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Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 19, 2018, 08:51:39 am »
For the duration that this intense sound wave was playing, the hard metallic surface of the dome would reflect the lingering reverberation outward and safely away from the inner chamber of the dome where Kamui was currently located. One thing that Naruto forgot about while he was busy evading his attacks was that the Fresnel lens was still very much active and upon sensing the clone's chakra signature disappear for a slight second due to the usage of the same space-time technique that was used earlier to teleport from one marked location to another. Kamui quickly reposition the gold reflective disc at their new location and sent an horizontal beam of high-temperature focused sunlight towards them in attempt to dispel the clones that were currently forming the Adamantine Sealing Chains.

Now if that didn't work in stopping the clones from forming that chakra chain barrier, this next move would serve to hinder the completion of that technique. "Adamantine Sealing Chains? I have something for that..." Kamui smirked as he activated his Sharingan and clapped his hands, molding his magnetic chakras around his body as the ground underneath him started to crack from the intense gravitational pressure emanating from his chakras. Naruto would at this point probably notice the red gleam in his eyes from afar and the enormous pressure generated from conjuring up this counter-technique wouldn't be too hard to miss as well.

"Fūingaeshi!" Kamui raised his hands in the general direction of this sealing technique, invoking one of his unique counter-measures that he specifically created for combating sealing techniques and since this particular Uzumaki-related technique happened to be classified as a sealing technique. A greenish whirlpool of chakra would stop these Adamantine Sealing Chains mid-way in the air the moment that these chains exited the ground and would try to prevent these clones from even attempting to erect this barrier, thus halting the technique mid-way before it could be completed. If everything went according to plan, each of these chakra chains would be caught in a stasis field due to his magnetic chakras distorting the space around the incoming Fūinjutsu and would remain afloat in this gravitational field for a brief moment.

"You can't surprised me with a jutsu that I am quite familiar with, young man." Kamui wasn't lying about his familiarity with this technique, back in the distant past this retired kage was once married to a hot-headed red-headed woman from Uzushiogakure no Sato. After his brief exchange, he decided to reflect the technique back each of these clones, sending the chains back at them with astonishing speeds. If nothing was done in time, these chakra chains would wrap tightly around each clones from the shoulder down and would quickly constrict these clones up to the point that they wouldn't be able to move.

A noticeable aspect of C.A.I.N was the flexibility of having to not waste so much chakra performing the time consuming task of gathering natural energy for his Slug Sage Mode. This meant for as long as the Natural Energy Assimilation system is operational on C.A.I.N, there were no set time-limit for maintaining his transformation and the possibilities would be endless due the augmentation granted from the transformation; a glowing apparatus in the middle of his chest could be seen from afar.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 13, 2018, 07:36:55 am »
Kamui would act accordingly when he saw that his elemental technique was absorbed and subsequently sent back him with slight delay. "Oho? You can use that technique as well or is that something else entirely?" Kamui was speaking of the usage of the formula seal used to instantly teleport any marked object to that designated location and was astonished to see that there were others out there that had intricate knowledge of it. Naruto might've thought he caught Kamui off-guard with his sudden redirection of former's technique, however the former Kage was able to see through the attack with ease and could see that each of the kunai knives had an explosive payload that were tied to each of them; this was all thanks to his enhanced sense of perception granted by his Slug Sage Mode.

Kamui clapped his hands and added some of his magnetic chakra into the ground, using the former gold weights as a conduit for his next technique. Once his magnetic chakra touched those gold weights, the weights would break down into the material that were made out of; gold dust. This diamagnetic gold dust would start attracting every minuscule speck of gold flakes that happened to be buried deep in the ground below them and would add onto his own repertoire of gold dust that he currently had with him. Kamui extended his left palm outward and clenched his hand into a fist, triggering the manifestation of a thick wall of gold dust that would immediately form a thick protective dome around his body; shielding him from the initial flash bang and downburst that was directed at him.

