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I’d like to issue a challenge for the Bug.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: February 22, 2019, 02:16:05 AM »
Ray simply laughed catching the pamphlet. He gave the crazy man a nod. ”Help me rid myself of the seal on my heart and I’ll be your solider. I saw your ability with seals and I feel you could help rid me of my curse.”Ray mentioned before he too vanished heading for the location Sabu gave him and to give the big red Uzumaki a punch to the gut for leaving him hanging for. Last time. END

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: February 21, 2019, 06:43:38 AM »
Ray felt his body begin to lift from the ground due to the pressure from the suction. With little time o react Ray did the one thing he could do, and that is to increase his weight via the Doton Kajūgan no Jutsu. With the increase in weight Ray's body dropped allowing him to activate another earth based jutsu allowing him to slip underground as if it were water.

Focusing more chakra to his palms, Ray moved himself, so he was underneath the previous underground kitchen and the moment he was where he needed to be, Ray thrust his palms up releasing all the chakra forward and up. The chakra, being Bakuton in nature, created a massive outward explosion. The explosion, which dwarfed the previous one, meant to completely decimate the area above, vaporizing the mist into the nothingness it was formed with. Sabu, who is hiding in the mist, is also in danger of being completely vaporized by the incoming explosion. This was also meant to combat the suction that had began to plague the battlefield. It seemed that Ray may have been a bit rash in attacking Sabu. Jumping out the newly made crater that could fit a village in it, Ray kept his eyes abound. He was sure Sabu might have survived, but now he was gonna leave. He best unlock this seal his brother placed on him before taking on Sabu again.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: February 20, 2019, 07:14:46 AM »
Ray simply laughed at the man. It would be Sabu's not knowing of the Iburi bloodline that let Ray escape. Reverting his whole body to smoke, Ray jumped back out of the water prison seemingly unaffected. Of course he'd revert himself back to flesh and blood, costing him another turn, but he didn't mind. "The smoke you played with earlier is entirely different you know~ I made the Kekkei Tota to combat the weakness I have with my smoke body with happens to be wind." Ray was sure this would piss off Sabu, but as he spoke, Ray began to use the one ability he has with the EMS.

A Kamui forms quickly after Ray finishes speaking threatening to entrap Sabu and the water prison in his dimensional other world. Considering how quick Kamui forms, the moment the users eye focuses, it would mean that Sabu would have to leave quickly or face being trapped for good.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: February 20, 2019, 06:37:27 AM »
Ray felt when Sabu returned to the surface, or rather he has been tracking him for so long it was second nature by now. With that Ray activated a seal on his left palm, allowing his new toy the Triple Bladed Scythe to make an appearance. Ray would only see the spike incoming when it broke through the mist however due to the sound that was released, Ray became slightly nauseated ignoring the incoming spike or so it seemed.

From Sabu's view he sees the spike go though Ray which if that was expected, he might become excited and neglect the small detail that, he, Sabu would feel zero pressure when the spike seemed to make contact with Ray's body. The truth is when the spike went to penetrate Ray's body, he turned it into smoke, thanks to being of the Iburi bloodline, allowing the spike to phase through the man. It would be in this instant Ray would act, now used to the sound, Ray hooked the Scythe into the hole of the chain and with his strength, pulls Sabu forward. With the pulling motion, Ray sidesteps so as to remove the spikes chain from his body before he reverts it. With the pulling motion Ray simply wanted to bring the man closer and down hard as when he pulled he pulled up to bring Sabu forward, before swinging the Scythe down to slam Sabu back into the earth and bring Sabu into earshot. "You know, I actually planned to use this on my brother and his family for putting that stupid seal on me, but I guess it is a good idea to try new toys first." Ray cackled as he kept his wits about him in case the crazed man decided to attempt something sneaky.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:30:32 AM »
Ray scowled seeing the man disappear out of the smoke hands. Ray, grabbing a nearby rock is nearly impaled by a water sword had it not been for his EMS. Swiftly dodging the swords that began to sprout like they would never end, Ray escapes the radius by using the Body Flicker Technique to reappear high in the air give or take about 50 meters. The smoke hands, which are caught by the water swords are erased by their one weak point. Deciding to force the urchin from his underground sea, Ray finally makes use of the rock he has in hand. Pouring two different chakra natures into the stone, a spear is formed coated in a protective film of bakuton chakra.

