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Spam / Re: Forum Activity for the sake of activity. Covid 19
« on: July 01, 2020, 06:34:52 AM »
As an essential employee, my routine didn't change much. I didn't get out much anyways, so the theater and bar closures weren't too much of a downer. Legit, the worst thing about it is that it increased my hesitance to travel and visit family with my time off.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Current In-game Jinchūriki and Summoners
« on: May 22, 2020, 04:31:44 AM »
Wow it's been a long time, updated!

Yomi did accept the challenge, however Madara has ever since been trying to find IC leads as to the whereabouts of the Jinchuriki, so a battle itself never commenced.

Did you two talk about how the RP was to commence? Is that what you two agreed on? If so then, well, ok, that would count as an ongoing challenge and I'd have to wonder who went inactive first while the challenge was fresh. I likely wonder in vain since, considering the timeframe, that question is probably unanswerable (Konoha board only goes back ~ 178 days, and that's with it being inactive!).

At the time of the challenge, there were IC hunt biju rules in place. I and Sabu, I think, were the first to attempt to try to do an IC hunt following those rules (the setup phase did not end decisively, thread here:,9477.0.html ) and from that experience I can empathize with you two not wanting to go through the literal execution of the IC hunt as laid out in the rules.

Still, the spirit of the IC hunt rules was for you guys to at least have a discussion about making a confrontation/contest possible.

Anyways, with what info is on hand and presented so far, it can be claimed that, at least as of recent, Yomi went inactive during the challenge, and so Madara would get the beast, and would have to honor Hazama's challenge (assuming he's still challenging).

Thanks for your reply Eric! :) I will gladly take my place as summoner of the Mazo!

And even though Madara's claim is as old as fuck, I'm not going to bother asking for proof to debate my point or anything o.o he can have it.

And if he doesn't post wanting it, I'll take it then :p
I'll gladly take that dolphin-horse abomination  :D

I mean his challenge post is right there on the forum so that's proof enough on that end. The question is whether or not his challenge was honored/being honored at any point since the challenge was made.

Madara, did you and Yomi ever start your IC challenge?

Regarding the 5-tails, whatever became of the challenge of Uchiha Madara? Yes, the challenge and such was 2 years ago (man time has flown!) but if by some offshoot chance they're still having an IC hunt challenge going on (and have been adhering to activity requirements within that context, etc.) then the 5-tails is not actually up for claiming.

You are the latest challenger for the Mazou, so from my limited knowledge I have no objections to raise on you claiming the Mazou.

*Edit for clarification below:

While initially my thought was on whether or not an active IC hunt is going on, thinking on it a little more the important questions regarding the previous challenge are:

1) Did the challenge get started and if so, when?
2) Was there a conclusion to this fight? If not, why not? If it was due to inactivity, whose inactivity caused the delay?

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: March 28, 2020, 07:46:05 PM »
As Draco's forces had been fully expelled and the dragons' enemies would have been Eric, Jay, and Pyro, Jay had timed it fairly well in recalling his tagged treasure from earlier, as the Gate would begin closing shortly after their departure.  However, said closure would be interrupted by the hiraishin disappearance of the entire earthen coffin. Though no one possessed such sight on that side of things, one with the sharingan would speculate that the entire thing had been sucked into its own horns (paradoxal considering they were inside the coffin that Jay had made earlier, but for continuity sake, let's make the point that the gate itself manifested partially outside of the coffin).

The disappearance of the corpse startled all of the dragons into stunned silence. Even Reibi was at a loss of communication, whether telepathic or verbal, upon sensing what had occured.

Meanwhile on the other side, in the ninja world:

Jay's sudden move towards the sky confused both Eric and Pyro, the latter of whom had not exactly came down off of his anger as of yet. When the large corpse appeared in the landscape, it can be assumed that Jay's movement away from Eric and Pyro had been intended to make sure the crushed landscape did not include them. The appearance of the corpse caused Eric to temporarily re-enter fight-or-flight mode, only for it to vanish again. By this point he picked up on the disturbance of the surrounding natural energy.

 Seeing Jay drop towards the ground, the Nara connected the disturbance with the appearance of the corpse and its subsequent disappearance. Summoning air and wind style chakra about his person, Eric created a sizeable collection of Futon and air that he then re-shaped into a large claw of wind, reaching out with its Futon palm to slow Jay's descent to the ground until he more gently hit the ground.

