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Spam / Appreciate your local Snow Bunny Month
« on: January 07, 2017, 12:30:14 PM »
Yes. it is THAT time of year again when the Capricorns...and even...the Aquarians in the warren...turn one year older!

So...Lightning, emoney, and Timothy...I think you all quit. But happy birthday anyway!

Kamui and Raifudo...January 8th!
Me me me me me me...January 10th!
Takaharu Johnny...outing you too...January 17!
Chinote....outing you man, January 21th!
JayJay...January 23th
Silver....outing you as well...January 25th!
Valdex and Tobias....yes, you have been outted...January 27th!
And to anyone I forgot or didn't know about, please out yourself now!

Council / Council Vote: 9 Tails Genesis/Athos
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:45:32 AM »
Please state your decision on the matter at hand.

I think Athos should get his fight for the 9 tails against Genesis. Character to character this would be

Kaze v/s Genesis

It will be neater and less cumbersome to matches and topics concerning Bijuu if all the preference threads were gathered into a sub board.

As was suggested by those in the FYI thread.

« on: January 02, 2017, 05:15:04 AM »
I know this has been explained several times. But i must do it again.

If you have a complaint, make a thread, title it Attention Council: [topic]
Make an opening post in the thread laying out your complete concern. then go away and shut up.

Whoever you are bringing a complaint against must then make a post defending/explaining his/her side of the story. then go away and shut up.

Then the council members begin discussing the issue and gathering facts.

WHEN AND ONLY WHEN YOU ARE CALLED UPON TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OR PRESENT EVIDENCE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR INITIAL POSTS...and yes I mean you mister complaint bringer and you mister defending party....


I will not make quotes of the bad behavior in the current topic, you know who you are, we all know. I am only on post # whatever it is on the first page and could already care less because there is bickering going on.

And you know what is stupid about it? You are in the right. It is obvious. You are going to get a good ruling here. So can it already. Sheesh.

Respect the process and it will respect you!

A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.

I do not see one host who has made a personal thread to keep track of their beast, preferences, challenge list, and activity log.

Because this is true, I also do not see any challenger posting to the host's personal thread.



First of this video and committ it to memory.

First of all...yes. again, first of all.

I am a Lady. This filth talking aggressive rude antagonistic crap I have seen here since my repulsive. I do not enjoy this sort of behavior nor being goaded into responding in kind. You bring something to the council like an adult or go away.

Make a topic. Lay out your concerns...and no insults. are there any 12 year olds on the site? *blink blink* The ones I know who are [over the years], they really know how to behave properly and people should take a lesson from them, because I don't see them acting like this. is the second part. Keep your panties dry while the council talks. Don't be posting multiple responses every five seconds working yourself up into a feverish pitch of bile and hate. Go have a nap, take a bath, read a book, kiss your lover - they might just need your attentions more, donate to the American Red Cross.  Clean your room!!!

Hosts: Keep your personal challenge/preference thread active. When someone posts a challenge to your thread....not your pm, not your text, not your scype account, not by carrier pigeon or by invading your dreams, not even by making their own challenge add them to the official challenge list!

If anyone needs to be stripped of a host... make a thread to the council as an alert and then shut up! The council will ask question...they will go look at the host's personal challenge list to see if anyone is there in the event a stripping should be required. DO not jump stiff legged to get your name in and call dibs and make the ruling for the council. And just maybe if the host is keeping this active, when the council goes to check, they may even see an inactivity notice!!!! Don't just disappear. Communicate properly.

Respect. It will get you everything. And it just might help to make things fun again.

Did I say I was a Lady?

Well stop making me act like I am not!

Hero's Guild / Ninja: Shinobi Legend [Initiative]
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:49:08 AM »
blah blah be continued.

Hero's Guild / Ninja:Shinobi Legend [Attributes and other things]
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:40:11 AM »


Ok now. So we didn't list any of the uses on the character template. But I will copy paste from the New World of Darkness, here:

Power Power is the degree of effect that your character has on others and his surroundings. The higher his score, the smarter, more potent or more imposing he is. Intelligence, Strength and Presence therefore apply when your character seeks to force himself on his environment.

Finesse is a measure of your character's capacity to interact with the world
and influence others. The higher his score, the craftier, more delicate and more influential he is. Wits, Dexterity and Manipulation have bearing when your character tries to anticipate and react to his environment, and to coordinate others.

