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Game Related Discussions / Re: What do I do now?
« on: May 18, 2018, 01:18:14 am »
I say you raid Konoha for their ice cream until they make you Hokage. And then sell me the ice cream, so I can sell it to Suna and make a profit. :D

Council / Re: Inactive Hosts Protocol
« on: May 18, 2018, 01:13:18 am »

Village Square / Re: Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:30:32 pm »
It had been entirely too long for the young Nara to get back into such a primitive (In his mind) role of the past. While it was difficult to get back into the mindset of this point in time, it wasn't hard for him to do, since he had been so caught up in attempting to rid himself of the abilities of this current him. But, there was a certain thrill in it as well.

Thus, when he suddenly found himself following Reibi into the Strategic Room, it would seem as if he had been forced into his younger body... if only by half a year. He could immediately tell how handicapped he felt, but smirked as his intentions of the past crept back into his mind, along with the memories of what was transpiring. 'Ahh... of course. Well, Matatabi, lets get back to work.' He spoke to the feline inside him, ever the constant figure so far. [Sounds like a plan. Hopefully, Eric doesn't run into too much trouble getting Pyro.] Matatabi's words echoed in the man's mind, causing him to return to reality.

The Dragon Commander was busy with his job, but the young Nara still felt it necessary to proceed with stealth. His shadow stirred to life, merging with the other shadows, but ultimately blending in with the obsidian of the walls. His EMS studied the dragons as they moved about, having positioned himself into a location where he was hardly in their path. He had spied the scrolls, so he sent his shadow to collect them and send them into his personal little section in the Shadow Dimension for later. His hand would be pressed against the wall behind him, waiting for the attention to fall on him, knowing it wouldn't be long now. How many pieces of information would he be able to gather from the shadows? How much of his Explosive Chakra would go unnoticed in the wall behind him, masked by the large surge of chakra being thrown around in the Strategic Room? It wouldn't be long until things popped off, and if push came to shove, he would swallow the entirety of the scrolls in one go. He wanted Eric to have, at least, reigned in Pyro and proceed towards the exit, before his own situation grew hotter. All in all, he would remain quiet, watching, his red gaze glowing as his EMS spun in his pent up excitement.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Battle for Furball; Jay v Rusaku
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:46:36 am »
Exhaustion kicked in, the Nara was feeling it seconds after using his ocular ability. But, suddenly, a bright flash of light kicked in above the sky. With this flash, everything disappeared, the water, the scenery, even the feeling of exhaustion. "What the..." The man stuttered in surprise as he looked around. Before long, he motioned to grab something that seemed to be over his head. When he motioned to remove it, he was left in a sort of game room, standing atop a virtual simulation machine. To his side was Rusaku, his helmet already off, wearing a smug smirk (Just roll with it, G). "Times up, brother, you lose."

The Nara made a face, which showed his disappointment, before a wide smile spread his features. "Ah, damn, I thought I had a little more time on this round." The man reached into his pockets, finding the lack of noise distressing, he was officially out of quarters. "Damn, I'm out. You wanna go another round after I break a $20?"

Rusaku sputtered a laugh, before ruffling the Nara's head. "And deal with this nonsense again? Hells nah." He laughed a bit more before holding out that same hand, leaving the Nara to shake his head, his hair swinging from side to side. "Alright, to the victor the spoils."

Oh, right, a deal's a deal. "Yeah, yeah, hold on a minute. Gimme some time to say goodbye." The young man said softly, reaching into his suit jacket pocket to pull out a Pokémon card. The front showed their object of worth, the Ninetails Fox.

"Sorry about this, furball. I thought I can hold onto you for a little bit longer." Gently, the man kissed the top of the card. It was almost as if it was the most precious card he's ever had. "Take care of yourself, booboo." It was at this moment, that he handed the card over to his advisory, dramatic tears welling up in his eyes like an emoji.

Rusaku smiled brightly and did the same thing, kissing the card, greeting it and tucking it into his own suit jacket. Of course he was wearing a suit, they were gentlemen. They loved the way they felt, Gentlemen's Warehouse guaranteed it... pretty sure that wasn't the slogan anymore, but it might still be... maybe. I haven't heard it in a long time though... off topic. "Beer?" Rusaku offered, swinging an arm around the Nara's shoulders. Jay just scoffed with a tired look on his face, finally feeling the exhaustion. "Vodka." He released with an exaggerated sigh, as the duo left the arcade, the title reading, "Bijuu Arena".

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:20:39 am »

GG, bro. I'm gonna make my exit post and lock it.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
« on: August 23, 2017, 12:44:25 pm »
Here we are again, discussing everything that is wrong with Jay’s post.

First I want to address his use of Shuriken shadow clone to create the water necessary for his Owatatsumi. Jay seems to misunderstand how that particular technique works, so I want to clear that up. The water he produces with that technique will not be natural. It’s like saying a regular shadow clone isn’t composed of chakra. Obviously they are; anything created through a jutsu is going to be composed of chakra, save for a few outliers like Kirin. If he had used a nearby lake or something of the like to produce this water, then maybe it would be more believable that the water was natural, but this is not the case.

I also want to look at his claims that the water is highly electrified. The only source for the electrified portion of that water dragon came from 3 lighting bolts Rusaku used to destroy the bombs. If this is in fact the case, there are only two ways this can go.

First is the reality that three lightning bolts applied to 0.3% of Jay’s technique would not be enough to electrify a mile high dragon with numerous ratios that need to be taken into account like height, width, conductivity and many others. There simply wasn’t enough energy to constitute the entire thing being electrified to the extreme Jay is trying to suggest.

The second option is that Jay copied the electricity I applied in addition to the water in order for his dragon to retain those properties. If that is the case, then he has just provided enough chakra to recreate my technique 997 times over and would drain him of all chakra.

Speaking of chakra levels, that is something else I would like to address. For a majority of this fight, Jay has been balancing numerous stacks with no mentions of the strain it would take to do so. He is currently in Raiton chakra mode, Sage mode, Devil Release Mode or whatever, using Mind’s eye and Sharingan, while also sustaining a 500 meter barrier and regenerating an entire limb. With all this active, he then goes on to create 93 million gallons of water and shape it with his Sharingan into a mile high leviathan that proceeds to shoot a blast of water that Jay directly compares to an 8 tails Bijudama. I don’t care who you are, I refuse to acknowledge that anyone in our verse can balance all of those very different techniques with the ease that Jay suggests. Sage mode alone is supposed to be this insanely difficult thing to have and maintain, yet he has this and 8 other things happening at the same time and is experiencing zero fatigue.

