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Spam / Contact outside SL
« on: February 28, 2017, 06:24:03 AM »
These days I don't get to talk to many of you peeps much anymore due to me not being as active around SL as I once was so I figured I'd give out some contact info I can be reached at if anyone ever wants to just hmu.

But sense I'm an old outdated loser no one will 😞

Cell: (985)-515-4210
SnapChat: cheesewheel91

Those are really the only to good ways to contact me. I no longer use FaceBook and never used any Twitter etc. 

Anyways, if I'm not at work I'll respond just keep in mind I work about 50+ hr a week lol.

Spam / Triggered
« on: October 31, 2016, 02:02:14 AM »
Some a-hole keeps reporting all my comments on IFunny and getting them removed. It's pissing me off. For once I'm the triggered one lol.

Village Square / Edo zombie update
« on: September 25, 2016, 02:57:37 AM »
It needs to be updated that Uetto Senjutsu is a free edo zombie summoned by Bocc.

Also wondering can us free edo us clones? I see no reason as to why not as Madara clearly did. A noted a rule saying no clones for edo zombies but I'm not sure if that applies to freed zombies or not.

Spam / Pokemon Go
« on: July 14, 2016, 04:44:49 AM »
Just wondering who out there is jumping on this ban wagon? I figured you guys were probably living it up being able to play the game... It took me four hours to find one damn rattat. And j have yet to find a gym or shop place thing in my town.

The town I work in seems to have several but sadly when I'm there... I'm working. So yeah.

Spam / All humanity is lost
« on: July 05, 2016, 06:42:23 PM »
I can't find my snes Link to the Past game...

My life is over now.

Spam / Bored
« on: January 26, 2016, 06:29:00 AM »
What's up other peeps logged in?

Spam / Area D
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:28:48 AM »
Has anyone ever rped at a site for this manta before?

Pretty simple subject. Should a host be able to seal a beast in an object? This being that they don't want to host or summon it?

The object could be anything I suppose that makes sense.  A sealing jar blah blah blah, the Senju Scroll for example. It has nine places to seal the biju for collecting purposes.

I see no issue with this as the person would still have to accept the OOC challenges and defend their right to the beast.

It could very well be used by villages as a holding placement for the beast until host found.

I know that has caused issues in the past but if we make a strict ruling about it then it shouldn't be a problem. For example: village can host beast in sealed object with the set conditions- a champion must defend all OOC challenges for host with a one week grace period, this champion must be announced upon the village receiving the beast, if champion fails to accept challenges or goes inactive said village losses said beast. Something along those lines.

So this is to say that the IC Hunt type system does proceed to pass what methods should be allowed and which shall be frowned upon is open to discussion.

We have a vote going on I believe on different sensory methods to be used and what not. But no true discussion on methods to track down host. Whether this be intel gathering, sensory based, and/or some other method.

Simply what should and shouldn't be allowed? And if allowed by what means should it be?

Rules/Foundation / Discussion: Broken system options
« on: December 06, 2015, 08:26:14 AM »
I gave it this name because it kinda falls into something of that sort I feel.

I will list a few of what I am referring to perhaps someone else will think of others.

- a scenario where someone is a host but only chooses to have OOC 1 vs 1 matches and not rp their beast nor allow IC lose of beast (other than the IC death of their character which would be default I suppose)
- a person who chooses not to have the OOC battle type system nor follow a IC hunt type system. Rather than choosing one of the two they just rp with their beast and let come what may. They never ask for challengers to make themselves aware or anything of the sort. Just if you want their beast find them somehow and try to take it. Of course this means having to face whoever may be with them at the time and also having to not kill the person but capture them alive to extract the beast.
- a challenger who does not issue challenges but rather tracks down host and steal the beast through official rp without ever referring to the system of rules issued for a IC hunt type system. How do we deny official IC rp?
- similar to the above but rather than a single person a group of people chasing a host. Do all have to sign challenger list as one unit?

things of that nature that throw loopholes and krinks in the fabric of the sytems being formed.

Council / Should Council Members Judge Biju Matches? VOTE
« on: December 04, 2015, 07:20:21 AM »
I saw this question or idea arise some. I think the title is self explanatory.

I would have to say no.