Resistance indicates how well your character copes with influences from
both without and within that might affect him adversely. The higher his score the more staunch, sturdy or dignified he is. Resolve, Stamina and Composure apply when your character responds to coercion, injury and influence. Resolve tests his ability to resist efforts to direct his mind, Stamina helps him shrug off physical trauma, and Composure helps him recover from horrifying
experiences or social tension and still maintain control.

Thus, you don't usually check Strength when your character is challenged in a social situation, because brute force doesn't apply where Composure (social recovery) is concerned. Similarly, Dexterity doesn't typically have bearing when interpreting a foreign language. That act calls upon the power of the mind and is the purview of Intelligence.

Hero's Guild / Kayenta Moenkopi [Ninja: Shinobi Legend] WIP
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:15:29 PM »
Kayenta Moenkopi
Nidaime Kazekage
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Village: Sunagakure, Otogakure
Physical Description: Standing at 5'1" in height, she had dark waist length hair, that when it catches the sunlight takes on a blue sheen. Her eyes are brown with amber highlights, and she walks with a bit of a spring to her step. Usually she is attired in a dun colored cloak, wears a black tank top, and dark colored trousers. Often as not she goes barefooted but had been known to wear soft leather boots, akin to mokkasins, or even go-go boots when the mood strikes her.

ATTRIBUTES: 5-4-3 [1/1] [new dot: x 5]

Physical 5 points
  • Strength [X][X][X][ ][ ]
  • Dexterity [X][X][X][ ][ ]
  • Stamina [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
Social 3 points
  • Presence [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Manipulation [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Composure [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
Mental 4 points
  • Intelligence [X][X][X][ ][ ]
  • Wits [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Resolve [X][X][ ][ ][ ]

SKILLS: 11-7-4 [1/1] [new dot: x 3]
Physical [ Unskilled -1] 11 points
  • Athletics [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Brawl [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Drive [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Ranged [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Larceny [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Stealth [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Survival [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Melee [X][X][X][ ][ ]
Social [ Unskilled -1] 7 points
  • Animal Ken [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Empathy [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Expression [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Intimidation [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Persuasion [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Socialize [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Streetwise [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Subterfuge [X][ ][ ][ ]
Mental [ Unskilled -3] 4 points
  • Academics [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Computer [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Crafts [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Investigation [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Medicine [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Occult [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Politics [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Science [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Jutsu/Custom Ability: 7 [1/1] [5th dot cost 2] [new dot: x 2]
  • Ninjutsu [ninja] [X][X][ ][ ][ ]
  • Genjutsu [illisionary] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Taijutsu [body] [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Senjutsu [sage] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Kinjutsu [forbidden] [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Kuchiyose [summons] [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Iijutsu [medical] [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Kugutsu [puppet] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Hiden [secret] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Kenjutsu [sword] [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Clans/Merits: 7 (Limit Two Clan dots) [1/1] [5th dot cost 2] [new dot: x 2]
  • Hizashi  [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Mizarku  [X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • Ambidextrous [X][X][X][ ][ ]
  • Fighting Style: Two Weapons [X][X][ ][ ][ ]

  • Katana: Damage +3, Melee, Size = 2(can be hidden in a coat)
  • Kunai: Damage +1, Melee/Ranged, Size = 1(can be hidden by your hand/arm)
  • name: [damage reduction]
  • name: [damage reduction]
  • name: [description]
  • name: [description]
Health: Stamina + Size[adult human = 5]
[  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]

Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 2
Initiative: 5
Experience: 0

Village Square / Gedo Mazo Sterilization
« on: November 16, 2016, 01:59:05 AM »
So let's see...who's DNA has been collected by the statue?

I count seven possible such sources of contamination.

Yumei, Kyu, Kayenta, Hazama, Kamui, Trev, Warren

Bocchiere never actually touched the thing in rp.

So...can we get a cleansing ritual before this thing is just handed out? Should we? My thoughts are divided upon this issue. Were I on the council I would seriously consider a sterilization procedure before prize day commences. But would be a conflict of interest then as I am one of the possible characters effected by a DNA ripoff. So...damn. I would have to stay quiet on that issue.

Good thing I am not on the council! I don't like being silent.

I really don't want someone out there who can actually zone with my powers running around. The rebirth of Kyu and Yumei? Tell me, just how many Trevs, Warrens, Kamuii, and Hazamas does it take to destroy the world?

I shudder at the back door left wide open on this hour of our doom.

Hero's Guild / Ninja:Shinobi Legend [Chakra: The Elephant in the Room]
« on: November 15, 2016, 10:38:24 AM »
So...let's not talk about running out of chakra just yet. For now, we will hand wave infinite chakra levels just like usual.