Finally, I want to look at his claims of Masane. If we look at a thread I will be providing below, it shows a 13-5 vote that the twins were killed in an altercation that happened in Amegakure.,8558.0.html

This happened in 2015, yet Jay’s claims of “eating” her and getting his like...6th kekkei genkai in 2016. This does indeed lead to some “paradox” as he mentions in his post. Unfortunately, the only paradox has to do with Jay, who was apparently role playing with this girl a year after her untimely death. Though, unfortunately for Jay, he posted accepting her existence. His post has her in mind, mentioning that she would be destroyed by his suiton Bijudama. I just wanted to point out that he is the one who should be worried about his claims.

So to tie this up, I want to ask not only the judge, but also the community: How long am I going to have to deal with this crap? How many times does Jay get to retro post, meta game, god mod, and mess up his own actions before the fight get’s called off and a winner decided? It’s not that I can’t think of ways to kill him or that I’m having a difficult time, but if he is going to continually break the rules to survive, shouldn’t he be penalized? How is it particularly fair that I’ve been abiding by the rules this entire fight, but Jay is not held to the same standard? Look at any competition in history and you will find that the moment one participant breaks the rules, they are disqualified. Sure you could try and use the “it’s a game!” argument, but that just won’t cut it. You can play any sport casually. You can go to the basketball court and play a quick game with your buddies, and maybe break a few rules because you’re with friends. But the moment you step into the NBA, you don’t get to break those rules anymore. It’s an official competition now, not some game of pick up. Biju fights are the NBA in this analogy, obviously.
I want some kind of amendment to the time that this fight can go, or something. A lot of fights have the 30 day rule, then a winner is decided based on the fight thus far. It’s already been like 50 days since the thread was made. Can we put maybe a 2 week timer on it from here forward so this fight can actually come to an end? That’s still 64 days that the fight went on, twice as long as most people have them go. We’re two pages deep now, and will probably be 3 by the end of those two weeks. That’s plenty of fight for Warren to properly judge our ability, seeing as most people get two or three rounds in before that 30 days is up. Have some sympathy for a brother. Look at what I have to put up with here >.>;

Well, here we are again. Let me get on this supposed strain I'm supposed to be feeling. Let me start from the beginning. The Barrier is sustained by the chakra used to bring it to life, not a drain on my chakra at all. Absolutely no strain at all. EMS, no strain at all, same with Mind's Eye. CSM/RNY/DR these can cause strain for someone inexperienced to the power increase. Practice makes perfect and I always practice. Perhaps if I was in this state for more than a few seconds, you can argue strain. But, considering every one of our posts are happening in a matter of 1 to 2 seconds, at the most, I don't think the argument is valid. I'm going to ignore my status as a Jink and look at these feats and I have to say that I'm still capable of doing exactly what I'm doing, with little to no strain. With the energy augmentation that comes with being a Jink, I think this is lowered even more so. You're looking at this post wise, and I'm looking at it in real time and I'm not even sure the fight has been going on for long. The beginning was the slowest its ever been and now we're in the seconds. I haven't been doing anything chakra taxing and with the exception of my passive regen of my arm, my energy isn't being depleting by much. If anybody is being strained, it's you. You've been using the Byakugan the entire time. Unlike the EMS which erases strain from prolonged use, the Byakugan does induce some severe strain and leaves the user unable to perceive their targets. Not only have you been using it, but from my understanding throughout the fight, you've been keeping up with me and your clone as we moved at our high speeds. Even in the short amount of time, you should feel some stress from trying to keep up. But, then again, it's only been a few seconds since CSM entered the picture, so I don't really find much of an issue with you keeping it active or ascending to the Tenseigan.

Let's get onto the lightning situation. Sure, I must have miscalculated the power within your Tenseigan Chakra infused lightning. If it isn't strong enough to be conductive throughout all the water, I apologize, but it doesn't warrant an OOC discussion.

Onto the subject of the water, let me give it a swing. The orbs would filled with natural saltwater from the ocean. Multiplying that takes chakra... not a lot when comparing it to a Jink's chakra reserves. Using Owatatsumi takes control of the water, whether it has chakra inside of it or not. Even if using that technique was straining, I'm currently using Sage Mode and Devil Release, which lessens any chakra drainage I might suffer if I was simply using it sans those buffs. Said buffs also increase the power exponentially. I compared the blast of water to the size of Gyuki's Tailed Beast Wave. The blast I released is strong enough to slice through metals, without the buffs. With the buffs, I up the scale while taking the character into consideration.

On the subject of Masane, I don't even care. It matters not her state of being. Sure, I "accept" her summoning, but go along to say that it couldn't have even happened at all. Showing the amount of fucks I give whether she was on the battlefield or not.

You're saying that I'm godmodding, retro posting and etc, etc, when I'm simply reacting to your posts in a capable way. I'm not magically changing things up when you post something difficult. All this time, I've been appeasing you and your own shortcomings. You're saying that you can think of a way to kill me, then try and do it. I'm not going to simply stand still and let it hit me, obviously. If you do something that I feel that I honestly cant evade, then I'll go ahead and take an L, but you're not doing anything I can't evade. The only thing that I couldn't dodge was Kirin, and I still managed to evade enough of it.

With the exception of my arm, which is slowly (because of the time in the posts) being regenerated, I have not sustained any damage. It's not retroposting that I've given my character what he needs to react at insanely high speeds. Its not metagame to use said skills to in the manner that benefits my character. Its not godmod to use my unvoided/unnerfed skills. The only thing that I "messed up" was the Dust Release situation and I accept that. Wishing for an end when you haven't done anything life threatening is not a good idea for this fight.

I would suggest the whole 15 rounds of fighting scenario that Eric brought up, but the fight has not followed the rules of engagement. Each of our posts would be one minute of fighting each. For the full 15 rounds of fighting we would each need to have 30 posts of fighting, with a post in between for the rest, totaling at 90 posts. However, this option wasn't taken and thus its an ordinary OOC match.