Using his height advantage, Ray smirks and decides to uproot the hidden fish that is Sabu. Twisting his body in such away he spins, Ray spins around 360 degrees before releasing the spear in his hand down at the epicenter of the now slowly misted field. Using his own strength, comparable to a person in the 3rd gate, and the speed at which he spun, the spear is released with such velocity and strength that it only takes half a second to reach the ground where the spear burrows down about 10 feet before exploding due to the Bakuton chakra in the spear.
Being that Bakuton explosions occur outward, the main force of the explosion would be down towards sabu and his former sinkhole of a kitchen, but the heat and debris expanded in all directions  making it so the water and Sabu would be evaporated by scorching heat well above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ray, affected by the wind blow back, is sent slightly off course, crashing into a nearby tree where he dusts himself off with only a small scrape. Jumping down he scanned the area for any signs of movement looking for Sabu. Ray kinda wishes for the man to live as he does have a new toy he'd like to use on him that he recently acquired.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: February 08, 2019, 07:31:47 AM »
Ray laughed at Sabu's reaction, enjoying the negative feelings that arose from the man, however this did not mean Ray stopped following Sabu's movement. Ray kept his eyes on Sabu to the best of his ability considering they were still in total darkness though his yelling certainly gave Ray a headache. When Sabu jumped up onto the ceiling and grabbed at his scroll did Ray begin his escape measures. Using a small amount of chakra in his feet, Ray's body began to melt into the ground. Given Ray's grandmaster control over Earth jutsu this was little work for the man. Upon the unleashing of water that was meant to drown him Ray fully submerged himself in the ground below almost like he was swimming underneath.

Avoiding the now underground swimming pool, Ray moved about 50 meters below and then to the right about another 60 meters before he stopped moving in general. This allowed Ray to inadvertently avoid being confined by Sabu's jutsu. Instead Ray moved towards the surface silently, only poking his head out. Seeing as the smoke from before wasn't taken down with the village, it just sat around waiting for a cue to move. Ray had cut off the smoke from his wrists when water began to fill underground. The smoke caught in the water from before dissipated the water eating the smoke into extinction. 

Using this time to try and catch Sabu off guard once again, and being that he seemed to expend a bit to create his seal, this may be Ray's best chance to capture the man. Again with a single flick of his fingers, the smoke that had once lay dormant activated and this time instead of spikes became hands (5 total) in order to grab the man. Being that the smoke was in such close proximity to where Sabu was, the smoke hands would have very small distance to cover, perhaps 7 meters at most. The smoke hands all vied to grab the man and if successful in capturing the mad cannibal, Sabu would find himself being slammed into the ground several times to try and render the man unconscious. Even if Sabu were to dodge the smoke hands, they never stop trying to go for him. The only way for them to stop would be for them to be destroyed or Ray told them to stop.

Ray on the other hand, after the chase starts, would rise fully from the ground, cracking his neck, wearing a grin upon his face as he hoped his smoke hands would be able to grab the man. "I hope you didn't miss me too much bud!" Ray ribbed at the clearly distraught man. Ray couldn't help but think that this was gonna be more fun than he imagined.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:09:15 AM »

Made Edits as per our discussions
Ray sat impatient, ready to strike at the one who stole from him. His EMS eagerly followed Sabu’s every move as to not miss a thing as smoke continues to flow from the pores on both of Ray’s wrist. The smoke sent out earlier had already weaved its way towards  the village settling along the ground just outside so as not to seem off, similar to a fog rolling in.

