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 on: July 16, 2018, 06:20:42 am 
Started by Uchiha Madara - Last post by Uchiha Madara
The Uchiha would end up being struck by Ray's ferocious kick and as a result would be sent flying back, but as he does, he would use the Outer Path to fill the inside of his body with Black Receivers. Thanks to his opponent being infront of him, his advanced Doujutsus would allow him to perceive his movements and react, but Ray's tremendous speed would only allow him to do so much. Enacting upon his plan, the Uchiha's eyes would flare with chakra moments before hes hit with his opponent's Super Revival Fist, Madara would utilize two jutsu from his eyes, Kamui and Bansho Ten'in.

If successful, Ray's arm, whether he likes it or not, would be thrust through the Uchiha, but thanks to the Kamui, would go right past him.  Once his hand make it all the way past his back, Madara would end both jutsu. Normally, such an act would most likely spell death for a normal man, but Madara was far from that as his undead body would come in handy in order to trap Ray and cause his attack to fade away.

Once he solidifies, Ray's arm would be phased into Madara's person as well as the myriad of Black Receivers inside him, immediately causing adverse side effects.

He would be immobilized with his arm virtually mangled, its entirety from the wrist to the elbow a mesh of rods, piercing tenketsu in the process, preventing chakra from being channeled while disrupting Ray's own, "From the moment I laid my eyes upon this chakra of yours I was able to see how your power functions. Now feel the wrath of your arrogance boy!" 

By disrupting the flow of Ray's chakra, his control of the Dark Chakra is effected, causing a severe backlash of his own power upon him. His body should end up ruined, deteriorated to practically skin and bone with his power boost gone. Zapped of his strength, the young man should end up a shell of his former self.

 on: July 16, 2018, 01:54:50 am 
Started by Uchiha Madara - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray laughs, taking note of the activation of gates on the man. "That so?" From a chuckle and half smile, his face twists into that of a vile grin

Ray after smiling returned to his normal face where he lurched forward and in a seconds notice and in using Shunshin, Ray is behind Madara a kick aimed at the man's midsection as he is making his handsigns and where he spat out his next words "Fuckin try it." Venom oozed form the mans words as well as the Reibei's true nature.

Ray wouldn't stop there though if the kick went through. In addition to hopefully stopping whatever Madara had planned, the kick has more than enough force to send the man flying several feet in the opposite direction. In Ray's right hand an orb formed made up of dark chakra, it also had two rings around it, but Ray made it more unique by making it a combo attack. In addition to the orb, Ray channeled a bit of Raition into the orb giving it an electrifying component. Ray, using his enhanced speed,  would catch up to Madara in moment's should he be sent flying by the kick and taking advantage of the moment Madara would need to recover himself Ray'd slam the Super Revival Fist into Madara's stomach.

The first effect Madara would be the lighting Ray added to the jutsu in order to keep him from moving or act as a shield should Madara use the Preta Path. SHould either happen Ray's continue his push forward with his orb which when it makes contact with Madara's stomach, works similar to a rasengan, and would easily incapacitate the man.

Even if Madara is not sent flying by the kick, Ray'd still use the Super Revival Fist however the attack is aimed at the man's back instead of the stomach.

 on: July 15, 2018, 12:49:58 am 
Started by Uchiha Madara - Last post by Uchiha Madara
Whats your thoughts on Broly being the main antagonist in the new upcoming DBS movie, or just the movie in general? I think its a perfect chance to take a good concept and rework his motivations to fix the polarization his character brings to the DB community.

 on: July 14, 2018, 10:25:39 pm 
Started by Rusaku - Last post by Timothy
I'm kinda tempted to just make Tomi's chakra absorption seals weaker than say your standard 'omm nom nom' techs. That way there isn't arguing over who's stronger than who in a direct tug of war scenario.

 on: July 14, 2018, 10:19:15 pm 
Started by Rusaku - Last post by Timothy
I've admittedly been over all lazy with my public posts, but I do always get them in time. Currently in a back and forth with a puzzle merchant npc Kite is controlling.

 on: July 14, 2018, 09:04:57 pm 
Started by Eric - Last post by Rusaku
Okay, after, I make my return post and do everything I need to do on the wikia to update everything, we can start talking about your interests.

