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Author Topic: Delicate Crisis! Rank A-S  (Read 1026 times)


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Delicate Crisis! Rank A-S
« on: December 16, 2014, 11:15:58 PM »

Delicate Crisis

A-S (depending on circumstance that unfolds)

Mission Type:

Initiates in Empty Town, then may evolve into other areas depending on the situation. Variable.

The village leader of a local town has been held hostage; however, this is not just a rogue ninja doing these actions. This is town on town violence, and they plan on using their ninja to settle this once and for all. Now, underground, we support the town leader’s faction as, after all, they've done us a a few favors in the past, and have quite the reserves of gold. As a result, we are unofficially ‘hired’ by this group to save their leader and hopefully disarm the situation before it gets out of hand. By force if needed. The enemy town is filled with civilians going about their business, likely unaware of what is going on. More importantly, they are not to be harmed, since if this is ever traced back to use we do not want this to become a political ploy for other nations to take advantage of! Settle this conflict by taking out any targets that you MUST, but they must be of relevance, and may not be unarmed or non-ninja. If the village leader is killed in the hostage situation, regardless of whether you complete the second portion or not, this mission will be a failure. And don’t forget that “officially”, we are not involved, so don’t go flashing your headbands or any sort of identifying marker all over the place!

The second part of your mission lies in the fact that we are not entirely helping out because of our good nature. Once the village leader takes you back to their establishment, we want you to “borrow” the scroll detailing the outline of their village. This is of importance to us; alliances with peoples like this must always be looked after, so if they seek to betray us… We must deal with them promptly.

Objectives: Rescue Village Leader, Retrieve blueprints of their town. Do all of this inconspicuously if you can.

Obstacles or Foes:
If remained hidden, perhaps three chunin-ranked shinobi and their village leader; however, if you stir up trouble or reveal yourselves, prepare to face potentially the entire village’s force of shinobi, their ranks in various degrees.


Open to a team (NO ENTIRELY SOLO)
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