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Title: !! HOW TO POST HERE !!
Post by: Neji on December 06, 2006, 11:35:20 pm
First of all, if you want to contribute and translate parts of the game to your language, you may do so, but please only open a thread for your language if you are sure you have enough time.

Do not underestimate it! For each language, I expect about 18.000 (yes, 18k) text fragments to be translated.

Creatures, Masters, Weapons, Taunts won't be translated by the way.

If you are sure, open a new thread like "Spanish translations" or likewise for other languages and put in a short description about it... what you are willing to do and how proficient you are in that language.

<--_please_, only people who are *really really* good in that language (there are rumours that even native speakers aren't always)