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 on: September 20, 2018, 07:51:09 am 
Started by JayJay - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray laughed as he saw his brother change into his new form. "Quite the interesting look brother, and thank you I enjoy this color very much." at the end of the sentence Ray gave a wink. With the wag of the finger to try and provoke Ray he instead moved to defend, ejecting a bit of chakra into the ground, as his brother certainly became a blur to his eyes only to reappear in front of him.

To counter the punch thrown Ray simply threw one right back, thanks to his EMS Ray was able to slightly perceive where Jay intended to move. The colliding of fists from these two fighters let loose a shock wave that blows anything in a 100 meter radius away that isn't bolted down. Ray felt the heat his brother exuded as well as a bone crack, but he simply stays grinning.

To prevent his brother from continuing his combo, The chakra Ray ejected into the ground only moments before Jay made contact with Ray
 acted as it was supposed to, with two mud hands appearing on Jay's sides aiming to grab a limb, the closest being the man's feet. The mud hands, should they succeed in their endeavor in gaining possession his one of his brothers legs, begin to swing the man's body around and upon the ground bashing him before slinging the man hard enough to bust through several buildings hundreds of meters away from Ray. Being that the mud hands appear almost simultaneously after the shock wave gives Jay very little time to dodge.

Ray regardless of if his brother escapes the mud hands and stays nearby or Ray has to chase the body of his brother Ray built smoke in his mouth and when he was ready, spit out a long smoke spike from his mouth strong enough to pierce diamond, though not go through, right near where his heart rested in an attempt to incapacitate his brother.

 on: September 09, 2018, 04:29:24 am 
Started by Iburi Ray - Last post by Iburi Ray
So I will be going out of country to Japan from Monday the 10th-Tuesday the 18th of this month So that everyone knows I am not gone or plan to be gone for good. Thank you.

 on: September 06, 2018, 08:18:35 am 
Started by JayJay - Last post by JayJay
The man smirked as he watched the wind blades making short work of his brother's lightning armor. The smirk fell as the Iburi acted before the large wind blades could slice into his flesh. Seeing the gathering of chakra in his brother's hands, the Nara would retreat backwards away from the resulting explosions that dissipated his tornado. Luckily for him, his winds were just strong enough to once again take the brunt of the explosive force and he landed on a roof a few dozen meters away from his brother. He kept his winds around him, though wondering when his brother would try to use them against him.

Until it happened, he would focus on his brother as he powered into the first stage of his chakra mode. He could smell the Reibi's tainted essence and smirked. "Love the pink hair, brother. Rose is a good look on you~" He would obviously taunt his brother and the tailless leach residing inside of him. He was sure, from the power output alone, that he could stay as he was in his base form and still take his brother on. It was, nearing the moment for him to grow serious if his brother was going to continue to multiply his power.

It was that moment of truth, the fireballs from his brother's maw rushed towards his position and he gave a smirk. He remained where he was as the fireballs rushed towards him, his darkened hand lifting towards the balls of fire as they impacted the cyclone of wind. As a fiery tornado was created, the rest of his skin would char because of it. His laughter soon penetrated through the fiery tornado as he waved his hands to release a force of wind so powerful that it broke the tornado with little effort. Ray would see his brother's darkened body, wisps of red, orange and yellow fires leaking from his skin at random moments. His clothing had been burned away, leaving him in shorts, because modesty and their massive heat resistance and his gun holsters because of their own heat resistance. Pretty shirtless now, the man would smirk as his technique covered his whole frame. Ray would be outside of the initial transformation, so the water in his body would be safe from heating up from the high heats radiating from the Nara.

The man would beckon his brother forward, but wouldn't give him the opportunity to do such, as he rushed forward at blinding speeds, destroying the building he was on and aiming a punch to his brother's collarbone with enough force to not only shatter it, but to also send him flying backwards. If the initial punch landed, the Nara wouldn't remain still, giving chase and aiming to land multiple blows which was essentially Morning Peacock without unlocking any of the Gates. If the Nara was successful so far, the fifteenth consecutive hit to his brother would be a kick to solar plexus to launch him clearly across the city in a blaze of fire. Depending on his brother's durability, this could be the end of the fight, but if his brother had enough toughness in his chakra cloak to withstand the barrage of punches, then he'd come out quite injured, leaving the Nara to land on one of the nearby roofs. Even as he waited, he had to admit that it felt good to cut loose and he had to increase his brother's gravity seals if he hadn't gotten rid of them.

The man still had an action, so he would activate his Theta State, so as to make sure he wouldn't be surprised with whatever his brother wanted to do. So far, his brother was showing himself to be quite the combatant. If it wasn't for his six months of real time training in a land that soaked up a lot more time than that, he would have already entered Sage Mode to keep up.

 on: September 04, 2018, 08:02:06 am 
Started by Ѕhadow - Last post by hiro
You know what? I'm coming back for my spot at the top 3.

This is so sad Alexa revive a dead thread

 on: September 02, 2018, 11:34:38 pm 
Started by JayJay - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray only shrugged at his brother initial question, however its not like he couldn't get around his armor as his brother proved very quickly as a tornado encases Ray. The sharp winds cut through, the armor doing its best but failing quickly due to nature weakness. Ray, to avoid being chopped to pieces, quickly decided to disperse this terrible wind storm.

