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Topics - Miyamoto Omoikane

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Bijuu Arena / Uchiha vs Miyamoto - Challenge for the Shukaku (OOC)
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:17:06 PM »
Both participants have agreed to certain fight parameters in private conversations. Uematsu Tomi has agreed to judge the fight.

A blue, clear sky spans infinitely above colored by humongous, blooming clouds. Beneath the vast expanse of the sky, steep, static cliffs, canyons, and flat plateaus adorn this gigantic zone. As the multi-colored plateaus' slope, their canyons and cliffs become gorges of solid earth, clay and dirt. At the very bottom of the area (hundreds of feet below), a glistening, gently flowing river snakes on for miles carving ever more sleek divides in the terrain. The area is graced by a warm, quiet breeze.

In steps Bijozakura fully prepared to defend her friend the Shukaku from any challenger. Not only is her status as a jinchuriki challenged her but her skills as an elder monk of the Miyamoto-Ke and an Iwagakure Kunoichi. As she enjoys the breeze on a  plateau (120yrd circumference, 175ft height) she reaches into her pouch and takes out her multi-purpose sunglasses to wear (blocks the suns rays, protects her eyes, defends against blinding lights and genjutsu). *Until Uchiha Kamui arrives, i think ill stretch*

Game Related Discussions / A few in game suggestions. :)
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:08:07 PM »
A few in game suggestions. :)

In Dwelling:
- Rebuild the Hamlet registry into two pages. A listings page with abandoned houses and listings for sale. And a separate registry of occupied and houses in construction houses. Their current mixed status is obnoxious because all mixed up it just looks bad and takes up too much space on the hamlet registry/dwelling imo.
- Raise the global maximum on the coffers balance in residences to at least 2 million gold.
- Include gems in coffer storage with a maximum of 200.

In forest events:
- More roaming ANBU Members, especially while traveling
- A Ginkaku and Kinkaku "something special event"
- treasured tools of the sage of six paths "something special event", like the green destiny it disappears after every oro kill but players can choose which tools they want if they encounter this equally rare event.
- Gatos thugs event with Zori and Waraji "something special event"
- Jako's Gang "something special event"
- scroll of seals "something special event" As difficult as the rasengan quest but creates an opportunity for the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.

In clan:
- clan administrators - founder rank can send out clan wide pms with contract opportunities. The admin - founder who submits the contract must pay for its submission themselves based on contract rank. Contracts can be some kind of stock event(s) with various rigor.

The reward can range from gold -> gold & gems - > gold & gems & dp - gold & gems & dp & rank up opportunity.

 I think this will help rp because according to the discretion of the contract submitter the number of contracts clan members complete will reveal their contribution to the clan and reveal how active they are in the clan. This could help clan members rank up within the clan/village. This necessitates that there be a running tally according to the number of contracts each person has fulfilled. Also in the ninja hall of fame there could be a section for the clan that has completed the most S-rank contract which will, of course be the most difficult.

-   A Recipe Mastery skill (meaning that recipes last longer and can be constrcuted with fewer resources) and recipe accessibility in Anko's Workshop
-   More available merchandise in all categories of the Ninja's Merchants business.

So what happens now? :? (See below; Uzumakiwarrior has conceded the one-tails and given it to me.)

"From: Princess Uzumakiwarrior offline
Sent: 2017-05-30 16:01:30
Reply   Forward   < Previous    Next >

Yeah, no worries :p
---Original Message from Lady Bijozakura Umehara(2017-05-26 15:43:39)---
Straight up? Well ill take it! XD

---Original Message from Princess Uzumakiwarrior(2017-05-26 03:39:07)---
Thanks ^^

And yeah I own the Bel account

But I technically went over my post limit, so if you want, you can technically just have the One Tails, as my current challenger and all :/

---Original Message from Lady Bijozakura Umehara(2017-05-24 23:29:23)---
Hello. i unignored you:)"

Village Square / Sage Mode
« on: October 04, 2016, 07:45:30 PM »
I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before but here's what i must say. Entering sage mode in one turn shouldn't be allowed at all. I'm not a fan in the least. Even in the most recent Naruto vs Sasuke fight, Naruto needed time to enter into sage mode. Jiraiya needed time to enter sage mode during his fight with Pain.

I mean really, everyone is a perfect sage? everyone? everyone has mastered the skill so completely that they can go into sage mode in one turn and cast ninjutsu in that same turn. Is that where we're at? I wonder how this became a thing. Must we be so unrestrained? Must we allow our standards of reason and decorum to be left by the wayside? smh. :|

Bijuu Arena / TheCurse vs Umehara Bijozakura - Shukkaku Challenge
« on: October 01, 2016, 12:14:20 AM »
Participants: TheCurse and Umehara Bijozakura

Match Type: OOC Bijuu Type for the One-Tails.

Location: Fertile Beach

Time: Afternoon

Conditions: 14 Day Fight Three (3) actions per post; Clone actions included in this.
Summons get one (1) action per post.

Judge: Undecided

Voids: Discussed Privately

Village Square / One Tails... TheCurse where you at??
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:09:55 PM »
TheCurse where you at?! :?

This is Umehara Bijozakura of the Miyamoto-Ke!! You know we have to start our fight today right? I know we're both in school and still discussing some things about our characters but we've got to get it cracking if we both want a solid chance at the one tails!!

Let's get it together or I'm gonna have to fight a mod and you're out of luck! :(

I'm good to go!

Bijuu Arena / Challenge Request! Warren
« on: January 31, 2016, 04:21:47 AM »
Warren, this is Miyamoto Omoikane challenging you publicly for the one-tail. I have tried through a third party for you to unignore me on SL. It has been six days and i am still ignored on sl. And i messaged you five days ago about a challenge for the one-tail through the forum pm system; an attempt that has also been ignored. You need to acknowledge my efforts because i can see that you have been on both SL and the forum since i've messaged you through both mediums. I am being ignored by you, that needs to stop; this is yet another formal challenge.

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