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 on: February 19, 2019, 08:06:33 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Sabu saw the spear coming in but misjudged the chakra that coated it and was caught off guard by the explosion. Much of the water was turned to steam which rose out of the new hole in the earth leading into the cavern. Sabu was able to move himself away through the water, but he ended up in an ankle deep pool at the bottom of the cave, looking at the light coming in from the sky. The swords that made up Sabu’s last attack would melt back into the ground once Sabu was disconnected from them, saturating the battle-scorched earth even more. Between the mist in the air, the steam, and the water at his feet, Sabu still had options, but he was amazed someone had done so much “damage” to him so easily. His rage was battling his natural curiosity, while his hunger waited to beat up the winner. He wondered in that moment if this guy would taste like charcoal.

It was a weird mix of emotions that brought him to a conclusion: this was starting to get fun. He could feel his grip squeezing the two swords in his hands. One thought started rolling around in his brain.

”I’m gonna cut him~”

Sakata was horrifyingly shoved down Sabu’s throat and Mōi was placed on a sheathe in his back that seemed to grow around it. The sword’s yellow glow still rang bright, indicating it was not yet ready for use in fūinjutsu. New weapons appeared on our hero, four separate swords held in four separate hands, two limbs having sprouted from beneath the more typical set to hold these conjured conductors of chaos.

Toba, a classic we all know and love, was in the top right hand.
Akkan, a lesser known sword but one of Sabu’s favorites, was paired with Toba and placed in the bottom right hand.
The least sword-like, even compared to Toba, was the top left hand’s sword Bāsuto, a chain coiled around the arm was ended with a spike held in the hand.
Bottom left was Chūmaka, which was usually more for special occasions, but brought out here to infect all this water.
Lastly Sabu had also summoned some flies, which chilled out in his armor to gather up some natural energy like homies. Sabu was a little off from activating sage mode yet, but decided to take action.

Sabumaru stomped his foot, causing the water to rush to the walls all at once before rushing back at him. The resulting spike would be used by baldy to propel himself out of the cave and into the mist where he was able to see Ray outside fog once he landed by the hole Ray’d made. It was wide, most of the mist was only covering the hole now, but some still lingered where Sabu stood at the edge, concealing him from the Sharingan with all the chakra in the mist. His top left hand reared behind his head before Sabu threw it forward, releasing the spike and sending it flying towards Ray with the chain rapidly trailing behind. It seemed to unravel and unravel from Sabu’s arm but never end as it flew towards Ray’s right eye. Chūmaka he stuck in the ground to release it’s horrid bacteria into the water below their feet, Toba he knocked against a loose stone to let out it’s signature nauseating ring, and Akkan just kinda waited. These minor actions would prove to have useful effects, with the nose being the more immediate of the two. It wasn’t so dramatically powerful as to seriously hurt someone, but Sabu was using his blades in flawless conjunction by timing the sound to happen right as he activated Bāsuto’s ability, creating a small burst on it’s right side to drastically change it’s trajectory to be aimed at Ray’s left lung. It was done during the attempted nausea induction so that Ray would be completely caught off guard by both swords at once, while Chūmaka’s effects went unnoticed until too late. There was no chakra in the bacteria, so Sabu didn’t have to worry about that getting seen at least.

This style of “swordplay” if it could be called that was just a taste of what Sabu was up to.

 on: February 15, 2019, 06:30:32 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray scowled seeing the man disappear out of the smoke hands. Ray, grabbing a nearby rock is nearly impaled by a water sword had it not been for his EMS. Swiftly dodging the swords that began to sprout like they would never end, Ray escapes the radius by using the Body Flicker Technique to reappear high in the air give or take about 50 meters. The smoke hands, which are caught by the water swords are erased by their one weak point. Deciding to force the urchin from his underground sea, Ray finally makes use of the rock he has in hand. Pouring two different chakra natures into the stone, a spear is formed coated in a protective film of bakuton chakra.

Using his height advantage, Ray smirks and decides to uproot the hidden fish that is Sabu. Twisting his body in such away he spins, Ray spins around 360 degrees before releasing the spear in his hand down at the epicenter of the now slowly misted field. Using his own strength, comparable to a person in the 3rd gate, and the speed at which he spun, the spear is released with such velocity and strength that it only takes half a second to reach the ground where the spear burrows down about 10 feet before exploding due to the Bakuton chakra in the spear.
Being that Bakuton explosions occur outward, the main force of the explosion would be down towards sabu and his former sinkhole of a kitchen, but the heat and debris expanded in all directions  making it so the water and Sabu would be evaporated by scorching heat well above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ray, affected by the wind blow back, is sent slightly off course, crashing into a nearby tree where he dusts himself off with only a small scrape. Jumping down he scanned the area for any signs of movement looking for Sabu. Ray kinda wishes for the man to live as he does have a new toy he'd like to use on him that he recently acquired.

 on: February 12, 2019, 09:02:59 pm 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel
Kamui took a moment to observe the devastation that they had caused, it was easily fixed through a certain technique that could alter the terrain around them to his specifications. Before he decided to fix everything, he would turn back towards Naruto and extended his arm forward in attempt to fist-bump him with his own balled-up fist. "Allow me to fix some of the damage here and we'll head on our way home using a marker that I had placed in the village." Kamui said.

"It's a fairly simple technique that can alter the terrain using this scroll as a medium." Kamui said as formed the seal of confrontation and conjured up a single shadow clone. This clone would immediately regurgitate a medium-sized scroll in front of him that was tied up in a black silk ribbon. Once the scroll was unraveled, the contents were revealed to be graphing paper that could be used for graphing the area around them onto the paper itself.

