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Title: Grim Tidings
Post by: Rusaku on February 14, 2018, 03:14:35 am
Jinchūriki: Rusaku Otsutsuki

Tails Mastered: N/A

Affiliation: Konohagakure/Otsutsuki Clan/The Foundation

Preferred Method: IC Hunt; 1v1

Preferred Zone: Surface of the Moon (OOC only)

Preferred Judges: Warren/Tobias/Miyuu/Up for discussion

Preferred Outlet: SL Forum

Special rules

-The match is to be a 1v1 death match, if the preferred method was agreed to be IC. However the match will be defaulted to OOC, if that player doesn't agree to *IC* terms of engagement.

-Victory for the challenger is the defeat of the host through any means necessary, and vice versa. Death in the fight does NOT equate to death IC, unless such a term was agreed upon.

-Skills acquired during an OOC match are not carried over IC. Similarly, knowledge of participants' abilities do NOT carry over to IC RP.

-*If, by some chance, the match should reach a point of true stalemate after a minimum of 30 days then a judge may be called in to determine a winner based on how the fight has progressed up to this point. Both participants must request this of the judge in person (I.E. Both fighters MUST send a PM for this option.] If this is chosen, then the judge may declare a  winner based on these criteria:

     ē Who effectively manipulated the flow of the battle the best? The strategy employed (based on the posts) may have been defensive and attrition-based, but was it effective in the long run in wearing down the opponent?

     ē What caused the stalemate? The challenger being unable to defeat the challenged, or vice versa? Is it constant cancellation of jutsu and techniques by both sides, or merely one side taking refuge in a relatively inaccessible area (such as pocket dimension) in order to avoid defeat entirely?

     ē Who showed the greatest skill in the fight? This is completely and utterly at the discretion of the judge. His(her) decision is final on the matter, regardless of accusations of cheating or bribery or otherwise. This should be kept in mind when deciding on a judge for the fight.

-If neither side can be conclusively declared the winner, then the fight either proceeds or a draw is declared. In the case of a draw, the challenger may rejoin the queue of challengers after the latest challenger without having to wait for cool-down (this circumvention for the benefit of the challenger for not technically being declared the loser, though by not succeeding the host can be considered a winner in this situation.)
Note, this is a technical victory for the host, so unless the challenger truly believes that a restart is necessary to increase victory chances, then it is not recommended to settle for a draw without reviewing this process a second time.

-Must post at least once every seven days (168 hours). Though if a pattern of postings persists (I.E. If either player stretches their posting to the full seven days each and every post without prior notification to the other), then the challenge will be voided. The cool-down will be initiated to challenger (if challenger is problem) and the host will be stripped (if host's activity is problem).

- A judge *must* be picked before or during the first round of initial entrance posting by both parties, if the chosen judge makes a ruling that is deemed ridiculous by either party, a new judge may be chosen ONCE by either side. If the matter still can't be settled, it must be brought to the forums for a final decision.

-Everyone is allowed 1 repost. If you are found to be meta gaming, Retro posting, or God modding, the opposition is allowed to request your post be analyzed by the judge. If he/she decides the post contains any of those three things, your repost will be used to fix it. If your repost has already been used, then the actions effected by the illegal maneuver will be nullified and the opposition will be able to act accordingly. Example: If you try to counter an attack using meta game knowledge, the counter will have never happened and the opponent will be able to continue unhindered, likely resulting in a legal autohit.   

-Can only use skills that are known IC at the official start of the match. No borrowing from others. No immediate power ups within the match.

-Discussion of non-allowed techniques will vary by challenger and discussed via PM, only, If a technique is used in the midst of the fight that was not voided beforehand, and is still considered god mod, it can be voided at that point. Peopleís profiles are often unorganized, thus itís easy to sneak past obviously broken techniques into a fight and we should not reward that type of behavior. The caveat, though, is that the technique in question must be an egregious violation to the fairness of the fight for it to be voided after itís began. This is decided in a three way conversation between the judge and two combatants.

-Inflammatory, racial, harassing, or abusive language aimed at each other either in the match or in PM will result in an immediate void of the challenge. If challenger, (s)he loses all rights to ever challenge the current Jinchūriki. If host, he loses the match and Bijū given to the challenger.