"This is getting slightly annoying." Kamui muttered as the focused beam of light started baring down on his location, hitting the outer layer of gold dust without much repercussions to his surroundings inside the dome. Gold has a melting point of about 1,948F and with the increasing temperature of the beam of sunlight, it would be wise for him to act accordingly to prevent the heat from building up and destroying his protective dome. Gold is also highly reflective of both light and heat, which meant that he could turn this attack against Naruto with some more gold sand manipulation.

"Enough playing around." Kamui said as the outer layer of gold dust that formed the thick protective barrier around him would start to take shape into a large reflective disc that resembled a large circular mirror. Once the beam of light started hitting the reflective surface area of the gold dust that made up the large disc, the reflective surface would allow him to redirect the concentrated beam of sunlight back at the clones. If he was lucky enough with his endeavors, this redirection of this concentrated beam of light would happen so suddenly that there would be no time to avoid this sudden counter-attack.

"I can't take no chances against someone like you." Kamui decided to manipulate some of the remaining gold dust that he wasn't using in the golden reflective disc above him into a multitude of gold spikes that levitated in front of him. Kamui extended his palm outwards and sent the barrage of gold spikes towards the clones with astonishing pace, hopefully catching them off guard with the impeccable timing of this simultaneous assault. Meanwhile up in the skies, the drones were idly hovering in the air and were watching the events unfold in front of them. These drones were gathering battle data for now and were analyzing the data in an encrypted network that was directly connected to C.A.I.N.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 06, 2018, 09:27:55 pm »
"Battle has engaged, activate protocol 1451." Kamui said as he witness the young man change his demeanor and started to go on the offensive. A glowing teal light could be seen on the abdomen of the cybernetic suit as the command process for gathering natural energy from around him had begun. As this process started, some markings would start appearing on his face, the irises in both his eye turned into a different pigment and both of his pupils became dilated. This unique ability that was built into the cybernetic suit allowed him to passively gather natural energy while he was on the move, making it far much easier to enter his transformation and extend the duration of his Slug Slug Mode for as long as the device was active.

"Laughable." Kamui muttered as his senses were greatly augmented through his Slug Sage Mode, allowing him to sweep his surroundings with far greater accuracy than he could previously gauge. Thankfully through his sensory prowess as a Sage, the gathering of chakra was easily sensed within a moment's notice and the location of that condensed chakra lens was deeply ingrained into the back his mind. Now this man wasn't foolish enough to look upwards towards that lens, so instead of looking at the source of chakra emanating from that technique, he kept his wits about him and turned his attention towards the clones that were performing the technique themselves. What immediately caught his attention was the brandishing of the kunai knives by each respective clones and each knives that were thrown were tracked down by their current path of trajectory. Now he was not willing to take any chances from here on out upon seeing their intent on impaling him with those blades and decided to retaliate with a Sage Art technique.
"Ha! You'll have to do better than that! Senpo! Reppūshō!" Kamui formed a series of three one-handed handseals in rapid succession, after which he started gathering his wind-natured chakras around his body in the form of an aura and made a sweeping motion with his left arm that was similar to a back-hand slap. The chakra aura would immediately form into an extension of his own body and the knives that were thrown at him would suddenly have their original trajectory thrown off-course in mid-air by a surprise downburst; effectively sending the weapons flying backwards in multiple directions. However this sudden powerful gust of wind wouldn't just stop at the kunai knives, in fact each clone would feel the downburst winds created from the technique itself. This meant that if these clones of Naruto were not careful enough, this technique would throw them into turmoil and possibly dispatch some of the clones with the debris gathered from the initial downburst gust that was sent in their direction.

