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Topics - UettoSenju

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Village Square / The Sky isn't Blue
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:03:20 PM »
I still say that Human Path can not legit learn jutsu in an instant. I think ths while learn everything BS is beng thought of in the wrong manner.

No where was it shown that anyone who Human Paths some learns there jutsu.

Spam / Here it is
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:22:48 AM »
Okay so I'm go ahead and throw this up although it is only what I did in like 30 minutes of messing around.

Still a lot of work to be done but I could use a crew to aid in the creation of it.

Village Square / Just a body count
« on: April 16, 2014, 09:14:52 PM »
I was wondering if there were still any out there that were thinking of nerfing characters rp wise.

If so I was just wanting to speak with you guys about perhaps starting our own community at SL. Creating a character template and such to follow and reworking our character to fit it.

I'm not sure if there are still people wishing to do this or not.

Naruto / 667
« on: March 06, 2014, 03:34:08 AM »
I don have a link to post as its to much hassle from thi phone but go read it now.

It's finally happening!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want say what cause if spoiler alerts but its happening!!!!!!!

Also I kinda figured that person would be who it is. Should be interesting to see where that leads that group to.

Spam / that forum idea
« on: February 05, 2014, 07:21:48 AM »
so yeah, I lost all my stuff I had saved on my laptop....

Ummm. I guess that means I have nothing now. I'm not sure if any even remember this idea or not but meh.

I could create one but I just don't really have the time.... I know it is a off the wall and taboo thing to say but SLS?

Why not bring it back and lets moderate it to create characters that don't even follow our character here at SL so to say. Just for those of use that want to, no need to force it upon peeps.

We could easily draw up some systems there and make extremely less OP characters.

Spam / Here we go...
« on: November 06, 2013, 01:47:05 AM »
So I have started working on my own forum like I had spoke of doing sometime ago. I can't always be one a computer so I will have to work on it slowly but I am hoping to have most of it worked out by the new years.

It will probably be rather simple and all as I haven't done this in a long time and I can't just work on it everyday. I am hoping that it can present a nice role play environment for those wishing to join in though.

I got a bunch of systems I am going to be trying to work on and get up before any rp starts... these things always take time.

If anyone would be interested in helping out just shoot me a pm. I could use someone to proof read and make grammar corrections, ummm also someone that could fancy the site up a bit themes and stuff aren't really my cup of tea. Really though anyone that wanted to just go ahead and join so we could talk over the systems I put up would be great.

On top of that I got to put in a banned list, I don't want some jutsu being playable. Although I am thinking of allowing some but just limiting their usage... still up to debate on this though.

But yeah you guys get where I am going with this. Just thought I would throw the update about the issue out there.

Spam / Will just throw this here
« on: September 03, 2013, 04:47:23 AM »
Good bye everyone!!!!

I'm out.

Game Related Discussions / Top Ten: Remake
« on: September 02, 2013, 03:15:58 AM »
Pretty self explanatory but here it is anyways. A list of whom you consider to be the top ten: Strongest, Fastest, Best Zoners/Fighter... you get the pic.

Only catch is list only people who currently rp or are active at the site.

I'm just interested in seeing a remake for these list is all.

Spam / An idea I have been having
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:13:22 AM »
Recently I have been considering of getting back into the Forum RP side of the Naruto based RPGs. I have been out of the game for a long time and it would take me sometime to get back into the swing of things...

I was simply wondering if there would be anyone that would be interested in adding in creating a site. Usually it is good to have a crew of people working behind the idea to increase the site from being up and running faster.

The will be following some old systems I constructed back when I use to help others create/remodel their site.... things like chakra point systems, missions system, banned jutsu list, character build system, ranking up system, village invasion system, ect.

Basically I plan to keep he character builds more simple of course. Meaning less OP characters and characters powers actually reflecting their ranks... stuff of that sort.

I'm not quite sure about the plot as of yet. I had an idea about revolving it around a Shinobi World based off the time before the villages. It would perhaps be a little harder to organize then that of one that involves around the Villages but just a thought.

Anyways, I'm try to create the site and am gonna ask people I know from SL to join me in the rp. I would rather rp with you guys then strangers... because it is easier to rp at a new site with people you already know in my opinion. But if anyone would like to lend a hand I am just throwing it out there.

