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Council / Candidates for Biju Council
« on: June 12, 2021, 05:28:22 PM »
Hi all,

As was suggested here:,9526.msg237490.html#msg237490, we need to establish a new cohort with more active members. I believe the first step is that we will need to determine how many people are active and willing to become Council members. If push comes to shove, we may need to once again hash out a contigency given the Council seats might not be entirely filled.

Last go around Kamui suggested that we advertise on the SL website; to that end, we can direct advertising to this thread here.

Link to Council responsibilities:,9118.msg232145.html#msg232145 Scroll down to section regarding the Biju Council.

Rules/Foundation / Blanket Suspension of Activity Clause?
« on: May 09, 2021, 11:09:52 AM »
Following up on this:

... Given the extenuating circumstances of this pandemic and how the freezes were made to the Claimed List, I think the activity clause could be temporarily suspended as we don't know how our other players are handling everything and/or getting sick...

What is everyone's thought on this? Note that this would only affect challengers/hosts, not the Council, as formally there is no activity clause for the Council.

I personally see no pro to this, as the activity clause is functionally the only way beasts get moved out of inactive hands, and I would much rather we maintain a state of "you need to let people know if something's going on" then an unstated covid so don't bother.

We are overdue for a few things related to biju, new Council elections chief among them, but i think overall interest/investment in formal Biju related stuff is more to blame than COVID.

Council / Placement of Shukaku (Council Vote thread)
« on: May 09, 2021, 11:00:30 AM »
A brief review of the situation at hand:

This thread is a biju council vote thread for the placement of Shukaku, the one tailed beast, which would have automatically been stripped from Kamui per the activity clause of the biju rules and granted to the latest challenger Hazama. Hazama, however, never posted a preferences post to the challenge thread and went inactive during the time period in which he would have had the beast (himself violating the 14-day activity clause), therefore he too has broken the biju rules at this point. At the time of this post there was no new challenger for the beast, so it can't just automatically go there either.

See the following thread for more of the discussion:,9526.0.html

Current Biju Council members/subs ONLY should be posting here:,9121.msg232662.html#msg232662

Council members, post your vote at a minimum. If you choose, you may give a brief explanation of your vote as well. Simple majority rules, the timeframe is 14 days for voting (which is twice the usual voting precedent for rule updates), ending April May 23, 2021.

1) The beast could be still fought over by both contestants. Solely for the purposes of the fight and rule application in said fight, Kamui would still be considered "host" and Hazama would be considered "challenger".

2) If there is not a fight to be had between these 2, then the Council needs to have a separate discussion on what to do with the beast.

*Didn't notice my typo, at the time of making the post April had already been gone for a week+. Updated to proper month of May*

** So here we are on 26MAY2021 and only 2 of the current Council members, myself and Dart, have  at this point given a vote (opposing ones at that). **

Bugreports / Services no longer required page in forest
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:42:36 PM »

Recently coming back and playing a bit, I remember healing in the forest and getting a "you're now better" (paraphrasing) page with an image of a medical ninja on it. Now, I instead get the page for if I had clicked heal option when I"m at full health.


1) Go to the forest anywhere in SL. In this particular case I was in the Kirigakure forest.
2) Fight a creature and lose any amount of HP
3) In the left menu, choose any of the heal options. In this case I chose the full heal one
4) Instead of a page with a medical ninja picture, you instead just get the text that "healing servies aren't required" (again, paraphrasing)

Rules/Foundation / Keeping track of beast transitions
« on: May 25, 2018, 04:22:25 AM »
A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.


In cleaning up the Mazou thread I came across a conundrum where, for record keeping purposes (especially in the longer term) I thought it necessary to keep at the bare minimum a few posts to explain the transition. While my intentions for a challenger thread would have been to keep a record of all official challenges and transitions that have occurred ever via different challenge threads or all kept in one per beast, as there had been some initial resistance to adopting official challenge threads way back when. As one can tell by the challenge threads, that has not necessarily been the way the threads have been kept since then as previous challengers' records have been deleted on numerous occasions.