Jūha Reppū Shō no Yoroi; Beast Tearing Gale Palm Armor

As his standard beast tearing gale palm would not have had the range to catch Jay in a timely fashion to slow his descent, Eric had relied on creating the armor version and extending the range with the increased volume (after all, he didn't need much of that extra for defense at the time being). Assuming Jay did not resist or anything of the sort, Jay's landing would resemble a thud more than a crash, though he would likely still be knocked out of sage mode from his exertions.

Much like his dragon counterparts, Pyro was initially stunned at Jay's feat and thievery; his anger shifted into urgency, hardly waiting for the younger Nara to reach the ground before exclaiming, "Wherever you put the Spyral Gate, you must hand it over to Draco at once!"

Pyro, though still quite drained, finally shifted to weary excitement as he walked up towards Jay who, by this point, would have been dropped off to the ground by Eric's technique (assuming Jay went along for the whole ride down). "Yes, Draco will be quite pleased with this..."

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: February 26, 2020, 05:38:02 AM »
In a flash of light their quarries vanished all at once. The dragons were, initially at least, perplexed by this turn in events. After a brief search of the vicinity, they concluded that it was not shunshin, but rather, a space-time ninjutsu that had allowed their targets to escape. By this point Draco's forces would have been completely expelled.

Reibi half-scowled as he sensed the escape of his quarry's. Taking a mental note to be more careful next time, Reibi paced about the Strategic Room in thought. The scrolls that Jay had taken, if they were to get into Draco's possession, the next stage of their operation would become quite complicated. Assuming that their quarries would shortly turn the scrolls over to Draco, Reibi sent out a pulse of chakra and a signal to the other dragons.

They needed to move their timeline for attack up. Operation Crowne Jewel would need to commence without further delay...


"What's this?" Pyro felt a cool chill all around him as they went from Hell's Basin to their final destination very quickly. Pyro unfurled and rolled, allowing Eric to drop to the ground and himself to go onto his feet, albeit, somewhat shakily. Still on high alert, he did a brief scan of the area until he noticed that, save for Jay and Eric, he was alone.

And no longer in Hell's Basin.
"Where are we? Why are we here? We need to go back now!" Despite his shout, Pyro did not have much fight left in him, as any chakra sensor would be able to tell by this point.

Eric landed on the ground with a slight thud, groaning as he attempted to come to his knees, only to plop down to the ground. The reassuring presence of not being surrounded by dragon shadows allowed him to sigh in relief and exasperation. He then looked up to see Jay standing some distance away, from Eric's perspective, likely to avoid getting inadvertently rolled onto by Pyro.

"Thanks Jay. Was starting to think that maybe we should have just fought those dragons while we were all at full strength."

Pyro's eyes snapped to Eric. "You!"Then they snapped towards Jay. "And you too! You two not only interfered with my mission and handed me over to the enemy, you almost got me killed! I have to get back NOW!"

Eric shot to his feet, still aching mind you from his earlier feats, and visibly grimaced. "Go back for what? We are in no shape to fight; besides, even if we did want to go back, we would probably be attacked on sight this time. Besides, Jay spent some time with the enemy, I"m sure he learned a thing or two that might satisfy 'King Draco'."

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: February 15, 2020, 08:17:30 PM »
The dragon's counterattack was, a bit inconvenient to say the least. Now his sword was pointed at Pyro rather than at the opposing dragon. However, Pyro was relatively fire proof while Eric was not; knowing that he would strike Pyro first, Eric altered the chakra in his blade to alter his original plan by akwardly making the rat handseal with his sword still in hand; the sword, upon contact with Pyro's elongated shadow (thanks to the follow-up fire attack) would be sealed into Pyro's shadow instead of stabbing into him.

(Fūinjutsu: Kage Naraku Rō; Sealing Technique: Shadow Hell Prison)

Having no time at this point to perform any further handsigns, Eric would crash into Pyro, and though the breath would be knocked from Eric, the body of his dragon companion would be more than enough to shield him from the flames. Still it was a 20 foot dragon, and what goes up must come down, and if Pyro were to land on the glass ground below with Eric beneath him, then fire or no fire Eric would be toast.

