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Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: January 16, 2020, 01:14:36 PM »
Reibi's chakra would fluctuate as his attention was divided between what Jay was saying, what he was doing, and the overall battle. Sure, Jay had a point in that the information had to be protected, but Draco's forces were still relegated to the air while his forces had all the ground control. It was at this point that he would also take into account an apparent breach near where Pyro was being kept, having lost communication with some of the dragons left to guard him.

All of this summed up to the decision that Reibi would make next as the scrolls slipped from the current plane and into the shadows. His chakra flow very briefly stopped before resuming normal flow again; the forces outside had their orders and their chain of command. Right now, for Reibi, the greatest threat in the area was Jay.

Reibi shouted as an order,
"Drain him of his chakra and seize him! We cannot allow him to escape!"

While leaving the Limited Zone would be a task, Jay would have no trouble sensing his marker on the ever brightening corpse of the deceased dragon. His window for taking advantage of it without risk was dwindling though, as the ever convoluted signs of a jutsu began to take place, funneling all of the earlier chakra and technique formulae into the massive spire-like horns. The previous earthen cover around the horns would begin to crumble away, revealing a near blinding light that would temporairly blind and startle Draco's forces.

 No doubt still having his Mind's Eye active, Jay's familiarity with space-time ninjutsu (having employed two different but conceptually related ones) would suggest to him that Spyral Gate was the horns, and that whatever jutsu was required to trigger it had been, well, triggered.

In the meantime, the 7 other dragons in the Strategic Room had their orders; while by this point it would be too late to stop the shadow jutsu using their chakra consumption abilities [Reference reply #28 for the last time this ability was utilized], they would be able to deal with Jay's explosive release chakra. Just as the scorch release fireballs had been quickly extinguished by this move, so too would the webbing out tendrils of explosive release chakra; assuming Jay did not do anything, he would find his own strength begin to rapidly drain, though with Jay's likely sizeable chakra pool at this stage of his life it would take far more than a few moments (IE, more than 2 turns) for his chakra to be drained to the levels that Pyro had been drained to earlier. Not to mention there weren't as many dragons engaged in the technique this time.

However, the chakra consumption would limit his options for counterattack, as standard ninjutsu attacks would just have their chakra rapidly consumed.

Meanwhile, despite being in great pain, Eric noticed the other dragon going for Pyro. Eric once again utilized the walking on shadow tehcnique, but rather than on his own shadow, he instead used it on the conjoined shadow of Pyro and his dragon attackers, particularly areas of contact. After all, the shadow curse allowed Eric to manipulate the cursed shadows (a level of the curse was noted to have been on Pyro back in reply 22), and though there was a dragon on fire in the room, the close proximity of Pyro to his attackers mean it was highly likely that their shadows were connected at some point. While this wouldn't have much of an effect on the dying dragon's grip, it would keep the attacking dragon from piercing Pyro's skin with his teeth as the shadow would remain solid despite the great pressure.

It was a stopgat measure at best though; Eric restored the walking on shadow technique on his now bleeding feet as well. Still holding onto his sword, Eric had to take a moment to gather himself and focus on his next plan of action. After all, he had intended the walking on shadow technique to only be used on himself in a fashion akin to walking on water; the forceful and rather determined attempt by the other dragon to pierce Pyro added odd variables to the jutsu's maintenance. 

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: January 11, 2020, 04:04:53 PM »
[Apologies for the long long long delay in posting.]

Jay would be able to move his shadows into position with relative ease, for most of the dragons in the room seemed less concerned with him and more concerned with the battle raging on outside. Roars and shouts were hardly muffled by the location of the strategic room. Initial panic had begun to give way to organized resistance, and the different sides began to become more clearly defined as battle lines were drawn. Draco's forces, the aggressors here, had been forced to remain in the air above, with the ground fortifications and the raised dragon corpse of Ignitus, still covered in the earthen exterior, the focal point for most of the defending dragons under Reibi's command.

A circle of the defending dragons had gathered about the corpse, hissing out a chant in a tongue very different than before, their chakras flared and beginning to interact with the centerpiece. Natural energy was being funnelled towards it, and almost as if in response, the horns of the massive dragon also began to glow, the remainder of the skeleton becoming riddled with tendrils of chakra.

Back to the metaphorical Situation Room, these activities seemed to consume much of Reibi's attention, until he noticed the scrolls beginning to slip from their resting place and into Jay's shadow. They would not be taken immediately in this fashion, as standard space-time travel was limited in this area (see Reply 16. I didn't explicitly marker a point where it would be impossible to use space-time to leave so entering things into the pocket dimension is still reasonable), giving enough time for Reibi to spin towards Jay with a mixture of surprise and anger, wings flaring outward and chakra raging.

"What do you think you are doing?! Those scrolls contain information vital to to the defense of Mons! Release them at once!"

