released with such velocity and strength that it only takes half a second to reach the ground where the spear burrows down about 10 feet before exploding due to the Bakuton chakra in the spear.
Being that Bakuton explosions occur outward, the main force of the explosion would be down towards sabu and his former sinkhole of a kitchen, but the heat and debris expanded in all directions  making it so the water and Sabu would be evaporated by scorching heat well above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ray, affected by the wind blow back, is sent slightly off course, crashing into a nearby tree where he dusts himself off with only a small scrape. Jumping down he scanned the area for any signs of movement looking for Sabu. Ray kinda wishes for the man to live as he does have a new toy he'd like to use on him that he recently acquired.

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