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Bijuu Arena / Ray v Jestar 7-tails fight discussion thread
« on: July 23, 2017, 05:57:20 pm »
Thought I sent a PM about it, but I'm not gonna spend 5 days beating a horse. I'll make the post here so you both can respond at your leisure.

My issues with Jay's post are that his bakuton armor did not respond to stepping into the mud swamp nor with getting close to someone using chidori nagashi. The bakuton armor so far has been shown to respond automatically to chakra based attacks  coming into contact with Ray. The dark release technique that he used also requires the use of two hands (he only used one without extra reason) and from what I see in the movie depiction does not cause as much crippling damage as the post suggests.

Other than that I've already got a response in mind,  was just waiting on the judge's opinion on these, apparently in vain if he didn't get my PM, so sorry about that.

Edit: "Don't be alarmed, but I fixed the subject header from Jay to Ray, since it was confusing me and a bunch of other people were probably confused with the typo." -Camelicious

Bijuu Arena / Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:45:09 pm »
[ Information Post ]

Host: Jestar Holrew Nara

Biju: Chomei, 7-tailed beast

Method: OOC battle to concession

Location: Plains Zone, strong wind, tall grass, sunny with a 40% chance of rain (so some clouds), flat elevation all the way around.

Judge: Vail

Challenger: Ray Iburi

Stake: 0-tail beast

Restrictions: No Kamui Intangibility, no Boruto stuff

If everything looks good to you Ray, post you cool with it, and I will make opening post

Village Square / Using juts without a heart
« on: May 30, 2017, 01:17:58 pm »
I will not pretend that this is not related to the bike battle for the 7 tails, because frankly it is. Can a ninja still use ordinary   techniques without a heart?

I ask because despite having no heart, Athos is claiming to be able to use a space-time barrier and claiming to be on the road to recovery, odd since even Kakuzu  was left quite vulnerable without any hearts.

Shinobis Chakra nature is tied to their heart as seen by the Earth grudge fear. Bijou cloak I see, but healing vital organs and regular jutsu?

Just for the record  my post was intended to be Jestar getting over the shock of his straits and begin working on a way to get back into the fight. But then I read over the post again  and since our judge hadn't gotten back to me on a different topic, no point asking just him this.

Rules/Foundation / Can the summons Biju rules be looked at?
« on: May 11, 2017, 02:49:38 am »
I mean, most people become jinchurikii, and I wondered why, then I really read over and digested the summoning rules. I mean, they are so restrictive that there is hardly any advantage to summoning a biju over just using an ordinary summon with the same destructive power. Not to mention how relatively easy it is to dispel the jutsu. I say something be done to make summoning biju a little less troublesome by easing off the restrictions, like the one action per post while the biju is summoned and the chakra taxing and the chakra cost to summon.

The biju are powerful, but really, it is more efficient to just use a custom summon with similar abilities at this point, or just be a jinchurikii if you want to make any use of the beast power. Whats the point in even having that as an option but a way to have extra tailed beast slots with these rules?

Bijuu Arena / Athos vs Jestar, Tank vs Magician!
« on: April 28, 2017, 11:51:30 pm »
Starting post. The only voided tech for the fight is Deadzone. Location is forest, Greenlands, time of day is daytime. Tobias is judge for the match. Fight is OOC fight to concession or OOC death for the 7-tailed beast.


The Green Lands. It was here where the canopies were their thickest, casting a blanket shadow over the entire forest. Why would the Hyuuga Nara choose here to fight? 'cause why the hell not? He lived in a forest like this, and had been training in it for a long time. The air was cool, crisp, like that of Fire Country. Summer had come to Fire Country, and lots of plants were in bloom. Thank god Jestar didnt have any allergies, or this place would be hell.