At this point the other dragons still in the Strategic Room (totaling about 7 excluding Reibi) would momentarily stop, their own alarm prompting them to pay more attention to Jay. For the first time their impression that Jay was on their side began to waver. Commander Reibi drawing attention to the fact that Jay was trying to make off with one of the scrolls factored in greatly to their wavering trust, in addition to this, by this point 2 of them (being chakra sensors) had also noticed explosive release chakra forming in the wall behind Jay.

The stunned but free from Pyro's clutches dragon's put two and two together in Eric's appearance and the worsened condition of its comrades.

"You are going to pay for that!"

As the words spilled from his mouth and his breath collected in preparation for releasing a stream of fire, Eric already had begun collecting chakra in his own body, mixing it with his special "sticky spit" and expelling it in the form of a bright, adhesive, and senjutsu-enhanced bullet of liquid fire. (Ryūkan: Nento Endan; Dragon Fire Release: Sticking Spit Fire Bullet)

When the burst of fire and the bullet of liquid fire clashed, the bullet of liquid fire would preveal, splattering all over the dragon and knocking the dragon off of its feet. While the dragon howled in surprise and some pain as it was literally on fire, Eric physically returned to a more human look, his sage mode inconveniently peetering out at this point. The side-effect of leaving sage mode, the tiredness that accompanied, disrupted Eric's maintaining of the walking on shadow technique, causing him to make true connection with the floor. His feet pierced by the sharp glass-like floor he had taken note of earlier, Eric howled in pain and reflexively jumped backwards, only to find that he was simply jumping onto more sharps.

Pyro slashed open the neck of the dragon he had managed to get into his claw; the other that had been bashed by his tail rolled along the ground away from Pyro, slightly cutting itself along the way back to its feet. Enraged at Pyro's mortal wounding of the other dragon, this dragon howled in anger and, for the time being ignoring Eric, lunged towards Pyro. Pyro might would have gotten in another tail strike, but the swiftly bleeding out dragon, in a final act, clamped its jaws in a death grip onto one of Pyro's arms, immobilizing him just enough to allow him to be pinned. As light began to fade from one dragon's eyes, another made a final lunge towards Pyro's neck, intending on retaliating in a fairly karmic fashion.

*Edit, Reibi doesn't have wings

Bugreports / Services no longer required page in forest
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:42:36 PM »

Recently coming back and playing a bit, I remember healing in the forest and getting a "you're now better" (paraphrasing) page with an image of a medical ninja on it. Now, I instead get the page for if I had clicked heal option when I"m at full health.


1) Go to the forest anywhere in SL. In this particular case I was in the Kirigakure forest.
2) Fight a creature and lose any amount of HP
3) In the left menu, choose any of the heal options. In this case I chose the full heal one
4) Instead of a page with a medical ninja picture, you instead just get the text that "healing servies aren't required" (again, paraphrasing)

All That Is Bijuu / Re: Turtle and monkey
« on: August 24, 2019, 05:54:29 PM »
So dwelling RPs count now? Was the rule below modified, because if it is, I will have to update the one in the wiki... and someone else should update the one here in the forum...

No, dwelling RP's do not count towards public posting activity. Discussion/execution of the activity clause is a useful resource for coming to the conclusion that dwelling RP's do not count, outside of the fact that dwellings are not inherently "public".

In one instance I even referenced the rather difficult to find via search function (I tried before posting, though to be fair I could just be rusty) set of discussions regarding the activity rule itself in the Biju Rules Workshop, and activity rules in general.44,9500.msg237214.html#msg237214

Village Square / Re: Edo Tensei Tobias AWOL
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:34:46 AM »
I agree with the replacement as well. However, since it has literally been years since the post was lasts updated, an updated list of users on the whole would be nice as well. I can make the change if someone gives the intel.

* Nevermind on the request for info, the wikia has it.

Village Square / Re: Edo Tensei Tobias AWOL
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:58:12 PM »
Was told an actual vote needed to happen here to take the 'teacher' spot from Tobias in the Edo Tensei Teacher < Student pairing.

Tobias has been inactive for 179 days and has seemed to quit Shinobi Legends. Via circumstances he took Ryoji's spot in the Teacher spot while Uematsu Tomi was the Student spot.

Is he sufficiently inactive to be considered for removal of his Edo Tensei Teacher Spot or no?

Who should be voting on this matter? Is it the general public, only Edo Tensei affiliated peeps? The Official Edo Tensei guidelines do not address succession beyond the death of the teacher or student freeing up a slot:

Teacher:Student rule.  "Teachers" are allowed to teach a single person Edo Tensei. Once done, neither teacher nor student can share the technique, unless one or the other dies.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Current In-game Jinchūriki and Summoners
« on: January 03, 2019, 06:47:18 AM »

Council / Re: Inactive Hosts Protocol
« on: January 02, 2019, 08:15:03 AM »
Then I guess itís settled and now I have the 7, unless anyone objects?