Village Square / Should Yumei's Characters be dead.
« on: August 04, 2013, 07:48:26 AM »
(8d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto as the Senju stood with his toads that merged their beings together allowing the flow of Natural Energy to enter his body Uetto's eyes would take a toad like form and a yellow tent form around his eyes showing his mastery level of the Sage Arts.+
(8d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto Uetto would speak as he formed the Snake Hand Seal, two Mokuton Clones rising from the ground before him, "There they are... you two may wanna step back a bit..." The burst of speed from the one inside the building had not bothered him much+
(8d1h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto as he focused on locating the two outside the village via his sensory skills gifted by his Sage Mode form. The clones before him would both grin as Uetto communicated with the two mentally, "So we are gonna do that attack. How exciting." +
(8d1h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto The brute himself would nod as he pulled a three pronged kunia from his clothing. One of the clone sunk into the ground merging with the root system to travel a distance of long range in mere moments. The other clone would chuckle as he would +
(8d1h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto quickly go into the full tailed beast form of the 2 tails... of course this would mean the destruction of a few local buildings but they were not occupied at the moment sense the majority of people had left with Genesis. Buildings could be +
(8d1h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto replaced rather easily. The three all keeping in touch with one another via their mental flow of thoughts... timing everything just perfect.

(8d1h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku | The Kabirudake, dropped as they were on Seijin's part, lay scattered across the forest surrounding the village. They would remain dormant, or so would have been their fate until some silly Mokuton user decided to step into their warzone.

(8d1h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku
  • They were not fully developed yet, though they in their preliminary states threatened to siphon the chakra of Mokuton-users within the general vicinity. Numerous of them were positioned close to where Gaiaku stood, so yeah, do the math.

(8d1h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku anyway, scoured the surrounding vicinity with his ice proxies. He had no doubt that their position had already been located, and that they'd need to depart as soon as feasibly possible. "Too long." He formed a kata, summoning forth the

(8d1h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku
  • enormous broadsword "Bōkyaku". He retained a threatening calm, attributing to how he had clear observation on all points of his relative area, by the swallows concealed by the tree leaves and vice versa.[/color]

    (8d1h) <起源> Saikōsai Seijin 's paper recollected beside Gaiaku within the moment into a great sphere, of which then dispersed, cluttering the surrounding airspace and forest floor with his remote paper tags. He'd have the upper remaining portion of Koyoichi's corpse +
    (8d1h) <起源> Saikōsai Seijin + sitting at his feet. "Class C-X, Gaiaku we're going." He remained completely wary of his surroundings, the place littered with weapons and shields to warp the environment to conduct his bidding. Right now though he awaited Gaiaku's course +
    (8d1h) <起源> Saikōsai Seijin + of action, of which he'd act upon in utmost correspondence with. Enough damage had been done for now, if they were provoked, then it wouldn't be they who'd be the victims.

    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto Uetto himself would start to form a few hand seals as the clone that had transformed into the tailed beast quickly fired a tailed beast bomb at him that was not compressed. As this happened the other clone would rise half way out of the ground +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto behind the two Genesis members as he quickly touched the pedestal they stood upon marking it for the Flying Thunder God Technique, this taking only an extremely brief moment to do as he rose but mere inches from the pedestal using his quick +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto arms speeds to mark the object.... As the mark was placed Uetto himself would have timed his clones actions perfectly with his own the Tail Beast Ball colliding with a Barrier designed to warp any object away that collided with it away via the +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto properties of the Flying Thunder God. Of course what was warped had to be sent to another marked location which just so happened to be the pedestal the two Genesis Members stood upon unless somehow prevented. With the sheer speed of the marking+
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto and the timing of the warp in conjugation preventing such would be extremely difficult as the clones presences was hidden until submerging to place the mark. By the time the Tailed Beast Bomb would have been warped and have blown a huge crater +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto ground, leveled a large area, and complete destroyed anything nearby the Mushrooms would not have been able to drain the Mokuton Clone to a large extent nor the Ice Swallows reach him.... It would probably catch the two completely off guard. +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto :Now if somehow the marking had been prevented the Bomb would be warped to a marked tree in the nearby outskirts to the South East of Konoha; where the Patrol Guards had went about placing tags in the area sometime ago; meaning the Bomb would +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto level a portion of the outskirts but not harm anyone in the processes: The Tailed Beast Ball had not harmed anything within the village as Uetto and his clone were close to one another and the Ball was not needed to be fired but a short distance+
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto before being warped to the other location. Uetto would have noted the slight strain on his Mokuton Clone before it would have been destroyed in the exploding impact of the Beast Ball, if it went as planned, as Uetto himself picked up on it +
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto determining something strange was in the area that effected him or his Mokuton. What it was was unknown to him at them moment though. Uetto would then speak to Jestar, "I suggest you all ready yourselves for war... It seems the day is upon us.+
    (7d8h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto Today Konohagakure goes to war with Genesis."