Bearing that in mind, I stopped at removing the challenges after Yomi's but before her claim post because I am not sure if leaving just hers would serve the purpose of record keeping, or if we are even doing that at all.

There was the record keeping in the "current in-game jinchurikii and summoners" thread but that too is an incomplete record at this current point in time.

So, my question is, how are we, if at all, do we keep track of beast changing hands beyond who is the "current" host?

Game Related Discussions / What do I do now?
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:03:16 PM »
Originally I had this super long almost confessional message written out about how I feel and how I came to this point and blah blah blah.

I decided that less is more in this case, and anyone who wants to know those specifics can private message me.

Anyways, I've been a tailed beast host and summoner, I have been an ANBU, a Sannin, a lawyer (forum), a secretary (forum), a student, written debater (both), a very awkward lover, a terrible sibling, a bad and good mentor, a clan leader, a good and bad role model (who knew right?) etc. Probably the only thing that has eluded me at this point that I had serious interest in at one point has been the rank of -kage, in particular Hokage.

Any other suggestions for what I might can get into that might can motivate me to RP again?

I mean, in addition to the above I have also reset a few times in-game, but I have been kind of bored of the rinse-repeat in-game orokill-reset thing for awhile ever since they stopped counting as heavily for RP powers (by that time RPing had become more important to me than playing the game). RPing was replaced by Foruming some months back in a rather cynical twist of priorities, so for anyone who asks why I lost interest in RPing, that's the short version of it.

Council / Inactive Hosts Protocol
« on: May 12, 2018, 07:54:00 AM »
So fellow members of the Council, because I of all people will be the first to complain if there is no formal Council proceeding for this, I am posting this topic with this question:

Assuming that any hosts and/or challengers that are way past due on activity requirements have their beasts/creatures up for free claim? This is after priority is given to current active challengers of course.

Village Square / Graveyard of Empires - Eric v Sabu IC Biju Hunt
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:30:35 PM »
This post is a placeholder creating the RP thread where the IC hunt for the 5-tails will be conducted. Following my post should be the BGM (Rusaku's) initial post. Once he posts, the 4-day posting limit starts for whoever posts first, and then it resets for the next person, etc. until all participants and BGM have posted in the first round. If more than one person misses the deadline during this first round, then said persons will be removed from the RP and the remainders will carry on.

These first round posts (except BGM) are to be treated as entry posts. Good luck all, and happy RPing!

All That Is Bijuu / 5-tails IC hunt Setup (Eric v Sabumaru)
« on: September 16, 2017, 06:54:07 AM »
Recently Sabumaru formally challenged me for the 5-tails, IC hunt style. Keeping in mind with the rules, there are many things that need to be sorted out. Since it will definitely include more than just me and Sabumaru, I felt that making a thread was the easiest way to keep everything sorted. Plus:

The general flow of the RP will be charted out by the Hunter, the Hunted, a BGM, a backup BGM, and a Judge. The goal is to create a reasonable RP scenario where the Hunted and the Hunter at some point confront each other in some shape or fashion (it does not have to be a battle, but that is the most common direction for "confrontation"). The RP should take into consideration the desires of Support, and the discussion should take place on the forums and in public. The group has 2 weeks to setup and agree to the terms of the RP.

Without further ado, let's get started with listing what we already have set in stone and what we still need:

Hunter - Sabumaru
Hunted - Eric
BGM - Kamui
Back-up BGM - <Unknown>
Judge - Athos
Support -  <Hunted> Soya, <Hunter> Dart

Hunter preferences also listed below:

Preferred BGM: Shadow, Athos, Kamui, Kirk, Kayenta, Tomi, Asadi, Gyururu, Kage, Rusaku, Rikudo, Becquerel

Preferred Scenario: Eric is a missing ninja who leads the Nara Order organization. Knowledge of him being a summoner/host would come from him practicing/training with Kokuo out in the field. The BGM would most likely have a random witness, be it some bird randomly interrogated or a civilian watching from a guard post.  They can also learn directly from Athos Uzumaki, who gifted Eric the biju in the first place.