Simply for the reason that as a council member they will have to place judgment on the actions of breaking rules concerning those which are placed forward from whatever is provided, I presume. I think that by judging a match, which is based on the judgment of rp not the rules of the system, may lead to a more bais outcome in the later. For example if the rp judge has a hard time dealing with his/her judgment being accepted and is pounded or slandered due to such it may lead to them passing judgment on the council side of things in a negative way as to seek revenge or some other ill felt feelings.

Council / Probation of Council Members (previously stripped host) Vote
« on: December 04, 2015, 06:40:53 AM »
The main idea is if a host is stripped should there be a probation for them to be able to run for council. Clearly the have shown they can not follow the rules put forth so how will they enforce them?


I would say that if a host is stripped of a tailed beast they can not run for seat on council until two full terms have passed. For example: if a term is set at 3 months than upon the next election date, from their time being stripped, they must wait 6 months before being eligible to run for a seat on the council.

Village Square / to clarify a little more
« on: November 28, 2015, 08:23:22 AM »
Okay. I FTG my dead body and DNA to the SGT. Where I had previously arranged for this to happen at some point. I had it set up to where Uetto could return as his life force lives on in the tree and there are plenty of white zetsu like clones to use as vessels for a new body.

One of these clones was merged with Uetto's body (what was left) and the life force passed on to it from the tree with the aid of my alt Phantom and his Rinnegan. So simply put Uetto is alive once more with a very low life force keeping him such.

Yujo wanted to play ninja by using trick tactics so I figured why not flip that idea when forming my compromise. So to ensure Kite's safety I allowed him to believe he would have killed Uetto when in reality he merely destroyed the current vessel Uetto was using. Yes, I do pull an oro and switch vessels about every two years rl time.

Regardless it seemed Yujo was offended by Nathan who would not grant him rp rights to enter the SGT and snatch my body. Thus he claimed that the tree was in Uzu and protected behind a space-time barrier.

I informed him this is not true. The tree itself is merely a portal to the actual dwelling aspect. I revealed a major secret of the tree to him. Than also the true way to kill my character in OOC means. My character was sent to another dimension. Much like how Uchiha have their Kamui places to go to. My tree host a portal to a self made one. An improvement I did when becoming the leader. It is also the reason no one can detect inside the tree from the outside or enter it in anyway from outside. Only those who have marked it and been allowed to do so with their own space-time can get around the front door portal. (i can provide some rp in the past to back this up if wished in pm)

So to put it frank I did not have the body FTG to Uzu but to another dimension. Now I know some may argue that but I built this dimension on the basis of being able to enter it via FTG back before kamui was so well known to have its own dimension. So yeah...

In the end I told Yujo something along these lines. I have spent years prepare a loophole system to my character's death. (and no I do not place it out there on a silver platter for everyone to be able to find so easily) AS of such I will rp as I wish and he can do as he wishes. He can void me and so can others if they wish to. I will simply rp by my own accords. And if he edo me or claims my stuff I will void it. Simple as that. Done deal. No argueing. No this or that; tit or tat. The END.

I simply returned his aspect of playing ninja on him. The art of deceit. When making a compromise with him I accepted his trickery while playing some of my own. I in no fashion planed to allow Uetto to die off. I simply allowed him to destroy the current vessel all along planning to revive him after such. The main goal to save Kite hands down and myself. It was tricking the trickster I suppose you could say.

Now, I just post this here so you all can know and make your choice of what you accept and do not. It hurts my feelings not if I am to be voided by some. I don't care. I mean really people no one stays dead at SL. This is a place we can do crazy Oro stunts and all.

I'm no locking the topic as I always feel if a person has something to say they should be allowed to say it. I will say this though no arguing or fussing will be allowed. Nor any slandering... I have already been called a liar (which is the worst thing in the world to me I'd rather be called a dumb ass a god-mod or sob or some curse word). Therefor, no you can't argue anything here. You can voice yeah we accept it or no we void it or who cares or right on blahblahblah. Get off topic for all I care.

Village Square / To clarify.
« on: November 23, 2015, 08:13:22 AM »
I figured I'd place a topic about it here stating the compromise made for the rp in zone five.

Kite and I felt that Yujo's one shot on our lives was rather bs, lacked certain details, and god-mod (auto-hit/character control). There for we countered  respectfully attempting to compromise that we would accept his attack if he accepted our counters/dodges.