He came in his ANBU gear with a cloak over him. The Blade of Thunder strapped to his back, the large sword seemed almost as tall as he was, and seemed better suited to a stabby gabby baggy kind of guy. He wore an ANBU mask, maximizing the shadows on his body, but more importantly, hiding his byakugan, so that his foe would not know that he literally had eyes that could see the back of his own head. He had all the standard ninja tools and stuff, but plus that, he also every hyuugas essentials, his hands, in a loose fashion, ready to move at a moments notice if need be.

The shadow was strong in his family. His father had it, his aunt had it, his brothers in arms had it. He had it, marked for it as a true leaf Nara. He was no Grandmaster as his father liked to call himself, but damn if he was not a master.

His Raiton though, that was where he shone, literally. He crisp air meant he could make static just by walking, and since he wasnt fighting Nathan or that travel through lightning guy he used to swing with, then that was good. His fire was good too, that too ran through the Leaf blood. From previous Hokages he had a will too, but it was not a fiery one to ignite the field. It was one scanning, heart racing as nervous blood pumped through his veins. He had heard so much about this man, so much about his prowress, his overwhelming might. Could he beat him? Could he give him a good fight at least? Maybe he should attack first, set the pace. But with his foes power, he could probably swat it with a arm. So he needed to try something bold, something crazy, just crazy enough to actually work, maybe. If all else failed, he could just ask him to surrender, but wouldnt that be a waste at this point?


Thoughts and blood going through his veins, the young man was barely in his twenties, but he stood at the precicpe, ready to die for the glory of Konoha if need be. Well, maybe not glory, ANBU didnt get glory, they got infamy, they got dead civilians as a test, secret pacts with Razvan to not talk about that part of their corps... Baggage, baggage that weighed on his mind for redemption. One chance, he thought, one chance before he was smashed.

If that damned Fox had any senses it could probably sense something odd for an ANBU; anxiety, even some fear, at the unknown that likely would stride in on a great beast, level so much of the forest, and force him into a corner at its drooling maw. He would still only have one chance, one opportunity to work his magic to deal with the power of convention, the power of creeping crawlers in bright, glistening sweat and manly toughness that no green trophy could enompcass. He had only one chance to try, to see if he could test the waters and tip the balance, to bring recognition back to the village name, Konohagakure. One chance.

He had to make it count.

Sunlight shone through in parts, the wind was soft, but still nothing. Had it been an eterneity? Had he already lost? No, it had barely been a few minutes let alone that. He needed to get his nerves under control, or his fear might very well stink up the entire zone. What did he have to fear, death? Shame? He was an ANBU, there was no such thing as fear in his heart! And yet there was, and yet there was this anticipation of not knowing what he was to face, his concern as he knew he went up against such a warrior as Athos Uzumaki, famed not for slaughter like that madman from Kirigakure, but famed for his fortitude of the testicular variety. Could Jestar stand against that and all the might of the muscles forged from the depths of tailed beasts? Could he stand against such a thing? He only had one chance, one chance, one chance, one chance, and he knew it. He had three things he would try, three things he could try, and all three spoke of desperation. He had to choose, he had to choose, he could only do one.

And he had to make it count.

Taking a deep breath, Jestar steadied his mind, to control on a single thought, on a single goal. Win, at all costs. His will determined and his electrifying iron strapped to his back, he was his own only hope. The only space wizard to save him had already granted him his powers and left, like a feckless father who only seemed to care about his clan, but never seemed to stick himself in enough women to make sure it kept going. A bastard who consorted and likely bent over to that scoundrel who they drove from the village gates all those years ago. Yeah, kind of like that "Grandmaster" who still hasnt even invited his own son to join his little band of newbies and a wild card. Only one chance to get his name out and challenge his reputation as the bestest and smartest of the leaf Nara if not of all Nara.

One chance. And in as little as 5 minutes, Jestar had his composure. His fear did not vanish. His worry not extinguished. But any traitorous thoughts of turning back now were banished, gone, bid adue with a triple pronged kunai. One path, one will, one plan he had set in his heart and mind, with only the plan subject to change upon his opponent's arrival.

He had one chance. And he had to make the best of it.

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