Whether the summoned biju engages in battle or not, the beast cannot be transported by anyone other than the summoner via space-time ninjutsu unless the contract is broken via contract seal. The beast does not have to be fought for, however, as Eric is not above handing over his latest tool in exchange for something valuable, or in exchange for a favor (to be done IC).

If a fight though is preferred, then the first 4 points of my OOC list apply, with the inclusion that the fight itself should take place in biju arena, not on SL. Once the fight concludes the RP then can move back to the zone.

Like the OOC stuff, this is all of course negotiable, but I would rather not stray from this. Also, any arguments need to be settled in between the parties, in public, so no RPing party is left out of the loop here.

Since I am not sure where Sabumaru is in RP right now, I can't really propose anything more concrete regarding the RP scenario at the moment.

Preferences aside, any volunteers for the positions of BGM, Backup BGM, or Judge are welcome.


*Space reserved for agreed upon Elements of the RP scenario*

- Sabu, via his network of informants, knows that Eric is the 5-tails summoner.

Eric and Soya arrive in the Graveyard because of rumors of some of Bocchiere's items (his scythe, amulet, cloak, the Akatsuki rings, etc.) are up for sale. The large presence of merchants, bandits, and the like supports this ultimately false rumor started by none other than some NPC guy named Hizaan. Said character intends on making a fortune pawning off fake, but well gilded, articles from the infamous The Akatsuki member and former Mist Ninja.
As Bocchiere had also run off with an article or two from Kirigakure (if we are going by Bocchiere's old character history) Dart initially arrives to try to ascertain the truth and maybe even get one of these articles back when he is approached by a familiar face, Sabu. Sabu and Dart exchange formalities and, through one sentence or another, the matter of a debt unpaid comes up and the two pair up to look for Eric Nara.

By this point all of the 4 principle characters will either be on their way to or already at the main auction. Bounty hunters, missing ninja, and even a few regular village nin are among the crowd, along with non-combatants like shady business-people, art collectors, religious scholars (jashinist and other), etc. The BGM has a good bit of freedom in who to choose and who to put, but the most powerful characters should be the 4 principle ones, Hunter, Hunted, and the 2 Support. BGM also has a lot of freedom in the characterization of Hazaan, but it should fit the motif of a successful scam artist of some caliber pretty well.

Once all 4 characters are at the auction location, the auction begins, starting with a warm-up item of an old, worn cloak with the characteristic Akatsuki pattern claimed to have been the last thing worn by the former ninja, possessing cursed powers that would make one just short of immortal for wearing it along with the other items. It then proceeds to a ring set that has a striking resemblance to the authentic Akatsuki rings. Then a scythe that looks much like Bocchiere's, but functionality is decreased due to "wear from battle". This sort of thing can go on for awhile, but ultimately ends with the presentation of a jar containing the "immortality fluids", a mixture of Bocchiere's own bodily fluids and the very chemicals needed to make one a jashinist immortal. The cream of the crop is actually the entrails of some animal placed in goo, with some blood red dye thrown in for effect, but since the true nature of the chemicals would be unknown to everyone in the audience, this particular item would be wildly contested.
While all of this is going on, among the crowd are the 4 principle characters. Sabu and/or Dart, whichever is a sensor, at some point senses the residue 5-tails chakra coming from Eric's tattoo. Now how they approach is entirely up to them, be it outright interrupting the auction with an attack, attempting to more subtly maneuver, or attempt to bid on an item that Eric bids on, that is more or less up to them.
As the Hunted of the group, Eric and Soya would have reasonable reason to have a lookout in case of attack; this is a pretty shady location, after all. They, however, initially do not know who would attack, when, or for that matter where until the attack materializes. Only if given a reason (as decided by a judge if necessary) should they specifically suspect Dart and Sabu.
From there, if the Hunters wait for the auction to close out, then as the crowd disperses, Eric and Soya will be leaving with the general crowd, it thinning out as they get farther from the auction area. On the other hand, if they interrupt the auction, then the BGM decides how the crowd reacts and how Hizaan reacts, though in general while Hizann and the patrons will not be happy that the auction is being interrupted, a great enough show of strength (as decided between judge and BGM) will be more than enough to disperse them.
Since the rules forbid the Hunted from just leaving the area, it is reasonable to say that if it comes down to a fight, the participants must either kill/capture each other or convince the other party to stop fighting. Sabu's character, from what I read up on, does not seem the reasoning type, but as I have said before, Eric is a pretty low-key guy, and has no shame giving up a tailed beast if it means his life.


