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Dear Miyuu-san,

I'd like to challenge you for the Four Tails as soon as possible.

Umehara Bijozakura (Miyamoto Ichizoku)

Bijuu Arena / Uchiha vs Miyamoto - Challenge for the Shukaku (OOC)
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:17:06 PM »
Both participants have agreed to certain fight parameters in private conversations. Uematsu Tomi has agreed to judge the fight.

A blue, clear sky spans infinitely above colored by humongous, blooming clouds. Beneath the vast expanse of the sky, steep, static cliffs, canyons, and flat plateaus adorn this gigantic zone. As the multi-colored plateaus' slope, their canyons and cliffs become gorges of solid earth, clay and dirt. At the very bottom of the area (hundreds of feet below), a glistening, gently flowing river snakes on for miles carving ever more sleek divides in the terrain. The area is graced by a warm, quiet breeze.

In steps Bijozakura fully prepared to defend her friend the Shukaku from any challenger. Not only is her status as a jinchuriki challenged her but her skills as an elder monk of the Miyamoto-Ke and an Iwagakure Kunoichi. As she enjoys the breeze on a  plateau (120yrd circumference, 175ft height) she reaches into her pouch and takes out her multi-purpose sunglasses to wear (blocks the suns rays, protects her eyes, defends against blinding lights and genjutsu). *Until Uchiha Kamui arrives, i think ill stretch*

Ayyye, sounds good.

Game Related Discussions / A few in game suggestions. :)
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:08:07 PM »
A few in game suggestions. :)

In Dwelling:
- Rebuild the Hamlet registry into two pages. A listings page with abandoned houses and listings for sale. And a separate registry of occupied and houses in construction houses. Their current mixed status is obnoxious because all mixed up it just looks bad and takes up too much space on the hamlet registry/dwelling imo.
- Raise the global maximum on the coffers balance in residences to at least 2 million gold.
- Include gems in coffer storage with a maximum of 200.

In forest events:
- More roaming ANBU Members, especially while traveling
- A Ginkaku and Kinkaku "something special event"
- treasured tools of the sage of six paths "something special event", like the green destiny it disappears after every oro kill but players can choose which tools they want if they encounter this equally rare event.
- Gatos thugs event with Zori and Waraji "something special event"
- Jako's Gang "something special event"
- scroll of seals "something special event" As difficult as the rasengan quest but creates an opportunity for the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.

In clan:
- clan administrators - founder rank can send out clan wide pms with contract opportunities. The admin - founder who submits the contract must pay for its submission themselves based on contract rank. Contracts can be some kind of stock event(s) with various rigor.

The reward can range from gold -> gold & gems - > gold & gems & dp - gold & gems & dp & rank up opportunity.

 I think this will help rp because according to the discretion of the contract submitter the number of contracts clan members complete will reveal their contribution to the clan and reveal how active they are in the clan. This could help clan members rank up within the clan/village. This necessitates that there be a running tally according to the number of contracts each person has fulfilled. Also in the ninja hall of fame there could be a section for the clan that has completed the most S-rank contract which will, of course be the most difficult.

-   A Recipe Mastery skill (meaning that recipes last longer and can be constrcuted with fewer resources) and recipe accessibility in Anko's Workshop
-   More available merchandise in all categories of the Ninja's Merchants business.

Current Host: Lady Bijozakura Umehara

Naruto Profile:
Affiliation: Iwagkaure and Ishi no Kuni

Preferred method: 1v1 IC Deathmatch

Current Challengers:

Cool down List:

