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Title: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: UettoSenju on November 05, 2015, 11:38:34 PM
Setting: Zone 8(Death Valley) - You walk in with your Shinobi tools and weapons ready, looking for a fight. Steep canyons and gigantic boulders adorn this zone, at the bottom of the canyons are vast amounts also in the zone is a dark looking cave that once within its depths is completely dark, many have lost their way and never returned with stalagmite rocks covering the cave floor.

Uetto would appear on a boulder stationed atop one of the many cliffs in the area as he waited for his opponent. A warm smile rested upon his face for the time being as he was sure he would enjoy the slugfest that was to come. The man wore his usual get up with his trusty katana at his side and seals across his body. Reaching into his clothing he would pull a cigarette and lighter as he placed filterless cig between his lips and lit the tobacco before placing the lighter back. The man would start to take a drag while looking about.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: Bocchiere on November 06, 2015, 03:24:26 AM
Bocchiere would stomp into the area already in his Perfect Susano'o... (JK)

A circle of flames in the shape of the symbol of Jashin would ignite on the ground. The flames would crackle lowly when they appeared before beginning to rise, as if stoked by some unseen source. Suddenly they would explode into the air, rising into a large pillar, before falling away and leaving only a scorched mark on the ground and, within that mark, Bocchiere.

He stood wearing his new outfit, a simple pair of maroon pants and shoes with nothing on his upper body besides the pendant of Jashin around his neck and the triple bladed scythe on his back. He'd see Kirk on his perch roughly 50 meters away from his current position and activate his three tomoe Sharingan.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: UettoSenju on November 08, 2015, 06:00:56 AM
Couldn't help but notice the pillar of flames as he raised an eyebrow thinking to himself it was kinda of a overkill entry but he couldn't help but laugh lightly as what else could be expected from this man he was to fight.

The Brute would shout out to Bocc as he waved lightly, "Let's have fun old friend!"

Which he would instantly activate his Byakugan afterwards waiting to see what his old rival would do.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: Bocchiere on November 08, 2015, 08:54:19 AM
Bocchiere would not respond to Kirk, verbally anyway. Not moving from his current position he would flash through a quick series of kata.

Doton: Gōremu no Jutsu

The boulder on which Kirk was perched would shudder and stand up as it was transformed into an 8 foot tall earthen solider. The golem would attempt to grab the man who stood upon itself with both hands and slam him into the earth.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: UettoSenju on November 10, 2015, 05:43:08 PM
The man would note the changing rock as he flipped backwards swiftly landing behind the rock monster while it attempted to grab him. Of course he used his Byakugan to quickly find a weak spot in the rock man, who was merely a few inches taller than Uetto himself. Upon location such a spot the Brute would punch the golem in said weak spot while releasing chakra from his hands in the formation of make shift vibrations. The vibrations would spread throughout the golem shattering it most likely as they did so due to it being made from such a hard component.
It was his own personal form of the gentle fist he had made, always attempting to make his own style of things. One that was kinda of a copy Ototon taijutsu. Really the man had used no sound but simply chakra control, manipulation, and shape in order to mold the vibrations aka vibrating chakra.
Quickly he would follow up with a counter attack as he flashed through some hand seals and stomped the ground. Instantly an earthen spike would lunge from the ground aid at the back of Bocc's head. Said spike would reach no farther than the man's head level and be set in one solid moving position (unable to alter original path).
It was no doubt a sneak attack of sorts. Uetto's usual fighting style. 
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: Bocchiere on November 10, 2015, 10:45:02 PM
As the golem shattered to bits, Bocchiere had no doubt Kirk would quickly dispatch it, the Jashinist would perform a single kata of his own. The falling chunks of rock would animate themselves and all fire point blank at The Brute, since he never moved after shattering the golem. Like the spread of a shot gun the rock chunks of various sizes would aim to impact all across Kirk's body. Their sharp edges could easily cut flesh and they'd strike with enough force to cause serious bruising and, in the case of the weightier ones, break bone.