*Other agree upon terms*

3 second rule: If it takes less than 3 seconds to prepare, execute, and reach the intended target, then the target has at least 3 seconds to react to that move before being threatened with the full extent of that move's damage. That, along with BGM posts, should keep moments in the fight from dragging on into eternity.

Once the BGM makes the entry post stating that certain events happen (IE, they state the outcome of dodge attempts, etc.) no player is allowed to post anything that contradicts those events without a judge ruling.

Council / The Council's Job
« on: September 06, 2017, 06:18:50 AM »
Scroll down to the bottom if you want to skip to the background information to the response in a nutshell. You'll know it by the "long story short" quip.

Er... Okay?
You still made a decision without being asked, though, from what I'm seeing. Why would you have left it be if no one said anything?
If something is your job, then it's your job whether or not anyone says anything about it, right? So either it's the councils job to rule on ALL infractions, or just the ones brought to you, isn't it? Or can they just pick and choose which violations to enforce? My point is, if no one brought it directly to the council, it's not a council matter. If it is a council matter, because it's a Bijuu rule and not just a general rule, then it's not just something you can ignore because someone "didn't know the rules".

To answer your question with more than "what normally happens", I will start by quoting all explicit times in which the Biju Council is called into action in the current iteration of the rules:

The purpose of making a notification of absence post is to permit life to happen without wrecking your participation in the bijuu activity, while making it clear that there will be punishments for those who abuse this leave of absence, like forfeit of match, loss of biju, and bans pending a review by the council.

Hosts must make a RP post in public once every 14 days while not engaged in an active challenge. Hosts who fail to do this will have their bijuu stripped by the council.

Extenuating circumstances during the 'idle phase' of a host: Most events occur so as to permit making a post at some time during your 14 days to alert the community that 'something' is going on. Your leave of absence notice will reset the clock to a 14 day absence max. Should you need more time than that...which adds up to possibly a whole month if your notice occurs on day 14...then you will step down as a host and try again later when your life will permit participation again. You will not be banned from challenging someone for another bijuu. But the SL community will be permitted to move on. The council will handle requests for concessions on a case by case basis and their decision will be binding.

Extenuating circumstances during an active match: Here the activity clause is 7 days, in order to keep the fight moving along to a conclusion. Posting for a leave of absence is essential to holding your slot in the match. Should this not be possible, the council will determine how to handle the situation at the time of your return upon request dependent upon a challenger waiting list, if the beast has already been transferred, or how it impacts current RP. All decisions of the council will be binding.

Death of Summoner: If the summoner dies while the bijū is unsummoned the challenger/hunter will transfer the summoning tattoo to themselves.  However, if the summoner dies while the bijū is summoned then the challenger/hunter can attempt to capture and subdue it, in the event that the beast has not already been captured prior to the death of the summoner. Now, if the summoner is also a host, and dies, the hosted bijū will respawn in 7 days at the location of the host's demise: the bijū will be GM'd by someone of the council's choosing.

Breaking any of the other rules results in one warning to be issued by the council. A second violation of the same rule will result in stripping.

In the event that a host/summoner is stripped, and no challenger exists, the bijuu council determines how to handle the reassignment of the beast in question.

When the Bijuu Council is called upon to assign a new host, the Bijuu Council can handle the reassigning of the bijuu in any manner they agree upon. Some ways they might to choose, for example, might be: Assigning to a new host they all agree upon, Asking for volunteers, Calling for a GM to host an RP for a wild bijuu hunt, Host a lottery of applicants [meeting in a paid zone and using the random die generators], or a tourney[not to exceed 2 months from start to finish]. However, judging the tourney matches will default to judge rules. Council members may not serve as judges.