Special Conditions:
-Let us be kind to one another.
-Questions and Comments are best discussed in Umehara Bijozakura’s SL PM. Messages must be forwarded to the judge in full even if they don’t pertain to them. Better yet by email,
-You can't be aware of something that your character shouldn't be aware of. This ties into the last rule on a much more absolute scale.
-The match will be what I refer to as "staggered IC". That meaning we can rp whilst the match happens, but the end result of the match will still occur IC. Once a victor is decided the Jinchuriki and Challenger then finish whatever rp they are in and immediately post going to begin the fight, so that is when it happens chronologically. If you manage to get yourself killed before the fight happens it will be voided.
-Once a judge is agreed upon, either before the fight starts or the first time a decision is needed, they are the judge for the rest of the fight. (Nara Eric is my preferred Judge)
-The Challenger and Jinchuriki each have a one time ability to boot a judge. If the agreed upon judge makes a decision just so despicable that you need to get a new one you can say that after this decision you are requesting a new judge. Each participant can do this ONCE, and NOT while a decision is being made. Once a new judge is picked they are the set judge for the rest of the fight, or until the remaining boot is used on them.
-You cannot borrow techniques from your friends like Dust Release, Hirashin, EMS, etc . You can only use what abilities and tools you have In-Character during the fight, even if it's OOC. (upon challenging I need to know the full extent of your character’s abilities and weapons so that you cannot act outside of that parameter.)
-I don’t need a full rundown of your ninja techniques or sealing techniques and the like but including that your character has skill in one field or another and your chakra natures is required.
-You cannot borrow techniques from your friends. You can only use what abilities and tools you have in-Character during the fight. The abilities you claim to have must have been in your possession prior to issuing a challenge and must have been verified through RP in some manner.
-If you take 7 days to post, the fight will be called off and you will be declared the loser. If the fight was OOC that means you just lose. If it was IC that means the opposition gets to legally auto-hit you, likely meaning you die or are sealed. Note that the timer does not reset if you posted once and then have to repost. I.e. You waited 6 days to post, but your post was all godmodding and autohitting, and then waited 3 days to repost, then you still lose.
-Please note that the timer does not reset if you posted once and then have to repost. I'm pretty lenient. If you give me a reason, I will wait for you to get your situation in order.
-Even if you use clones or summons, you still only get three actions, this will prevent clones from being spammed.
-Everyone gets ONE repost only.
-All of these terms, of course, are negotiable. By either party, violation of any of these terms twice in a fight warrants a repost, but a 3rd time warrants disqualification.

Non-Negotiable Voids:
- Plot Induced Stupidity (PIS)
- Limbo
- Izanami
- Insta-seal Fuinjutsu
- Demonic/Sage/Special chakras that are stronger than augmentations granted by possessing and using biju chakra.
- Stacking special chakras to become stronger than a combination of sage mode + biju chakra.
- EMS as a basis for Kekkei Genkai Spam/Spam techniques
- Tenseigan as a basis for Kekkei Genkai Spam/Spam techniques
- Custom KG without a reasonable explanation from the Narutoverse
- Custom techniques without a reasonable explanation from the Narutoverse
- Kekkei Mora
- Hijutsu: Kirisame
- Tomoe Rinnegan
- Koatoamatsukami
- Ephemeral
- Chakra Edible Creation
- Liquifying Ototon
- Yamanaka Clan Jutsu
- Rinne-Sharingan
- Truth Seeking balls
- Spirit Transformation Technique
- Secret Technique: Mist Rain
- Any Kaguya Outsutsuki abilities
- Borrowing resets when you have resets
- Borrowing non-native skills
- Senjutsu Enhancements that prevent death
- Body Revival Technique if used in conjunction with the eight gates
- Using Izanagi to circumvent the negative effects of the gate of death
- Any Custom Technique that has no prescribed flaw (auto-hitting/character control)
- Anything that doesn’t have a reasonable explanation within the Naruto Universe
- Any Rikudou abilities (Puppet-Cursing Sphere, Six path Sage Mode, Six Paths Senjutsu, Truth-Seeking Ball, etc. - Except the Six Paths Technique)
- Any Toneri Techniques (except: Tenseigan Chakra Mode, Localised Reincarnation Explosion, Sensing Technique)
- Deus Ex Machina; just happening to have "technique" that eliminates one or more of your weaknesses. (example: Bijozakura having a seal/tags that makes her immune to fire release attacks would be void. Note, if you can prove you properly RP'd to get the seal and have some sources, then this MAY be overruled. But I don’t think it’s right to have inherent immunities in one’s playstyle unless it can be tied to a legitimate KG.)

