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 on: December 14, 2018, 09:30:14 am 
Started by Camel - Last post by Uchiha Madara
Due to their connection with Kurama, all the Narutos  are able to be in perfect sync with their actions thanks to Tailed Beast Telepathy as they would be in constant communication for different actions. In response to Kamui 's statement about this being the beginning of the end, he would reply sternly with, "I couldn't agree more.." Though the sky above rages,Naruto  is only momentarily interested, perhaps because it bore no current threat to him or his clones and he was focused on ending the Uchiha  right here and now, attempting to give him no chance to pull off something sinister.

Sensing the Wood Dragons begin to burst forth from the Earth below, one of the Kage Bunshin would create two miniature version of the Tailed Beast Bomb in both hands as him and his comrades ascend quickly further into the air, but still out of range of the Magnetism in the Sky, "Tailed Beast Flash Barrage!" By utilizing a combination of a Bijudama variant of Spiraling Serial Spheres and Rasengan: Flash, the clone fires a Katon infused laser of devastating energy capable of clearing explosions at the ground below the Wood Dragons. Contact would cause the ground below both the Dragons and Kamui to ignite in a massive blast capable of shattering and melting a Humanoid Susano'o. The heat from the attack would be so tremendous that it would result in a similar landscape it would have been if the Lightning Barrels were uninterrupted. Kamui 's Gold Dust would be rendered inert for protection and the flames that consume the ground would burn to cinders a Wood Release: Hobi Technique, leaving little room for escape, as it covers about 1000 yards.

If successful, the copy's attack turns the damaged rocky terrain into lava that threatens to burn and trap the Uchiha  in place if he wasn't blown to bits, still maintaining the other Tailed Beast Bomb in his other hand. The attack and AoE would of course be sweltering, reaching well beyond the Curie Temperature. Immediately afterwards, the other two Bunshin would use their tremendous speed to charge the Jinchuriki if he still lives, moving so fast that when compared, Lightning Release: Body Flicker seems like a brisk walk. With one striking from the front and the other from behind,  they form a scissor like effect, both with immense Tailed Beast Strength. If their hits land, the two arms would most likely decapitate their opponent. With a single Chakra Chain wrapped around the attacking limbs, contact would neutralize Kamui 's chakra, negating any chakra amped durability his body may have had, making decapitation swift and easy.

Meanwhile the original remains high in the air, arms lifted up. His eyes would be closed as if hes concentrating on something. His chakra would flare causing a pulse of light to emanate from him, standing out like a sore thumb amidst the darkness that now covers the area around them, "Even though we didn't meet on the greatest of terms, I'd like to thank you for helping me grow. Even if you didn't intend for it, because of you, Kurama and I have gotten to where we are now. I hope to meet you again one day, whether in this life or the next. Who knows? Maybe we could even be friends...C'ya..." What exactly was the Uzumaki  thinking? One could assume a sense of arrogance, as his words bear behind it a quiet promise of destruction. But yet, it could equally be an acknowledgment of his opponent's strength, as Naruto   himself possibly recognizes that he too can die here on this day. However, he wasn't go out without making his mark, to shake the world with his existence, this fight being his testament upon every challenge hes faced so far, his hopes, his dreams, and all of his passion Kamui  was about to face it all.

[Tailed Beast Telepathy]
[Tailed Beast Flash Barrage]
[Uzumaki Double Lariat]

 on: December 13, 2018, 09:43:56 pm 
Started by JayJay - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray dishes the chains but not to try and escape but rather, he wanted to sit and stare at his brother. This random ass hole simply made Ray sign but it really didn’t matter. He was getting rather bored of his brother. He provided little for Ray to work with, rather his focus would be on his brother being here in general. ”So now that you have me in this toy box of yours, care to explain what it is you’re doing showing your ugly face to me brother? And I really hope it isn’t what I think it is for.”Ray pauses a second before leaking killing intent that dwarfed what his brother put out with ease. Filled with hatred and angry beyond anything a normal human could or should carry. ”Because you’re far too late to have any say about anything.”Ray’s body seem to ooze negative energy from his pores as he stared his brother down.