-In the event that a host is defeated, the new host has the cool-down challenge period time-frame to either accept the special regulations for the tailed beast or completely re-write or alter the special rules. If they do not post their own variant by the beginning of the next challenge, then it is to be assumed that they comply with the previous special regulations.

-If host defeated, allow host to finish up any roleplay that may involve having the beast. Then a reasonable RP will be concluded as to how the beast transferred hands.

Any questions, PM me please.

(Mostly) Non-Negotiable Voids

* Swift Release
* Rinnegan + Sage Mode or Tenseigan + Sage Mode
* Claims of immunity to Ototon
* Liquefying Super Senjutsu Ototon
* Body Revival Technique (when used to survive the Hachimon Tonkō no Jin)
* Demon empowerment, vampirism, etc. Pretty much anything that doesn't make sense in the Naruto lore
* Izanami
* Kotoamatsukami
* Any of the recent Rikudou powered abilities
* Claiming to use an "undodgable/unavoidable/unblockable" attack
* Just happening to have "a seal" that eliminates one or more of your weaknesses
* Non Zetsu Mayfly
*8th Gate (In OOC)
*Izanagi (In OOC)
*Reaper Death Seal (In OOC)

**All of this is subject to any change at the host's discretion**

[Challenge List]: N/A

Judge: TBD

Location: Zone 7

Status: IC deathmatch

Madara and I have gone over what specifications are desired and will wait for a judge to be announced, depending on who agrees. Below will be the response to Madara's entrance, but the fight will be on hold until the final detail is ironed out.

ďSuch a ruckus...Ē Rusaku growled irritably, as his eyes fluttered open, coming to rest upon the zombified Madara Uchiha, whom had just come crashing down from the heavens. The youth had been dozing within the peaceful, snow covered forest in hopes of catching some well deserved shut eye, but it seems that wasnít meant to last. With an exasperated breath, Rusaku began to levitate from his rested position, transitioning his body upright, so his feet were only inches above what remained of the snow covered ground. Folding his arms over his chest, Rusaku began to observe Madaraís features closer.

Rusaku was garbed simply; a sleeveless dark grey uwagi, a long-sleeved black undershirt with a turtleneck, a red sash, black pants and white boots. Across the chest of his black undershirt was a white necklace of Magatama embroiled into the fabric, and on the back of his uwagi was a similarly colored crescent moon, representing his allegiance to the Otsutsuki. Like Madara, Rusakuís own eyes were elevated, colored brilliantly by the intricate floral pattern of the Tenseigan. Hidden under his clothes were a miridae of various seals and formula used inside and out of battle.

Within his mindscape, Kurama spoke gruffly, ďAn Edo Tensei zombie? Does he honestly think he can defeat us in his fractured state? Iím almost offended.Ē

This elicated a cocky smirk from Rusaku.
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Uchiha Madara on February 22, 2018, 02:34:16 pm

 Judge: Kamui

Immediately the chains spreading from Madara's left hand would perk up like a blood hound on a new scent and race towards Rusaku with amazing speed, able to grab him within moments of not careful. From certain links, the chains would multiply 15 extra ones, all aiming to wrap around his opponent's limbs and neck. Simultaneously, moving almost as fast would be the chains extending from his right hand which would burrow underground and attempt to form a ring around the shinobi, extending 40 feet in diameter, multiplying in number as well.

With the application of the Six Paths Technique, Madara would use the Outer Path along with the Deva Path in order to perform Banshō Ten'in: Dōmetsu. As a more potent variant of Universal Pull, Rusaku may find himself helplessly colliding with the chains as they both would be drawn towards one another with the power of gravity. Due to the power behind the jutsu, it would be incredibly hard to resist, especially since his opponent isn't exactly anchored to the ground as his hovering state would make it all the more simple. If successful, Rusaku's, as well as Kurama's power would be bound and restricted similar to the Uzumaki Clan's Adamantine Sealing Chains.

Rikudō no Jutsu:

Gedō- Mazō no Kusari

Tendō- Banshō Ten'in: Dōmetsu

Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Rusaku on February 25, 2018, 05:36:45 am
The very moment there was movement visible to symbolize Madaraís initiation of battle, Rusakuís hands clasped together into the snake seal, two actions being performed in unison. The first would lack the requirement of hand seals at all, allowing him to focus the aforementioned Kata to the second action.