Once you make your post in the 7-tails thread regarding preferences, affiliations, etc. then I will update the current list of jinchurikii.

Council / Re: Inactive Hosts Protocol
« on: January 01, 2019, 06:50:23 AM »
So does that mean since jestar has been offline for 18 plus days I can put in for chomei? If so I would like to do so.

It's as good as yours.

Then, can new dibs be called again? By me? Right now?

That depends on the current situation of the beast.

 Uchiha Madara challenged Ray for the  7-tailed beast back in May according to the respective challenge thread, and Ray said that he was "busy". Presumably he became unbusy as eventually he the two fought both Madara and Athos over the 6-tails here,9499.0.html  (Madara),9495.0.html  (Athos)

Chronologically, the Athos fight came first, and Athos' challenge is recorded in the 6-tails challenge thread. However, there is no record of Madara challenging Ray for the 6-tails in the challenge thread, and yet, there was a fight and, according to this post, an exchange of tailed beasts from the fight:

Ray chuckled and tossed the scroll containing the 6 tails towards the regenerating man. "Good answer~"He Began his own healing of his wounds which wouldn't take as long thanks to the Rebei's healing ability with the dark chakra. "Now what exactly do I get to learn?"

Uchiha Madara did not officially challenge Ray for the 6-tails, but he did officially challenge him for the 7-tails. Presumably, based off of this evidence, the held off challenge from the 7-tails thread instead became a fight for the 6-tails, meaning that Uchiha Madara's challenge for the 7-tails was fulfilled.

In that case, it depends on the activity of Ray. If Ray has gone inactive, then since it is outside of a currently active biju battle, then the Biju Council should be notified so that Ray can be stripped of the tailed beast.

Some of the active members of the Biju Council, earlier last year (man how time flies) in this thread stated that their default decision would be to give the beast to the latest challenger, which at this point would be Sabumaru, so yes, it can be claimed now by Sabumaru. This is assuming that Ray has not publicly posted a RP post somewhere in the SL world within the last 14 days and that any potential appeals to the Biju Council do not have the beast going anywhere else.

TLDR: If Ray's last public RP post was later than 14 days ago, then barring an appeal to the biju council for deliberation, then yes Sabumaru, you may claim the tailed beast as yours.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Current In-game Jinchūriki and Summoners
« on: December 28, 2018, 09:16:10 PM »
I apologize to all for not keeping this list more up to date.

List has been updated based on the challenge threads. I am operating under the assumption that the last posted ruleset was posted by the current owner, per the biju rules. If the fact is contrary to that, let me know so that we can get it sorted out.

Council / Re: Potential inactivity: Jay Nara
« on: July 14, 2018, 12:02:26 AM »
I do have to address the issue if we allow this event to take precedent. The reason we have the activity rules at all, referring to public posts, is to ensure that beast hosts are available to find in RP. At least that's what I see as the "spirit" of the rules as you refer, Eric.

If we allow NPC posts to be considered activity, then what's to stop someone from demanding the need for an IC hunt, refuse to allow orchestrated hunts like with Sabu and you, lock themselves away in a pocket dimension, and continue to post forever as NPCs to keep up with their activity...

Hosts can't demand the need for an IC hunt and refuse to allow orchestrated hunts because:

...Players cannot hunt and capture a biju IC outside of a biju hunt. If the host is killed in a RP unrelated to the biju hunt, then the biju will go to the Biju Council. There are no guarantees that the biju may go anywhere else after that (IE, challengers who challenged for a biju OOCly or IC hunt do not necessarily get first picks if this happens), but the Council must grant the biju to a player no later than 2 months after the biju first gets into its possession, unless a tournament or other event is on-going for the beast.

A host cannot require an IC hunt without abiding by the orchestrated guidelines and negotiating with the hunter(s). A hunter cannot just up and ambush a host IC outside of a biju hunt and immediately get the beast by unsealing or what have you.

Whether or not hosts or hunters have been taking this into account in the past few months is beyond my current knowledge, but OOC fights are still the most popular for good reason.

However, if you want, you can propose a discussion/vote on a rule change explicitly stating that the post requirements for activity must be IC with the biju holding character.

Biju Rules Workshop:,8578.msg225815.html#msg225815,8578.msg224647.html#msg224647,8578.msg224651.html#msg224651

Inactivity proposal for RP items:,8868.msg229056.html#msg229056

In-Match Activity Requirements:,8830.msg228508.html#msg228508

These are a few prominent examples I have regarding how Activity rule posts are considered. What are the thoughts of the other Council Members? So far the count is:

Dart - Activity RP posts cannot be NPC posts
Eric - Activity RP posts can be NPC posts

After doing my bit of research though, I'm leaning more on Dart's position than my initial one.