"You're not even taking this seriously, ya know? If you really wanted to take care of that damned fox's vessel, you would break out that technique and give him a taste of what you can really do!" Kamui heard the Shukaku speak to him for a split-moment from within the bowels of his mind with such fervor and acknowledge that in the near future that he would have to break out that technique. "It will have to wait until the moment is right for me, for now I would like to conserve my energy for as long as I possibly can and focus on making this guy waste his chakra with these damn shadow clones. Besides, I still have some other tools that I haven't even broke out yet and those drones are still in the air on stand-by mode until I activate their battle protocol." The voice of the Shodaime responded back to the Shukaku, since he was too busy with his current fight to make his normal appearance within the mental realm that beast resided in and decided to resort to using his mental link with the Shukaku in order to have this inner mental conversation.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Naruto vs Kamui: The Fox and Tanuki Struggle
« on: June 02, 2018, 08:41:08 pm »
Another figure could be seen flying in then distance, a crimson streak of chakra could be seen trailing from the feet of this unknown individual. It wasn't until this figure landed upon the rooftop of a nearby abandoned building, would his identity come into view. The First Hokage, Uchiha Kamui had arrived in what appeared to be a futuristic-looking suit. He would take a few steps forward as one of the panels of his protective mask slid apart to reveal that it was truly the real deal. Kamui had underwent some upgrades in terms of his combat gear and style, and from what it appeared, this man was truly focused on making up for the weaknesses of the flesh. (300 ft away from where Naruto is located.)
"Another high chakra level has detected in the vicinity, the anomaly is located about three-hundred feet away from your location." The artificial intelligence system had scanned the area prior to his landing and was alerting the Shodaime that the target has been acquired. Kamui turn his head in the direction where the anomaly was located, the man raised his hand behind his neck and extended a finger outwards to what appeared to be a small panel that acted as a switch. 'Click' Kamui pressed the button once and let out an exasperated sigh, the first thing that Naruto would notice was that two disc-shaped objects appeared from behind him. These drones were built specifically for combat purposes and both of these combat drones quickly ascended into the air until it was out of view.

One this was done, Kamui leap off the rooftop of the building and decided to close the gap between them. He would position himself upon a nearby water tower and could be seen more plainly from this distance than his previous location. Kamui took a final leap off the tower and landed onto the ground below, creating a small impact crater as he briskly landed on his feet unscathed from such a high distance.

"C.A.I.N. engage combat mode, remove all chakra limiters and start the nature energy assimilation system on my mark." Kamui issued the command to the A.I. system that was built into his futuristic cybernetic suit, which was immediately complied with upon issued, various 'whirring' sounds were heard throughout the whole process. This should be not only an interesting sight for Naruto, but also a rather difficult fight due to the advance technology that was at his disposal. As the man would transition into his 'combat mode', four small weights ejected themselves from multiple area of his body. Upon landing on the ground, these weights would make miniscule impact craters, indicating that these weights were no ordinary training weights.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Shodaime Hokage. I can tell by looking at you that you're quite strong, but how will you fare against someone like me? I will show you how helpless you truly are by giving you a glimpse of my 'true' power..." Kamui said as he assumed his fighting stance, the loose dirt around him started to get thrown into the air from his chakras that were flaring wildly around his body. The air pressure generated from this remarkable display could be felt from the distance that Naruto was situated at and could only be described as a frightening display of power that could only be achieved by a Kage-level shinobi.

I hereby challenge you for that Nine-Tailed Fox! *cue suspenseful music*

PM has been sent to the account that is currently the host of Kurama and we can discuss everything from there.


This message is pretty much self-explanatory. (I want a shot at obtaining that Gedou Mazou!)

Bijuu Arena / Re: Current In-game Jinchūriki and Summoners
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:16:46 am »
I have formally given up my possession of the 5-tails.

Thanks for letting everyone know, but I have a question...two questions actually. Are you letting someone else take reigns of the Five-Tails or just letting us know that it's up for grabs for now?

Bijuu Arena / Re: Grim Tidings
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:44:41 am »
I was called upon to review a complaint made by Madara, the most recent post made by Rusaku was under scrutiny for the actions that were made in the beginning of his post.