What this is for, is how many dots in Ninjutsu do I have to have to use a ranked jutsu.

Rank E, D = one dot
Rank C = two dots
Rank B = three dots
Rank A = four dots
Rank S = five dots

So currently my test character has two dots, she can't use anything over a C Rank jutsu.

Hiro did something cool in the test fight. He took over my water jet.

How? With many stipulations. order to take over my jutsu, which is rank C, he has to first be able to make rank B jutsu...meaning he needs at least 3 dots in Ninjutsu or its pointless to attempt. [one dot over the requirement to make the ranked jutsu]

Next...because it is an elemental jutsu, he has to have that elemental affinity. Which he does. Suiton user.

Finally...he has to roll two successes to take over the jutsu. Because it is hard to wrest away the control of another person's jutsu. However, S-ranked jutsu cannot be taken over, because you would need ninjutsu with 6 dots, and they do not go that high.

This is an example of a custom hidan. So jutsu creation is quite accessible with this system.

Hero's Guild / Test Fight With Die Rolls
« on: November 15, 2016, 06:45:42 AM »
Moenkopi was hard pressed to leave her nice warm fire and make her way out into the cold misty world of Kirigakure. But this Hiro Toranaga needed to be drug into the world of the living. She if she had to go pick a fight, indeed she would. Leaving the brats with the clone babysitter, she left her sister's Otogakure estate in the Rice Fields, and set out for the hunt.

It was a goodly amount of time before she neared his old stomping grounds, a thankfully uneventful trek. But would she be able to catch sight of this old enemy? Only time would tell. A known coastal hugger, she would spend time searching the port once she disembarked from her ship before going anywhere near the hidden village.

Searching for Hiro in a crowd: wits + composure = 4d10; 5+8+6+9 = 2 successes

Link to rolz room in use for this fight

Hero's Guild / Ninja: Shinobi Legend [Character Sheets]
« on: November 15, 2016, 02:47:20 AM »
Ok. So if you want to try this out. Copy the template....over here in the player's handbook thread...located in the first post....,8432.0.html

And fill it out. Fill free to ask questions in the help topic thread.,9131.0.html

If you do make a character sheet and post a new thread in the Hero's Guild Board, put your character's name in the title, put a [WIP] status if it is incomplete. Then post two extra replies to serve as place holders.
One for custom abilities/merit descriptions.
One for links to RP threads. this is for earning experience points. a thread tracker.

Also something that is useful to make your character sheet thread pop to change the message icon...from standard a smiley face. you can easily see my character sheet now because of the icon change.

Hero's Guild / Ninja: Shinobi Legend [Help topic]
« on: November 15, 2016, 02:46:57 AM »
So for those who want to try to do this system, you can post all your questions here.
I hope we get some action and have some fun.

Council / Future Council Structure [Discussion] Round Two
« on: November 05, 2016, 06:26:03 PM »
When commenting, please indicate which topic you are replying about in the beginning of your post. I am going to edit in a summary of the concerns to this first post so it is easier to locate the information when it comes time to make voting threads.

TOPIC 1: What ratios of jinks to non-jinks will be on the Council?

[eric]: No ratios should be made due to members potentially gaining or losing a beast which would then throw the ratio off.

TOPIC 2: Who can bring an issue to the council for consideration?

[eric]: should only handle issues brought to their attention

TOPIC 3: New Council Creation: Should we hold elections or just call for volunteers?

[eric]: A call for volunteers should precede the actual election in order to solidify candidates. Once the candidates are solidified, THEN the election thread should be created. The new Council becomes officially active one day after the vote closes.

TOPIC 4: How often are New Councils created?

[eric]:  I think every 3 months is best, because really, we need elections far more frequently in order to cycle out fatigued individuals.

TOPIC 5: How are council members replaced between New Council Creation Cycles?

[eric]: Runner-up candidates should be considered "backups" as long as they received at least one vote during the election. Otherwise, mid-season elections are in order where the Community votes on potential replacements.

TOPIC 6: Division of the council chamber: Primary branch, Secondary Branch, and community? get rid of secondary branch?

[eric]: A single chamber of 5 to 7 individuals, I think, is the best way to go. In hindsight, the Secondary Chamber is pretty redundant as far as "officialness", and the Community "chamber" is always present anyways, so only one named "chamber" if you will is necessary imho.

Primary Chamber: These are the 5 council members. They make rulings based on existing rules, or improvise if no rule exists to handle the current issue. In such a case, after the ruling is made, a new rule thread will be made for the community to either adopt this method into the rule set, or to create a different rule to handle the surprise issue. Other duties can and should be assigned to this chamber of the council. For instance, they may have to step in and enforce a rule upon members of the lower chamber. Duties of this chamber of the council may evolve overtime as each new duty comes to light and needs to be determined who will handle it.