Upon Sabu’s hard landing Ray’s body twitches in response almost making him leap from the treeline where he sat with bated breath. The Nanabi was so close now he could almost touch it. The Tyrannosaurs Rex, which can change form freely, felt the air around her master change. Something was about to happen and she wish to be there for every part of it. Changing from her juvenile form, the Rex took on the size akin to a small bird, before scurrying up Ray’s leg and into the safe confines of his hoodie, her small spikes making Ray’s skin crawl in excitement as goosebumps form on his skin.

“That tickles dammit.” Ray whispers aloud to himself as Sabu raises the Earth around the village. If he was gonna move he needed to do it now and with a small flicker of his chakra, Ray uses the Body Flicker Technique to just inside the confines of the prison, freely enjoying the ride down into the darkness.  The lighting of the flares by giant flies truly set the ambiance for the start of this battle. Ray, having settled behind a house outside of Sabu’s line of sight, again went back to watching the events unfold highly curious of this cannibals nature.

Being in total darkness did Ray a favor of not being spotted easily, but also hindered Ray’s own sight. Luckily the flares did a little to help, but Ray’s biggest help about location came from the smoke that leaked from his wrists. The smoke kinda helped by acting like a beacon where Ray finally came upon the seen of Sabu’ being stabbed in the head, before ripping off the head of the young offender. The blood and guts all spilling out at once however the smell did Ray in.

Ah the smell, it was so fucking enticing to the man, his face twisted into a smile that would easily bring nightmares to anyone who sees it. His body writhed in ecstasy as the smell of viscera and blood mixed within his navel cavity, setting forth a myriad of mixed feelings left over from his time with the Zero Tails. Losing most of his reasoning Ray stepped forward his body coming down from the high he felt. With a shit eating grin Ray spoke “Sabu I’ve come to collect whats mine.” Ray narrows his eyes and with a single flick of his finger, the once dormant smoke that lazed over the ground sprang to life. The total darkness did a great job of hiding the smoke from Sabu and the villagers. The smoke that continued to leak from his wrists finally made its appearance. The smoke formed into spikes threatening to pierce everything within the entire radius of the village Sabu had brought down. Each of the spikes were 6 feet long and 5 inches around making them deadly and able to easily skewer through the mud huts that is the villagers home.

Ray hoped to kill as many villagers as possible along with incapacitating Sabu to an extent, Ray just wanted to hear their blood curdling screams and smell their iron laced blood. Its almost orgasmic in feeling to the man as he awaits to see what awaits from the aftermath of the carnage which would only take a few seconds to occur from when Ray flicked his finger.

Bijuu Arena / Re: This Might Bug You
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:31:00 AM »
Ray lays his head against the scaly hard body that is his T-Rex. The two, camped along the tree line, watched the village that has long accepted the invitation of sleep. Ray has been chasing the fleeting chakra signs of the man who carries what he believes to be his and will do anything to get the beast back.
At sabu's chakra flaring, Ray activated his EMS, locking onto Sabu's position but he didn't move just yet. Finally he found the crazy bastard and he wasn't gonna blow his cover yet. Ray watched as Sabu shot out the bullets, and watched. Ray waits with bated breath to see what exactly Sabu was going to do, but Ray kinda had a hunch. It came due to the blood-lust Sabu leaked, though Ray wasn't quite sure where that came from at first. The blood lust the man released was similar to the kind Ray releases when he wants to enjoy killing. Perhaps these two men are more alike then they may seem.

Along with activating his EMS, did the pore's around Ray's wrists begin to exude out large quantities of smoke that, when entering the air at first are thick clouds, spread through the air becoming almost as invisible as the air itself. The smoke circled around the village, that seemed to capture Sabu's interest. Ray watched closely at the man and what he would do next.

Council / Re: Inactive Hosts Protocol
« on: January 01, 2019, 09:40:24 PM »
I’ll take that reserved spot.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Sealing the Reibi: Can BroBro be Saved?
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:16:42 PM »
Ray simply laughed before speaking ”I’ll kill you.” before he uses the Rebei’s power to kill himself when Jay’s attack was too far in to stop it thus having his brother destroy his body taking his secrets with him.

