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Feature Requests / C-box
« on: August 22, 2012, 04:36:13 AM »
I brough this up in zone 8 and decided to make a post about it here for all to see and comment on. I think it would be nice to a a c-box at the forum that we could use to talk about OOC issues at a rapid paste. I mean it is hard to make a point to all parties partaking in a fight through pm as they can only be done on a 1 to 1 person bases or however you would describe it. This way allows people to discuss rp as a whole without the OOC cluter that people disapprove of.

Spam / Copy Righted
« on: May 11, 2012, 09:35:15 AM »
Just wanted to inform everyone that the three phrases:
'It happens.'
'It is what it is.'
'Prove it.'

Are my phrases and are not to be used by others.... dong so may/can result in a void as well as land you a perma-ban. Thank you all for your time. 

Feature Requests / Kekkei Genkai Switch Remake
« on: February 19, 2012, 04:38:24 AM »
Okay I saw the last topic on the idea got locked so I decided to make another topic to bring up an idea I had on the subject. Honestly, I was/am hoping the option will be provided to the members of SL as i wouldn't mind switch my Byakugan for an in game Sharigan (in my younger days I was a foolish man and choose a reborn in the long run I would not like because of my foolish pride to dislike the Uchiha clan).

However, I don't think you should have the option to exchange one reset for another in total. I believe that you should only earn the things you work hard for... plus people will just exchange their old ones for the new ones which makes no sense to me as you can just choice one of the new ones when you reset the next go round.

So my idea was instead of having the option to exchange one KG for another why not give the option to erase a KG from your current list of KG achieved. This would allow you to reset in the other KG that is available in the KG groups for example: loss Rinnegan to gain Sage Arts.

This would also mean you would have to work to achieve the KG you wish to achieve as you would still have to work your way up to reset in it.  Although it only leaves you the option to loss a KG for the other KG in the group I see it has a plus for like I said if you want a KG in a group you already do not have one in then work you way to being able to reset in it.  This also grants you the power to just simply loss a KG if you so wish lol.

Spam / Didn't know where else to post this
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:46:47 AM »
Take a look at this page in the manga:

I just noticed something and was wondering if any of you may have noticed it as well. We can clearly see that Madara is using the 9-tails in the fight and The 1st is using Mokuton a scroll and "8" weapons. I am just wondering was this fight before or after Hashirama gave the beast away to other countries? I mean there are "8" weapons he is using in the picture and sense Madara is using one tailed beast then that leave "8" more to be left. Could it be that when Hashirama had possession of the beast they were sealed in the weapons shown in this image?  I would like to know more about that scroll to... was it used to summon the weapons, note it host the Senju Clan symbol which I find interesting.  And the two images below show both the men, note it clearly shows emphasis on Madara's Sharigan which he is using to control the 9-tails so is the other showing that towards the scroll in the picture that Hashirama is caring to show that is what how he uses the beast?

I just foudn this a tad bit interesting.

Game Related Discussions / Honorary Kekkei Genkai System Idea
« on: December 11, 2011, 12:25:13 AM »
A PM I sent someone that inspired me to make this post.

Yoton in not a KT it is a KG, Jinton is the KT

What I am saying though is that I look at three KGs here that don't really refer to a bloodline triat: Yoton, Jinton, and Mokuton.

Unlike Hyōton that was clearly stated to be passed down to bloodline members of a clan (I think) nature KG or simply having the ability to master 2 elements to the point of creating another.  Which would mean in theory anyone could learn any KG or KT so long as it stays in bound to the elemental alignment they posses. 

Look at Yoton for instance it is shown to be used by several different ninja from different villages and each seems to have a unique way of using the release.  So could it be by using more of one side of the element and less of the other you could create a different substance of the release.

Then we look at Jinton, it was passed down from a master to a student I believe. So therefore it would make sense that anyone possessing the earth, fire, and wind elements could learn the KT.

And last Mokuton. It was only ever used by one person outside of the DNA transplantation. Could it be that Hashirama just mastered the two elements to the point he found a way to combine them? I mean after all his brother was also a master the water element, and the Senju hold no KG or special jutsu but were said to be users of all forms of jutsu and fighting styles.

So is it that unlike KG that are based on Dojutsu that elemental KG can be learned by anyone who has mastered the elements to a certain level.  And one would have to think that many other KG can be invented by combining the elements in different ways with different portions of the elements.   (I would also have to think if this holds true that one who has mastered the  Rinnegan could master all KG and KT, inculuding create more then what is given in the anime/manga… but that would be someone like the SoSP I guess lol )

This rather confuses me because by definition a Kg are supposed to be passed down through bloodline traits.  I am just trying to make head or tails of every detail to full understand how it works.


Now the reason I joined the forum and posted this was because I want to see how this all works SL wise.  I know that in order to posses the Wood or Ice Release one must have at least one reborn in it to make it valid in official RP.  However, I have noted a rising amount of claims in Kekkei Genkai on SL based on nature releases.  It seems that every blow-joe and his mother want to claim a KG, such as Jinton. 

Outside of the KG that one must get in-game wise to achieve in rp the other are all open game from my understandings.  Therefore in my thoughts there should be an honorary system thought up.  I mean I just don’t see how tons of people can claim all these KG and more than one of them at that. 

I think that much like summon contracts are done that the KG outside of what you can achieve in-game should be held by one person and that person may teach the KG to another if they so wish (similar to how the hold of a contract must let another sign it to be able to summon the creature).  Take Hiraishin for instance it must be taught to another form someone who knows the jutsu and only very, very, very few people in all of SL know the jutsu, and how before Sage Mode was made a reset one had to learn it from a person already possessing the skill.

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