Pyro, now definitely having been freed from all of his previous bonds by the throw of the dragon, saw an opportunity for the duo to escape. Timing his aerial doozy so that he would right himself, Pyro outstretched his wings and used his foward momentum to kill two birds with one stone; he would "catch" Eric with his chest and arms while making a mad glide towards the exit. Luckily for Eric, Pyro was not interested in simply crashing into the ground and flattening him. Running more off of adrenaline than willpower at this point, Pyro closed his wings and rolled into a bowl, landing at the entrance of the tunnel and physically barreling through the tunnel. To Jay and anyone who might be in the trenches headed in that direction, Pyro would resemble a giant slightly warped bowling ball quickly moving through the lane that was the tunnel, with Eric semi-safely wrapped in the center. The speed at which he moved would make him a flattening hazard for anyone human-size, though for larger beings like dragons it could still very well knock them aside.

Indeed, shortly after Reibi had given the orders, the dragons from the Strategic Room had begun making thier move towards the prison area. However, rather than having to go all the way to the dungeon, the prison came rolling towards them. Knowing that Pyro was fireproof and that he would still have been largely drained from his earliest encounter with them, the dragons confidently charged towards him, intent on stopping him from rolling, physically restrain him, and then torch the human-like companion to Jay within the dragon ball.

Draco's forces would have dwindled considerably at this point, the few who remained being thrown into the Spyral Gate like trash bags blown by a strong gust (1 turn till these dragons are intervention capable).

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: January 28, 2020, 06:11:00 AM »
The dragons would be able to deal with the explosive release chakra using their collective chakra absorption technique; as previously mentioned, counterattacking with standard ninjutsu would be rather limited due to the chakra absorption abilities of the dragons. This meant that Jay's attempt to wound/startle Reibi and the dragons would be unsuccessful as the chakra would be drained from the explosive release attack.

Reibi in particular paid notice to Jay's relatively impressive speed using the body flicker technique; knowing that he would require considerable reinforcement to sap Jay of enough chakra quickly enough to disable him that way, Reibi sent out a warning via chakra communication that Jay, and by extension his assistant Strythio, were enemies. Once done with this, Reibi would turn to the other dragons in the Strateg

"Of the strategic blunders that I have made today, failing to resecure this fort will not be one of them! Head to the prisoner's room and ensure that his companions do not escape. Remain on guard; he is extremely fast."

Meanwhile outside, Draco's forces had been completely driven towards the Spyral Gates. Between the horns, chakra was concentrated and stabilized into a large portal, with tendrils reaching out and grabbing Draco's forces by the 3's and pulling them in. The portal led to outside of the Zone, but Draco's forces defiantly attempted a breakthrough towards the ground. This would be halted in no small part by the physical presence of the larger Reibi force. Realizing that they had enemies in the camp, the army decided that dealing with Draco and his dragons had top priority; once done with them (2 turns) they could then turn their full attention to supporting Reibi.

They would not immediately notice Jay body flickering back out into the open.

Since Jay had appeared near the Spyral Gate, he would be capable of seeing the tide of the overarching battle turn against Draco's forces. As the Spyral Gate led to the outside world, Jay would probably be able to sense any space-time markers from outside of the realm as well.

Pyro could feel the deathly grip of his bleeding quarry begin to slip, just enough for him to forcefully wrestle himself free. Though it would leave a wide gash along his afflicted arm, now freed from that, Pyro could maneuver to attempt to restrain the other dragon, though he only succeeded at this point in moving his neck out of the killzone.

That was quite fine from Eric's perspective; no longer having to maintain the walking on shadow technique remotely, he could focus on putting an end to the engagement. Eric could also sense a temporary reconnection to the shadow seals back in the ninja world, a consequence of the Spyral Gate's opening. Funneling shadow imitation chakra to his sword, Eric leapt forward and stabbed downward, seemingly going for the last opposing dragon's body when in fact he aimed for his shadow in an attempt to bind him (Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu; Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique).

The dragon of course would not just sit there and allow itself to be attacked twice; seeing plainly that Pyro was now free, the dragon would sink its claws into Pyro's body and hurl him towards Eric. The dragon would then follow this up with a blast of its fire breath, by now having deduced that Eric had the ability to use shadows as a sort of physical defense against his attacks.

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: January 16, 2020, 01:14:36 PM »
Reibi's chakra would fluctuate as his attention was divided between what Jay was saying, what he was doing, and the overall battle. Sure, Jay had a point in that the information had to be protected, but Draco's forces were still relegated to the air while his forces had all the ground control. It was at this point that he would also take into account an apparent breach near where Pyro was being kept, having lost communication with some of the dragons left to guard him.

All of this summed up to the decision that Reibi would make next as the scrolls slipped from the current plane and into the shadows. His chakra flow very briefly stopped before resuming normal flow again; the forces outside had their orders and their chain of command. Right now, for Reibi, the greatest threat in the area was Jay.

