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Author Topic: The haunted cabin! Rank E  (Read 1224 times)


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The haunted cabin! Rank E
« on: December 17, 2014, 01:42:00 AM »

The haunted cabin!

Rank E, 25 DP

Mission Type:


A boy needs your help on a thrilling mystery!

Description: A young man came in today requesting help with a very particular issue. After hearing rumors of a desolate cabin in the area around the village he set out to find it. After finding it he claims to have seen a phantom standing in the window; he running for dear life afterward. Upon regaining his bearings, he managed to mark the location on a map to where the supposed cabin is located. The boy didn't have much in the form of incentive but he ensured me that the adventure is worth it. He also left a small bag of items he hoped would aid the recipient of the mission. To complete the mission, please venture to the designated location on the map and investigate. If indeed a cabin does exist there, you are to search it in efforts for an explanation to the boys suspicions. Whether it produces any action, you are to return to the ROOT station and give a report on your findings. Afterward you will receive your reward.

Items for the Mission:
1 standard bag
1 worn kunai knife
3 small rocks
1 old helmet

Investigate the Cabin and determine what is the nature of the strange occurrence.

Obstacles or Foes:
Potential Supernatural encounters of mind altering genjutsu. Unknown assailants.

5 gold coins and a large thank you card crafted by the person who requested the mission.

The Curse


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