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Village Square / Re: Chuunin Exam 2015
« on: December 09, 2015, 07:49:35 PM »

Name: Shinkiro
Age: 10
Rank: Genin
Birth Village: Kumogakure
Village of Residence: Uzushiogakure

Born and raised in Kumogakure, an only child to a married couple, unbeknownst to him, of the Ōtsutsuki clan. However, his parents hid their identity and lived as members of the Hyuuga clan. As such, Shinkiro was raised as a Hyuuga, learning their techniques. He would lose his parents at the age of 5 to a mercenary who found out his parent’s true identity. He was killed himself but was resurrected thanks to his parents’ creation of an advanced seal forge with their love, life energy, and chakra (Seal of the Phoenix). This seal placed on his birthmark has the ability to resurrect Shinkiro from the dead. He woke up in a state of confusion, shock and sadness when he bore witness to the limp bodies of his parents. Swallowed by sorrow on a night when it was raining, the horrific night seems to move Mother Nature herself to tears. Found by a woman, unbeknownst to him, who was his aunt. She came to help his parents, but was too late. She saw Shinkiro with eyes of pity and decided to raise the boy as her own. She would take the boy far away, training him in various arts needed to survive in this harsh world called life. For five years under the woman’s tutelage, Shinkiro has shown proficiency in areas of taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and fuinjutsu. He quickly discovered that he was a natural archer, quickly becoming adept at archery. He has chakra natures in wind, water, and earth.  His time with the woman gave Shinkiro insight into her business as a bounty hunter, picking up various skills and qualities of the trade. But was most important to Shinkiro was that the woman helped him deal with the trauma of losing his parents and gave him the strength to continue living. However, Shinkiro has not moved on as he vowed to avenge his parents by seeking out and killing the mercenary who did it. But he first needs to get stronger to do that…

Byakugan (Gentle Fist)
Kyujutsu Master (Recurve Bow & ‘Seal’ Arrows)
Proficient in Fuinjutsu
Summoning: Falcons
Chakra Natures: Wind, Water, Earth
Ninja tools (wires, scrolls, kunai, shurikens, etc.)

Breakdown of Skills:
  • Byakugan – Because Shinkiro was raised and trained as a Hyuuga, he has the knowledge and capability to perform the clan’s abilities and techniques.
  • Kyujutsu – His skills with a bow and arrow is rivaled only by his teacher, able to hit targets far away with deadly accuracy and sheer swiftness.
  • Fuinjutsu – attached to his arrows are seals that are wrapped around the shaft in camouflage fashion. The seals carry various effects such as explosive, electric, smoke, etc.
  • Arrows – All of his arrows are made of an alloy of special metals that makes them very durable, have a high resistance to corrosion and heat while having near zero magnetic attraction. At the tip of most of his arrows lies a drill that increases their penetration, allowing them to pierce through about half an inch of steel.

Rules/Foundation / Should there be IC hunts? (VOTE!)
« on: December 08, 2015, 04:41:07 PM »
I think it's time we put this to a vote. So let's this out of the way.

I vote no and because of such, all matches are OOC (obviously).

It seems like instead of promoting RP, there are being used to avoid challengers.
Too many threads being created around this one issue so let's get rid of it.

Rules/Foundation / Re: Judging a Match (Discussion)
« on: December 08, 2015, 04:34:56 PM »

Shall we not just say a judge judges matches, and if they suck at it he can be replaced? And I mean totally suck at it, not just giving a ruling that doesn't agree with my opinion. Stuff that people would look at and literally face palm and say, "WTF???? That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Obvious OMG my eyes...I didn't just see that!"

I feel like your example is such an extreme case that it would rarely, if not never, happen. But then again, that's the whole point of having a second opinion.
Now if the second opinion ruled in favor of the 1st judge, then that should be it.
What are the odds of having two grossly incompetent judges? =/


So what if its not easy or guaranties you get action with the host? It shouldn't in my opinion. This brings it closer to operating how it truly would if this was all real.

If this was real (as if SL is ever true the Naruto norms), I would ask a NPC villager who's the Jink and that villager would happily and truthfully answer me. You know why? Because if this was real, the villagers would have animosity towards their Jinks. 