It doesn't matter how long the fight has been going on, when the time in-fight has not even been long at all. Quit choosing to whine after every post and fight. The time would be even longer if I decided to do the same. Opinions about something can be done in post. Serious discussions like the situation with the Wood Release, is the only time when a discussion should be prompted. These discussions are the reason why the fight isn't at the point it should be. I could have stopped the fight for your last post, but I don't care for starting arguments. Again, just try to kill me instead of trying for a decision, since you say you can. There's no time limit in my fight, so you're just gonna have to go for that deathblow. If there's anybody who is more tired of this fight, its me

Bijuu Arena / Re: Battle for Furball; Jay v Rusaku
« on: August 21, 2017, 09:25:23 am »
It was perhaps his opponents haste that allowed things to flow in the exact way the Nara originally planned. Gone was the need to waste any movement to follow his orbs in the air. Oh no, the sudden appearance of the lightning was something that allowed his mind to change without consequence. Just as Rusaku chose not to activate his Tenseigan, he would choose not to make the leap, but he would remain running. His intentions of throwing the two water bombs would go off without a hitch.

Unlike Rusaku, the Nara had techniques to increase his processing. But, he must of misread his opponent's capabilities, unaware that he was unable to act so fast with just his Byakugan. With this in mind, his chakra pulsed inside of him to allow him to act upon this new development to proceed with his first action of the post. One by one, in multiple explosions of smoke, the bombs would multiply into a solid 1,000, as the Ninja Tool Shadow Clone Technique was applied to them.

Of course, despite knowing of the lightning, he chose not to stop the lightning from making them impact with three of the bombs. This was because, he had a plan for them all. Even as the bombs exploded in front of him, his bleeding eyes gleamed in a growing sense of mischief, releasing a pulse of energy that stretched for a single mile. Owatatsumi, the technique being used, caused, not just the three in front of him, but the rest of the 997 orbs all around him, the trees behind him and possible the Kamui Puppet's trees ahead of him, to explode as well. The gallons of the water in the area, multiplied by 1,000, but the new number at 93,500,000 gallons in total. Imagine how much it would be if he really did have three like his opponent assumed. This excluded the water he pulled from the wet air, the rain soaked ground and the trees and grass in the area of the pulse. Absolute power over water was given to the Nara and in the Mangekyo Technique's activation, the water would swirl around the Nara with a enormous dragon composed of water stretching up high into the sky.

The size of this dragon would be three quarters (3/4) of a mile in height, despite the fact that its body was taking up perhaps a mile and a quarter (1 1/4) in size. The water that didn't compose of this solid blue dragon stretched as far as two miles (and counting) in a tsunami like manner, just from the fact that the water needed to naturally spread outwards and Rusaku wasn't just going to allow the Tsunami to reach him. Speaking of the water, it would only be moving in a single direction, towards the Nara's opponent.

Lets not forget about the lightning the Otsutsuki managed to gift this monstrosity of a technique. Lightning coursed through the construct, the saltwater managing to conduct the electricity through every milliliter of water. If not every milliliter, than pretty much most of it. With the power of the lightning having been bolstered by the Tenseigan chakra, there wasn't any doubt that it was possible for it.

As for the Nara, he'd continue running forward, nestled inside this large construct of water, untouched by the water/lightning. It was almost as if he was inside a tunnel, except he was more than perfectly capable of seeing outside, using his Mind's Eye to keep his opponent's position on his radar. Seeing as how Owatatsumi was powered by Sage Mode and Devil Release, there was no argument that the water would benefit from this augmentation, especially since it was stated to receive such. The Chakra strain would be severely weakened, leaving him with free reign over the course of the fight with nothing to hold him back from using its full potential.

The best thing about this, he was using natural water, meaning his chakra wasn't inside of it. The only shred of chakra that would be inside of it, was his Hiraishin Marker resting on a piece of bark from one of the trees behind him, speedily heading towards the original Otsutsuki. Speaking of this split, let's transition into this last action. The dragon, upon reaching its apex height in near immediacy, would snap its enormous maw towards the direction of the Tenseigan Cloaked Clone, closing three quarters of the distance in such quick speed, it was like it was the Nara himself (which wasn't far off as it was through the Nara's Hydro-Kinesis). This was but the Dragon's Movement as it would roar out a blast of water from its maw. This blast would be the size of Gyuki's Tailed Beast Ball (Wave Version), containing enough speed and power to eradicate the clone into absolute nothing in a tenth of a second. Again, this wasn't even counting the fact that it was supercharged with the lightning that held the potential to obliterate the human body. While the Nara wouldn't be able to further boost the lightning inside the water, its power alone was more than capable to exponentially bolster the water.

Of course, now, lets get on to the actions of the clone, that being the summoning of one Masane Uchiha. Now, this presented a paradox. The first being that, Rusaku stated that it was a puppet he just recently converted. How was this possible, if the Nara had eaten the same woman many months prior. The number of months was definitely plural, possibly being more than a year, but it was definitely after he received Aurora's Egg, so it was still pretty recent. In fact, he can find out the general date with the inclusion of Steel Release/Chakra Chains/Uzumaki Life Force on his wiki, since that was around the time he consumed the woman in her entirety. The moment he entered the Steel Release was on June 6, 2016, with Chakra Chains and Uzumaki Life Force entering the picture sometime afterwards as the Nara finished processing the implications of his actions. Masane wouldn't be the only person he'd ICly consumed as he did the same with Naruto Uzumaki. Whether the man treated it as an IC death was inconsequential as said implications had only managed to increase his own connection with his Chakra Chains and Uzumaki Life Force. Of course, this was off topic, merely an example of why he didn't believe the Otsutsuki had managed to summon the Uchiha. Even then, it too would hold no importance as the puppet would also be caught in the blast if it didn't manage to get out of the way. Unlike the clone, Masane, puppet or not, did not have the capabilities of dodging something moving at this speed... especially when she was killed by something that was moving significantly slower.

Now, the clone could have been stopped from doing the summoning altogether. That was clearly a possibility. Rusaku let it known that it was clearly time to stop holding back. The question is, would he be able to continue doing the same or would his reluctance cost him his life?

Bijuu Arena / Re: Battle for Furball; Jay v Rusaku
« on: August 16, 2017, 04:45:45 am »
The Puppet-Cursing Sphere, after OOCly watching the part it's used in the movie, didn't necessarily need contact to work. Of course, that was with an opponent who was defenseless and unwilling to put up any sort of resistance. Perhaps it worked similarly to the Localized Reincarnation Explosion, in a sense that it was something that worked better with contact. By itself, but separate from the Localized technique's specific effects, one could say the effects could be resisted/shrugged off when used on someone with such an alert defense. But, that was mere thought and would not pertain to the events presented at this moment.