Honestly, I don't recall that chapter saying that *all* absorption techniques would negate and cancel each other out if they both clashed. The absorption spheres produced by the Jutsu Absorption Arm are unique to that specific scientific ninja tool and were modeled after the Rinnegan's Preta Path abilities, but it doesn't mean that this weakness would also tie to the actual technique that inspired the creation of the tool to begin with. From my understanding, certain conditions have to be fulfilled in order to negate the usage of chakra absorption techniques, for example. Wood Release: Wood Dragon, requires that you bind the target in place before you can apply this ability.

My ruling is this, Madara can absorb a majority of the onslaught that Rusaku has sent his way and will have time to make use of the teleportation ability of Kamui in attempt to follow with his next set of actions. However, the wind force(not chakra) created from the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall cannot be absorbed and will interrupt the attempted sealing that was made by Madara.

So the first part of Rusaku's post is incorrect with the assumption that the weakness from the scientific tool would effect the ability that it's based from can be retracted, but everything else in his post still stands. The hourglass of posting is turned upside-down and Madara may continue with his post, if no one has any more issues to bring up and discuss with me.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: 5-tails IC hunt Setup (Eric v Sabumaru)
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:42:28 pm »
Huh, thought I missed out on some of the guidelines that I will following for this bijuu match. I figured that I was only acting as a gamemaster and wouldn't be involved in anything that is related to the job of the judge. However, despite the complexity of this hunt, I am still willing to volunteer my time until this is over and done with.

From reading the other thread, I will make the second post and describe the environment, from there it will continue down the line until I am up again for a BGM post. Which shouldn't be much of hassle for me, unless something occurs later on in the month that will eat away any free time that I have and if that happens, I'll be bummed out like I usually am when I have to be an adult.

Which leads me to this final question: if the BGM misses the four-day deadline for a post, who will do that BGM post or will the post from the BGM be skipped?

PS: I am ready to start whenever you guys are.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: 5-tails IC hunt Setup (Eric v Sabumaru)
« on: October 17, 2017, 05:26:52 am »
Sabumaru contacted me and asked me if I could volunteer as BGM for the IC hunt, which I generally accepted.

If I read everything correctly from Eric's rules, I will assume the role of NPC of my choosing and have it spy/witness him out in the open training with Kokuō, which will subsequently alert Sabumaru to his location. After that, well the whole hunt scenario would begin for everyone and my role from there forth would be to witness this team battle that will ultimately decide the winner between dynamic duo of Eric(Dragon Heart) and Soya (Master of the Stink) or uncanny team-up of Sabumaru(Cannibal Man and Dart(Terumi Datō). (Feel free to correct me if I misread anything or missed something.)

Bijuu Arena / Re: Current In-game Jinchūriki and Summoners
« on: September 09, 2017, 10:10:21 pm »
List needs to be updated.

Updated to the current format.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
« on: September 02, 2017, 06:53:51 pm »
Jay has requested a 7 day extension to his posting time. In accordance with the Biju rules, it does not appear as if I can decline. His next post is due on the 9th, I think.

A Host or Challenger who fails to make a post to the RP match once every 7 days, without posting a notice of absence to the forum host thread in question, will forfeit the match. During this forfeit, the bijuu will either remain with the host, in the event of challenger inactivity, or be transferred to the challenger, in the event of host inactivity.

According to the bijuu rules, Jay himself is supposed to let everyone know about his extension or any sort of absence that may hinder him from posting as scheduled; this is something that *he* also needs to address or otherwise it'll be a forfeit.

Preferred Method: 1 VS 1 IC

Affiliation: Konohagakure no Sato

Preferred Zone: Plains or Empty Town

Preferred Judge: Genesis, Tomi, Shadow, Miyuu, Eric, Warren or Tobias (I really have no set preference when it comes to picking a judge, only thing that matters is our choice for judge isn't a council member due to the rules.)

