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 on: June 15, 2019, 01:58:51 am 
Started by Shuichi - Last post by Shuichi
Was thinking of this old thread and how it might be better if only re-occurring actions are hotkeys. For example, it takes at least 20 thrillseeking ff to level up and 14 levels. In other words at least 280 turns. This saves much time as a hotkey.

On the other hand, fighting kabuto or orochimaru is a 1-and-done thing. And ideally you would manually take a turn in the forest on some mob to activate kg/jutsu/buffs for oro flawless. I'd think we already manually prep for oro and don't need it on hotkey.

Often times I try to thrillseek (h) but lv up to 7 and it becomes (n) thanks to kabuto and the outhouse changing. I accidentally run into a multi-enemy or badnav and use (n) for armored/skeletal/humanoid susanoo depending on current chakra before I can send out dogs. I waste most of my chakra and can't use dogs at all anymore. Or gouke(n), the 4 chakra uchiha jutsu (n) and the list goes on. Many opportunities to waste potential. I'd suicide but I tried to scrap my weapon and armor to lv 1 and walk into kabuto with barely any hp if any after plunder traps and breaking sandcastles at the beach. I accidentally somehow destroy kabuto w/o jutsu and lv 1 weapon/armor and 1 hp not hit a single time after 20-30 rounds of fighting. Stuck spamming (r) a million times to go to beggars lane/return just to come across ghost to "treat" her to my life so I can die and fix my game day with dogs again.

Anyways with something hands on like kaiten I almost never slipped up. But with something automatic trying to grind with uchiha/dogs I struggle more with the hotkeys.

Solution 1:
Remove kabuto and orochimaru hotkeys, possibly other one-time

Solution 2:
Move to the bottom of the forest list like how the daily special has a category of its own. If the hotkeys are only in order of what is listed on the page, just like the secret cave, special mission, elite forest, grinch and items list we could have a special category for oro and kabuto or just move them into the same category as the existing daily special. This would prioritize it last in receiving hotkeys and the above forest options would not change.

Solution 3:
Make "til end" truly til the end. The option til end is to help automate the forest process for those who are completely confident in their jutsu prep, kg activation, stat investment, extra hp and so on. Let us get burned by our incompetence if we hit "til end" with 50 oro kills on multi enemies and end up regretting it. Solution could be to just make it completely til end for those you have their kg/jutsu active instead of using (n) or (h) and suddenly getting a multi and wasting 9 on susanoo when they were only 1 chakra from sending out dogs and now they are 10 away and not happening.

Solution 4:
I go back to hyuuga and eternally condemn dogs, grinding slower but surely!

Old thread reference:,4290.0.html

*on a side note it would also be beneficial if "no jutsu" was an option. I choose taijutsu even with 100 oro kills because every other jutsu set has changing hotkeys that really seem to mess me up. Even then I still mistakenly use the first few taijutsu often when I try (h) or (n) for thrillseek and it becomes gouke(n) or (h)o during an unexpected multi enemy.

 on: June 09, 2019, 02:24:42 am 
Started by Warren - Last post by Warren
Seeing as Miyuu and Misumi have both been inactive without posting 14 days (probably 3rd or 4th time now) and new accounts cant be made on forum anymore, you can consider this the notification they's mine now, turtle shall be Akiyama Kaori's, and monkey shall be at least for the time being Warren's summon.

If you got business about either you can contact me in game or discord (if you have it) about it.

 on: June 09, 2019, 02:09:56 am 
Started by Gyu~ru~ru - Last post by Warren
You can get more than 1 training per orokill, its just veeeery unlikely. The chance should also increase as aforementioned, I'm not sure how exactly it works but based on my peek at the code that is still indeed the case.

 on: May 29, 2019, 04:09:13 am 
Started by Gyu~ru~ru - Last post by Shuichi
I have to revive this dead thread... I haven't gotten the event since I posted almost two years ago. I haven't logged in very often but I grind a ton when I do and still no luck. Are we sure the chance increases the longer you have ems? I've had it almost two years and nothing... not even a single gyu event yet.

If it matters I thought I'd sit and just killed oro after roughly 2 years. Are you only allowed one successful training per DK or what?

 on: April 08, 2019, 09:40:52 am 
Started by Ѕhadow - Last post by Ѕhadow
This is a public preview of a WIP system that pulls heavily from D&D elements to be applied to Naruto RP. (Dice rolling included)

0-50 | With 50 to distribute among all four skills
  • Fighting
- Determines your accuracy
  • Reflexes
- Determines your defense
  • Resilience
- Determines your hp
  • Chakra Control
- Determines your damage

[Speed is static; meaning no one is faster nor slower than the other. You can RP being as fast as you want, but your opponent can still defend themselves]

-[Items that modify stats and other categories go here]-
Shuriken x3 = 1d6*

--[Rp Reward System]--
100 *points* per post of at least 250 words

--[Mastery System goes here]--
1 mastery point to increase skills and such

--[Jutsu System]--
Attack/defense jutsus
Custom jutsu "finishers"
Basic jutsu everyone has: Clone, Substitution..

--[KG System]--
Treated as 'transformations' needing activation.