With a flash of energy, Rusakuís body became engulfed in the golden cloak that dwarfed all imitators in alloted power. The Kurama chakra mode, utilized only by those who have synchronized their hearts with the Nine Tailed Fox. With this came an exponential increase to an individual's speed, power and attack potency of all techniques post activation.

With the snake Kata formed, and the gravitational effects of Madaraís attack beginning to affect Rusakuís body, a massive surge of trees began to erupt from the ground as far as the eye could see. First, the trees began sprouting in front of Rusaku, in order to cut off the path between him and the chain attack, inadvertently forming a makeshift wall in the process. Then, from the ground between the two opponents, even more trees sprouted to intercept the chains, and ensnare them with immense raw power. Due to the nature of Rusakuís mokuton, a trait attained during his time living and training within the Senju Grand Tree under Nathan, any foreign chakra touched by them would begin to be absorbed into them like nutrients.

Simultaneously, throughout the surrounding area, flowering trees ripped the earth apart as they grew,  uprooting the chains that Madara was planting underground in an attempt to erect a large Uzumaki barrier. At least thatís what Rusaku assumed Madara was planning. If allowed to reach maturity, the flowering bulbs would bloom, releasing a wave of pollen into the zone, attempting to permeate the breathable air. The effect of this pollen was simple: Upon contact with any solid surface, the pollen would mutate and begin to grow in the form of fungus.

With the path between Rusaku and Madara cut off, and the chains intercepted, the Otsutsuki lept into action. Using his newfound speed, Rusaku planted a foot onto one of the growing trees in order to kick off, disappearing in a flash of golden light indistinguishable from the ďspeedĒ of the flying thunder god. Moving fast, the young shinobi lept from growing tree to growing tree, creating massive amounts of distance between him and Madaraís last known location in only a short few moments.

While doing this, Rusaku extended a hand out and utilized the flying thunder god in order to summon a single human puppet onto the battlefield. This human puppet may even be recognizable to Madara, once he got the chance to actually see it after everything Rusaku had done up to this point. Bocchiere, the super criminal, appeared in a flash of light, falling gracefully onto one of the growing trees, and began to ride it upwards, high into the air. His purpose would be fulfilled later.

Once approximately 200 meters away, at the edge of his techniques area of effect, Rusaku came to a skidding halt, turning his attention back to Madara whom may still be dealing with the immense forest that was actively trying to crush and bind him from his cardinal directions. A small chuckle escaped from his lips. The Advent World of Flowering Trees was already a deadly technique, but to add the power of Kuramaís mastered chakra mode would create a waking nightmare for any whom faced it.

Kurama Chakra Mode
Advent World Of Flowering Trees
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Uchiha Madara on March 04, 2018, 05:59:19 am
Madara would immediately recognize his opponent's transformation as he use to have access to such a form himself. A small sigh escapes the lips of the undead man, a bit disheartened that the big guns were brought out so early. However, since his opponent stepped up, the Uchiha would follow suit. The ends of his chains would begin to be absorbed by the budding foliage, which causes him to promptly detach portions of the chains entangled by the wood. With the use of his Eternal Mangekyo, Madara would maneuver out of the paths of the powerful growing forest. His Choku Tomoe would give him masterful dexterity as he skips and jumps out of the way of roots and branches attempting to crush him. This only worked temporarily as the rest of the forest would attack from all directions, which gave the Uchiha a perfect opportunity.

Attempting to fool his opponent into thinking hes gotten him,  Madara would allow himself to be positioned front of a particularly large branch to conceal himself from view. The moment it is about to make contact, the Uchiha would activate his Kamui, causing him along with his remaining chains to become completely intangible. With them concealed by the forest, their sudden teleportation would be physically masked by the trees seemingly engulfing them. While like this, Madara completely erases his chakra signature by is seamlessly warping to Kamui's dimension. The Uchiha maneuvers himself and his chains through the wood and the ground, evading the attack while keeping out of sight.

After weaving a set of handseals, the Ghost of the Uchiha would station his a small portion of his chains in a circle around Rusaku, using the few inches of snow in the area to conceal them from sight as well as sensory perception. With chains circle around him and some beneath, Madara himself would simultaneously end Kamui while activating his prepared jutsu. The moment the chains become tangible and sensible, a large sealing technique immediately forms around Rusaku, Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar. If successful, Rusaku would find himself completely cut off from his chakra. The sealing of all tenketsu should result in a disappearance of his Nine Tails Chakra Cloak, Tenseigan, and all use of his chakra. This would essentially shut down the human puppet as well, allowing the reincarnation's chains to latch onto him at the same speed they attacked before, binding the man in place. Madara himself would emerge from a snow bank 50 feet away from behind Rusaku, with an intense, wind flaring aura of chakra surrounding him.