Preferred Scenario:
A blue, clear sky spans infinitely above colored by humongous, blooming clouds. Below, steep, static cliffs, canyons, and flat plateaus adorn this gigantic zone. As the plateaus slope, their canyons and cliffs become gorges of solid earth, clay and dirt. At the very bottom of the area (several hundred yards below), a glistening, gently flowing river snakes on for miles carving ever more sleek divides in the terrain. The area is graces by a warm, quiet breeze.

Oh ok. How do i master the tail though or rp with it? :?

So what happens now? :? (See below; Uzumakiwarrior has conceded the one-tails and given it to me.)

"From: Princess Uzumakiwarrior offline
Sent: 2017-05-30 16:01:30
Reply   Forward   < Previous    Next >

Yeah, no worries :p
---Original Message from Lady Bijozakura Umehara(2017-05-26 15:43:39)---
Straight up? Well ill take it! XD

---Original Message from Princess Uzumakiwarrior(2017-05-26 03:39:07)---
Thanks ^^

And yeah I own the Bel account

But I technically went over my post limit, so if you want, you can technically just have the One Tails, as my current challenger and all :/

---Original Message from Lady Bijozakura Umehara(2017-05-24 23:29:23)---
Hello. i unignored you:)"

Village Square / Re: Sage Mode
« on: October 05, 2016, 12:48:24 AM »
So let's not have that be a thing. We need to reign in Sage Mode. We need consensus. If someone disagrees please explain why.

Village Square / Sage Mode
« on: October 04, 2016, 07:45:30 PM »
I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before but here's what i must say. Entering sage mode in one turn shouldn't be allowed at all. I'm not a fan in the least. Even in the most recent Naruto vs Sasuke fight, Naruto needed time to enter into sage mode. Jiraiya needed time to enter sage mode during his fight with Pain.

I mean really, everyone is a perfect sage? everyone? everyone has mastered the skill so completely that they can go into sage mode in one turn and cast ninjutsu in that same turn. Is that where we're at? I wonder how this became a thing. Must we be so unrestrained? Must we allow our standards of reason and decorum to be left by the wayside? smh. :|

Bijuu Arena / Re: TheCurse vs Umehara Bijozakura - Shukkaku Challenge
« on: October 02, 2016, 06:45:25 PM »
Had it not been for the common use of the technique herself, Bijozakura might’ve been convinced of the genjutsu's reality. This wasn’t the case however, and she proceeded to break it. Meanwhile, her previously create Explosion Release: Claymore Armor activated as TheCurse’s Tsunami of Earth made contact with Bijozakura, causing a surge of explosion release chakra five times her size erupts from the area where the huge wave made contact with her.
A surge of explosion release chakra erupted from a majority of those afflicted touch points of Bijozakura’s Body; a surge of explosion release chakra released from tenketsu that TheCurse’s Tsunami of Earth technique had touched. Its kill zone splays outwards against the contacted object triggered by the Tsunami of Earth’s slightest, gentlest touch`6. At this point blank distance, Bijozakura eviscerates the wave of earth chakra before it can do damage to her directly, blasting through it with immense power.

This technique was designed by Bijozakura to overwhelm such protecting measures as the Lightning Release Armor, Lava Release Armor, the Earth Spear, or the Hardening Technique. Alternatively, due to the directionality of the blast, Bijozakura minimizes any potential repercussions, such as being struck by resultant debris and even recoil appears to be completely negated.