If you wish to discuss or yell at me, you know where to reach me.

 on: February 22, 2019, 02:29:59 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Thanks for reading folks! We just kinda ended up having a lot of fun with this.


 on: February 22, 2019, 02:16:05 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray simply laughed catching the pamphlet. He gave the crazy man a nod. ”Help me rid myself of the seal on my heart and I’ll be your solider. I saw your ability with seals and I feel you could help rid me of my curse.”Ray mentioned before he too vanished heading for the location Sabu gave him and to give the big red Uzumaki a punch to the gut for leaving him hanging for. Last time. END

 on: February 22, 2019, 02:01:06 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
About to be engulfed by blinding light, Sabu didn’t have much in the way of options. He had hope, though! That matters a lot, haven’t you ever seen an anime? I think hope should have been the fifth element.

Thankfully Sabu had more than hope, he had a cloak of chakra form around him and a huge crazy vortex he was using. The Three Jewels and Mōi absorbed enough of the explosion that Sabu could tank the rest with his armor and his version 1 cloak. Sabu was impressed with the mass of this blast, forcing him to defend with the cloak. He wasn’t even used to using it yet, but found it’s power enticing already.

As the light and smoke and fire and dirt cleared from the air, Sabu landed not far off Ray’s position with a great thud, chakra forming two tails behind his back. ”That was quite the blast, kiddo! I’m ready for round two, but you’re looking a little parched.” It seemed his extra arms had disappeared, and the only weapon he held was Mōi now though Sakata was clearly floating around inside his body somewhere. Sabu reached into a pouch at his waist and pulled out a pamphlet of some kind, and threw it to Ray. ”You seem capable, stop wasting my time starting fights you can’t win and come work for me instead. I’m sure I could help you with something you need.”

It was an odd offer from someone who’d just been attacked, but Sabu couldn’t help himself. He needed more strong people to work with, and this kid clearly couldn’t beat Sabu in his eyes, so why waste the resource of talent on a likely burnt-tasting meal? Even if the guy said no, it was still a fun fight even though Sabu only had a flash of a moment to look back on it. ”That’ll tell you where you can go and meet someone waiting for you, or at least he’d better be. Find him, red-haired fellow, and he’ll bring you to my... Home. Now, unless you’d like to refuse and die right now, I am now extremely late. Until next time, blasto!”

Surprisingly enough, an arm landed just beside Sabu as the last remains of the explosion debris finally fell out of the sky. Overjoyed with his fortune, he grabbed it and just vanished.

 on: February 21, 2019, 06:43:38 am 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Iburi Ray
Ray felt his body begin to lift from the ground due to the pressure from the suction. With little time o react Ray did the one thing he could do, and that is to increase his weight via the Doton Kajūgan no Jutsu. With the increase in weight Ray's body dropped allowing him to activate another earth based jutsu allowing him to slip underground as if it were water.

Focusing more chakra to his palms, Ray moved himself, so he was underneath the previous underground kitchen and the moment he was where he needed to be, Ray thrust his palms up releasing all the chakra forward and up. The chakra, being Bakuton in nature, created a massive outward explosion. The explosion, which dwarfed the previous one, meant to completely decimate the area above, vaporizing the mist into the nothingness it was formed with. Sabu, who is hiding in the mist, is also in danger of being completely vaporized by the incoming explosion. This was also meant to combat the suction that had began to plague the battlefield. It seemed that Ray may have been a bit rash in attacking Sabu. Jumping out the newly made crater that could fit a village in it, Ray kept his eyes abound. He was sure Sabu might have survived, but now he was gonna leave. He best unlock this seal his brother placed on him before taking on Sabu again.

 on: February 20, 2019, 05:24:07 pm 
Started by Sabumaru - Last post by Sabumaru
Sabu was annoyed that Ray for no reason at all moved through his prison freely, but it wasn’t really worth caring about. For some reason instead he advised Sabu of his weakness, and then tried to warp him away.

Sabu actually did just let Ray send him to his Kamui dimension only to immediately use Hiraishin to escape. Luckily the nearest mark he still had left was in the area, a single tile floating in hole had survived, allowing Sabu to appear from it unharmed. Ray would have absolutely no idea where he went, until Sabu activated his next move.

Now in Sage Mode, he felt the sword on his back finally cool down. The Exile seal Sabu had made and absorbed earlier was ready. Sabu leapt high in the air, unsummoning his swords so he could make three hand seals and open his palms outward. His fourth hand withdrew Mōi from his back as Sakata slithered back into Sabu’s body. He was hidden in the mist, completely having lost Ray after sneaking out of his Kamui dimension just a moment after being placed there.

However, there was a surprise waiting there for Ray. The jutsu Sabu had done while floating in the mist for that split second was known as Three Jewels Suction Crushing and when empowered by Sage Mode it would be such a force of wind that trees would even feel their roots being loosened. The smoke Ray was made of would be a paltry joke to this gale force vacuum. The winds were pulling into Mōi, happily sealing away all it absorbed into “Exile”. Sabu knew there was no way Ray could escape from this, save for Kamui.

That’s why Sabu left a clone in the Kamui dimension that would attack Ray’s body if any part of it appeared with a katana coated in Sabu’s Kekkai Tota, Blade Release. If smoke appeared instead, the clone would activate a charm version of the Three Jewels Technique by using a little wooden charm on a string with the seals imbedded into it. Not even close to as powerful, it would be enough at close range to work quite well on any smoke that might slip into Kamuiland. Upon being sucked in by the charm the smoke would be harmlessly dispersed into the air, splitting apart the very core of what made it smoke at all. Or perhaps that was a man, being dusted away into nothingness.

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