Bijū Mastery: Full Mastery/Tailed Beast Mode

Challenge List: [None]

My Rules

-The preferred match is to be a one versus one *IC* death match. However the match will be defaulted to OOC, if that player doesn't agree to *IC* terms of engagement.

-Victory for the challenger is the defeat of the host through any means necessary, and vice versa. Death in the fight does NOT equate to death IC, unless such a term was agreed upon by both parties.

-Even if you use clones or summons, you still only get 3 actions. This rule is final and non-negotiable.

-I implore you, please don't metagame or retro-post, since doing so will result you in having to use your only repost to fix something that could've been easily avoided by simply proof-reading your posts beforehand.

-Skills acquired during an OOC match are not carried over IC. Similarly, knowledge of the participants' abilities do NOT carry over to IC RP.

-Can only use skills that are known IC at the official start of the match. No borrowing from others. No immediate power ups within the match.

-Discussion of non-allowed techniques will vary by each challenger and can be discussed via PM only.

-Don't be afraid to get hit and I won't be afraid to get hit. I understand that this is a game of words and you're reading and responding to what's going to happen at any given time, but you cannot use that knowledge to give your character any sense of a way around it. I.E. If it's not revealed by a character's words or actions, then you can't act upon it.

-Inflammatory, racial, harassing, or abusive language aimed at each other in the match or in PM will result in an immediate void of the challenge. If this is done by the challenger, (s)he loses all rights to ever challenge the current Jinchūriki. If this is done by the host, he loses the match and bijū given to the challenger.

-I don't mind any sort trash-talking dialogue during the match, but let's keep it civil and strictly between our character(s). In case of a dispute during the match, no one should bring anything personal and off-topic into the matter. If found guilty of doing so in the match or in another thread, you will forfeit the match by default; this rule applies to both competitors.

-You can't be aware of something that your character shouldn't be aware of. This ties into the last void rule on a much more absolute scale. This means everything, Location, State of Being, Techniques used, Seals used, Sensing concealed Chakra. (IE: Don't ridiculous in terms of engagement, like having your eyes open while using Mind's Eye of Kagura.)

-If there's a technique or any piece of equipment that either party wants, they can put those on the line as well. Though seeing as how I have a bijuu, you can only chose one thing from me, while I can attempt to get two things from you (If you don't have a bjiu as well).

-If you found a way to bring a technique from out of the Naruto world, I would like to know the logic on how you're using to claim it. I'm an understanding person, so I'm not going to make a big deal about it, unless it happens to be truly a ridiculous technique that doesn't make sense in the Naruto/Boruto lore.

-In the event that the host is defeated, the new host has the cool-down challenge period time-frame to either accept the special regulations for the tailed beast or completely re-write or alter the special rules. If they do not post their own variant by the beginning of the next challenge, then it is to be assumed that they comply with the previous special regulations, which means they will inherit any challenge list that the former had.

-If host defeated in an *IC* manner, the challenger must allow the host to finish up any roleplay that may involve having the beast, then a reasonable RP will be concluded as to how the beast transferred hands.

Judge(s) Information

-A judge *must* be picked before or during the first round of initial entrance posting by both parties. If the chosen judge makes a ruling that is deemed ridiculous by either party, the matter must be brought to the forums for a final decision by the community.

-If, by some chance, the match should reach a point of true stalemate after a minimum of 30 days then a judge may be called in to determine a winner based on how the fight has progressed up to this point. Both participants must request this of the judge in person (I.E. Both fighters MUST send a PM for this option.) If this is chosen, then the judge may declare a  winner based on these criteria:

      Who effectively manipulated the flow of the battle the best? The strategy employed (based on the posts) may have been defensive and attrition-based, but was it effective in the long run in wearing down the opponent?