Reibi shouted as an order,
"Drain him of his chakra and seize him! We cannot allow him to escape!"

While leaving the Limited Zone would be a task, Jay would have no trouble sensing his marker on the ever brightening corpse of the deceased dragon. His window for taking advantage of it without risk was dwindling though, as the ever convoluted signs of a jutsu began to take place, funneling all of the earlier chakra and technique formulae into the massive spire-like horns. The previous earthen cover around the horns would begin to crumble away, revealing a near blinding light that would temporairly blind and startle Draco's forces.

 No doubt still having his Mind's Eye active, Jay's familiarity with space-time ninjutsu (having employed two different but conceptually related ones) would suggest to him that Spyral Gate was the horns, and that whatever jutsu was required to trigger it had been, well, triggered.

In the meantime, the 7 other dragons in the Strategic Room had their orders; while by this point it would be too late to stop the shadow jutsu using their chakra consumption abilities [Reference reply #28 for the last time this ability was utilized], they would be able to deal with Jay's explosive release chakra. Just as the scorch release fireballs had been quickly extinguished by this move, so too would the webbing out tendrils of explosive release chakra; assuming Jay did not do anything, he would find his own strength begin to rapidly drain, though with Jay's likely sizeable chakra pool at this stage of his life it would take far more than a few moments (IE, more than 2 turns) for his chakra to be drained to the levels that Pyro had been drained to earlier. Not to mention there weren't as many dragons engaged in the technique this time.

However, the chakra consumption would limit his options for counterattack, as standard ninjutsu attacks would just have their chakra rapidly consumed.

Meanwhile, despite being in great pain, Eric noticed the other dragon going for Pyro. Eric once again utilized the walking on shadow tehcnique, but rather than on his own shadow, he instead used it on the conjoined shadow of Pyro and his dragon attackers, particularly areas of contact. After all, the shadow curse allowed Eric to manipulate the cursed shadows (a level of the curse was noted to have been on Pyro back in reply 22), and though there was a dragon on fire in the room, the close proximity of Pyro to his attackers mean it was highly likely that their shadows were connected at some point. While this wouldn't have much of an effect on the dying dragon's grip, it would keep the attacking dragon from piercing Pyro's skin with his teeth as the shadow would remain solid despite the great pressure.

It was a stopgat measure at best though; Eric restored the walking on shadow technique on his now bleeding feet as well. Still holding onto his sword, Eric had to take a moment to gather himself and focus on his next plan of action. After all, he had intended the walking on shadow technique to only be used on himself in a fashion akin to walking on water; the forceful and rather determined attempt by the other dragon to pierce Pyro added odd variables to the jutsu's maintenance. 

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: January 11, 2020, 04:04:53 PM »
[Apologies for the long long long delay in posting.]

Jay would be able to move his shadows into position with relative ease, for most of the dragons in the room seemed less concerned with him and more concerned with the battle raging on outside. Roars and shouts were hardly muffled by the location of the strategic room. Initial panic had begun to give way to organized resistance, and the different sides began to become more clearly defined as battle lines were drawn. Draco's forces, the aggressors here, had been forced to remain in the air above, with the ground fortifications and the raised dragon corpse of Ignitus, still covered in the earthen exterior, the focal point for most of the defending dragons under Reibi's command.

A circle of the defending dragons had gathered about the corpse, hissing out a chant in a tongue very different than before, their chakras flared and beginning to interact with the centerpiece. Natural energy was being funnelled towards it, and almost as if in response, the horns of the massive dragon also began to glow, the remainder of the skeleton becoming riddled with tendrils of chakra.

Back to the metaphorical Situation Room, these activities seemed to consume much of Reibi's attention, until he noticed the scrolls beginning to slip from their resting place and into Jay's shadow. They would not be taken immediately in this fashion, as standard space-time travel was limited in this area (see Reply 16. I didn't explicitly marker a point where it would be impossible to use space-time to leave so entering things into the pocket dimension is still reasonable), giving enough time for Reibi to spin towards Jay with a mixture of surprise and anger, wings flaring outward and chakra raging.

"What do you think you are doing?! Those scrolls contain information vital to to the defense of Mons! Release them at once!"