If there was anyone more conscious of the Nara's failure, it would be the Nara himself. A part of him knew that he should have gone with Decay Release, but did not want to reveal that gem just yet. He would not have much time to react, much less, counter this unexpected turn. He had a technique in mind, but did not desire to waste the effort and make another mistake. Of course, he would not proceed with his previously intended course, since it was something he would only attempt if he had been successful. Still sensing the chakra behind him caused him great dissatisfaction. He really only had one option that he could use to keep himself in this fight. This option was the very hasty and much appreciated Hiraishin no Jutsu, his immediate disappearance caused his form to seem intangible in that instance. He did wonder if his Natural Shell would have been capable of repelling the technique, but did not want to put his eggs in that basket at this moment. Space-Time usage would not be effective a second time, but knew of a way to hastily create some distance, before the Otsutsuki could establish another Space-Time Barrier. Knowing when he could do this was something that he wouldn't worry about. The most important thing was that he knew that Rusaku was capable, from prior events obviously.

A sigh spilled from his lips as he was once again submerged around the peaceful trees. The sigh was not one of relief, but one to merely collect his bearings. He had indeed been close, but the man would not give him that chance any longer, it was time for him to do something to give him a foot to stand on. He thought about his previous plan and figured he could go with that, but with something else entirely. He needed to do this correctly and not waste an action. So, since his previous leap was categorized as movement, he didn't want to believe that it would be considered such now. Of course, being in a small little forest on the edge of the incredibly large clearing, he would need to not hit any trees, lest he unnecessarily break any branches. So he ran forward, a clear contrast of how he made his appearance onto the battlefield. With his only remaining hand, he would unseal two, blue, tennis ball sized glass orbs. His hand was large, but not large enough to hold three tennis balls, which was why he went with two. It was a wrench thrown into his plans, but it would not hurt them at all. With this in mind, he would proceed to immediately throw them into the air at a 45° angle with enough power so that they were more than capable of clearing 1.2 miles. He would follow his orbs with a leap that was 20 more degrees than the thrown arc, again, using just enough of his speed to keep up with them by a few dozen feet. A look on his page would show that these were his Water Orbs and the contents for just one of these was impressive to say the least.

He knew his throw would be considered an action, but he was alright with it, knowing that he was more than poised to continue with his efforts immediately upon his next turn. What these efforts were, he would remain quiet about them, not wanting anything to be considered an extra action or anything of the sort. Obviously, he had to deal with two Tenseigan wielding foes, but was not going to worry about it right now. To be honest, he had no idea how much time would pass in his turn, but he knew his arm was passively regenerating at a steady pace, a full bicep peeking from his shoulder at this point in time.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
« on: August 09, 2017, 10:49:57 pm »
I'm going to make my reply short, or as short as possible.

For the topic of Dust Release. I would like to say that the Kekkei Tota has one single Technique of demonstration. That single technique has variations in which it can be used. The Detachment of the Primitive World Technique (as you point out) is a technique where its specifically designed to hold the 3D shapes around for containment and better control of the Destructive chakra in the center. In the example of Bocc's use against Yujo, he uses the shape, but its at a speed faster than mine. Athos' use in the FFA totally disregards the use of the containment, simply relying on the speed of the orbs and the impact. In my meaning of the words, "raw" and "unrefined" I'm stating that it's just the unrelenting Dust Release Chakra (Raw) and there's no form of containment to keep it from going as far as I need it to go (Unrefined). In regards to the amount of force in my pulse of energy, I mention that it would come at a speed that was immediate upon the clone's close in. This means that it would be moving at relative speeds to the clone, and at the speed it was moving, there would be more than enough concussive force to harm the clone enough to cause a dispel. Considering I was planning for a larger-scale version of this application, I took the distance into consideration and believed the small scale version would be much better. Sure, without the buffs, I wouldn't have tried this, but with the technique is multiplied in destructive capabilities, as well as the speed its traveling. I never stated the pulse to be Jinton Nagashi, that was Rusaku who gave it that name. I didn't realize I had to state where I got the inspiration from, considering last time I mentioned an ability it was considered an action, so I was being careful. I guess that's my bad. The pulse that I was personally imagining, in using both Ice and Dust applications, is derived from the EMP, which happens had a pretty amazing speed.

Still on the topic of the most basic of Dust Release techniques is an impossibility as there's only One Canon Example for the whole Kekkei Tota. In my mind, the most basic would be chakra control, which I've done. I state that I never went around in creating any of my own techniques, I don't state that I don't know how to use the chakra. I realize that's a double negative and that's the point. There is two techniques that exist in video games, but it's basically the same technique, just, again, used a bit differently. Should I move forward and assume that every technique must be derived from the Detachment of the Primitive World Technique? If so, I'll do just that and make my techniques with that in mind.

Onto the Flight Technique, I'll direct you to the actual inspiration for my Flight Technique.
Quote from: Jay Wikia
Flight Technique Through a manipulation of the air currents underneath him and a steady, and very miniscule, output of chakra, he's able to lift himself into the air and fly. The amount of chakra used equals the speed at which he's flying, while still only using a very small amount of chakra. This in itself required extensive training in chakra control. Even still, he's looking for a way to reverse engineer this ability so that he may use it without the use of his Eternal Mangekyo, which he's made no leeway as of yet.
On the subject of the reverse engineering, I've accomplished that on the site. On the subject of the Flight Technique page, again, I saw its lack of detail and basic picture sufficient enough to not warrant an edit and hijack. I see now that I should have just went through the trouble of putting together my own. And again, in what way is the manner of my flight a problem? Whether I'm 200+ or 2, it doesn't change anything in my post or the one prior, which you've already approved of when you posted.

On the subject of metagaming, I would like to again address your mention of the file. How did you obtain that? Granted you just took control of the Foundation, I would have to put that on the person in control before. But, like the past made relative, no Konoha ANBU have been in Uzu or anywhere around me any sort of intel. There's the case where I was in the actual village, but both cases I entered without giving my name or association, soo.... I find that there's no conceivable way for there to be a file, throwaway or not.

For me, I do a process of elimination and a guesstimation on my opponents abilities. I know you don't have the Rinnegan, because you have the Byakugan, same for Sharingan. So, in the context of the rules, you must have Sage Mode. For the others, its a bit more difficult. Unless I see it, I won't know if you actually have Wood/Ice and Gates/Bone. But, until I do, I assume the opposite that I have, because I would rather fight my opposite. In regards of the Tenseigan, that was a hunch more than an expectation. I'm aware of the capabilities of a Byakugan ascending into a Tenseigan, not the process. Hell I believed Ray's Byakugan (when he had it) would ascend to a Tenseigan. I actually hoped for it, but that's merely hearsay at this point (considering the time I choose to state this assumption). The fact that I see it happening lowers my personal surprise and allows me to keep from being overwhelmed by its usage. That's my personal mentality, with no meaning to metagame.