Rules/Foundation / Re: Rule Options (MAIN THREAD!)
« on: December 07, 2015, 05:22:44 PM »

Not that close to zero, actually.

Depends on the reason the host was stripped. If it was something like obstructing RP then maybe, but if it was for getting into a car crash and not being able to get out of the hospital bed to make mention of an extended absence, the public would be far more forgiving.

I can't imagine one being quick to run for a council position after a car accident.
You have to think about the time it would take to recover.

But let's talk about what it is meant by 'bijuu-related matters' in this proposed ruling.

Do you mean they cannot go after a bijuu for 3 months?
Or cannot partake in ANYTHING bijuu-related? (bijuu-hunt, council, judge, etc)

EDIT: I thought the former.

Rules/Foundation / Re: Rule Options (MAIN THREAD!)
« on: December 07, 2015, 03:13:31 PM »
But Kirk,

The chances of a stripped host becoming a council member is extremely close to zero.
Besides, I assumed that ruling meant that a stripped host cannot go after bijuu for 3 months.

Bugreports / Acquire Soda event
« on: December 07, 2015, 03:06:45 PM »
So I recently saw this event a few times. When I got the event, I actually had some gold on hand and decided to try out this 'soda'. Then it tells me how I took XYZ damage. However the XYZ > my hp, so I died in the process. Now I'm not arguing over the fact I died. I just felt like there was confusion because it gave me more damage than I can sustain. Usually the events that result in your death, won't tell you the amount of damage you've taken, you just find yourself dead. So is this an error? o.o

And apologies if I posted this in the wrong section.

Rules/Foundation / Re: Judging a Match (Discussion)
« on: December 07, 2015, 02:36:17 PM »
Are we gonna have them selected as random people then?

Narrow it down to top active individuals in clans, etc?

I assume the system will be similar to how the GMs are being selected.
Give a week for nominations.

I'll break it down in the simplest way of my understanding. Judges inforce rp based rulings during matches. Councilmen inforce the buji rules, not rp, strictly. A judge is asked to take action during a match when needed because of a move made in that department. A council is asked to take action when a host or challenger has broken a ruling on the systems of Buji.

Examples: Someone auto-hits, counters wrongly, makes a post that doesn't make sense, or the two fighting disagree how techs may work in this or that fashion are all things a judge cast a decision on. Someone doesn't post within the time frame, declines a challenger, goes against their preference page, goes against things publicly agreed upon, ect. are things the council cast a decision upon.

That's exactly why a council member SHOULD be allowed to become a judge.
The two positions are completely different in function/responsibility. One doesn't affect the other.

Keep in mind that this 'bio' one is creating could be on the person's profile page, so it can't be too long.

So I agree with Eric.
Uetto, all that info will be on the host's forum thread anyway. No need for redundancy.

I don't want us to talk about the 10 tails anymore. Kinda tired of it.

Honestly, that should have it's own discussion thread AFTER everything is said and done. The topic of the thread is should people be allowed to own more than 1 bijuu?
So far, it seems like the majority said yes. However there's a 'debate' on either or not people are allowed to have more than 3 bijuu.

In regards to the debate, I say, let them have the chance to have all 9 bijuu if they wish.


I could see bribing someone to squeal on another. Or deceiving them to the point they confide.

It would be cool to have an rp place where disreputable people gather and trade info. A seedy ramen shop? The gaming room in the gardens? The whole gossip route to learning about a host has been omitted.

Kidnap someone and torture them to death. Or right in front of the gates of the village. Make a demand or just do it for kicks to provoke rage. Find someone who is know to traffic in bijuu and squeeze them for info. Trade someone important for a chance to face the host.

And who can sense bijuu most of the time? That demon child Nayeli...
oh no...I was god mod for a demon to speak to another demon or even be able to sense they are near. or was that character control to say she could not?

Well her mother sure can. And talk about a weak opponent to have to face. Oh yes she has some tricks up her sleeve, but I seriously can't believe no one has come after me in order to obtain legit info on hosts.

There basically is not one she has not helped to seal or seen in battle or felt their chakra.