 on: December 13, 2018, 12:34:51 pm 
Started by JayJay - Last post by JayJay
Considering the final stage of this power output was equivalent to the average Version 2 transformation, while Jay’s was at a far feasible height of power, even before the synchronization would be complete. So, as his brother moved, he would be moving in such a fashion that it wasn’t at all difficult for his brother to keep up with the movements, finally showcasing his near computer-like response time, his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan not truly needed, only keeping it activated to prevent Mangekyo-Powered Genjutsu attacks. So, not unlike a certain being, the Nara would keep an eye on his brother as he proceeded to make his way around him.

He would continue this, not at all doing anything to stop his brother from making his journey. Why? Because there was a giant hole directly behind the Nara, and his brother was obviously making the attempt to do just that. Perhaps his brother’s haste doomed him, because by the time he realizes the mistake, he would already be suspended above the hole like a classic cartoon, the Nara turning around to watch his brother. He would finish synching his and Matatabi's hearts, the azure flare around his body smoothing out even more and resembling a long coat with a twin pair of flowing Victorian-styled coattails. The refined look was the result of the deep companionship the two had accomplished, not at all different from Naruto's Yang Kurama Mode.

But, before the man could be overtaken by gravity, the chains would spill out and do what they had been intended for, only this time leaving nothing but Jay’s little platform to stand on. Ray, would eventually hit the bottom of the barrier, but not before the Nara pulsed his chakra and with a thought, the inside of the cube was filled with more chains as the aimed to snag his brother and strip him of his strength, much like they would with the Kyubi. If it was successful upon the first try, then his brother wouldn’t sustain any damage. If his brother aimed to make this difficult, then he would find his spaces shrinking more and more, as additional walls sprouted between the two any number of times was necessary to capture his brother.

The Nara would remain on his platform, simply watching the events below. With the additional of Barrier Manipulation, the Nara would coat the barrier in a Chakra Absorption Technique to drain his brother's chakra reserves even as he was moving to keep them from being neutralized by the chasing chains. How long could this last? With there being no route for Ray to reach his brother, he would have to give up, the initial lacing of the chains rendering escape by Kamui/FTG impossible.

 on: December 13, 2018, 07:27:08 am 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel
From within the cover of the fog, the disturbance of chakra from his opponent transitioning into his full state of power had alerted him that this battle was truly about to begin. No more toying around and every man for himself in this battlefield, their fates were intertwined at the moment. Only one person would come out of this alive at the rate that this fight was going, yet there wasn't a slightest trace of fear in both warriors. Kamui had already experienced the fate of death countless times and the bane of his existence had always been the constant enslavement into the living realm by his own forbidden technique. This cruel irony and fate that he endured allowed him to grow comfortably numb with the concept of death, accepting such a fate should it come to him.

Despite the close range between the two of them, this disturbance alone gave him a iffy feeling throughout his body and that wasn't a good sign. Naruto was giving off an intense feeling of killing through this transition of power alone and before the pressurized ripple of chakra spread outward. Kamui quickly brought his hands together in the form of a clap, molding his chakra precisely and sending it into the ground below him. As the ripple of destruction suddenly took over, it look like this display of power would spell the end of the jinchūriki of the Shukaku.

However, this was not the case. As the area cleared around them, a wooden dome with a devilish-looking face could be seen in the place where Kamui was originally standing. He was able to make use of a Wood Release Technique at the last second to minimize the damage to himself and also a small area around him. Upon command, the dome split open down the middle to reveal that he was relatively unharmed.