They would not be fast enough to stop Kirk from making his own jutsu so, seeing Kirk stomp the ground as is indicative of a Doton technique, Bocchiere would perform a twisting leap forward, narrowly avoiding the spike the lanced up behind him. He'd land 10 feet away from Kirk's attempted attack and dash forward toward the man, leaping over boulders and such as he did. His knuckles would crack as bones poked from the tips of the fingers on his right hand and Bocch would slash the hand through the air toward Kirk, sending the four sharpened projectiles spiraling through the air toward him, from roughly 30 meters away.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: UettoSenju on November 12, 2015, 05:16:07 PM
It was not hard to note the rocks taking back up another chakra signature that signaled another jutsu, fluctuate in chakra or to be regiven chaka from the last jutsu being broken, via his Byakugan. However the assault would not doubt come at a very fast pace. One that called for an immediate response. It would just so happen the Gentle Fist had such a defensive jutsu. Uetto would release a surge of chakra from the points across his body as the rock would be met with a blast of chakra of sorts that would send many of them flying the other way. A few would break through but have been slowed down enough to not cause any serious injury. A few bruises here and there could be noted but they were light.

Flipping back Uetto himself would form a strand of hand seals once more as Bocc approached, 10 meters, using a back flip to do so. The entire time he keep note of the Jashin. When his body had turned back to face Bocc but had not landed yet the man would expel a deep breath of air he had taken in upon the flip. This created a strong gust of wind to be expelled over the area in the direction of Bocc. The wind was strong enough to blow down even the great trees of the Konoha Forest and aimed to catch Bocc in his leaps and sweep him away to be crushed into one of the boulders and cliffs in the area. The bone projectile being swept away in the gust.

Landing the man then smacked his hands together as summoning seals had appeared on both his hands. This created a loud sound effect which was similar to that of thunder. It was a harmless sound so Bocc had nothing to worry as far as Genjutsu or hearing loss went. Rather it was what followed the thunder that he should concern himself with. Two small puffs of smoke had occurred on the man's shoulders which led to two small bats now being perched in said position. Already having started to draw in natural energy upon being summoned. 
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: Bocchiere on November 16, 2015, 06:39:25 AM
Bocchiere would channel chakra into his legs upon seeing the wave of wind racing toward him. He'd leap straight up into the air, over the wave of wind, as his bone bullets were deflected by it.

While in mid-air he'd make another quick series of kata. Using a Fuuton technique of his own the wind around Kirk for 10 meters would begin to turn like a miniature tornado, forming a dome around the Sannin. The twisting current would be filled with Fuuton wind blades, aiming to shred the Sannin and his bats.

Bocchiere would land roughly 20 meter from Kirk's current position and watch to see what kind of move he made, summoning a kunai with a cloth-wrapped hilt to his left hand as he did.

Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: UettoSenju on November 17, 2015, 11:40:51 PM
A direct attack such as being directly around one's elf was hard to miss for anyone. Luckily having the Byakugan made it even that more easily to note as Uetto noted the chakra in the air before him starting to take form in a Wind Style Jutsu assault. The counter he used on the attack was simple and yet another base Gentle Fist type. The man would spin the the opposite direction of the winds releasing chakra from various points to disrupt the flow of the Fuuton Jutsu and break any wind blades that were formed. Some referred to it as the Rotation style defense of the Hyuuga. In the end the Fuuton Jutsu would quickly be broken from within as Uetto would stop his spinning while facing Bocc upon his landing. A gust of wind passing by from the broken Fuuton Tech. A grin would stretch across the face of the Senju Grandmaster as he had now entered Sage-Mode linking with the bats on his shoulders, whom stood firm in place. Thus Uetto answered Bocc with another attack of his own as he drew a solid steel marble from his clothing. The marble would then be launched at Bocc's upper body (heart) with an extraordinary amount of strength that was aided deeply by the Natural Energy needed to enter Sage-Mode. Like a shot out of a small canon Bocc's dojutsu would probably be able to trace it to an extent but whether his body could fully dodge or not was another story. It had the force to pass right through his body with easy and even shatter the kunia in hand. Of course the attack was much more in depth that a simple blunt force type. The ball also hosted a seal upon itself. One for the Uzumaki Chakra Chain Jutsu but whether Bocc was able to note the seal would be of question and if so to be able to apprehend what it was another.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: Bocchiere on November 20, 2015, 02:20:48 AM
Bocchiere would indeed let the shot pass through his chest, by converting it into fire and opening a hole for the marble to pass through, that is.

Dashing toward Kirk once again Bocch would begin to close the distance and throw his kunai toward Kirk while simultaneously wrapping it in wind chakra and making use the Shuriken Kage Bunshin Technique to copy it into 30 kunai. The kunai would be capable of damaging Kirk even in his Sage Mode state with there wind enhancement and with the wide spread of the weapons they'd threaten to riddle Kirk as well as land on all sides of him for roughly 15 feet, giving him little room to dodge.
Title: Re: Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
Post by: UettoSenju on November 23, 2015, 07:36:31 AM
I must forfeit do to Uetto's IC death.
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