On the Ray front, through my ingesting of his blood, I did state that I would obtain a portion of his memories. If he forgot, that's on him, but I remember clearly. Doing so is non consensual, so he wouldn't have to tell me anything. Obtaining information in a non consensual manner is approvable on the site when used in correct fashions. I would love to re-spread out my peeps on some official shit, but I'm waiting until other things have been settled, so I'm not really claiming to get any info from the Manji Org.

I realize that its not short, so... my bad.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Battle for Furball; Jay v Rusaku
« on: August 04, 2017, 03:53:37 am »
Sure, I can see how this may be a mistake. But, obviously, it wasn't. There was always a reason for the things Jay does, a reason for him to delve into the unknown here and have this fight in the first place. Bravery? Testing? Instinct? It was perhaps his overwhelming lust for battle that was finally taking over since the dealing with Kirin. At this point, he had one goal and that was to end things once and for all and he planned to do that soon.

Sure, by itself, the Mind's Eye of the Kagura didn't have the capabilities to track movement at these speeds. Obviously, due to the user's own inability in training the Mind's Eye to track. Of course, as his opponent stated, it was inconsequential. But, the use of the two Sage-like buffs and the Raiton Armor weren't present just for the necessary increase of speed. All of it was more to increase said Raiton Armor's abilities. The exponential increase of his neural synapses was near the levels of his Theta State, something he already claimed he didn't need. Of course, his point was, that the other ability of the Lightning Release Chakra Armor was what picked up the slack of the Mind's Eye. How much? Well, it was just enough for him to make the move he's been wanting to make.

The Nara was led to believe that the Flight Technique and the Light-Weight Rock Technique were in fact two different techniques. I mean, why else would they have different two different pages? In the case of the page, the Flight Technique, it makes no mention of lowering gravity, so it must have been obvious someone found the loophole around it, otherwise would be word for word for the other technique, the Light-Weight Rock Technique. Loophole or fallacy, that's what it is, so there'd be no decrease in weight... not that it really mattered, because the fashion in which he moved used pure energy to propel him forward.

The only issue about this reply was time and speed. He was going to go with the distance being around two miles from the original Rusaku. This caused a wrinkle with his plan of action and he was not willing to deal with that, he knew he the intelligence of his opponent. He wasn't going to fall for the same move twice, which meant, he had to make this move... not his intended move, which meant that things were going to be difficult. A small outwards pulse of his Senjutsu Chakra was all it took for the Nara to take the clone out of commission. This pulse would be composed of Dust Release, raw and unrefined, but recognizable to the Otsutsuki's Byakugan. This pulse would come at a speed that was immediate upon the clone's close in on the Nara, considering the point blank range at which it happened. The clone would turn into Dust, exploding in a cloud as it was forcefully expelled.

The fact that the clone didn't aim to cut him off, the path the Nara took wasn't hampered in the slightest and he'd reach his desired location in the time he estimated. This time, he'd angle his trajectory downwards, directly towards Rusaku, his eyes trained on him. His attack on the clone could possibly transfer the energy back to the Original, meaning that he could end up in the Tenseigan Chakra Mode. Considering the need for the Tenseigan to be activated, he might not essentially give Rusaku an actionless payoff. All in all, he was ready for the response.

Though, this left him with two actions. So, on the way to Rusaku's position, he swung his only hand towards Rusaku, unsealing a trio of kunai, set to travel at speeds that piggybacked off of his own movement speed. These kunai weren't ordinary, but energetically flowing with, now old, Explosive Chakra. Volatile, with the intended explosion happening on contact. These three kunai would be multiplied by another pulse, the Shuriken (Ninja Tool) Shadow Clone Technique copying the kunai by 500 each. Clouds upon clouds upon clouds of smoke puffed into existence as the new kunai sped towards Rusaku.

He was fully aware of the man's relation to his brother, so he had to have some sort of defense against the cacophony of explosions that would eventually shake the Earth around him. The Nara had enough protection against the explosions and the blow back, and he had little doubt the Otsutsuki would employ something to deal with it. Probably something Wood Release related, or possibly Kaguya related. The Nara wasn't sure what was in the dossier the Commander had on him, but the Otsutsuki's held his abilities and limited history. Sure, now he had to add the abilities for the Tenseigan, but, that's what these battles were for... at least in the span of this alternate reality. Separately, the explosive yield of the kunai were small, barely capable of taking a chunk from an armored building. Together, they had the capability to rival Deidara's C3 explosion... given their own spread.

Hopefully, he could do something better to catch his opponent off guard, but damn was his guard tighter than an abstinent nun. He swore he needed to find a way to... get him weak in the knees. [If you do the Harem no Jutsu, I swear...] 'I mean... it worked on his matriarch. Nobody can resist the appearance of naked woman... censored, but still.' All the Kyuubi could do was groan and shake his head.

In terms of seconds, these explosions would happen in the next one, The Nara not too far behind his swarm of kunai. The extra speed made natural drop a non-existent problem and the 1,500 spread made evasion an unnecessary chore. Hobi seemed the course the man might go, or perhaps the man had his own way to handle it. Either way, he wanted things to be exciting.

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As promised, the young Nara would employ the Flight Technique to stay airborne, especially after he had dropped a meter or two from the 284 peak. Already, he had an action off the board, but he had free reign of the skies in this manner, so a necessary evil. Intrigued, he noted the hiccup below, after the fact of course. The words of the Kyuubi also echoed in his mind. More than aware he was sitting on a plethora of unvoided techniques, he just couldn't make full use of them against opponents that weren't real. The realization was frustrating, to put it simply. He needed to close the distance between them by at least a few dozen meters, to a single hundred, at the maximum. Perhaps, he could the existence of the clone to his advantage.

Speaking of which, his Mind's Eye and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan would pick up the ascension of the clone's Byakugan to the Tenseigan. 'Here it is.' His curiosity would be the reason for this and it may be the death of him. Not one to be left behind, his aura of malice and dread took a backseat to one of pure cold indifference. From this feeling, the use of his Devil Release would come into play. The aura would affect the surrounding energy of his Chaos Sage Mode, as it was overpowered by the dark recesses of the evil soul within the Nara. Said energy would take the appearance of steam, while being combined with the Chaos Sage Mode. Devil Release held the same capabilities with the Average Sage Mode, which was important with the activation of Lightning Release Chakra Mode at its full power.