"This is the beginning of the end." Kamui could be seen pointing at the skies above them, where the Ecliptic Meteor prematurely exploded before it could fall back to the ground below them. The technique that exploded above them still had an area of effect, although they were not within range of the technique. It could still used defensively in way that it could possibly obstruct his opponent in the future. Mammatus clouds would begin accumulating at the area where the sphere of magnetic chakra was prematurely detonated, and with enough sensing prowess. Naruto could probably see that Kamui was triggering this all to occur by making use of his unique abilities of magnetic field manipulation. What was happening now was that the moisture in that area became magnetized, which meant that the moisture would continue to accumulate in that area until it no where else to go. As the dark clouds in skies began to slowly block out the light from the sun, the message soon became clear when thunderous rumbles started echoing throughout the area. Kamui was setting up the environment to his favor, but had that sphere of magnetic chakra exploded where it was supposed to. This story might have turned out differently, however as of now this was the calm before the storm.

"Mokuton!" Kamui quickly brought his hands together to form the snake handseal, molding his chakra accordingly and imbuing it into the ground once both natures were mixed at a perfect ratio. The ground underneath where Naruto was floating would rumble and crack open from the force of four large wooden dragons suddenly being drawn to the surface of the earth. Quickly as the dragons merged, the wooden behemoths would suddenly begin targeting his opponent. One for each of them, including the clones that were created a moment ago. If Naruto and his clones were not quick enough, the wooden dragons would ensnare them in their grip and slowly sap away their chakras until there was almost nothing left.

"This battle is really heating up now! Kamui, with the chakra that I've given you, you should have enough to maintain this compact tailed beast state for a decent amount of time. Just say the word and I'll help you out in your time of need, kakukaku!" Kamui could hear the Shukaku in the back of his mind, an image of him appeared before the beast within the mental realm and gave him a thumbs-up; the image of the smiling Shodaime would slowly fade away shortly afterwards.

[Wood Release: Hōbi Technique]
[Magnetic Field Manipulation]
[Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique]

 on: December 09, 2018, 01:33:21 am 
Started by JayJay - Last post by Iburi Ray
The malicious wave of killing intent from his brother and the Nibi excited Hiru to no end, the leech coiling in happiness. It finally got why it wanted, however in the middle of the killing intent and the combining of Jay and the Nibi’s chakra did Ray decide it was time.

Using the lightning armor that coated his body Ray used the body flicker in coordination to appear behind his brother before the duo could finish syncincing together. Given the short distance and the fact that with both those speed based moves Ray was close to being undetectable even by EMS. As ray landed behind his brother, his right fist extended out towards his brothers mid back coated in the lightning chakra that made up his armor.

The raiton that is in Ray’s fist leaped out when it was five meters away in an attempt to paralyze his brother momentarily. The paralysis, if Jay had resistance, would last 15 seconds, but if Jay had no resistance lasted a minute. The paralysis was weak, enough to stop Jays movement, thus stopping him from moving and escaping the incoming combo Ray had prepared.

Since the lightning coated fist came at Jay as soon as Ray appeared, it gave Jay little time to react but Ray had a back up in case Jay try and reacted.

First if Ray is successful in stopping Jay’s movement the right fist is poised to collide with a high amount of power, aimed at the mans mid section. The fist would easily crush a diamond to dust, so Jay’s shield may bare the brunt but there is more than enough strength to send his brother flying down into the ground. His body bouncing once it his the ground due to the force. This isn’t the end, as when Ray sent his brother flying down, he followed right after, both his feet aimed directly at Jay’s chest. The spear kick happens the second Jay’s body bounces from the ground. However, there is an extra surprise as Ray also charges Bakunin chakra on his way down so when Ray’s feet make contact with Jay, he creates a massive downwards explosion. The force is more than enough to destroy a 50ft building into nothing and with it being downward Ray received a little heat burn at most. Jay however, should be nothing but ash at worse or heavily damaged as payback for the damage Ray took throughout the fight.

The alternative, is Jay dodges the raiton someway Ray’s dojutsu activates, casting a Kamui upon his brother. Given that EMS works as fast as the user focuses on their target Ray hoped to  drag him to his space dimension. If his brother is caught, the new scene to greet him is a gray land with only a single home standing there. If Jay noticed it would be the home the two shared when they lived in Oto. To Jay’s right stood Ray whom looked silently at his brother, his eyes dulled. ”Brother, is it finally time to finish what we started? Is this the end?” Ray spoke quietly as a single tear fell from his left eye on the dirt below.