      What caused the stalemate? The challenger being unable to defeat the challenged, or vice versa? Is it constant cancellation of jutsu and techniques by both sides, or merely one side taking refuge in a relatively inaccessible area (such as pocket dimension) in order to avoid defeat entirely?

      Who showed the greatest skill in the fight? This is completely and utterly at the discretion of the judge. The judge's decision is final on the matter, regardless of accusations of cheating or bribery or otherwise. This should be kept in mind when deciding on a judge for the fight.

-If neither side can be conclusively declared the winner, then the fight either proceeds or a draw is declared. In the case of a draw, the challenger may rejoin the queue of challengers after the latest challenger without having to wait for cool-down (this circumvention for the benefit of the challenger for not technically being declared the loser, though by not succeeding the host can be considered a winner in this situation.) Keep in mind that this is a technical victory for the host, so unless the challenger truly believes that a restart is necessary to increase victory chances, then it is not recommended to settle for a draw without reviewing this process a second time.


-Prefers SL forum, as it is most useful for fights where long periods of time may pass between postings, serves as a record of the fight's progress for other challengers, and for that damned time-out option.

-Must post at least once every seven days. Though if a pattern of postings persists (I.E. If either player stretches their posting to the full seven days each and every post without prior notification to the other), then the challenge will be voided. The cool-down will be initiated to challenger (if challenger is problem) and the host will be stripped (if host's activity is problem).

-All measurement units to be used in U.S. Customary Units. (I.E. No meters, kilometers, etc. Use feet, yards, miles, and etc. This rule is default, unless it is agreed upon by both parties that the usage of the metric system will be acceptable in the match.)

-Everyone gets one re-post only. Re-posts are only made to fix an issue that was brought up by the judge, so proofread your posts beforehand, since the slightest mistakes will cost you dearly.

-Modifying an entire post to save yourself or completely change your character's strategy is an automatic disqualification from the match. (See inactive clause for consequences.) Edits are NOT allowed. An edited post is an automatic disqualification. A brand new "Reply" must be made so there is a full history of the entire fight for judge and other readers.

-Take this into consideration when posting your response, any little mistakes that I see in your post will be your Achilles' heel and I am not afraid to capitalize on these mistakes. This is a fighting-style role playing game, so it's only logical that I have priority to act upon this, when you make these small mistakes and I respond to them accordingly. (I.E. PROOF-READ YOUR POSTS)


-Running away from the fight will result in you losing the match, no if ands or buts about it.

-Using your chakras to FTG to my location, no you can't insta-transport anywhere without first placing/emoting a seal beforehand.

-Basically keep an archive of everything you claim to have/use and rp in a normal manner on the narutoprofile wiki or another custom page. Please do not try to create a technique during the match without some sort of description that details the effect of your "trump card". If you don't want provide a description for the technique, you have the option of using your only repost to rectify this, so I can respond accordingly. If no repost are available, the judge will make a final ruling and judge the match then and there as a whole. Sorry. \_(ツ)_/

