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Author Topic: Survival Arena  (Read 1997 times)


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Survival Arena
« on: April 26, 2012, 02:05:13 AM »

Location: Undetermined
Name of shop: Survival Arena
I think I should be able to put together a code for this by playing around with the arena module's codes. What I'm trying to do is make a new arena which is more challenging, not in terms of stronger enemies. I'm going to make a "Survival Mode" for SL. There will be some balancing issues of course, such as enemy's strength, the points players get for defeating an enemy of "x" level, prizes being too cheap or expensive.

Basically, it's a Arena that doesn't heal you after battle, nor can you leave to heal yourself. The goal is to kill as many mobs that you can. You will encounter enemies your level, one level below you, or one level above you. Each mob will give you points. The higher the level, the more points you get.

- You can use your Jutsu, Kekkei Genkai and items for healing and attacking.
- You will not gain EXP and gold.
- You will not lose you turns.
- No mounts allowed.
- No Mercenaries allowed.
- You can continue until you have no HP left or give up.

A list of high scores will be displayed in the Survival Arena. The highest score will be displayed in rainbow colors. The points you earn can be exchanged for prizes such as:
- extra forest fights
- extra PVP
- gold
- gem
- ninja tools and scrolls
- a weapon with 16 ATK
- an armor with 16 DEF
- various HP potion

Note that you will be warned and asked to confirm when you try to leave the arena without spending all of your points. Because once you leave, your points will be reset to 0. In order words, there is no "saving up" to buy a certain prize. You are not getting that item unless you are that good in the arena.

p/s: Any specific Naruto character that you guys would like to assign to this arena? Like Gai's Survival Arena for example.
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Re: Survival Arena
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2012, 06:24:31 AM »

Sounds good.  :)

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Re: Survival Arena
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2012, 03:32:09 PM »


Trash doesn't seem to know it's place anymore. I'm here to fix that.

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