The fight is reaching its closing very soon and both men knew something was gonna change for better or worse.

 on: December 07, 2018, 10:39:41 am 
Started by JayJay - Last post by JayJay
The man watched his brother, not with his eyes, but his senses. The sheer volume of the flames would keep them alive, preventing them from fizzling away as his brother believed. The effects of the Kamui hadn’t gone unnoticed, letting out a chuckle when his brother made his reappearance. He would remain quiet as his brother spoke, a simple thought floating in his mind. This seems to be the final stage.’ His thought would be met with a gentle purring from Matatabi, knowing she was pulsing her chakra within him. It was steadily growing more and more in tune with his heartbeat, and the more attuned their heartbeats grew, the stronger his presence became, with him pulsing their combined chakra out in terrifying waves. Okay brother, I shall fight you as an equal.” Through the pulses of chakra, the visage Matatabi the Nekomata would appear all around him in a display of unbridled Killing Intent, this would seem to feed the Reibi, but something would be noticeably different. Allow me to set our stage.”

Ray would feel, immediately, that his brother’s demeanor had shifted. Despite the wave of Killing Intent being filled with so much evil, there wouldn’t be a shred of hate, nor any other negative emotion. The flames above were affecting the weather as they made their descent, but as Ray stood at the ready, chains composed of chakra began to spill from around the Nara at speeds that still registered as moving quickly even with the amount of attention Ray’s synapses’ were receiving, thanks to the active techniques. His Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan would note two things were happening, if he were to pay close enough attention. The chains moved and connected to form a barrier, and decorated on the chains would be additional script that would make the Space-Time Cancellation Formula. The Adamantine Sealing Chain Barrier would be small, 65 meters ahead of the Nara, leaving the Nara and perhaps an inch of the gaping hole behind him as the South side of the barrier. Ray hadn’t stated where he had made his reappearance, but it was safe to assume it was around 15-20 meters, leaving the far edge of the barrier 50-45 meters behind him, with the sides being the exact same difference from either side, making the new arena a perfect cube leaving them around 30 meters or so from each side of the cube. At its completion, the conjoined flames of Ignis would fall on and around the barrier, igniting into an aura of blue as they made contact with the power of Matatabi, pretty much making an impromptu Matatabi Flaming Formation, leaving them with only one side that was fire free, behind the Nara. Because of the bright flames, Ray’s shadow would split into three-four, going completely crazy and stretching out vastly. The heat would be as if the sun were in attendance to their battle, looming only 30 meters above them, unless his brother wanted to break the ground to put distance between the ceiling and the excessive heat permeating from them, but he would only meet the bottom of the cube around the 35th meter mark.

The look in the Nara’s eyes showed that he was ready for them to end things. The Reibi would find his source of nutrients lacking, whether or not it affected Ray’s form, depended on the darkness dwelling in his brother’s heart. Was it strong enough to make up for the loss, or would he brace himself for what would come. Kamui would be impossible, and breaking out from the barrier was impossible for the Kyuubi, leaving Ray little to no choice but to accept where he was, roasting from the sheer heat from the flames of Ignis, the barrier literally protecting him from the worst of it. He would ultimately remain where he was standing, the stage set, the remaining trees and anything without proper heat resistance suffering from severe dehydration, leaving the fight to be a real race against time.

 on: December 07, 2018, 04:34:00 am 
Started by Camel - Last post by Uchiha Madara
The shinobi wouldn't be too disheartened at the counter to his counter attack as it meant him and Kurama  could still demonstrate what they're really made of, "Its time Kurama  ..." As his defense begins to corrode away, Naruto  and the Nine Tails  synchronize further, digging deep into their wellspring of chakra. An enormous burst of energy escapes from the shinobi as he lets out a primal roar. Immediately the untainted air that was in his orb pushes both forms of mist away from his person enough to leave significant space for the ninja. But this display wasn't just for show and pushing away the mist, it was spark that would lead to an inferno.