Council / Re: Inactive Hosts Protocol
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:11:39 PM »
I won’t deny that it has probably surpassed that 14 day period due to the fact I’ve been busy with the other fight and my job and now I’m currently suffering from the shutdown of the US gov. I will still fight or if Sabu wants he can take it. I’ll just challenge him as soon as he is available.

I posted in the council inactive thread with options. More than welcome to pick either one.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Sealing the Reibi: Can BroBro be Saved?
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:43:56 PM »
Ray dishes the chains but not to try and escape but rather, he wanted to sit and stare at his brother. This random ass hole simply made Ray sign but it really didn’t matter. He was getting rather bored of his brother. He provided little for Ray to work with, rather his focus would be on his brother being here in general. ”So now that you have me in this toy box of yours, care to explain what it is you’re doing showing your ugly face to me brother? And I really hope it isn’t what I think it is for.”Ray pauses a second before leaking killing intent that dwarfed what his brother put out with ease. Filled with hatred and angry beyond anything a normal human could or should carry. ”Because you’re far too late to have any say about anything.”Ray’s body seem to ooze negative energy from his pores as he stared his brother down.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Sealing the Reibi: Can BroBro be Saved?
« on: December 09, 2018, 01:33:21 AM »
The malicious wave of killing intent from his brother and the Nibi excited Hiru to no end, the leech coiling in happiness. It finally got why it wanted, however in the middle of the killing intent and the combining of Jay and the Nibi’s chakra did Ray decide it was time.

Using the lightning armor that coated his body Ray used the body flicker in coordination to appear behind his brother before the duo could finish syncincing together. Given the short distance and the fact that with both those speed based moves Ray was close to being undetectable even by EMS. As ray landed behind his brother, his right fist extended out towards his brothers mid back coated in the lightning chakra that made up his armor.

The raiton that is in Ray’s fist leaped out when it was five meters away in an attempt to paralyze his brother momentarily. The paralysis, if Jay had resistance, would last 15 seconds, but if Jay had no resistance lasted a minute. The paralysis was weak, enough to stop Jays movement, thus stopping him from moving and escaping the incoming combo Ray had prepared.

Since the lightning coated fist came at Jay as soon as Ray appeared, it gave Jay little time to react but Ray had a back up in case Jay try and reacted.

First if Ray is successful in stopping Jay’s movement the right fist is poised to collide with a high amount of power, aimed at the mans mid section. The fist would easily crush a diamond to dust, so Jay’s shield may bare the brunt but there is more than enough strength to send his brother flying down into the ground. His body bouncing once it his the ground due to the force. This isn’t the end, as when Ray sent his brother flying down, he followed right after, both his feet aimed directly at Jay’s chest. The spear kick happens the second Jay’s body bounces from the ground. However, there is an extra surprise as Ray also charges Bakunin chakra on his way down so when Ray’s feet make contact with Jay, he creates a massive downwards explosion. The force is more than enough to destroy a 50ft building into nothing and with it being downward Ray received a little heat burn at most. Jay however, should be nothing but ash at worse or heavily damaged as payback for the damage Ray took throughout the fight.

The alternative, is Jay dodges the raiton someway Ray’s dojutsu activates, casting a Kamui upon his brother. Given that EMS works as fast as the user focuses on their target Ray hoped to  drag him to his space dimension. If his brother is caught, the new scene to greet him is a gray land with only a single home standing there. If Jay noticed it would be the home the two shared when they lived in Oto. To Jay’s right stood Ray whom looked silently at his brother, his eyes dulled. ”Brother, is it finally time to finish what we started? Is this the end?” Ray spoke quietly as a single tear fell from his left eye on the dirt below.

The fight is reaching its closing very soon and both men knew something was gonna change for better or worse.

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