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Author Topic: Sarutobi, Ken  (Read 1057 times)


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Sarutobi, Ken
« on: September 11, 2015, 07:55:30 AM »

Name: Ken Sarutobi
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Village: Konoha



Breakdown of Skills:

Notice- Ken host a deformed chakra system making him unable to mold, shape, concentrate, etc chakra. Having had the Senju Chakra Concentration Seals placed on his hands and feet Ken can now concentrate chakra to these locations with the limitations of only be able to use a select few forms of nin/tai and activate seals.

Gates- due to a seal placed on the back and chest Ken can mentally open the first five gates.

First Level_ Chakra Repel_ the user release an instant force of chakra from their hand to send a small blast of power outwards to repel an object. It is similar to a tech used in the Gentle Fist. The burst can reach up to one meter and knock an opponent off balance. It can also be used as a defence to protect from in coming attacks being able to push both physical object and chakra alike. Adding projectile weaponry into the mix can result in being able to fire/throw them faster and harder.

Second Level_ Enhanced Strength_ by gather chakra to the hand or foot one can then release it in an instant upon impact to add a more destructive force. This can result in being able to crush solid rock or even leave craters from impact.

Third Level_ Vibrating Chakra_ by gathering chakra around the hand or foot the user molds the chakra to a stable compact source that then vibrates at extremely high rates. This allows the user to then use their limb as a slicing tool able to cut through steel. The chakra can be extended from the limb up to six inches aswell applied to weapons to increase cutting ability.

Forth Level_ Weapon Coating_ the user extend their chakra outwards onto a weapon to coat it. The coating can reach up to ten meters on smaller long weapons such as wire or small chains. It can also be applied to projectile weaponry.

Taijutsu- Ken uses a mixture of high speed taijutsu which is increased when he removes his leg weights along with several forms of jujitsu and karate type moves. The majority of his techs are quick hitting blows meant to deal major damage as fast as possible. He plays being agile and light on his feet into the mix.

Kenjutsu/Weaponry- Ken uses an assortment of projectile type weapons along with black powder. He is also noted to use a short sword in the Art of the Tortoise Style Kenjutsu. Wires and small chains play a role as well.

Summoning- by using the seals on his hands Ken is able to release a small surge of chakra into seals holding weapons placed on his wrist and waist line. He does not carry any weapons outside these seals as to not be weighted down.

Other Notes- Ken wears bandages around his arms....
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