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Who trained you in SL? [If you had anyone]

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--- Quote from: bocchiere on November 23, 2014, 05:43:36 AM ---You know Rakudo was me right? I don't train anyone though, not officially anyway. Best way to learn is  by doing and you don't need a teacher for that. Though I do answer questions if asked. :D

--- End quote ---

No I didn't know that you were Rakudo :O I thought he had left. OMG 

Nope, whole time you knew him it was me. It used to be someone else but not for a while.

Haha, so pleased by a semi-plausible reason to use that video.


Lazy Oogakari, Steel:
I asked Nathan a lot of questions.
The rest trial and error.

Plus zoning helps a great deal.


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