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Game Related Discussions / A Tiny Complaint - Censor Kitty
« on: April 01, 2012, 11:57:11 PM »
Maaaybe I'm the only one that ever suffers this because theres so many inactive players that I'm the only one doing it, but when I go to Battle Arena, I typically put on Tsukiyomi, and go through my hotkey phase for whatever the highest ranked guy is.

Well, it's getting gradually unnerving each time, after 20 or so fights, I run into Censor Kitty telling me 'Hey. Your IP has been banned'.

It's a small issue I have, but an issue nontheless, because I don't know when this will be a serious ban. Can this thing be limited in one makes it tick? Just trying to burn my turns out here.

Bugreports / Toads Of Myobokuzan
« on: September 13, 2011, 10:34:32 AM »
I'm going to keep a list of bugs I run into as a notification list on the forums, listing exactly everything that I have found wrong with the kekkai genkai, Toads Of Myobokuzan, as I go through the resets.

Now, for the current record, I found absolutely nothing wrong or flawed with the first reset, and found each of the frogs properly powered in accordance to when they were summon'd, and these managed to help me quite abit when I had no hyouton for my leveling. However, as I entered the second reset, I've ran into a large number of problems, some that may be bugs, and some others that I may not fully understand, such as if I'm not meeting certain conditions to use them. I'll post in this topic as I run into flaws down the line.

First Reset; Contract Signer To The Toads Of Myobokuzan

I found absolutely no bugs with the summons, and no glitches that can be abused.

Second Reset; Boss To The Toads Of Myobokuzan

Now, to my present knowledge, I'm supposed to be able to summon each and every toad from the first reset as long as I have the chakra to meet their demand. However, I cannot summon Gamabunta, or the two toads before him. As well, I cannot summon any toads until my chakra has depleted down to a maximum of four. When I get to four chakra, I'm able to summon the elder toads, and Gamakichi/Gamatatsu. The only manner in which I can not only gain all four of the toads, is for me to expend speciality points to exactly four, summon a sage toad, expend another four to summon yet another toad, and spend three chakra beforehand to get Gamakichi and Gamatatsu respectively, AND I can only use combo jutsus if I managed to summon them before I go to Hoshigakure.

Not just to report this, but the four combo jutsus I have available, only the katon jutsu with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu works. Nothing with the sage toads works when I try to use them. To my present knowledge, this is a bug, unless there is something I'm missing in regards to the prerequistes. I, most likely, will not be able to report if the bugs are fixed when Neji gets to it, as I'm close to my third reset into Toads Of Myobokuzan, but I felt that I should at the very least keep a notice on the forums about the bugs I've experienced.

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