Actually, we can just start talking about what you want to do now. It's always better to start early.

I'll message you on SL and we can start discussing things

 on: July 14, 2018, 09:15:17 am 
Started by Eric - Last post by JayJay
Okay, after, I make my return post and do everything I need to do on the wikia to update everything, we can start talking about your interests.

Actually, we can just start talking about what you want to do now. It's always better to start early.

 on: July 14, 2018, 09:00:52 am 
Started by Rusaku - Last post by JayJay
In all honestly, I wasn't completely aware that my thing was set solely on IC Hunt, I thought it was OOC/IC, giving the option and I'd just been ignored the entire time. >.< I'm not one to refuse anything, but I haven't been challenged and could have easily took a break from the sabbatical on the pretense of simply needing a break from that hot dimension.

And I understand what's being said, and agree wholeheartedly with Dart/Rusaku on the topic of posting. From this point onwards, I'm more than willing to make IC posts wherever they may publicly be... and will be adding the OOC thing to clear up my own confusion.

 on: July 14, 2018, 07:09:18 am 
Started by Uchiha Madara - Last post by Uchiha Madara
His opponent was a smart and resourceful, however there was a fatal flaw in his calculations and that is the fact that its been established that his Drones were within the confines of the barrier. Since Naruto's barrier hasn't been destroyed or brought down despite his opponent's attempts, Kamui still managed to utilize the Flying Thunder God from them and evade his exploding Rasenshuriken earlier in the fight all while still within the barrier's confines thanks to said Drones. All the clone needed to do was apply the seal to the already formed barrier (which his opponent himself stated, "the chakra chains barrier would be completed as his opponent planned")  This would mean his attack would be intercepted by the it, but due too its nature of corroding foreign chakra it would leave a hole. Though his opponent was relentless in trying to stop it, he would have only ended up delaying the inevitable as shielding provides enough time for it to finish, ultimately leading to the demise of Shukaku's Jinchuriki if the punch connects.

In the unlikely circumstance things continue as his opponent desired, the clone would be destroyed, but his opponent would find the barrier still functioning. This is thanks to Naruto connecting himself to it previously in the battle, allowing him to sustain it. There would be pros and cons to this however as Kamui's magnetism would be limited to a smaller area, greatly reducing the amount of Gold Dust, but then it would also concentrate what does remain upon Naruto in close quarters. The Uzumaki smirks in response to the man,"You're welcome to try!"

He says this as he formed a set of handseals, slamming his palms into the ground as the wave race towards him.  If successful, he would manage to Reverse Summon the confines of the barrier into the stomach of a giant Gourd Toad on Myoboku, filled with steel melting acid, instantly changing the battlefield around them. With the floor underneath both Kamui and his Gold Dust becoming a huge lake of acid, it would stand to reason that they would come in contact with it and without proper footing, fall right in. If not completely destroyed once contact is made, the acid would meld the Gold together, making it virtually useless for attacking as it sinks into the deep lake. Perhaps if Kamui chose to ride the Gold Dust he would have greater warning, but due to the suddenness of the Space-Time Jutsu he would most likely find himself swimming in the vat of destruction, not boding well for his various tech. Once arrived, the Chakra Chains Barrier that once surrounded them would be no more. Naruto himself would be standing at the shore by a building that is seemingly unaffected by the acid along with various other objects floating around the stomach. The jutsu that ends up putting them in this sealed off dimension would be Summoning: Toad Gourd Prison, a single jutsu that bears similarities to Summoning: Crushing Toad Stomach and Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison

 on: July 14, 2018, 03:37:15 am 
Started by Rusaku - Last post by Murciélago/Bryantheexiled
I always assumed it came down to the basis and limits of the technique and the user, like how even though preta path can absorb chakra theirs a limit to how quickly it can drain it like when it got hit by Naruto's Rasen shuriken it took a while for it to completely absorb it. While Wood Dragon jutsu seems to on a large scale rapidly drain Biju chakra.