By the time that he'd activated the lightning based augmentation, ebony and deep purple arcs of lightning, Rusaku's clone would close in the distance and throw his attack. He'd move at comparable speeds, if not more. he wouldn't move towards the clone, but perpendicular to the ground, towards the position of the real Rusaku. He wouldn't aim to approach said Rusaku, but he did plan to remain at an altitude of 282 meters above the flat ground below. Sure, he had ways to rid the technique from being a danger to him, but why waste the energy. He needed only fast movement speed to do what he desired to do.

The Nara wasn't sure if the Tenseigan Chakra Mode offered its users a passive ability of flight, or not. If it did, then the clone was most likely in said flight mode. If it didn't, then it was merely a jump and the clone would need to utilize the flight technique to turn around and give chase. All in all, the Nara knew the speed and the fact that he moved at the exact time the technique left the clone's hand, that he would get a clear evasion. After Kirin, despite getting clipped, he didn't believe he would encounter anything faster. The clone was close, but not enough as Jay evaded the Kirin and only lost an arm. As he mentioned before, his healing factor would handle the missing arm. Sure, time was moving much faster, so it would take a lot more turns before it would return in its entirety, the use of his Devil Release energy passively speeding it along at a more gradual pace. A pair of seconds would be all that was needed for him to cross the distance between the forest's airspace and Rusaku's airspace.

He knew what he wanted to do when he got to the position, his Mind's Eye keeping him aware of his surroundings. The Rasengan technique, utilized by the clone would fly aimlessly through the sky. The clone, again, might have to use the flight technique to turn around. Either way, he was more focused on how he would take Rusaku out, a previous technique giving him an idea on how to do just that. It simply needed the right execution.

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I don't necessarily remember where we stood on the whole clone/marionette thing. But, if its set in stone that they go and eat the wood, then it must mean that they managed to seal up the marionettes, as stated previously. Because if they didn't, then they wouldn't commit their suicide. Either way, things would pretty much happen as it did last time, except he’d not make it into the Lightning Release Chakra Mode nor the Lightning Blade. Of course, he’d have to react to this fact in real time, the attempt to do so not even being accessible. Said real time meant that he wouldn’t think about doing something like trying to jump directly towards the lightning, his plan shot to hell. Anyway, lets get to that repost.

The Nara chose to do things from the top. (From the technique's infancy to its full adulthood) The man continued moving through the vicious thicket of trees. He'd made quite the bad choice in jumping straight into this thing, what with it being everywhere. He felt as if he needed to properly react to his surroundings, simply being fast not doing the trick. Sure he was capable of reacting to the attacks, more than capable of moving his frame to follow through. He was most thankful for his Mind's Eye, it was doing wondrous keeping his attention where it needed to be. He continued to jump to and fro, definitely grateful that he was good at acrobatics. He bounded from branch to branch as they closed in on him at high speeds. He knew this was a dangerous game he was playing, and it just grew even more dangerous. Even using something as second nature as using chakra to stick to a surface felt as if it would be considered an action in this situation and he didn't feel as if he should waste any. He'd already lost one with the clones being out of the picture.

His Mind's Eye recorded the chakra of Rusaku's clone emerging from the ground, doing something. He knew not where this emergence would occur, but changing the distance would be retroposting, so that was something that had to remain a constant. The disconnection of his Hiraishin Marker told him what he knew about the clone's actions. This accompanied by the sound of thunder, let him know that he had been correct in knowing what would come next. He growled as he pulsed his chakra inside of him, activating the Sage Seal to release the Natural Energy reserve and use that to activate his Chaos Sage Mode. 'Really regretting not going with the first plan. Never should have changed my mind.] [I had a feeling you would encounter this problem.] 'You could have talked me out of it.' [And miss the chance to say, "I told you so" and rub it in your face? Not a chance in hell!] The two having a bit of a tiff as this whole thing happened.

It wouldn't be long before Rusaku's chakra connected with the storm above. He acted immediately, increasing his movement speed just enough to jump into the air once again… for the first time. Again, he had been more than aware of Kirin’s development above and tried to use this to his benefit.

He calculated his trajectory, jumping at an angle. The jump wouldn’t result in a fatal hit, but Kirin was a fast sumbitch. Even with the increased speed, he would still get hit. Of course, his arm would be cauterized at the shoulder, but it was far from life threatening for the Jashinist Immortal. The both of them were fast, the lightning being the clear winner, obviously. So, the connect between the two would happen fairly close to the ground, around 50 meters or so, considering the Nara hadn't been on the ground when he made that jump. The ground and that particular portion of the living forest would show the most signs of destruction from the technique. Once again, for the first time, his leap into the air would cause him to reach the peak of 284 meters, the lightning not offering much resistance when it cleanly removed his arm from his person. He knew not whether his opponent would take control of the Wood Release himself, but his Mind’s Eye would look out for any further movements. It sucked that he didn’t have RYN activated, but at least he could feel the connection of his Hiraishin Marker return. ’Remind me to tweak this stupid seal when all this is over.’ [Keep fighting the way you are and I won’t be reminding you of anything.] He knew the furball was right, it was time for him to start doing things the right way to keep things interesting. [You have a variety of techniques that you know, all of them unvoided, how about you use some of the cooler ones. When you lose me, at least you'll know you had a good fight.] 'Dang, furball, no faith at all huh?' [Not at the moment. Seems to me, you'd have better credibility if you'd taken me from someone else... like anybody else. Like, maybe the Master Criminal that was just sealed up. Sure, nobody liked him, but he sure knew how to make somebody his bitch. You have a problem. Fix it and learn from these mistakes. Stick to the universe you're in. Nothing good will come out from interseries influences.] A touch of advice, perhaps the last advice the Kyuubi would be able to give this particular container. The clouds would begin fading from the sky, the Nara casting a shadow down below. A shadow that would grow darker and darker as more clouds parted, showing that perhaps there was a bright side. Hopefully, this was good enough advice for the Nara to continue along smoothly from here on out.