Instantly various lines appear around his shroud as it now resembling a full length haori, the whisker marking upon his face become thick black rectangles and his pupils slitted like a Red Fox. Once stepping into Kurama Mode, Naruto officially entered a compact version of his Tailed Beast Mode. His physical abilities increase drastically once again, becoming vastly stronger, faster, and more durable. Immediately after transforming, which took a split second, he would manifest all nine of Kurama 's Chakra Tails. After quickly applying Shape Transformation to them, he turns an edge of them into impressively sharp blades, curling them around his entire body. Before the mist can recede back upon him, Naruto quickly twists around with a shout, unleashing a cataclysmic attack upon the battlefield.

Combining the Kyuubi's brute strength with Tailed Beast Shockwave, Naruto sends a deadly ripple of pressure of destruction of mighty slicing strength as it extends out from in 360 degrees, leveling the area around them. With enough might to slice mountains apart, the shockwave threatens to tear both Kamui  and his Ecliptic Meteor asunder, called the Tailed Beast Sabre by the Uzumaki. The sheer speed and range of this technique make it difficult to evade as it would not only cover the ground below, but the air above, reaching miles out in but a few seconds. This of course disperses away the corrosive mist and normal mist as well, giving them both clear visibility. With his opponent being only 20 feet from the epicenter of the blast, a strike would be seemingly most assured.

Following up the attack, Naruto forms a handseal shouting aloud,"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Generating three perfect doppelgangers that surround him in the air. If his opponent somehow survives, he'd be able to see a most serious look upon the Jinchuriki's face unlike before. It was clear from here on out that Naruto wouldn't hold back like Kamui  wanted, his eyes burn bright with both courage and solemnity, his body exuding pure raw strength, monumental and unbound. Toying with Kamui  was no longer on the table, a chance of subduing without causality a forlorn ideal. Before the Earth was now two peerless warriors, ready to up-heave a world of cardboard. Anger towards the older man would fade, his transgressions now clouded by a trance of undiluted survival instinct, focused, clear and precise. Could the Uchiha  hope to match up with the Uzumaki  in Kurama Mode even in his Magnet Release Chakra Mode?

[Kurama Mode]
[Tailed Beast Sabre]
[Shadow Clone Jutsu]

 on: December 05, 2018, 06:16:05 pm 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel
Kamui had a plan to lure his opponent into a false sense of security by letting him assume that this fog would obstruct his sensing prowess. However that was far from the truth, since if his opponent had the ability to read the mind of Kurama. He would be surprised to find out that he wasn't the only individual that managed to master the powers granted by Kurama. Kamui had manage to do so, prior to his death and had retained such a sensing ability that he earned as a former jinchūriki. It was privilege information that the beastly fox within him forgot to disclose to his host, which could've helped him tremendously in this fight, but there was a chance that the fox could've simply forgotten with each new host that it was sealed into. Despite his view being obstructed by the fog that was ingrained with his chakra signature, he could still sense the hostility and killing intent that his opponent was giving out.


"I admire your sense of courage, Uzumaki Naruto. For someone like you to jump into the lion's den without any regards to your own safety, such foolishness is admirable in my eyes." Kamui could sense that he was nearby, about twenty feet away from him and was still in mid-air from the feel of it. He would be quick to act, once he felt that his opponent was setting up a barrier to protect himself from his own technique. Kamui brought his hands together in the form of a clap and parted his lips halfway, his gullet would slightly expand as he gathered and molded the necessary amount of chakra. As the lighting escaped from the barrel that was summoned by his opponent, a dense cloud of corrosive acid would escape his lips and would mix into the fog that was conjured up a moment ago.