[eric]: What kind of rulings are the Council members making here? Are they essentially the rule enforcers (the vibe i"m getting) who have the power to declare strippings and awards that result from strippings?

Secondary Chamber: This consists of any number of volunteers who will act as judges, not only for bijuu matched but sparing in general. A pledge of activity is assumed. These are people who are willing to lend a hand, are knowledgeable about the canon and creative aspects of SL, and have a general love of giving of their time. Activities may include, judging matches, spars, commenting on rules, deliberating with Primary Chamber issues upon request. Members can be anyone, prior or current hosts, village/organization leaders. If we have a large enough pool of volunteers, then we should be able to avoid situations like...Suna's Kage judging a bijuu match with a Suna warrior involved. Such conflicts of interests should be self-monitored and then to decline participation in that specific conflicting issue. Barring self-monitoring, certainly community objection would be acknowledged and a suitable judge found.

The Community: Yes that is for us all. And we can help make rules, give input on issues, bring issues to the general public or the council to sort out, and dare I say it...commit to a level of activity just because we enjoy being here and making things happen.

TOPIC 7: Council Transparency. Council discussions will take place in public for the interest of transparency with either closed for council member only discussion topic threads, or open to public discussion topic threads. certainly a closed topic may at a later time be opened for community comment at the discretion of the council members.

TOPIC 8: Leading discussions: A council member will start a topic thread, when a concern is brought before the council, and as such will be leading the discussion. His/her voice, however, is not considered to have more weight than the rest of the council members but only to serve as the facilitator to keep the discussion active, on topic, and productive through to resolution of the issue at hand. As such, a facilitator council member may be prompted to moderate the discussion as to behavior of its participants if things get on the volatile side, poke other members for activity, and post the decisions of the discussion and close the thread upon resolution.

TOPIC 9: Council voting threads: during the creation of rules, there were two separate topics. one for discussion...and then one for voting was set up AFTER the discussion had run its course. this should keep bickering down to a min. during a vote. A vote should not be called until all new commentary has been made. Posting the same opinion over and over is not presenting new material and so does not count for extending the discussion beyond that running its course.

TOPIC 10: Current Issues:
All council members must participate in each issue that is brought before them to deliberate and make a decision upon. Each issue should start as an open thread so that all concerned parties within the community can voice their thoughts upon the matter. After this, the thread should be closed to council members only to make their rulings. Issue should be handled in the following manner:
Fact finding: open thread for community comment.
Deliberation: closed thread for council member only discussion.
Ruling: announcement of the voted upon decision should be posted to the end of the thread which is then locked.

TOPIC 11: Unpopular Decisions. What to do when enforcing the agreed upon rule and issuing the consequences, the rule having been voted on by the community and then adopted, then the community decides to vote and over turn the enforcement of the rule breaking?

TOPIC 12: What to do in the event of distributing numerous bijuu.

TOPIC 13: The council enforces the rules by dealing with violators and then deliberating on what punishment to hand out if one is not already clearly stated in the rules as to what that penalty should be.

TOPIC 14: What if no rule exists for the issue brought before the council?

TOPIC 15: What if the Council is divided on a vote? Do we call for a community vote? Do we get a new volunteer to stand in and vote?

TOPIC 16: Court of Appeals: dissatisfied person may appeal a decision IF and ONLY IF, they have something new and illuminating to contribute to the prior discussions that brought about the ruling. This is not to be used to cry baby about things not going our own way and to just keep repeating ourselves.

[eric]: I am not of the mind that an Appeals Court is really necessary. After all deliberations and such, I think the ruling should be pretty much final. No need to invite the birds with that can of worms.

TOPIC 17: Creating rules: [ This is not a power of the Council, but a power of a community member. A council member is also a member of the community and he may comment and vote on making rules just like any other community member, without the weight of his status as a member on the council behind him. Rules are not made by the council, but by the community.]
A thread is made by any person with a proposal for a rule. Discussion occurs with everyone who wants to participate commenting. The proposed rule is then written up in a clear fashion and posted to the top post of a voting thread. A vote is held with anyone participating. The rule is then posted to results with the vote count. The rule is then added to the rough draft.

[eric]: In the previous/current iteration of the biju council, the council members were not able to explicitly create new rules, but rather, the community as a whole did that in a manner similar to the Great Biju Discussions of mid-2016. I think that should not change.

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