(Mostly) Non-Negotiable Voids

* Swift Release.
* Senjutsu-enhanced Dust Release techniques.
* Rinnegan + Sage Mode or Tenseigan + Sage Mode.
* Tenseigan.
* Truth-Seeking Balls.
* Kekkei Mora.
* Custom Kekkei Genkai that hasn't a reasonable explanation in the Naruto lore.
* Custom Sage Modes that deviate from the standard three-times multiplier that is given with the standard Toad Sage Mode.
* Claims of immunity to Ototon or having a "special ear device" that can cancel out Ototon.
* Claims of immunity to Genjutsu through some nonsense, like having a special set of Ray-Bans that can block out the chakras from Yin Release.
* Body Revival Technique. (When used to survive the Hachimon Tonkō no Jin)
* Demon empowerment, soul empowerment, vampirism, etc. Pretty much anything that doesn't make sense in the Naruto lore.
* Borrowing resets when you already have resets.
* Uchiha Return.
* Chakra Edible Creation.
* Spirit Transformation Technique.
* Any Yamanaka Clan techniques.
* Hijutsu: Kirisame.
* Anything that we talked about in PMs that are not allowed to be use in this fight.
* Izanami.
* Kotoamatsukami.
* Using the intangibility of Kamui more than twice in succession without having a cool-down post.
* If you have Kamui with other MS Jutsu (Such as Amaterasu or Tsukiyomi). It's either Kamui/Susano'o or Tsukiyomi/Amaterasu/Susano'o. Pick one set of techniques or the other.
* Using Izanagi to circumvent the negative effects of the Gate of Death.
* Any of the recent Rikudou powered abilities, which includes using Tomoe-Rinnegan or Rinne-Sharingan as a medium for using these techniques.
* Claiming to use an "undodgable/unavoidable/unblockable" attack.
* Just happening to have "a seal" that eliminates one or more of your weaknesses.
* Non Zetsu Mayfly.
* Strongest Shield (This ability is never used correctly.)
* Absurd scientific nonsense like: Absolute Zero, Traveling at or faster than the speed of light with no affiliation to Storm Release, Traveling at or faster than the speed of sound with no affiliation to Sound Release, Traveling at the speed of darkness with no affiliation to Dark Release, Regeneration from near-fatal attacks without the usage of Medical Ninjutsu, Using Nature Energy in it's pure form and coincidentally not suffering from the petrification effects of using undiluted natural energy, and other nonsense like surviving without more than half of your body due to your custom Deadpool abilities.   

Any further questions, please PM me on Shinobi Legends or here on the forums.

**Everything here is subject to change upon the Jinchūriki's discretion.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Uchiha vs Miyamoto - Challenge for the Shukaku (OOC)
« on: August 15, 2017, 08:49:11 pm »
Umehara was on three days ago and never responded back to me, when I told her that I had posted, and the timer was ticking down. I was hoping for a interesting and intense battle, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Shukaku is mine and I'll have a preference up by the end of the day. Two week cool-down will start from today and will be active until the 29th of August.

Thread locked and unstuck.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Uchiha vs Miyamoto - Challenge for the Shukaku (OOC)
« on: August 08, 2017, 05:38:55 am »
Another figure could be seen flying in then distance, a violet streak of chakra could be seen trailing from the feet of this unknown individual. It wasn't until this figure landed upon the other end of the plateau, would his identity come into view--The First Hokage, Uchiha Kamui had arrived in what appeared to be a futuristic-looking suit, one of the panels of his protective mask slid apart to reveal that it was truly the real deal. Kamui had underwent some upgrades in terms of his combat gear and style, and from what it appeared, this man was truly focused on making up for the weaknesses of the flesh. (300 ft away from where Umehara is located.)
"Traces of Shukaku's chakras are detected in the vicinity, anomaly is located about three-hundred feet away from your location." The artificial intelligence system had scanned the area prior to his landing and was alerting the Shodaime that the target has been acquired. Kamui turn his head in the direction where the anomaly was located, the man raised his hand behind his neck and extended a finger outwards to what appeared to be a small panel that acted as a switch. 'Click' Kamui pressed the button once and let out an exasperated sigh, the first thing that Umehara would notice was that Kamui's chakra levels would be cut by about twenty-percent, leaving him with about eighty-percent of his chakras pool until it deemed it worthy to use more.

"C.A.I.N. engage combat mode, set chakra limitations at eighty percent until protocol deems it necessary to remove the remaining two limiters." Kamui issued the command to the A.I. system that was built into his futuristic cybernetic suit, which was immediately complied with upon issued, various 'whirring' sounds were heard throughout the whole process. This should be not only an interesting sight for Umehara, but also a rather difficult fight due to the advance technology that was at full-display. As the man would transition into his 'combat mode', the dirt around him kicked up into the air as his chakras flared wildly around his body, such a frightening display of power was a feat that could only be achieved by a Kage-level shinobi.

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