Biju Tournaments and FFA are required to have a honor system that all participants are bound by, with punishments enforceable by the Biju Council.

More to your point, the Biju Council either automatically acts, such as is the case with activity where the rules outline what the Council has to do with the beast/player etc., and when the Biju Council must first discuss a course of action to take, such as when a beast is in no man's land with no challengers.

I could search for some convoluted and deep reasoning behind my reluctance to go hunting for issues with Biju, but really it is probably more that I have not really settled back into being a Council Member. It is most certainly improper to ignore a rule violation simply because contestants have not brought it up, especially an automatic one like the activity rule.

It is interesting that you bring it up, because the activity rule cited for Jay's autoforfeit does not specifically invoke the Council. In fact, extenuating circumstances (emergencies, high-importance events, etc.) is when the Council is invoked to review the situation on a case-by-case basis, hence why originally I stated that if the participants wanted the Council to make a formal call, then they can, as otherwise the fight is automatically over.

After a certain point most of the Council jumped in declaring the fight a forfeit, so unless Jay came in with a story about the Hurricane and pulled some opinions his way, making an appeal to the Council would have been a dead-end. Probably why he just went ahead and accepted it without much of a fight (though whatever caused his delay probably demanded his attention more).

Long story short: In that particular instance, the forfeit was automatic, so the Council really did not have a job there to do unless Jay or Rusaku or Warren wanted to make an appeal for an exception to be made.

Council / Where does the Sub fit in the 2:5 ratio?
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:39:24 PM »
Recently Yomi brought up an interesting conundrum that could be a problem during the relatively long tenure of current biju holders. I am currently a summoner to the 5-tails and a member of the Council. Optimal is currently a jinchurikii to the 3-tails and primarily serves as a substitute for Sabumaru, a non-jinchurikii. If Rusaku successfully wins the 9-tails from Jay, then there is the possibility of, in the case of Optimal subbing in for Sabu, there definitively being 3 jinchurikii/summoners on the Council (which violates the 2:5 ratio rule regarding tailed beast holders).

My topic title question, depending on the answer, means that the ratio issue will be a problem either sooner or later regarding this substitute position that Optimal holds. Sooner if Substitutes are counted in the ratio by default and later if substitutes would only be counted if they have to sub in for someone.

Either way, it is a problem I'd rather discuss now rather than later now that it has been brought to my attention.

Village Square / Paradise Found [ Summon Island RP, PM to join anytime]
« on: August 10, 2017, 06:31:28 PM »
Eric woke up. Some birds were singing, the clouds above were puffy and shady, and so far, no insect seemed interested in bugging the Nara. And yet, he felt hot, or more accurately, his arm felt rather hot.

Rolling up the sleeve to his hooded robes, he noticed the distinct glow of his summoning tattoo. That was weird. Looking around, seeing himself on some sort of tropical beach-jungle front, the man only became even more confused. This was far from any of his hideouts, that was for sure.

He had to be dreaming. And yet, it felt very real, as if he were in some sort of trance or genjutsu. The man pinched himseslf, bit his lip, and even reached for the suddenlly appearing tools pouch for a kunai to cut himself with. The shaking of the ground interrupted his last gesture, as if something as wildly stomping towards him. As Eric listened closer, his heart seemed to race; that was not just random stomping. It resembled galloping.

Either he was in a place with giant horses, or his glowing summoning tattoo for the 5-tails was an indicator that he had the beast hot and incoming. The man got up just in time to see a large number of trees crashing to the ground, as the galloping drew closer and closer. Eric leaped from the palm tree that he was on, his back to the beach and his front forward, as he reached for his sword.

His not present on his back sword. Before Eric could will it into existent, Kokuo burst from the jungle cover, frothing at the mouth with wild eyes that had a pattern like that of the sharingan. Atop its head was a man with spikey hair and crimson armor, lazily pointing in Eric's general direction as if he could hardly be bothered to direct.