My Theory always was that should two same elements or chakra draining technique or chakra consuming jutsus clash it was always the more powerful one that was victorious  i assumed the reason why Madara couldn't use preta path was because of the large drain it was making on his chakra preventing him from in a way reversing the flow and allowing him to drain the chakra from wood style. RP wise in a previous battle between two different types of chakra eating/absorbing both mine and my opponent's chakra negated each other because even though they were slightly different they're overall makeup and use were around equal footing resulting in neither getting the upper hand over each other.

Running off of Eric's talk of chakra absorbing barrier,  I always assumed that one could easily just reverse the pull by using Petra Path, I didn't know there wasn't a rule already in place of it. I always assumed one could just pull one's chakra back from the air as it left or just corked it's direction and then drain the barrier of its own chakra rendering it moot, the same thing applying to Pain's Rain Jutsu on contact it would drain the chakra from the rain just returning it to water.

I apologize if I just retyped what a bunch of other people already said but I feel like only within certain conditions would abilities like chakra draining, absorption, and sensing ever really cancel each other out.

Chakra Draining- When one force meets one of equal pull = Negation of both parties.
One drains faster wood dragon > Preta Path

Chakra Absorption -  Limits of both chakra e.g their Adaptability, Toxicity, Denseness, and overall general potency determine which eats which. This also in a way branching off to how elements like fire and wind either conquer one another, boost each other or end up negating one another.

Chakra Sensing- The manner in which one uses chakra to extend one sensing I feel like truly changes how one could equally nullify it. If two beacons both release a pulse I assume on contact they would both ricochet and only show info up to that point.

Now On Madara's post
 2. If Naruto jumped in and gave Hashirama some Kurama chakra (non-senjutsu enhanced), would it boost the power of the absorption for the Dragon and would it matter against Blocking Technique Absorption Seal? I honestly don't think it would or could be enhanced, the jutsu was already launched, the chakra was already manipulated and used, the dragon in this scenario would already be receiving chakra from its target I don't think a jutsu could simultaneously pull in and push out huge amounts of chakra like that at once.

3. Do reserves matter at all in the equation? I feel as if reserves do matter in a clash for example if you and I both held a rope and pulled on it with equal force the person to get the rope or chakra would be the person to outlast the other in stamina or in this case chakra to continue using said technique. Now, this in relevance to madara and hasirama is tricky because I don't know whether Preta is or isn't activated by chakra then one could just keep draining chakra or reversing the flow of chakra pull until one of two things I imagine would happen.

 A. The wood dragon consumption of chakra is more than what it's absorbing (because of using Preta's ability to at least, in theory, slow down the draining of chakra by fighting against the flow) and thus starts to drain Hashirama's reserves until he no longer has the reserves to continue it.

B.  Preta Path requires a jump start of chakra that it can't achieve because of the wood dragon draining Madra of chakra in such a huge manner, that the technique would eventually drain him dry and then end or last indefinitely because of the Edo Tensei non-ending chakra being enough to give shape to dragon even beyond what's it's consuming to stay active.

Can they be "powered up" like regular jutsu, or do we just go by generalizations?
I feel like they shouldn't be able to be powered up because of the delicate nature of what your doing, I mean you're essentially taking one's chakra and turning into your own.  I feel like it would come down to the technique and the ability you are using for example that one guy Sasuke fought in the chunnin prelims imagine that guy absorbing say biju or curse mark chakra,stuff that isn't meant for human in normal situations he would have died instantly while we have seen Preta take bijuu chakra and break it down into safe stuff Sasuke can use.

So Yes on power up but a big thumbs down on doing so, I feel like people would start to argue about argumentations like sage mode, etc.

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