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I find it peculiar how all these problems are only choosing to surface at this point, especially from Tobias. I've had numerous spars with you, mentioning gravity seals before, but you've never said anything about any problems you had. If they were as big a deal as you're making, wouldn't you, a scientist, come to me and say, "Dude, that's not how gravity works. Your seals should kill you." Because you never have. Now, you say Lee's ankle weights are 10,000 on each leg. How can he move around with 20,000 pounds? Can a normal human react to the speed of light? Can someone raise the dead, revive the dead, rip someone's soul right out of them? Can a human regenerate an arm? Can a normal person shoot fire, the same temperature as the surface of the sun out of their eyes? Can a normal person, through the laws of physics, do anything in the shinobi world? Its not simply, chakra bro. Its the fact that it's an anime. Completely fictional. And SL is a game, based off a piece of fiction. So, using real world science on something that's not real, doesn't seem fair to me. You say this isn't dragonball z, but its also not real life. So, yes, in this universe, I find it completely plausible that after getting myself used to raising my mass, with chakra and all that biz that this universe has, that I can still be pumping blood in my insides, especially since the seal's purpose is to be regulating all those negative affects. Sure, using real science is nifty, but don't forget that nothing could be done by the person behind either of those screens, in this exact moment of time. Also, if my mass is even greater, and with this being fictional, with the fact that I've steadily grew used to the new levels of gravity, then the benefit is even greater. But, obviously that wouldn't matter, since, at this moment of time, they're not even activated.

When I said the part about the Mokuton, I wasn't controlling their speed. I was aware of my speed. When I said the part about the Regeneration, I wasn't saying that it would start, I was simply mentioning it as something completely passive.

You continue talking about auto-dodge, but that's only continuing to imply that they're unavoidable. It wasn't mentioned that they were unavoidable in Rusaku's post, so, I did what I did to avoid them. How different is that from any zone fight? Like, I throw a punch at your face. Is that considered unavoidable? No, because in real time, the opponent can see the punch and do what he needs to do to avoid it. This depends on the skill between the two fighters. Can the target react fast enough to move out of the way? Can the puncher throw his attack fast enough to put the necessary pressure on to cause the hit? If yes for the attacker, the punch lands. If yes for the target, the punch misses. Same for this situation. Could I avoid the wood, yes. Did I do what was necessary to avoid the wood, yes. Did Rusaku increase the speed of the wood, not necessarily. He made them shake and shift, but that's not enough for a seasoned shinobi to lose their footing. I understand your point about the clones eating the wood.

Either way, with the clone's sacrifice being the first, the Sage Seal being the second and Chaos Sage Mode being the last action, I'll only be left with movement. Thus, I'll have my repost up after I get back from work.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
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I wasn't expecting more people to post, so I'll just make a new thing instead of editing the placeholder. Now, I have a lot of things to go over, so I'll try to type as fast as possible... and try not to use backspace too many times.

Let me start with the clones and their actions. Rusaku pointed out that he did see that there was a future tense with my wording and yet still had his marionettes running on their branches and jumping to another, when my clones were poised to appear directly in front of them. There's literally no room for them to continue their running on the branch the were on. Any further movement would have resulted in a crash. At least, that was my understanding of the event, as I was using the definition of directly where there is no intervening space between two objects. So, since this direct interaction hadn't happened in Rusaku's post, stating that he was dodging the specific action of the strikes as they were happening, I felt it was obligated for me to employ the auto-hit clause as he hadn't even attempted the evasion as the clones were still in their pursuit of the marionettes from the last post. Rusaku doesn't mention distance, the clones relative to the marionettes, so am I supposed to just say, "Okay, they didn't hit the marionettes because they were too far away, even though my last post stated directly and Rusaku's doesn't make note of it?"

On the subject of the wood release technique, I direct your attention towards my current buffs once again. With them active, Mind's Eye, EMS, etc, I felt it was more than possible for my character to navigate through the wood release. With the Mind's Eye, he would see the direction each and every branch would be moving and make sure that he wouldn't get caught by them. I'm not attempting to downplay the abilities of yours, Bocc's or Kamui's characters, like you seem to be trying to do for mine. With the fact that you didn't mention that it was a wall of wood, I felt that was you saying that, "I'm not godmodding and saying that you're just fucked. I'm implying that there is a way out of this, seemingly, unavoidable, undodgeable, autohit technique, if you have the capabilities." Now, if that's the case, then wouldn't this be considered a blatant autohit? Instead of calling bullshit, I went with it and managed to find my way to my targets before they ended up being caught by the vicious wood release. How could that be, being caught by the wood release, be considered an action on my part? Was that not Rusaku's intention, thus, shouldn't it be his action, since he's technically controlling every single tree that's being controlled? Absolutely not, because that's not how that works. Not to mention, Rusaku seemingly allowed my to get to his Marionettes, not in the fashion that I had stated, but get to their general location has already been allowed.

Onto the subject of the Sage Seal. I understand your arguments there and would proceed to make the necessary tweaks to the seal to have it be Senjutsu instead. So that and Chaos Sage Mode would be two actions, in conjunction with SL rules.

On the subject of the regeneration. Rusaku's talk about the cells and all that doesn't matter as, in the IC history of my character, I've yet to have my arm, or any other part of my body removed. That's only happened in OOC and thus, have absolutely no consequences. To Warren's claim of it being locked in, I feel that this is character control as I don't have intentions of simply falling to the floor, nor is it possible to even think that I would return to the ground at the beginning of my next action. There's supposition in my post about my next action, and that is using flight, something I couldn't do because of the action count. Even then, in the confines of that post, its not happening, so counting it as an action is simply dirty. Naturally, I have an outstanding healing factor, a gif on my page showing how fast it can be. Your mention of cells being damaged over time and causing my death isn't even on the table because of my immortality. Once again, when I know what I want my character to do next, I try to put these little hints, for myself, in the previous post. If you treat these little hints as fact and say that it happens in the post, then that's character control, which I feel I've said before. So, that's not an action in my post. So, you assuming that I'm touching the floor, immediately after jumping in the air is a fallacy, completely unsound. Now, I held back on the start of the regrowth, because I know that starting it would be an action. For regrowing it, I have a technique to do just that. I didn't need to leave myself a hint about how I would go about this, because I know exactly what I wanted to do next, regardless of how Rusaku reacted.

Now, the two of you talk about the ludicrous speed at which I managed this. First, I want to bring up Jay's Gravity Seals. On my wiki, Jay weighs 230 pounds. Each level of the Gravity Seals increases said weight by five times. Rusaku has already encountered these seals on Ray, who got them from Jay in exchange for the Explosion Release, via blood.... a very long time ago. I don't remember what number I left off of on Ray, but he's on the first version of the seal, which ends at level 10... which is fifty times Earth's gravity. Version two, mine, continues from there and Jay is on level five, with the new level one being times fifty and level five being times seventy. Now, 230 times 70 is 16,100 pounds. Obviously, Jay's physical training is a constant and he's steadily eased himself up to this point, since the very beginning of his creation six years prior. A ton weighs in at 2,000 pounds. With this being the US, I assume we're going with this measurement. So, simply shedding that weight gives Jay an 8.05 multiplier on his speed. So, right off the bat, I'm already pretty fast. Now, this isn't just his speed, but strength, durability, reflexes, etc, generally my base stats. Originally, I stopped, because I knew that going further would be something that would hinder me instead of helping, but once I obtained my immortality and the inability to die, I ventured forward and continued my training regime, hence the V2 GS.