Charging bakuton in both arms Ray, whom is keeping aflot due to the winds now, aimed each palm at their respective sides before unleashing bone shattering concussive force with dual outward explosions. Luckily Ray did not suffer damage from his own attack as the blast over powers the winds completely halting the process of the tornado thus canceling it. Ray examines his body an notices he didn't get away completely unhurt. several lacerations decorate his body and chopped away his clothes.  With a simple snort, Ray removes his hoodie as he lands on the ground with a small thud. The removal of his hoodie showcased the many scars obtained throughout his lifetime from various situations along with several tattoos.

"Well brother let us do just that then."Charging up his beast chakra Ray releases the Body Revival Technique, but almost immediately changes form as a purple aura wafts around Ray's body his hair changing into a spiker style. Entering his first level of chakra mode Ray chuckled. This chakra mode beefed Ray's body similar to Body Revival however, instead of healing Ray, trades it for durability and power. "This, Jay, is just the beginning of the power I wish to show you."

With a single exhale Ray, opening his mouth, releases several (5) balls of fire from his maw at Jay, at high speeds. The fire balls each spanned 10 meters in diameter and strong enough to burn through steel. Stronger than normal thanks to the chakra mode, it also cost less chakra for Ray to produce as he awaits his brothers next move.

 on: August 30, 2018, 08:45:16 am 
Started by JayJay - Last post by JayJay
The man had to admit that he’d zoned out for a moment, why else would he have forgotten about this fight. But now that he was out of his stupor, the sight of his brother activating the seemingly classic, Lightning Release Chakra Mode technique, and use it to close the distance between the two of them made him react. And react he did, by thrusting his hands up towards his brother in defense, he would surge chakra through them. The surging chakra would have one purpose with extra juice. The technique would be the Cero technique with a high speed approach… which is essentially the Bala technique firing towards his brother and the oncoming explosion. With the extra chakra, the Nara aimed to significantly negate the explosive release technique. With his prior knowledge of the chakra composition, he was aware of how much force was needed to handle the job. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the prep time to do just that, but his impromptu action was enough cut the explosive force down by 50%.

This doesn’t seem like much, considering it’s still an explosion and it managed to overpower his own attack. But, the drop in force was enough for his Apex Aura/Strongest Shield combo to tank the rest of the damaging explosion. The man would be left in the epicenter of his technique's area of effect, the dirt and debris hiding his body. "Suddenly using that chakra armor, I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed. In some way, that has to be cheating." The man intentionally waited for his own words to finish before he strengthened the air currents around him, blowing the dirt and debris away with the strong winds.

The man hadn't sustained damage because of his Strongest Shield, but his hoodie was definitely not explosive resistance... fire, yes, but not strong concussive force. It seemed two explosions was definitely its limit and it was definitely sad. The tatters it had been reduced to caused him to rip the rest of it off his body, revealing the holsters that housed Cain and Abel, leaving them to bounce around a bit against his sides because of the winds from his Wingless Flight. Reactivating it proved to be a wise choice because now he was once again hovering above a space his brother had destroyed. "I'm not sure you have what it takes to see how she benefitted me. You'll have to force it out of me, dear brother." The man said, getting an idea. He increased the rotations of the wind around his brother's position by such a strong, potent, degree that an EF4 tornado was created nearly immediately. The winds tightly circling at 189 mph would work against his brother's Lightning based chakra mode, lowering its effectiveness while also aiming to confine the man to the inside of the six feet wide, ten feet high vortex, all centered around his brother's position. He remained where he was, knowing the large blades of wind in the vortex would pick at the rest of his brother's lightning armor and he was only waiting for the response he knew was going to happen. Of course, he was sure his brother attempt to flee with the shift of wind, so he was prepared in that event as well.

 on: August 28, 2018, 01:58:31 am 
Started by Uchiha Madara - Last post by Uchiha Madara
When taking the offer to kill a ninja from Shinobozu, it leads to a broken page.

 on: August 26, 2018, 08:48:07 pm 
Started by JayJay - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray continued with his kick, however to free himself the Gray hand still appeared only sooner than Ray needed forcing his brother to jump away but not before his caught leg froze over a bit. Luckily Ray avoided any other effects Jay had coming due to the gray hand appearing and attempting to smash the man. With Jay jumping away an onto a building Ray corrected himself to stand upright, quickly, and looked to his brother. "Feisty eh. Show me what that blue cat of yours has done for you." Ray called out to the Nibi to agitate her. As he spoke, Ray releases Raiton chakra utilizing the Raiton no Yori drastically increasing to speeds even the Sharingan can't track while also adding to his defense and attack powers. Giving a slight smirk Ray then utilizes the Raiton no Yori's speed enhancement to appear several meters high above Jay.

While above his brother, Ray built up bakuton chakra and in a swift moment, seconds after appearing above Jay, threw a punch downward. The punch thrown would be a simple Jiraiken however the blast is rather large due to the amount of chakra thrown into making the exploding fist. The ensuing explosion easily engulfs his brother and the house, as well as any other nearby buildings in a 10 meter radius. Normally one would fear the explosion bouncing back towards the user, however since Bakuton explosions are always in an outward direction Ray would be in no danger of his own move. Ray lands in a nearby tree awaiting to see what his brother does in response or if he turned to ash since the time given for Jay to avoid it would be at most a few mere seconds.

 on: August 24, 2018, 06:10:30 am 
Started by Rusaku - Last post by Rusaku
I personally don't have much objection myself. If say you wanted to do something like forest spirits that inhabited old trees and were humanoid, could be interesting.

Well, do I have a summon for you...

 on: August 23, 2018, 10:46:22 pm 
Started by Rusaku - Last post by Timothy
I personally don't have much objection myself. If say you wanted to do something like forest spirits that inhabited old trees and were humanoid, could be interesting.

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