Up went the foot, and then down, Eric shadow migrating through the rather large shadow of the 5-tails. It was still marked with his level 2 curse; that meant that he might could bring it to heel. Just as he appeared from the back end, his connection suddenly seemed cut off. A harsh cuff to hiss right cheek brought the Nara to the ground, the flash of a grey kunai catching his attention. With hardly enough time to react the man activated the earth spear technique of his robe.

His sleeve magically pulled itself up just in time to guard from the threat of... a triple pronged kunai? Confused, Eric looked up to see Tomi standing there, with a single kata. It looked familiar, that handsign, but then Eric's surroundings changed, and he found himself tied to a set of palm trees by kanji, with a wooden table down below.

There sat another famaliar face; Nathan. Why was he here? It now being obvious that this was a dream, what with all three of these characters being in the same place at the same time being incredibly unlikely if not outright impossible, Eric concluded that he must be having some sort of nightmare.

A nightmare that he conventionally was not waking up from.

"You two are matches made in heaven." Nathan winked, scrawling something onto the Mokuton desk. "Prideful, non-confrontational, and above all else, runners. Tell me man, have you EVER actually stayed true to anything in your goddam life?"

That sounded more like his personal conscious than Nathan, Eric noted. He was not really in a position to challenge it, though, as even shadow migration failed him now. Probably the 4th's jutsu, Eric reasoned.

"Tell me, do you like vore, Eric?"

"Don't ansnwer, that is not important." The Uchiha, now easily recognizable as Kamui the previous first Hokage, appeared next to Nathan, his sharingan giving off an eerie glow as if he were more spectre than man. He still had those cracks from when Eric had last seen him, the signs of Edo Tensei. "Anyways, coward, Konoha is taking back what rightfully belongs to it."

"Since when were you a member of Konoha again, 'lord first Hokage'?"

"Since when were you anything more than a coward posing as a legendary shinobi?"

"I know my limits, I know my strengths. I do not want to be all powerful, and frankly, I have never attacked Konoha no matter how rogue I have ever been."

"Listen, Nara. You hear that?"

The wind howled, but it howled in a way that he was famaliar with. It howled, like a voice, famaliar. No, sensei, it could not be? Had his voice also came to echo into his ear? About how he was supposed to be strong enough to keep the contract? About how he had failed him as a student and as a dragon sage?

No, it whispered something different, but Eric could not make it out.

"In this world, you either stay strong enough to be a legend. Or you stay stagnant long enough to be cannon fodder. Enjoy, my new pet."

Kokuo appeared again, Uchiha bloodlust in its eyes. Eric entered sage mode and absorbed the chakra of the kanji that bound him. Before he could get far though, a bolt of lightning from Nathan struck him dead center in the chest, temporarily flat-lining him as he hit the sand below. Recovering motor function only 3 seconds later than he had anticipated, the giant hoof of Kokuo again threatened to smash him into the sand.

Eric dodged, but found at his back a row of sharp teeth that clasped down on his body like a wine bottle's cork the bottle opening. Eric could sense the chakra of his attacker, and that was when this dream became a nightmare. The salty tears that burned his wounds  as the teeth gnashed through his body, each bite breaking him up into more manageable pieces.

Not that Rita needed him in manageable pieces. Out of desperation Eric called out to his companion, but his own voice seemed gone, his lungs collapsed and his dream body unresponsive. Out of despair he even tried reaching out with shadow imitation; that too, failed. The last look that he got was of the 5-tails hovering a hoof over Rita in preparation to stomp.

This nightmare's persistence frigthened Eric almost as much as the actual events of the nightmare. His vision faded to black, and his entire body felt as if he had just knocked his funny bone all over the place. It was not painful, but it was uncomfortable.

Eric started awake, wings flared open and tail thrashing as he saw darkness all around him. The heat was great, and the air ashy and stuffy. He looked to his left to see Rita, adorned in her jewels held together by pearls (an oddity for sure) with the wing of Pyro over her. Both slept soundly.

Eric left his little corner to see outside, to see the molten world that he had been resting in for the past few days. Bandages were around his arm and waist, but he no longer felt pain there. No, as he overlooked the revitalized land, he noticed a gaggle of dragons below. Among these dragons was also a man, who seemed just as entranced by the lecture of the old dragon as the younger ones.