    (7d7h) <起源> Kokūzō Yūmei will post then. | As the dust cleared at the impact zone, with Gaiaku's ice monument and the surrounding brush destroyed around the pedestal, the visage of three, black figures appeared. One was Seijin and one Gaiaku. Though the third..? The ~
    (7d7h) <起源> Kokūzō Yūmei ~ surrounding dust dispersed rather quickly, with the unknown entity lowering its left hand, of which was raised only a couple of seconds ago, revealing the two Genesis members still lived, unharmed by the sudden surprise attack. "To have ~
    (7d7h) <起源> Kokūzō Yūmei ~ forced me to initiate a defensive plight, not a bad effort." Out of the single eye-hole did the figure's Rinnegan monitor the situation, garbed in white vestments, much unlike those two in black. Likewise, it emitted a chakra pressure quite ~
    (7d7h) <起源> Kokūzō Yūmei ~ unlike the other two - it was one that triggered emotions such as terror and despair, as if it was nightmare incarnate, a considerably dark presence. "Take the injured one away to receive treatment, none shall pass." It was already aware ~
    (7d7h) <起源> Kokūzō Yūmei ~ of *that* which occupied the outer rim of the pedestal, the same way it had learned of the combination-effort utilized to launch the surprise attack. Either way such petty tricks wouldn't operate as initially planned.

    (7d7h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku was somewhat surprised by the surprise attack, though even more so at the sudden presence of the one garbed in white. He glanced back at Seijin, "Get him out of here, now!" Gaiaku then formed a kata, creating a copy of himself in front of

    (7d7h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku
    • the white cloaked newcomer which raised its hands, erecting some sort of barrier around those situated on the pedestal, though not entirely concealing the entirety, excluding where the Hiraishin mark was placed perchance. The Uchiha

    (7d7h) <起源> Uchiha Gaiaku
    • continued clenching onto the hilt of his broadsword, his chakra fluctuating as per its passive ability, his own senses been drastically enhanced with each passing moment.[/color]

      (7d7h) <起源> Saikōsai Seijin was stunned by the white figure's appearance, not so much by the destruction of most of the paper tags he had littered around the pedestal, those on it still pretty much there. However the order was given, and swiftly placing a hand on Koyoichi, +
      (7d7h) <起源> Saikōsai Seijin + formed a kata of his own to teleport the two away from the scene, to one of the other pedestals in existence...

      (7d4h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto Although it was a good attempt in keeping his companions from being killed Yumei would now find he himself dead along with them. The impact of the Tailed Beast Ball and its explosion create a impact that would kill anyone upon impact really or +
      (7d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto at least leave them right on the verge of death. Although Yumei may have created a barrier with the Preta Path (was told in pm that is what was done) the barrier would not withstand the force of the impact and explosion. It would not be the +
      (7d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto actual ball itself but rather the force behind the explosion that would do the damage as it would have been enough to create a crater and level a larger area... sense they were pretty close to impact zone. (Note it was acknowledged in Yumei's +
      (7d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto post that the Tailed Beast Ball still made impact and exploded). The force itself caused by the explosion may have even been enough to knock Yumei out of his stance causing him to drop the Preta Path Barrier and all three be completely destroyed+
      (7d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto with no sign of their bodies left. The pedestal they stood upon would also be destroyed due to the impact of such a destructive jutsu (Once again in Yumei's post it as accepted that the tailed beast ball hit... if not then there would have been +
      (7d2h) <火> Rokudaime 火影 Senju,Uetto no dust or ice monument and the surrounding brush destroyed.)

Game Related Discussions / Dice?
« on: May 22, 2013, 05:54:57 AM »
Perhaps this has been answered somewhere before but I can't seem to find it.

I was just wondering what the dice roll thing in the private zones was for? In all my years here I have never figured it out... honestly I had forgotten about it.

Game Related Discussions / Zone Council Idea
« on: May 21, 2013, 08:20:56 AM »
This is a quote from another topic. I just wanted to expand on it but not ruin that topics true meaning by bringing unneeded content into it.

There seems to be some confusion on what a GM actually is, so I figured I would weigh in on this topic to clarify what I consider are a few misconceptions.

I see a lot of people saying that GM's give ruling on zone fights, mentioned both here and on SL. However as people are all too fond of pointing out, GMs have no power to do anything at all.