"How boring, the same old tricks and tactics from before. I thought you had improved, but I guess the only trait that you did improve was your recklessness." Kamui mused on his own techniques being used against him in the same manner that was experienced before in the earlier fight a couple of months ago. However, his opponent would be quick to find out that once this corrosive substance mixed in with his foggy mist. The tactics that he used just now would be utterly useless, since this noxious smog had another ability, the corrosive smog would start eating away at any chakra that didn't belong to the user. This meant that the lighting release chakra that was unleashed from those barrels would disperse and disappear into the abyss, before it could span throughout the entire area. Kamui's own Beat Punch would be muffled out by the dense fog of corrosive acid and quickly absorbed into the ever growing mass that was covering the area. Naruto would be surprised to find out that even his barrier wasn't safe from this corrosive smog. The corrosive fog would begin effecting his barrier, corroding it away from the point of contact and if nothing was done in time. The corrosive smog would quickly eat away at the entirety of this barrier within the matter of a few seconds. Thankfully the silver choker and gold bracers that he wore were safe from this corrosive fog, due to the fact that these items were riddled with his chakras; this would also apply to whatever was left of his clothing.

"Enough games...Ecliptic Meteor!" Kamui raised his right arm outward with his palms flat, a slight droning noise could be heard as he harnessed an incredible amount of magnetic energy from the environment around him and accumulated it into the palm of his right hand. With some shape manipulation, the mass of chakra that was gathered would form into a orb that was about the size of a grapefruit and quickly as it was formed. Kamui launched the magnetic orb forward towards his opponent, but mid-way through the journey, the orb changed directions and erratically shot upwards into the air. His opponent would be quick to find out that the orb would quickly grow more than double it's size as soon as it left his hand, giving the elaborate ruse that this technique was meant to cause severe harm upon contact with his target. From Naruto's perspective, it looked like his technique had missed it's intended target, but that was far from the truth. Once the orb left the cover of the noxious fog and ascended higher into the air, the mass would keep on ominously growing until it reach a certain elevation. However, if nothing was done to obstruct this magnetic sphere, it would keep traveling upward until it reach about a mile into the air. Once this designated height was met, the orb would've grown more than one hundred times it's original mass.

Naruto had a lot on his plate at the moment and it was nothing short of a miracle that he was able to survive his encounter with the Ōtsutsuki clan members that attacked the village before. Kamui wanted to see how much this young man had improved from their earlier skirmish and escape out of a situation like this. When it came to fighting other jinchūriki, Kamui was the type of person that liked to push his opponents into a corner to see how they would react in that type of situation. It was an opportunity for him to learn the patterns that his opponent would take to ensure that no harm came to them and make it more difficult for them to attempt that same maneuver in the future.

[Negative Emotions Sensing]
[Corrosive Chakra Eating Fog]
[Ecliptic Meteor]

 on: December 02, 2018, 05:33:37 pm 
Started by JayJay - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray, riding atop the Nanabi, saw Ignis a little late as the remote detonation went off. This meant his brother still lives and he survived the explosion, but rather than be swallowed by the incoming sea of flames, whose heat Ray already feels, Ray canceled the summoning, free falling for only a few seconds before a Kamui hole formed right below him. Just like how Jay could feel Ray's presence, the reverse could be said and using that info Ray appeared below Jay's location after the flames had died away. Placing a hand upon his neck and rubbing it, Ray spoke, "Guess it's your turn." With that sentence a small sad expression washed over Ray as he looked to Jay momentarily. before changing for the final time.

Purple lightning gathered around Ray's figured as his entire body stature changed. His body now a good 6 foot 5 and his body ripped like he had used the Body Revival technique, however it was not the BRT. This transformation was the third and final one Hiru had granted Ray due to being a loyal container. This also meant that the Leach had the most control over Ray's body in this form. Ray's overall stats are similar to a person in a version 2 state, but more willing to break the hosts body to ensure victory. The overall transformation only took a couple seconds to occur as Ray looked at Jay smugly in the tree above.