No, i don't want to be targeted for the purpose of Bijuu hunting, but is just that easy.

now...what jutsu are legit to use for bijuu hunting? and under what circumstances. I know several require a bit of information before they even become useful for such a specific identification.

A. Group vs Village
No guarantee the Jink will come out and if so, no guarantee s/he will use bijuu chakra/power.

B. Kidnapping
No guarantee the village will comply.
Plus, you would need to know who is even considered 'important'.

C. Bribing someone
No guarantee the person will tell the truth.

D. Deceiving to the point they confide
No guarantee the person even knows. Plus, that would take too long.

Yeah, there are endless options but none of them are guarantees.
You'll just end making yourself an enemy of the village to the point that they may send an assassin after you. Or worse, see this as an act of war and you unintentionally caused two villages to go at it.

It's obvious knowledge that the Kage would know who the Jink is but that person is not an easy target. You know a few high-ranking members would know but you don't know who they are. And say you do, they will most likely not go down easily/quickly unless you have a group and the person is outside the village. You could attack inside but you would attract attention.

Take Akatsuki for example.
Only person who did 'group vs village' was Pein and that was because he has the manpower to do that. In SL, there's more people who have Rinnegan or Sage Mode.
Itachi and Kisame avoided long battles.

I would like to have a NPC information broker to just give me that the identity of the Jink. Trade in an RP for information. The info broker would give you an assignment/mission in which you have to do for him, once completed, he would give you the identity of the Jink. You're welcome to bring other people to do the RP with you. At least this way actually promotes RP.

Quote from: Bocchiere link=topic=8705.msg226973#msg226973
When I succeed in making the Juubi it would remove the 9 bijuu but only for as long as that event takes. That's what I want to do. Me crashing the moon into the planet would be the the "game over" if I  was not stopped. I actually want to do an rp with it. Not like Zenaku who wanted to get all 9 and just go, "Woo!" and pass them back out doing absolutely nothing of worth with it, which people had no problem with. I don't want to get the Juubi to remove it and the bijuu from rp because I think I should be able to decide on my own that major items of importance should all but be removed from rp.

I didn't have time to read any posts on the 2nd page so please forgive me if this was stated already. But didn't Zen gather all the nine bijuu BEFORE we even knew there was a 10 tails? Or even before we knew what the 10 tails was even capable of?

Please explain to me how intel gathering would work in SL without raising suspicions and possibly put oneself into a worst-case scenario (you vs the village). Now even the SL kages would know IC the identity of another village's Jink.

Rules/Foundation / Re: Judging a Match (Discussion)
« on: December 06, 2015, 12:38:50 PM »

If a judge is not qualified, ie: doesn't know his RP rules or jutsu, does not keep up with the activity clause, which I wish to apply to everyone to keep things moving, or is being biased and not doing a good job...then why should the host and challenger suffer because of it and 'just live with it'? What I am suggesting is sometimes the judge might just not be fit to do the job, the participants realize this too late, and should get to choose another judge who is competent. I am NOT saying they should choose a new judge just because the ruling did not do the way they wanted.

...because both participants put in time/effort to choosing/deciding the judge and then they are both going to be like...'oh that judge is incompetent.' Then why did they decide on that person being the judge then? It makes no sense.

Rules/Foundation / Re: Methods of *IC* hunting a Jichuuriki (VOTE!)
« on: December 06, 2015, 12:33:30 PM »
I was under the impression most anime films/movies were never canon in regards to the series, unless they changed that.

I vote no. Naruto lost it's ninja way after some time in the second timeskip. I liked how the Akatsuki had networks of information, various subordinates to aid in their searches... they were being effective ninja. I miss that, in a way, where things were stealthy and actually fun.

The Last: Naruto the Movie and Boruto: Naruto the Movie are canon movies.

I said in my first post in page 1 that having a 'network of information, various subordinates to aid in their searches...' is not possible in SL, especially if you're relatively new (meaning you don't know a lot of ppl IC).

Now if you feel that's possible, please give us an example/way that can done.
I once considered having a NPC information broker to just give me that the identity of the Jink but some people don't like that idea. >.>

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