Now, before I go forward about the speed I'm capable of moving, let me go onto Rusaku's claim of being able to enter Sage Mode, activate RYN and then Raikiri and still jump to cut Kirin. Sage Mode, doesn't seem to need a hand seal to activate it. No hand seals have been shown to activate this technique. Raikiri is really the only technique that has been shown to need hand seals to activate, and yet in Part 1 of Naruto, Kakashi has used it without hand seals showing that they're not necessarily needed. So, those techniques rely on adequate chakra flow, as does pretty much every technique. With this in mind, I direct you towards Myaku Seikei, or Pulse Shaping. Its a testament to my complete mastery of my chakra flow. Knowing this allows the chakra to flow much faster inside you and complete techniques at a faster rate than the norm. Now, with Mind's Eye and the fact that my base can already process at very high speeds, having the time to adjust myself to jump to cut the Kirin is completely feasible. ESPECIALLY if I had Chaos Sage Mode and RNY activated, which increase the speed even more, 4x for CSM and not sure how much SL quantifies the levels of RNY. But its still insanely fast, if only max RNY can only be topped by instant teleportation and Naruto in 9 Tails Chakra Mode. This isn't even counting the fact that I'm without the Limiter Seal, which is a whole nother addition to the equation. So that mixed together and my claim of only hitting 284, not 300, meters, is grievously holding back the capabilities of said jump. And I never stated that I would meet the Kirin at said 284, I simply stated that I would peak at 284. I imagine that I hit Kirin around 40-50 meters, possibly further up, possibly further down... more likely further down. I said something about Rusaku not really stating times or making note of distances earlier and the prime example of this is his own clone, the Kirin situation is my own blunder, but it doesn't really change the context of my post.

So from the end of his post, to the end of mine, which was a very quick post, you're saying its possible for him to travel nearly 4 whole kilometers in a few seconds, when I can't travel 300 meters in what you believe to be a split second? That's complete favoritism and unfair for a judge. Especially when you consider my heavily buffed state to his unbuffed state... not to mention that this was a clone, 33.3% of Rusaku? That's completely biased for you to, conveniently, overlook. Me, I accepted it, because I don't find it impossible for Rusaku to cover such a distance in such time. I know that he's a skilled individual and don't have qualms in his character's abilities, again, something none of you seem to reciprocate.

Madara is brought up a lot, canon Madara, because I'm pretty sure a lot of us has already beaten SL Madara... the one that seems to be the more official version. Hell, I beat him without all the buffs I've displayed here, without immortality or Strongest Shield. He even had Kyuubi and used the cloak against me, and I still managed to knock his head clean off. Of course, he wont admit this, but that's okay, I know it happened. I want to talk about Guy and how you're seemingly downplaying his own capabilities. I know that if Guy was in the situation, he would have the necessary capabilities to achieve the goal of getting to where he wanted to go, in possibly the same manner. After a while, I can see it being inevitable to escape, but in the span of the first few moments, I can see him being untouched. Of course, the survival rate relies on Guy's direction and Madara's desire for that kill. Now, back to me. I'm not sure how Madara would fair against the Otsutsukis since Kaguya's introduction meant his death and Toneri's capable of splitting the moon. Now considering that Rusaku is an Otsutsuki, does he consider himself stronger or weaker than Madara? I'm not sure how this relates to anything, but I'm simply curious if he considers Madara the peak of growth, with nobody on SL ever being able to become as powerful as him, or if he believes that Madara is a stepping stone and those willing enough should be able to find a way to surpass the legend.

Moving on, the speed of the Mokuton. I never controlled the Mokuton, I just know that I'm fast as well. I know damn well that Rusaku is in control of his technique and never made mention that they would take ages to move. From what I see, it's one friend doing all he can to have the other win as quickly as possible. I want to have a fight, not a debate.

Now, if I was to do this repost, knowing that I'm out of actions, incapable of activating Raikiri, I'm not going to jump directly into Kirin like before. I'll simply end up jumping at an angle or backwards to completely dodge it. Granted, I'm sure stray lightning and rocks would hit me, but they wouldn't be anything that would damage me. So, do you want an airborne Jay, who's missing an arm, or do you want a grounded Jay who's got both of his arms? Because, that's what's going to happen? Because, in real time, that wouldn't be grounds for a retropost, since I was reacting to both situations as they were presented to me.

Now, can Warren stop favoring his moon bestie and be unbiased as he's expected? I don't feel like developing a problem with the man or Rusaku because of this event. And you can't say that you haven't been, because I don't see any evidence that you've combed through Rusaku's claims and called him out. Matter of fact, it doesn't even matter, because Rusaku hadn't voided/nerfed me at all. He told me that I could play as I always have, paraphrasing as I don't know the exact words... matter of fact, these are the exact words, "voiding absolutely nothing on your character." So, now, in mid-fight, without the characters even getting face to face, you want to nerf me by complaining about the speed I'm moving, when you go beyond what I've ever done, points towards clone once again. I also want to make note that Itachi can react to the technique in enough time to use Susano'o while dying, because of sickness, using only the Mangekyo Sharingan, completely surprised by its creation, and still be more than capable of sealing Orochimaru with said Susano'o before eventually succumbing to his sickness. But I cant, when I'm completely healthy, not at all surprised, haves multiple abilities activated and again, completely healthy. Are you saying, Sick Itachi > Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto?

Recap? I'm not sure how the fight would go against Jay and the Canon Madara, but I'm sure that it would be an amazing fight. As would the fight between Rusaku and Madara. As would the fight between Bocc and Madara. The same for Tobias and Madara. Athos and Madara. Shadow and Madara. With you so grounded in believing that Madara is unsurpassable, is keeping you from growing your character beyond Madara. Unshackle those chains and get Madara's whatchamacallit out of your whozeewhatsit. In other words, get off his **** and be the shinobilegend you know you can be. Hopfully, I won't have to cut any of this out. I simply want you to earn this Kyuubi, because I'm not gonna just give up and let you take it.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
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Not at all, because we are still discussing this situation that we find ourselves in. So, this will be a placeholder until I can put something together when I get home from work.

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