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Bugreports / Flying Ninja Healer Bug
« on: April 05, 2016, 08:27:42 AM »
So, I was leveling in the forest and, normally, I used to get the picture of one of the healer guys followed some 'you've been healed' type of text. Now, however, I get no picture and I receive this when I heal: "Sorry, you are already healed... my services are not needed."

I took a screenshot as well, but the file was too large so I cropped some of the image:

Council / Bijuu Council Rules (MAIN THREAD!)
« on: December 04, 2015, 12:39:18 AM »
Hooray! Nah, but seriously I propose we use this topic to discuss if there should actually be one since not everyone has given their input on whether or not it should be. If you all agree then we should move to the exact number -- seemed like 3 was the popular vote -- and then once those are out of the way we can work out the actual conditions for being a council member.

Essentially I'm saying we should use this topic to discuss the rules, conditions, etc. of a council if the topic didn't give that away. We can make other topics for nominations and the like once we have the finer details -- such as the rules -- ironed out; albeit, that's assuming if everyone actually wants a council, but that's what this topic is for! :D

Village Square / Banning the Bijuu ('Cause why not?)
« on: October 30, 2014, 03:51:32 AM »
See, it's this easy, Eric. Any who, with the influx of topics recently I decided to make my own since a majority of said topics involved Bijuu in some way, shape, or form. My question is in the subject itself: should Bijuu be banned? It's pretty self explanatory really. My reason is because, whilst they do provide RP, the RP is usually bad or devolves into OOC dribble and solves nothing and only shows how bad the community can be. It's kind of like an online mode in video games; it shows all the bad things wrong with the game. Just like a video game company, though, whilst we see the problems that Bijuu fights bring about it's seldom that we do anything to fix them and when we do -- e.g. Making Bijuu IC -- it backfires or doesn't work out. If we remove these over-powered creatures from the game completely it'd, in my opinion, make the game better. I'm not trying toot my own horn here, but look at Konoha: we have no Bijuu but yet we still find things to RP and they go smoothly. Go ahead and post your opinion and whatever you voted for in the poll.

Spam / Nathan as site admin
« on: January 28, 2014, 07:21:37 PM »
I should be admin. I'm better than the rest of you. Shhh, Neji and Gyu, just let it happen.

Village Square / Bijuu Rules
« on: June 27, 2013, 04:34:13 PM »
They need to be updated. We have topics such as this:,7291.15.html that say that the time a person has to wait to challenge a Jinchuriki again is three to six months. However, you then have this: saying otherwise because it was never updated. We need to agree on changes and then edit it. If Rai' no longer wants to then we should find someone else because it being outdated causes problems.

Game Applications / Nathan as Gamemaster/GM.
« on: May 14, 2013, 04:21:37 AM »
1.   How young or old must a person be to comprehend the responsibilities of GameMaster?
      If none, please specify why an age limit is then not required.

2.   You notice a new member who is confused. The member, unknowingly, becomes bothersome when asking others too many questions.
      What would you do (minimum 60 words)?

3.   You notice some members breaking the rules, spamming, etc… How would you go about addressing this matter (30 words or more)?

4.   A character with a higher “rank” decides to take command and causes others’ fun to lessen. What would you do?

5.   A moderator disagrees with an action you have taken. The moderator treats you like any other member, as he/she should. How do you proceed when confronted (60 words or more)?

6.   You notice some members on the verge of starting a fight in the village or some public arena, what would be your action (also take into account another situation where the fight is occurring into your answer- 60 words or more)?

7.   The Staff of ShinobiLegends are members of the game, like all others, and although you are volunteering your time for this position, what should the others expect from you (minimum 60 words)?

8.   What do you think should be at the forefront of your “agenda” when role playing as a GameMaster?

9.   What rules should GameMasters adhere to and what do you think might result in removal of the GameMaster ability- does not have to directly be about rule breaking (60 words or more)?

10. Provided that you have broken the rules or have decided to get into an altercation with another staff member in the public, what consequences do you think you might receive (30 words or more)?

11. You see someone chatting  out of character (OOC) in a village. The role play that is occurring is off and on. What would you do? Are any rules broken? What would you do to handle any problems that arise between those in character (IC) and those OOC?

12. One group decides to role play in the village, and another group of people also decide to role play separately in the same village as well. Again, this is against the rules? What would you do to calm any problems that might arise?

13. GameMasters should try to encourage others to join role playing as well, not just attend to those already role playing. What are some ideas you have to encourage overall role play, and secondly, what ideas do you have to encourage new members to join in (of course, some may not simply not want to role play and that should be respected)?

14.   In your opinion, what is the role of a GameMaster (90 words or more)?

1. No, I do not. There are some people who, despite their age, are more mature than normal people that age and are able to comprehend different things.

2. I would direct them to the wiki and new player guide. However, I understand that both are outdated and, even if they weren't, that still might not be enough so I'd answer any questions as long as it doesn't involve game secrets and the like.

3. I'd warn them to stop and, if they didn't, contact another moderator with the ability to mute or ban people and inform them of the situation.

4. I cannot really answer due to this question not being well written. If you're asking if someone with a higher 'rank' -- as in RP rank -- were to join the RP and started acting like a jerk and purposely annoying the other players I'd tell them to ignore said player. If the player continued to ignore them I'd issue him a warning before getting another moderator with the ability to ban or mute.

5. I'd calmly have a discussion with the other moderator and attempt to get the dispute solved and, if we could not, I'd get a third party to give their opinion.

6. If it was happening within a village and was apart of the RP I'd accept it as that is allowed. If it got out of hand I'd advise taking it to the zones. If someone who wasn't participating in the battle posted then it'd also be alright since the area can be shared.

7. They shouldn't expect any thing they already don't. Just because I am now apart of the staff doesn't mean that they should treat me better than others. However, this does not mean that they can break the rules such as harassment and whatnot. So, again, no I do not think they should expect any thing from/treat me any differently.

8. Nothing. I'd RP as I normally do unless I was initiating an event to spark RP activity. In that case I'd RP more as NPC for the event.

9. Gamemasters, like every one else, should follow the regular rules but, at the same time, also try not to be biased towards any party. If you cannot judge an RP fight or RP an event without being biased towards one party then they should not be a GM.

10. I should receive the same punishment as every one else but, if I continued, I should be revoked of my GM position/powers since the first punishment was my warning.

11. If the RP is on and off then the OOC isn't that bad. It can always be overlooked and, if need be, deleted. Not only that, but sometimes OOC can help settle a dispute faster than just PMing the participants one on one. However, if it got out of hand I'd tell them to take it to PMs.

12. No, it is not. As I said before the villages can be shared. If any problems arise then I'd warn them and, if they continued, I'd inform them that further punishment would be issued.

13. I'd make events that involve the other players in the area to encourage them to RP. The events could vary from comedic RP to serious fighting RP.

14. In my opinion a Gamemaster's role is both initiating RP events and moderating RP. If an RP dispute arises then a GM should attempt to solve it and, if RP activity is low, then a GM should form an event to gather RPers and increase the activity. If there is a fight going on -- such as a Bijuu fight -- then a GM should moderate it if they are decided upon by both parties and not be biased. So, in short, a GMs role, to me, is both initiating and creating events and moderating RP battles and the like.

I like this guideline better but there are still some in there that are the same as the last ones but just worded differently. These are the same ones that don't really apply to a GM but, nevertheless, this guideline is much better.

Game Related Discussions / Jesigakure
« on: August 18, 2012, 06:05:13 AM »
Isn't its picture supposed to be of the Land of Iron? It's still Ninja Central's picture.

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