Lastly, one should keep in mind that although the skin may be protected, the internal organs are still highly vulnerable; this is one of the reasons why the gentle fist is such an effective form of fighting, because the organs cannot be protected. Besides that, one doesn’t have to bleed on the outside for serious internal damage to occur. With a technique like this, the violent shockwave alone would be enough to burst internal organs or cause life threatening bruising to them. This technique is a surefire way to halt the opponent’s combat potential entirely.
However, since TheCurse used a long range attack the technique’s full potential was inhibited, essentially squandered since it couldn’t be used as a counter attack. Instead it was used as a defensive measure to blast away the earth from Bijozakura. (Explosion Release: Claymore Armor)

Still, the area where the elder monk ended up was at a lower elevation than she previously started out. Given the terrain, the water from the tributary would begin to flow into the depressed area on top of the settled tsunami of Earth.
Back to reality, Bijozakura realized she was underground in a hollowed out portion of the settled earth since her explosion release armor protected her from damage. Reflecting she utilized the Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique to abscond to a new position. She resurfaced on the beach 70ft away at TheCurse’s 10:30. From that position she intone a mental incantation and writes in the air with her right hand causing a flaring shroud of light purple hues to emanate from and surround her as if she stood inside a flame (post ½).

Bijuu Arena / Re: TheCurse vs Umehara Bijozakura - Shukkaku Challenge
« on: October 01, 2016, 09:24:31 PM »
*Discussed a couple changes privately.

Saw TheCurse enter the area from the outskirts of the zone, as he neared Bijozakura could distinguish more of his features and accoutrement. One the man stood 80ft away from her. She saw his mouth move but couldn’t distinguish what he was saying. Nevertheless, the reason why both of them were in this place was clear and progress must be made one way or another.

She activated her Seven Star Tattoo and began her approach towards TheCurse, dashing at him with a determined speed. Meanwhile, Bijozakura’s hands convolute twice before she exhales in short breathes. With each short breath Bijozakura shoots out a baseball sized adhesive mud blast that expands and weighs down the target with exponential growth. (original size 9in. circumference, 45lbs. Each additional inch would increase the weight/inch to the power of 1.3; for a total of ten seconds per blast. The maximum gain for each blast will increase its circumference to 19in. on target with a total weight of ~1409.86lbs/blast (45^1.3*10)).

In this way Bijozakura berates TheCurse with an innumerable amount of shots moving at 200yrds/second! For every yard between them four splats would be produced at nearly imperceptible speed against TheCurse! If TheCurse could somehow evade these balls Bijozakura would correct her path of attack in real time to intercept him more precisely and with greater speed. The attack commences with precise chakra control, needing only the minimum amount of chakra to use the technique to its full potency.

Bijozakura underlies her attack by going through another string of handseals for a supplementary technique as she exhales blast after blast. Explosion Release: Claymore Armor

Bijuu Arena / Re: TheCurse vs Umehara Bijozakura - Shukkaku Challenge
« on: October 01, 2016, 12:23:49 AM »
Enters the area wearing a standard Iwagakure Flak Jacket and front pouch, long dark pants, sandals, dark, long-sleeve shirt, plain face, medium length, spiking hair, Yoroidōshi on lower back, spirit warding Omamori necklace, flesh colored earplugs in and the seven star tattoo written on her spine. She steps into the area, brushing off some grey chalk from her pants. She is on the road in the middle of the area looking out at the rest of the zone. *She reflects, i've had good rest, good conditioning, kept my nutrition up, and im fully stocked, ready for the upcoming challenge! I wonder where he is though, in looking forward to see what's up.*

Bijuu Arena / TheCurse vs Umehara Bijozakura - Shukkaku Challenge
« on: October 01, 2016, 12:14:20 AM »
Participants: TheCurse and Umehara Bijozakura

Match Type: OOC Bijuu Type for the One-Tails.

Location: Fertile Beach

Time: Afternoon

Conditions: 14 Day Fight Three (3) actions per post; Clone actions included in this.
Summons get one (1) action per post.

Judge: Undecided

Voids: Discussed Privately

Village Square / One Tails... TheCurse where you at??
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:09:55 PM »
TheCurse where you at?! :?

This is Umehara Bijozakura of the Miyamoto-Ke!! You know we have to start our fight today right? I know we're both in school and still discussing some things about our characters but we've got to get it cracking if we both want a solid chance at the one tails!!

Let's get it together or I'm gonna have to fight a mod and you're out of luck! :(

I'm good to go!

Hey This is Umehara Bijozakura and I'm going to have to wait to after Wednesday as well.

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