Eric wondered if the man had been there all night, listening to the stories of the old kingdom. Maybe, maybe not.

Eric looked back towards the entry to the cavern before returning his gaze to the ashen horizon. It was scorching, but it was obvious that something was haunting him.

Eric shook his head. She was here, she was safe, there was no need to be worried about that. Nnone of them could get here, not to Eric's knowledge, and even if they could, she was more than capable of handling genjutsu, as she had demonstrated.

So the question was, what was really on his mind? In his heart? In frustration Eric clawed at the ground, only to sigh heavily again. The answer would not come to him here, and it probably would not come to him now.

But it would come.

Sometime later...

The Grandmaster to the Nara Order stood in the depths of what could be best described as his recovery hole. For his guest, bound by shadow threads emanating from the Blade of Shadows stabbed into the ground, it was a prison not unlike the one it had suffered before.

Crouched before Eric was the 5-tailed beast, Kokuo. Its gaze seemed to burn a hole through Eric as the two just watched each other. Eric had not been able to summon him in the Plains, so he had come here instead, to face the beast directly.

It was hardly a more fitting situation. Silence, as neither seemed eager to speak to the other. Neither seemed too interested in bringing up the dolphin-horse in the room. Only one, however, would speak.

"It's time for you to get a new home."

The expansion required to accomodate the beast was staggering on its own, but the work had been decreased thanks to shadow imitation; how did Naras get along before space-time ninjutsu?

The beast was here in Fire Country, vulrenable to certain figures having a go at capturing it; or freeing it, depending on your point of view. Eric had regrown his arm in this very facility after his altercation with Neala; having the huge ball of chakra here had no doubt drawn attention to it, and moving everything sensitive to the Shadow Realm still put it at risk to the likes of Jestar.

This beast needed to be moved. But how? The old fashioned way, obviously, which is why Eric privately needed the beast to cooperate somewhat in this delicate procedure. The real problem, the real question:

Was where.

Council / Contingency Plan?
« on: July 26, 2017, 04:40:34 PM »
If we cannot get more volunteers for the 3rd Cohort, then what is our contingency plan for that? We do not have one set in stone, but currently 3-4 people have announced their intentions to volunteer, and if we do not get more by a certain threshold, we will have to assume that there are not that many interested in Council-ship.

While we could delay an election and extend the current Cohort, some of the current members of the Cohort seem ready to have their time at retirement. Another alternative would be to drastically reduce the size of the Council, which as a rule measure would take at least a week to be put into effect.

Council / Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: July 24, 2017, 07:47:53 PM »
Okay, so Council Elections have probably been overdue for awhile now; they take place every 6 months after all. We probably delayed a bit due to the midterms that took place, but a new cohort needs to be elected. Just like last time, the first thing to do is ask for volunteers. Those still functionally serving can volunteer again as well, since we need to see how many candidates we have (if we have equal to or less than the # of possible seats for candidates an election is moot).

I would like to volunteer as a candidate for tribute. I know I have a beast, and I am willing to give it up in order to serve on the Council.

Council / When a host is stripped...
« on: July 17, 2017, 11:44:18 AM »
I did not want to post in the Council thread, but I do want to make a few points regarding this Isobu business for future reference:

1) Challengers are supposed to post their challenge to the challenge thread in order for it to be official. No post there, no legitimate challenge. It's in the rules.

2) The challenger posting their official challenge to the challenge thread is a rule for a reason. To make keeping track of who challenged first and when incredibly easy, neatness be damned.

3) How long does a particular claimant have to challenge for the beast before they are too late to defacto be first in line to get the beast upon stripping? Is it before the strip process begins, before the ruling, or before the issue is even brought up? In the case of the inactivity clause, the voting (especially in the Isobu case) can really be more of a formality than anything else. An important formality of course, since surprise witnesses are always a hour late to the hearing.

4) I think Isobu is either cursed or constantly haunted by the spirits of previous characters, and I think we need to do something about that. Any of you Council Members have any sort of cleansing ritual to work with?

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