Game Master = Dungeon Master.

This is the person who comes up with story line, creates events and implements them. Advertises and drums up enthusiasm among the players of the game to participate. Makes accommodations for everyone to have something to do during the event and tries to see that all are able to enjoy themselves. The GM is not a player...this means that it is not the GM against  the players in a win/lose situation.

Rather, the GM has to be aware of the player's skill, craft foes and obstacles that meet their skill level but do not exceed it, and then set up situations in which a player character can face a challenge and use their skills, talents, and creativity to cope with it. The GM helps the player grow their character. It is important not to create tasks too hard or too easy. Rewards that are too weak or too abundant are also a thing to be avoided.

IT should be noted...ANYONE can do this. I did this for years without the GM powers and it is silly people who think differently. Additionally...zoning is not RP. it is a part of RP. Any action your character performs is RP and it is so much more than just fighting.
There are a TON of people on SL who are starving for RP to do that is not zone fighting and war. There are many many more people who are not powerhouses and need to grow in RP and experience other adventures besides zoning.

As far as rendering decisions on zone fights go, anyone that both parties agree upon can be called in to arbitrate. It is preferable they know how to RP and to zone and understand the rules of game play.

As we can see Kay has pointed out some pretty damn good reasoning here. The simple fact is a GM is supposed to be more then just a "Zone Fight Referee" after all RP is meant to be much more then fighting but rather actually causing your character to live out life through your post (one of the reasons I make Uetto train and eat on a daily basis usually when not rp locked or such... off topic I know). Sadly though, SL has a major portion of its rp dedicated to fighting... and we all know RP fights lead to RL fights.

Anyways, the point I am trying to make here is this. The amount of GM are limited and there are always fights and arguments between rpers causing the GM to become burdened really. Like Kay said the job of GM is much more complex but hell lets face it most think that the ruling of a GM in a zone match is what is truly official.

So I was thinking (this may sound stupid and overrated but meh) why not form a rp council kind of thing? I know it was kinda almost done with the Biju Counicl but why not actually vote 5-6 people to over looking zone fights and such.

These people don't have to truly be GM status but their position would be meaningful non the less. Also having this sort of thing around would help the GM some sense they do have lives you know and can't always be there to give their input. Seriously the number of GM is limited.

Like I said the idea is overrated but I thought it was worth tossing out there. I am sure this isn't the first time it has been brought up but I would like to see it actually happen or something.

Village Square / Voiding Uetto Senju
« on: March 06, 2013, 01:55:02 AM »
(I wasn't really sure of where to place this so I put it here)

Anyways Ranketsu seems to think that everything my character has achieved and earned via resets and rp should be void. She told me that if SL stopped to think about it they would all void me, sense I am apparently just like Bocc.

So I bring it here for a vote, if SL rules to have my character voided then I will accept this and that will be the end of the story.

Village Square / Village Barriers
« on: December 13, 2012, 09:26:36 PM »
Sense it seems everyone is throwing out ideas on rules lately I figured I might as well go ahead and do the same. Of course the idea a bring forth only effects the villages themselves and only those who rp the whole 'Village based RP' idea.

Anyways, I would just like to point out that I think that the villages have OP Barriers. I mean should we not be inspiring more rp and that usually streams from village attacks so why not encourage more of the sort.

I think any barrier that acts as an auto-hit or chakra manipulation should be off limits. For example the Chakra Eating Mist of Kiri, the Iwagakure Barrier that automatically places a seal on anyone who enters, the Power Release Barrier of Konoha, the Preta Barrier of Konoha, ect.

I think it should be limited to a sensory barriers and Canon Barriers such as the one Bocc uses, and the Chakra Chains Barrier I use. It should be a general rule of thumb you can't enter anther village via space/time ninjutsu, with the exception of being summoned.

Anyways I think you all get the idea. Let the villages be protected by those who say they are the protectors of the village, plus this makes infiltration and spying easier as well.

Spam / Isaac
« on: August 27, 2012, 01:30:11 AM »
For those of you that don't know I live in Louisiana and there is a strom headed this way. It is possible I could be apsent from the site for 2 or more weeks. I think this storm will develope to be worse then they are caculating, but it is hard to say. The Gulf is in the perfect position to build a major hurricane.

A pic of the current spegatti map:

Where I live: [That is the Parish I live in, Louisiana has Parishes the rest of U.S. as counties]

Also I am a Firefighter/First Responder so I will be busy for awhile with all that stuff.

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