Fūinjutsu: Shishi Heikō
Demonic Statue Chains
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Rusaku on March 11, 2018, 04:37:55 am
Rusaku blinked upon noticing the disappearance of Madaraís signature; Negative emotions included. The shinobi understood full well that his jutsu was powerful, but did the fight really end there? Rusakuís excitement for the battle to come wavered for a moment, almost regretful over the premature ending. Of course, the Tenseigan lacked the penetrative vision of the Byakugan, so in order to inspect the soon to be regenerating body of Madara - considering his edo state - Rusaku felt necessary to get a better look at the situation at hand. Utilizing the Hiraishin once again, Rusaku relocated himself to where Bocchiere was currently waiting. With the tree that puppet was located on quickly growing to be the tallest point in the area, it was only the most natural place to position himself. In a flash, the Otsutsuki was gone - transported to the new location in an instant.

Landing gracefully, the shinobi moved to inspect where Madara had once been, only to find that his signature had reappeared where Rusaku had just moved from. Turning back to inspect this turn of events, the boy released a relieved chuckle ďHeís not dead~ Wonderful! The fight can continue!Ē. 

Bocchiere turned his head to look in Madaraís direction, itís attention caught by the display of chakra the Uchiha was outputting. Raising his hands upward, the Puppet manifested a number of small Jinton orbs within them. In unison, all of the orbs fired off, immediately arcing downward in order to create a hailstorm of attacks. Raining down, the orbs moved to penetrate Madara, punching fist sized holes in his body with the power of dust release should they be successful.

Rusaku brought his hands together once again in the snake seal, establishing control of his writhing Mokuton forest. Instead of opting for more trees to grow throughout a larger vicinity, the Otsutsuki manipulated the existing plant life to begin moving across the earth akin vines, their malleability becoming altered to allow the fluid movements. The trees quickly arced horizontally, and chased after Madara akin to a living organism. The growing forest lurched forward in a tidal wave, spanning as far back as the plants grew, moving to envelope the Uchiha and crush him under immense pressure. The foothold that the two shared remained stationary, allowing the duo to maintain their current elevated position over Madara. This would create a two fold attack, coming from above and in front of the opponent, hoping to limit available options for evasion. 

All the while, the flowering bulbs began to bloom, releasing waves of the aforementioned pollen into the air, quickly undergoing itís mutation as stated. Luckily Rusaku was able to manipulate the pollen so it didnít hit himself or allies.
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Uchiha Madara on March 16, 2018, 05:20:30 am
Turns his head to the sudden surge of chakra and would immediately be set upon by a barrage of Jinton and a tidal wave of Mokuton. He'd give enough sigh as his opponent's timing was impeccable. The Uchiha wasn't usually the type of man to give up on a strategy the first failure, so he'd try again, but first the matter of the incoming attacks.

Utilizing Hungry Ghost Realm's bottomless desire for chakra, the Edo Tensei would form a barrier around his person, which would absorb the Jinton orbs and the chakra from the tidal wave of Mokuton, rendering the threats inert. Madara spent but a few moments doing this, taking in some of Bocc's chakra and the Nine Tail's. With still so much Wood Release infront of him, Madara would once again use it as a mask to hide his disappearance from Rusaku and Bocc's elevated view, this time using Kamui's teleportation.  By absorbing his own body into a spiral space distortion, Madara would once again vanish along with his chakra signature and whatever is attached to his person.

This includes the chains with the already prepared Lion's Closing Roar, threatening once again to bind Rusaku's power and body by the Demonic Chains and Fuinjutsu. If successful, the moment Madara appears at the base of the tree his opponent is on, with his chains  surrounding Rusaku and puppet Bocc, the Otsutsuki would be restricted of any use of chakra as well as movement. With his actions once again masked and the extreme speed of his teleportation, it would be seemingly impossible to be aware of it. But after all the battles the Uchiha has fought in the past, doing the impossible was borderline commonplace, so he'd be mentally prepared for a possible retaliation.