Council / Re: Potential inactivity: Jay Nara
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:14:52 AM »
I meant it to be, considering my circumstances. Which was why I chose it to react to the man's post instead of making it something separate.

I wanted a few extra techniques to be finished before I made my return, but I don't want to encounter this situation again, so I'll just do so.


In Jay's defense to some degree, I have made similarly "lazy" posts as activity on my own in order to fufuill my activity quota, but it was always my actual character, sitting in a zone inviting a challenge.

Example: Rusaku sits down atop the roof of a building within the empty township and waits for incoming challengers, fluctuating his chakra so he can be found.

While even that is more involved than Jay's post, I still got guff from other players for being lazy. So I'm not exactly a good example. 
I don't personally like the idea of it being an NPC post, and not Jay himself, but I'm not familiar with what the rules actually mandate in that regard. I'm interested in your take, Eric. I also want to hear about the private dwelling RP being considered public activity and if it fulfills the aforementioned quota.

Don't get me wrong, length is not the factor as long a it passes for actual roleplaying and not just chatter or something of that sort.,9118.msg232145.html#msg232145

As far as the rules go, if you search for the acronym "RP" (Match Case) you can see all of the instances in which it is used in the current set of rules. From that you could say that in general, RP as far as the rules are concerned refers to the stream of events that influences characters in the SL RP world, IE, IC events. It does not per say have to be the player's own character that they are playing as, as long as it's a post that is a part of the public RPing sphere. That is how I am looking at it at the moment.

If you want to speak on the spirit of the rule, a few forum searches can probably dig up more information on that.

According to our current rules, there HAS to be a PUBLIC post that the Host/Summoner posts about. As far as Iím aware, this means it has to be the individual in charge of the beast in order to allow IC paths to play out as need be. Not NPC posts created by the person.

In the "Forum Account and Challenging the Host" section, the terms "host" and "challenger" are regularly used to refer to players rather than characters. As a result, as long as it is verifiably Jay the player making the public RP post, then as the rules are written, the RP post is valid.

Council / Re: Potential inactivity: Jay Nara
« on: July 13, 2018, 05:14:25 AM »
Uzushiogakure at 11:03pm EST, excerpt:

(1d7h) Sugoi nodded, pushing himself back to his feet. He'd grab his coat and pull it on, the replace his sunglasses and pick up his cloak and mask before accepting the packet from the small woman, "Sure thing. Should have it in a day or so." he replied, and began to show himself out, giving her a firm -
> (1d7h) Sugoi - pat on the shoulder as he passed, "Oh, would you let the woman in charge know I'm heading back her way? And tell the kids not to play by the river." he added, seemingly completely serious, despite the fact that the two sentences had nothing to do with each other, and he made no mention of -
> (1d7h) Sugoi - who the kids in question were.
> (16h45m) <未来> Mr. Jay |Somewhere in the world, some kids were playing by the river...

There is no need to debate IC or OOC here, but given the context and from what you've said in this thread, is that really a RP post?

Rules/Foundation / Keeping track of beast transitions
« on: May 25, 2018, 04:22:25 AM »
A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.


In cleaning up the Mazou thread I came across a conundrum where, for record keeping purposes (especially in the longer term) I thought it necessary to keep at the bare minimum a few posts to explain the transition. While my intentions for a challenger thread would have been to keep a record of all official challenges and transitions that have occurred ever via different challenge threads or all kept in one per beast, as there had been some initial resistance to adopting official challenge threads way back when. As one can tell by the challenge threads, that has not necessarily been the way the threads have been kept since then as previous challengers' records have been deleted on numerous occasions.

Bearing that in mind, I stopped at removing the challenges after Yomi's but before her claim post because I am not sure if leaving just hers would serve the purpose of record keeping, or if we are even doing that at all.

There was the record keeping in the "current in-game jinchurikii and summoners" thread but that too is an incomplete record at this current point in time.

So, my question is, how are we, if at all, do we keep track of beast changing hands beyond who is the "current" host?

Just wondering if the rule for mastery includes IC berserk events. Like say I've mastered Version 1 but in an out of control state, enter Version 2. Is that a no go? Or is it only if I claim to be in control of the Version 2 state as I would Version 1?

Going into berserk state is an automatic forfeit in a biju mach:

If a host goes over their mastery for any reason at any time during a biju match, it is considered an automatic forfeit by the host.

Outside of a battle for the beast (even an IC one), like for training or RPing an event that cannot be classified as a biju match of any kind, then while it still counts as going over mastery, it can be done without forfeit of the beast. But if it is done in a setting that could as a biju match, then it is a no go no matter what from what I have read of this rule.

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