His attack was a direct auto-hit as you can never state hitting or dealing direct amounts of damage to someone in you post. The zoning rules to SL points this out clearly.

It has always been accustomed to me to auto counter and auto-hit. If you fail to see the auto-hit then I suggest you study up on how to rp a bit.

The ice that attacked us was never stated to be made of chakra. It was stated the chakra was flowing in the area heavy due to him battling his beast and the seal being weekend from such seems to me. Such large chakra surges at SL are often rped with strange natural happenings. Such as pressure changes, earth trimmers, wind pickups, lightening strikes, etc. It led us to believe this was what happened.

We can not defend against something not stated in a post. Details in rp are the main key to good rp. Leaving them out is no means of being sneaky rp wise.

Furthermore it comes to question how can one form such a jutsu without having to concentrate their chakra to some degree via hand seals or meditation. I mean tacking on having a personal battle of tug a war with a beast within would also make performing such feats extremely hard even with seals I'd think.
Unless he argues he wasn't really fighting the beast and only said such to trick us. Which is giving false details in post and also god-modding in my eyes.

Regardless of all the flaws we seen in his attack he failed to compromise with us on our counters. Kite had had his Byakugan active before even reaching this scene and I long had a defence for airborne attack of this nature.

So talk was made for a judge. Yujo and me exchanged some names. One of which was Zen. I stated I'd need to confirm with Kite first. In the mean time of that we were informed a judgment had been passed. As if a judge had been forced upon us.

Yujo claimed I had accepted said judge, which I had not fully but simply brought the person's name up. Regardless I told him we couldn't just choose a judge without Kite's approval. He argued it was to late or something along those lines.

Of course Zen agreed with Yujo. I had/have no issue with that. It was the forced upon we did not agree to. It should be noted I highly, highly respect Zen as a person, judge, and pref. I have no ill feeling toward him.

Thus it boiled down to the issue would have to come here. I for one have no wishes for another of the off the charts argument to be had at this form like that of the KirixYujo or AmexYujo.

I will not partake in such. I don't believe you people deserve to have another issue like that thrown upon you. I don't believe you all want that nor would even wish to read it.

Thus I proposed another compromise to Yujo. One that he accepted.

In order to reframe from the arguing and whining that would result I am allowing Uetto to be killed by his auto-hit in a repost I will be making. On the condition Kite is allowed to dodge and can not have any harm brought to him or be perused after. If such happens the rp is to be void. Kite in return can not engage Yujo.

I felt it needed to be made public what was happening as no questions arose from it later or issues.

I take pride in the fact that it took a cheap shot to take me out. A simple little ol Konoha knuckle head who had no talent couldn't be faced like a man. It just shows how cowardly those plotting against me are I suppose.

In the end of it all I will say it has been an honor to have rped that character with all of you over these 10 years. This does not mean I am leaving SL. I simply must start a new chapter is all.

And to Yujo... I once spared your life in Iwa voiding my killing you so your character could life on. I thank you for repaying that kindness in allowing Kite to walk out of this free of harm and without argue. I do not know is why you targeted us and I don't care in the end. I just hope that you reflect upon the incidents you keep getting into with claims of auto-hitting and attempt to find a way to fix it from causing you issues in the future.

Who knows now that you have freed me from my ties to Uetto perhaps I will be granted the GM spot and able to pure 100% into it.

P.s. I'm sorry this ruined our fight Bocc. I was enjoying it.

Bijuu Arena / Kirk VS Bocc: The Fight
« on: November 05, 2015, 11:38:34 PM »
Setting: Zone 8(Death Valley) - You walk in with your Shinobi tools and weapons ready, looking for a fight. Steep canyons and gigantic boulders adorn this zone, at the bottom of the canyons are vast amounts also in the zone is a dark looking cave that once within its depths is completely dark, many have lost their way and never returned with stalagmite rocks covering the cave floor.

Uetto would appear on a boulder stationed atop one of the many cliffs in the area as he waited for his opponent. A warm smile rested upon his face for the time being as he was sure he would enjoy the slugfest that was to come. The man wore his usual get up with his trusty katana at his side and seals across his body. Reaching into his clothing he would pull a cigarette and lighter as he placed filterless cig between his lips and lit the tobacco before placing the lighter back. The man would start to take a drag while looking about.

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