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Title: | 忍 |
Post by: Ѕhadow on April 08, 2019, 09:40:52 AM
This is a public preview of a WIP system that pulls heavily from D&D elements to be applied to Naruto RP. (Dice rolling included)

0-50 | With 50 to distribute among all four skills
- Determines your accuracy
- Determines your defense
- Determines your hp
- Determines your damage

[Speed is static; meaning no one is faster nor slower than the other. You can RP being as fast as you want, but your opponent can still defend themselves]

-[Items that modify stats and other categories go here]-
Shuriken x3 = 1d6*

--[Rp Reward System]--
100 *points* per post of at least 250 words

--[Mastery System goes here]--
1 mastery point to increase skills and such

--[Jutsu System]--
Attack/defense jutsus
Custom jutsu "finishers"
Basic jutsu everyone has: Clone, Substitution..

--[KG System]--
Treated as 'transformations' needing activation.

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