With his barrier still up, Madara would continue to absorb the foreign chakra around him, rendering the pollen ineffective like most ninjutsu against the Preta Path, preventing it from touching his person. However, if Madara's plan works, Rusaku's own jutsu should backfire upon him and Bocc without being able to control the pollen's movement. With the lack of any Flying Thunder God marks place anywhere beside the AOE, inadvertently escaping beforehand would seem improbable.

Fūjutsu Kyūin
Fūinjutsu: Shishi Heikō
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Rusaku on March 22, 2018, 05:51:09 am
Well, things may not go just as Madara thought. As revealed in Boruto chapter 21; page 39&40, when two absorption techniques are used against one another, they cancel out. So when Madara sprouted his barrier in attempts to counter Rusakuís onslaught, he would soon find an unusual result. Upon contact, Madaraís barrier would indeed begin to absorb the nutrients that gave the trees life, but at the same time, the mokuton performed itís duty to deprive the barrier of itís own sustaining force. Unfortunately for Madara, this chain of events would happen the moment the first set of branches touched the edges of his barrier, meaning there remained an entire wave of the exact same trees moving to wash over the Uchiha. An Uchiha that also emoted an intentional hesitation of several moments while the Jinton and Mokuton were being absorbed. Obviously he wasnít thinking that his barrier would meet such a fate, so this plot twist might take him by surprise. Now faced with the threat of impending attacks, only inches away considering the size of the average preta path barrier, Madara lacked the necessary time needed to utilize the Kamui teleportation to its fullest, requiring to swirl entirely into the eye in order to fully move his physical body to the other dimension. Having only just used the intangibility variant of Kamui, it can only be surmised he was using that particular version of the technique to perform that action.

With Madaraís attack likely interrupted, Rusaku shifted the kata he was performing the one necessary for the shadow clone technique. True to nature, two explosions of smoke erupted in front of the Jinchuruki which spawned a duo of clones, mirroring the original in every way. Without hesitation, the two lept into action, disappearing in flashes of golden light. Utilizing their unmatched speed and the visual cover that Madara was so aptly attempting to manipulate to his advantage, the two moved to position himself on the left and right sides of the Uchiha - slightly above the river of trees -  their arms reared back. Thrusting their hands forward, each clone performed the Vacuum wall palm technique, moving to crush the area where Madaraís negative emotions where currently located, using that as a means of tracking the opponent. The Kurama enhanced jutsu would rain down upon Madara, moving to crush him alongside the numerous other attacks that aimed to bombard that location. All of which were manipulated with such finesse that such a combination of assaults could be allowed to happen.

Kage Bunshin
Hakke Kūhekishō x2
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Uchiha Madara on March 24, 2018, 10:45:34 pm
Post on Hold Till Further Notice
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Camel on March 30, 2018, 02:44:41 am
I was called upon to review a complaint made by Madara, the most recent post made by Rusaku was under scrutiny for the actions that were made in the beginning of his post.

Honestly, I don't recall that chapter saying that *all* absorption techniques would negate and cancel each other out if they both clashed. The absorption spheres produced by the Jutsu Absorption Arm are unique to that specific scientific ninja tool and were modeled after the Rinnegan's Preta Path abilities, but it doesn't mean that this weakness would also tie to the actual technique that inspired the creation of the tool to begin with. From my understanding, certain conditions have to be fulfilled in order to negate the usage of chakra absorption techniques, for example. Wood Release: Wood Dragon, requires that you bind the target in place before you can apply this ability.

My ruling is this, Madara can absorb a majority of the onslaught that Rusaku has sent his way and will have time to make use of the teleportation ability of Kamui in attempt to follow with his next set of actions. However, the wind force(not chakra) created from the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall cannot be absorbed and will interrupt the attempted sealing that was made by Madara.

So the first part of Rusaku's post is incorrect with the assumption that the weakness from the scientific tool would effect the ability that it's based from can be retracted, but everything else in his post still stands. The hourglass of posting is turned upside-down and Madara may continue with his post, if no one has any more issues to bring up and discuss with me.   
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Uchiha Madara on April 02, 2018, 03:34:08 am
Ironing Out A Few Last Things
Title: Re: Grim Tidings
Post by: Uchiha Madara on April 10, 2018, 12:56:13 pm
Rusaku and I have come to a mutual agreement on the matter of the fight. This is now considered OOC and the Nine Tails has been yielded to Naruto Uzumaki as the new host.