"Although the concept is fairly simple, the activation requires an artist's touch. You cannot make any mistakes in the process or the technique won't work as planned." Kamui sat down near the scroll and pulled out a special ink pen from the contents of the scroll. He closed his eyes for a moment, after overseeing the area around them for a quick moment. Once he had a good visual layout of the area of them, he would open his eyes and begin graphing the terrain onto the scroll in a relatively fast pace. Once half of the affected area was graphed onto the paper, Kamui placed the pen down in front of him and closed his eyes once more. It would only take him a few seconds to draw in natural energy from around them into his body, which was mixed with his own chakra, creating senjutsu chakra in the process. Several markings would appear on his face as the transition into his Slug Sage Mode took place.

"Excuse me, I have to use this to better gauge the damage around us and more accurately graph the terrain onto this scroll." Kamui picked up the pen and began finishing graphing the terrain accordingly, thanks to the perks that was granted by his use of senjutsu. He wouldn't been able to remedy the damage in his base state alone, but with the capacity of his chakra pool increased through his transformation. Kamui could easily re-draw the area to how it looked like before all the damage occurred. Five minutes later, the graph was complete and all that was needed was to adjust their position to a correct area or otherwise it would be a pain to be in the way where a tree should be.

"Take two steps towards me please and get right behind me." Kamui formed the seal of confrontation as his clone formed a one-handed seal simultaneously in the process. While the original was activating the technique to alter the terrain, the clone was expending all of the chakra that was used to make it, in order to cover certain portions of the land with more evergreen trees that were similar to the ones that were destroyed. Once that was done, the clone disappeared in a plume of smoke and Kamui extended his hand towards the right shoulder of Naruto.

"I suppose we could get something to eat back home, but as token of my friendship. I'm buying!" Kamui smiled as he made use of the marker in the center of the village to transport the both of them into the main office of the Hokage. Once they had reached their destination, the use of senjutsu would wear off and would leave the Shodaime both exhausted and hungry.

[The End]

[Thread Locked and Archived

 on: February 12, 2019, 02:01:36 am 
Started by Nekomaru - Last post by Yomi
And I was gonna post this too...

 on: February 11, 2019, 08:19:00 pm 
Started by Nekomaru - Last post by Warren
No need

 (dwellings-3465) (4d5h) <霧隠> Misumi suddenly seemed to remember something, and snapped her fingers, to get the attention of the trio of girls, "Scratch that. Get her clothes and food, then take her to the arena and figure out what she's capable of." she instructed, revising her previous statement. It wasn't often she got so +
(dwellings-3465) (4d5h) <霧隠> Misumi + distracted that she needed to correct herself.

Its there =P

 on: February 10, 2019, 06:33:29 pm 
Started by Nekomaru - Last post by Timothy
ah, well there you go then

Just need a council member to get a key and verify it.

 on: February 10, 2019, 02:20:45 pm 
Started by Nekomaru - Last post by Optimal Saiteki
I posted to an RP several days ago inside one of my dwellings. It should fall under the category of public in that same way that a village or high level zone post does.
I can provide a key if anyone would like to verify. Just PM me on SL.

I meant to say clan board instead of village, but whatever. Lol

 on: February 10, 2019, 07:28:53 am 
Started by Nekomaru - Last post by Timothy
did some follow up, the closest public post I could fine from Misumi, the character was 16 days before the time of Nekomaru asking about this. If there's a later public post that I'm unaware of, someone please present it.

If I'm not mistaken, it has to be a public post of sorts, ie zones, village boards, etc every 14 days.

 on: February 10, 2019, 06:58:35 am 
Started by Nekomaru - Last post by Timothy
How long has Misumi not made an active post?

 on: February 10, 2019, 03:39:57 am 
Started by Camel - Last post by Uchiha Madara
Kurama merely smiles in response to Shukaku. While the feeling is almost mutual, part of Kurama's nature would hold back from opening up to much. He simply hopes his Tailed Beast brother understands his approving silence. In the physical world, Naruto  sits up as Kamuiapproaches, taking notice of the Strength of a Hundred, recognizing its appearance from a book he read in the Uzushiogakure Grand Library. He nods in response to Kamui, "I'm sure it won't feel that ba-OW! Watch it!"

The Jinchuriki winces in at the discomfort, overreacting a smidgen as he looks like hes trying to hold back tears. But t doesn't take long for any trace of pain to suddenly subside, causing Naruto  to look in surprise at the effectiveness of the healing jutsu,  any scrape, mark or bruise disappears in the wake of the Strength of a 100. His eyes light up at the presence of mechanical limb, truly fascinated by technology. He couldn't even begin to imagine how the thing worked, hes lucky enough to get the remote working at home. Naruto  starts to laugh a bit, reminiscing on today's events, testing out the new limb by flexing each individual digit, "Heh...I guess I can't call you Robo-pops anymore huh?" His grin widens as he extends out his organic arm towards Kamui, inviting him for a fist bump, hoping this will be the start of a great friendship.

Not long after he initiates the gesture, his belly would begin to growl loudly, "Haha..mind if he get something to eat before we go back?" He says, rubbing his empty stomach and looking rather hungry. If agreed, Kurama would spend the extra time accumulating himself back to full strength while the two shinobi take their time getting back.

Forged in the heat of battle a new bond forms, built from the clashing of wills. Instead of tearing down, this encounter had made the two men stronger. Their desires to Never Give Up not only broke through the limits of their physical strength, but through the hate and malice that plague the human heart.


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