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Village Changes (Rework)

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The mentioned changes like in the MOTD are in place:

The changes were:

1. race partly overhauled
2. new cities added
3. relocation of the shops: kitchen, apple shop, specialty buy
4. new titles added
5. new main central town: Jiseigakure

More relocations/additions of shops might/will follow.

Sound nin are now relocate to Iwagakure


If you experience bugs, things that make no sense, or have an idea on how to add more to the current setup, feel free to post.

More ships might be incoming soon (tm).

I actually have a bit more of a question than a suggestion. Where did the Old Church that Oto used to have go? I didn't visit often, but it stuck out to me as "missing" when I went to its replacement, Iwagakure.

Now in Iwagakure :)

I didn't see it in Iwagakure though. That's what i was saying. I might have missed it, so I'll double check.

And maybe now since Iwagakure and Kumogakure are on the map, maybe we can have zones depicting their outskirts?

For example, Konoha has its forst, Suna its desert, Oto had its plains, Kiri had its wetlands, and no one else really needed one. xD

Now we need a zone where there are rocks everywhere, just absolutely covering the zone like a dang forest of stone! No need for a chasm in the center or anything... If all else fails they could use Death Valley.

For Kumogakure, maybe a high, mountaineous region where you can practically touch the clouds. One mistep and you can tumble to the very bottom of what seems like the world from that high point.

Lastly... Suna is now quite detached. I haven't gone to Kiri yet (since I got trolled in the forest by Kakuzu + Stonehedge) but Suna has options to only go to Jisiegakure or Konoha. Shouldn't Suna also have travel links to at least one other nation? I believe Iwa was given travels to Suna, so it could be made vice versa.

If Kiri is detached... Maybe for dem too, but to Kumo. Again, haven't re-visited their parts yet.

Edit: It's there. Don't know how I missed the bugger...

You mean new locations, like cities, or having the cities more themed?

Iwagakure should be, at least I set all hometowns for all Sound Nin to Iwagakure.


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