At this point the other dragons still in the Strategic Room (totaling about 7 excluding Reibi) would momentarily stop, their own alarm prompting them to pay more attention to Jay. For the first time their impression that Jay was on their side began to waver. Commander Reibi drawing attention to the fact that Jay was trying to make off with one of the scrolls factored in greatly to their wavering trust, in addition to this, by this point 2 of them (being chakra sensors) had also noticed explosive release chakra forming in the wall behind Jay.

The stunned but free from Pyro's clutches dragon's put two and two together in Eric's appearance and the worsened condition of its comrades.

"You are going to pay for that!"

As the words spilled from his mouth and his breath collected in preparation for releasing a stream of fire, Eric already had begun collecting chakra in his own body, mixing it with his special "sticky spit" and expelling it in the form of a bright, adhesive, and senjutsu-enhanced bullet of liquid fire. (Ryūkan: Nento Endan; Dragon Fire Release: Sticking Spit Fire Bullet)

When the burst of fire and the bullet of liquid fire clashed, the bullet of liquid fire would preveal, splattering all over the dragon and knocking the dragon off of its feet. While the dragon howled in surprise and some pain as it was literally on fire, Eric physically returned to a more human look, his sage mode inconveniently peetering out at this point. The side-effect of leaving sage mode, the tiredness that accompanied, disrupted Eric's maintaining of the walking on shadow technique, causing him to make true connection with the floor. His feet pierced by the sharp glass-like floor he had taken note of earlier, Eric howled in pain and reflexively jumped backwards, only to find that he was simply jumping onto more sharps.

Pyro slashed open the neck of the dragon he had managed to get into his claw; the other that had been bashed by his tail rolled along the ground away from Pyro, slightly cutting itself along the way back to its feet. Enraged at Pyro's mortal wounding of the other dragon, this dragon howled in anger and, for the time being ignoring Eric, lunged towards Pyro. Pyro might would have gotten in another tail strike, but the swiftly bleeding out dragon, in a final act, clamped its jaws in a death grip onto one of Pyro's arms, immobilizing him just enough to allow him to be pinned. As light began to fade from one dragon's eyes, another made a final lunge towards Pyro's neck, intending on retaliating in a fairly karmic fashion.

*Edit, Reibi doesn't have wings

Bugreports / Services no longer required page in forest
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:42:36 PM »

Recently coming back and playing a bit, I remember healing in the forest and getting a "you're now better" (paraphrasing) page with an image of a medical ninja on it. Now, I instead get the page for if I had clicked heal option when I"m at full health.


1) Go to the forest anywhere in SL. In this particular case I was in the Kirigakure forest.
2) Fight a creature and lose any amount of HP
3) In the left menu, choose any of the heal options. In this case I chose the full heal one
4) Instead of a page with a medical ninja picture, you instead just get the text that "healing servies aren't required" (again, paraphrasing)

All That Is Bijuu / Re: Turtle and monkey
« on: August 24, 2019, 05:54:29 PM »
So dwelling RPs count now? Was the rule below modified, because if it is, I will have to update the one in the wiki... and someone else should update the one here in the forum...

No, dwelling RP's do not count towards public posting activity. Discussion/execution of the activity clause is a useful resource for coming to the conclusion that dwelling RP's do not count, outside of the fact that dwellings are not inherently "public".

In one instance I even referenced the rather difficult to find via search function (I tried before posting, though to be fair I could just be rusty) set of discussions regarding the activity rule itself in the Biju Rules Workshop, and activity rules in general.44,9500.msg237214.html#msg237214

Village Square / Re: Edo Tensei Tobias AWOL
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:34:46 AM »
I agree with the replacement as well. However, since it has literally been years since the post was lasts updated, an updated list of users on the whole would be nice as well. I can make the change if someone gives the intel.

* Nevermind on the request for info, the wikia has it.

Village Square / Re: Edo Tensei Tobias AWOL
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:58:12 PM »
Was told an actual vote needed to happen here to take the 'teacher' spot from Tobias in the Edo Tensei Teacher < Student pairing.

Tobias has been inactive for 179 days and has seemed to quit Shinobi Legends. Via circumstances he took Ryoji's spot in the Teacher spot while Uematsu Tomi was the Student spot.

Is he sufficiently inactive to be considered for removal of his Edo Tensei Teacher Spot or no?

Who should be voting on this matter? Is it the general public, only Edo Tensei affiliated peeps? The Official Edo Tensei guidelines do not address succession beyond the death of the teacher or student freeing up a slot:

Teacher:Student rule.  "Teachers" are allowed to teach a single person Edo Tensei. Once done, neither teacher nor student can share the technique, unless one or the other dies.

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