Using the Raiton no Yori technique, with the lightening that already adorned his body, Ray stood ready to take on his brother once again.

 on: December 01, 2018, 10:44:32 pm 
Started by Camel - Last post by Uchiha Madara

"Good grief!" The Jinchurki and his Bijuu would both exclaim but for entirely different reasons. Naruto was surprised at what a powerhouse Kamui was as he was able to counter his technique. There was indeed much for the Uzumaki to learn, but his ingenuity would make up for that in spades. Kurama on the other hand would be irked by the Tanuki's presumptuous and haughty attitude, though that sentiment would be a bit rich coming from the  Nine  Tails, probably the most arrogant Tailed Beasts in regards to power, "I'm sure you're well aware that Foxes eat Tanuki in nature, and I'm feeling a bit peckish ya damn oversized badger!" Though tempting, the Nine Tails waits patiently for his Jinchuriki to desire to transform further just to show the One Tails who's boss.

As Kamui would initiate his Hiding in Mist Technique, Naruto stops his descent, remaining in the air about 20 feet from the magnetic beast, Kamui. Privately within the Mental Realm only shared by him and Kurama, the Fox chuckles at the events unfolding, "I can't believe you knew that would happen exactly. Did you have this planned all along Naruto?" The boy snickers as he rubs under his nose with his index finger, "Like clockwork!" He says with a nervous chuckle, trying to sound confident. Of course, this wasn't entirely true, but to pass up a moment to seem greater than he was? Not a chance.Before the mist comes into contact with him, Naruto would prepare his defenses by creating a myriad of Adamantine Sealing Chains that wrap around him in a small dome, giving him a powerful and personal fortification.

Though it wasn't to protect him against the mist itself. One his Chakra Arms would reach into his weapon pouch and pulls out a Lightning Barrel with a seal at the bottom. Using the same speed as before, the Chakra Arm throws the weapon outside behind him (as the shinobi can allow what he pleases to pass through the barrier), activating soon afterwards. The seal upon it unleashes a substantial amount of Lightning Barrels, generating a devastating attack. The intense electricity combined with the mist makes a deadly combination as the close together water molecules help the lightning move extremely fast as  Kamui's own jutsu acts as a gigantic conductor.  This increases the damage of the lightning enough to turn the surrounding rock molten  (made easy thanks to  Kamui's contributing stark heat). If touched by the electricity spanning the entirety of the mist and if not burned to a crisp, it threatens to cause Kamui's muscles to involuntarily contract, paralyzing him. This would also be effective in damaging technology if it happens to make contact. The extra heat produced had the added benefit of not only making the ground dangerous to come in contact with, but helped with demagnetizing of objects by reaching Curie Temperature.

Narutodidn't slack around when it came to  this fated encounter, he had prepared himself to win once he met the Uchiha in battle once again. Thankfully Naruto's already prepared barrier protects him from the current and heat. Lastly, the pièce de résistance, Naruto uses his Advanced Element Unsealing Method,"returning a gift" to Kamui he had absorbed from his during their last encounter. A bit poetic in a way, Kamui continually contributes to his own downfall. Narutointended to use this jutsu to track down Kamui if needed, but now its being used against its creator in such a way that it would be nearly impossible to detect due to RoboPop's own actions. Because he filled the area with mist, he not only blocked the vision of his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, but virtually every direction would be composed of his Chakra Signature, blending the attack perfectly into the environment, concealing from sensory abilities.

Since Naruto wouldn't move from his original position, detecting something akin to Negative Emotions (if that indeed what his opponent was implying) would only go so far and not give enough to give detailed information on what hes doing behind the scenes of the smokescreen.

If successful, every inch of the area around Kamui would be dangerous, from the electricity giving paralysis, to the molten rock trapping and/or burning him, his Gold Dust (including technology) rendered inert from demagnetization, and finally the near impossible to detect Beat Punches being the last nails in the coffin to pulverize Shukaku's Jinchuriki to paste. But how would Naruto know where Kamui is in this dense fog? A certain ability to detect Negative Emotions within others played its part to assist the Uzumaki in finding him as well as Kamui's own Magnet Release Chakra Mode. Even if he didn't have Negative Emotion Sensing to help, Kamui had effectively turned himself into a living beacon, easily detectable by the strongest concentration of heat.

[Chakra Chains Barrier]
[Advanced Element Unsealing Method: Beat Punch]

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